Sep 4, 2017

Makeup Sponge Comparison (Breena Beauty, Beauty Blender, KIODA)

There are a lot of beauty sponge out there, some come in weird texture and some come in weird shapes. For the purpose of today's discussion, I am sticking to the conventional beauty sponge, which is also my favourite applicator. I personally think all the other sponges that come later (jelly silicone sponge, squeegie blender, seaweed sponge, etc.) are just makeup gimmicks. 

I have three sponges to compare and they varies in terms of price point and we will also experiment the quality of the sponge. 

Breena Beauty Blending Pearl

Breena Beauty is a household name by now. Developed by beauty blogger Sabrina Tajudin, the Breena Beauty brand grows by leaps and bounds over the years. The Blending Pearl is its recent product that launched. Purchase from

Beauty Blender

The Beauty Blender is the first company that made the beauty sponge a big thing in the beauty industry. A lot of makeup artists using it and a lot of beauty gurus are advocating the brand. It also have different range of beauty blenders to choose from. Some are specifically for powder, some for concealer and the best seller remains the foundation sponge. Purchase from Sephora. 

KIODA Beauty Sponge

KIODA is a Korean dollar shop that is popping up everywhere in Malaysia. Although they have different range of products and not specialize in just beauty, their beauty products are pretty attractive. On the beauty sponge array, there are different types of beauty sponge as well. I have picked up the one similar to the conventional beauty blender to be compared. Purchase from KIODA physical store. Available throughout Malaysia.

Have you tried any of the beauty sponges below? Do you have your personal favourite brand that you would recommend to me? Do comment below so that I can check it out.

Breena Beauty
Beauty Blender
RM35 each
3 for RM100
Latex-free, anti-bacterial
Absorbance power
Dry application
Smoothly blend foundation with just three dab
Smoothly blend foundation with just two dab
Need to constantly dab in circular motion to create blended effect. Otherwise appears streaky.
Wet application
The sponge increase its size tremendously when in contact with water. It gives a dewy look when applied with wet sponge.
Sponge immediately increased in size when touches water. It gives dewy satin finish look. It looks blended compared to the Blending Pearl.
Impossible to achieve, because the sponge doesn’t absorb much water. When applied wet, most of the water squeeze out from the sponge and ruin the foundation.

Absorbance test. L-R: Breena Beauty, Beauty Blender, KIODA

Application. L-R: Breena Beauty, Beauty Blender, KIODA

Breena Beauty Dry

Breena Beauty Wet

Beauty Blender Dry

Beauty Blender Wet



My personal favourite is the Breena Beauty because it has a flat cut out on the blending pearl that creates a bigger surface to cover more skin. The price is also reasonable and not too pricey. My beautiful friend, Edazz, gave the Breena Beauty Blending Pearl sponge to me. Do head on to her blog to check out her comparison of Breena Beauty & Beauty Blender as well. 

If I ever become a professional makeup artist, I would go for the Beauty Blender because I find it blends better in fewer dab, which makes the application really fast. Unfortunately the unforgiving price tag makes it ridiculous to keep repurchase one after another.

I will totally ditch the KIODA makeup sponge because it is really bouncy. It feels like it is made out of rubber, which explains a lot on the non-absorbency. It blends awfully, takes a long time to blend out and you can't do the baking technique with it. However, if you are traveling and forgot to bring your beauty sponge along, this could work as a temporary substitute. 


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