Oct 19, 2017

[MUA Series] How to build your makeup kit

In the MUA Series, I will be sharing all the info which I think useful for those who embark their career path to be an MUA as well. This series will be live on this blog every Thursday. Be sure to come back if you would like to follow this series. If you're an experienced MUA, I hope that you can share some useful tips by leaving me a comment. 

In the last week I started the MUA Series where I spill out all the information I have gathered on how to become a MUA. This week we are focusing on how to build your first makeup kit and other non-makeup tools you need to prepare.

To start with, do not invest in high-end brands as it will increase your operation cost. Unless you have


You probably can't expect what type of client you will receive - do they have dry skin, dark skin tone, light skin tone, warm skin base, cool skin base? It is impossible to purchase all 40 shades of Fenty Foundation, right? Here's the trick. Get the lightest tone and darkest tone of the same brand and type of foundation and mix the foundation for each client. That way you can custom the shade according to the skin tone of your client. Be sure to also invest in a small plate and flat foundation brush to do the mixing.


In the beginning of your MUA career, you don't have to experiment all looks. Get one basic nude tone eyeshadow and a multicolor eyeshadow palette and these two palettes will be sufficient for the next 50 jobs. The Morphe x Jaclyn Hill eyeshadow is enough to create hundreds of looks. After all, being an MUA is not an excuse to buy more makeups, it's how creative you are to create looks.

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Prepping products

Instead of spending on eyeshadow, you should be investing a lot of prepping products such as primer, skincare base, loose powder and setting powder. It is risky to skip this because different people have different skin type. For dry skin, you may want to add some oil on the prep (tarte maracuja oil is the best!), and for oily skin, you want to get oil control primer. Be sure to make lots of research on prepping products and techniques because this is the most crucial step of makeups.

Products that required hygiene care

You cannot be frugal on products that require additional hygienic care. Purchase lots of brush cleaner because you will need to clean your brush after each client. Also, purchase an additional set just in case your brush didn't dry on time. If you are using a makeup sponge to apply foundation, it is best to purchase the sponge for each of your clients. Instead of using mascara straight from the tube, you may want to purchase additional mascara wand. Be extra careful with hygiene because if anything happens (skin infection, eye infection, lips infection), you cannot afford to repay your client's health. On top of that, it hurts your reputation as an MUA. No one wants to work with an MUA who doesn't know the basic hygiene practice.

Makeup case

Get a case that is suitable for your size. Instead of dragging a trolley full of products which you're not sure you're going to use or not, it is best to contact your client and understand the look she is going for. That way you can limit yourself to bringing the stuff you're going to use. A good size MUA makeup bag is as big as a doctor's bag. Make sure to also separate the different compartments so you don't look clumsily digging into your big bag in front of the client.

Here are some of the tips for you to build your makeup kit as an MUA. Most importantly, get the basic makeup products and experiment on your creativity. Don't get trendy products such as green mascara or purple eyeliner. You are not going to use those unconventional products on every client (unless you're focusing on Halloween or special effects).

Some of the things that you may find worth spending on are:

1. Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual Book

This is the makeup bible for all makeup artists. Even if you're a pro, this book proofs to be useful when you are experimenting with different products. Get it <<here>>.

2. Makeup Artist Chair

Nothing can be a pain in the ass more than a wrongly leveled chair for your client. If it's too low, you will be risking your backbone by bending down too long. If it is too high, you won't be able to reach the eyes of your client. Get yourself this light weight aluminium tall protable chair for your own convenience. Get it <<here>>.

3. Zoeva Makeup Artist Makeup Bag

Makeup brushes are makeup artists' most important tool. Without a good set of ammunition, you can't go to war and expect to win. I personally recommend the Zoeva Makeup Artist Makeup Bag because it has all the brushes you need, plus a practical bag to guard your precious brushes. It might seem to be expensive, RM1100+, but if you break it down into each one of the brush, this set is worth a lot. Get it <<here>>.

4. Shanny Makeup Artist Bag

SHANNY makes really good makeup artists' bags for an affordable price. You really don't need a gigantic bag in the beginning. This medium sized trolley bag is enough to store all your tools. The trolley function also makes it easy for you to move around. On top of that, it has separate compartments for you to remove and place on top of the table. For smaller items like individual eyeshadow, lipsticks and travel sized makeups, you can store it in those comparments and get it all out without having to dig into your bag. Get it <<here>>.

5. MAKE UP FOR EVER Makeup Artist Belt

You probably have seen hair designers, makeup artists and so on, using this belt as they work on their clients. It is proven to be really convenient for you to put all your makeup brushes and items that you use often without having to move to and fro from your makeup bag or the table. Get it <<here>>.


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