Nov 26, 2017

Kat Von D Saint + Sinner Eyeshadow Palette

The Kat Von D Saint + Sinner Eyeshadow Palette took a long time to complete and it is one of Kat Von D's masterpiece in her makeup collection. Unlike other celebrities' branded makeup, KVD is hands-on in the production of her makeups and took the time to design the packaging by herself and directly involve in the creation and testing. This is why the brand is known for its beautiful goth packaging and high-quality control. And so, I do have a high expectation on this palette.

Coming back to the palette, it is said that the packaging was inspired by cathedral's windows. But to me, it reminds me of the symmetrical alignment when I first stepped into Notre Dame. Nonetheless, we can all agree that it does have the gothic cathedral feel to it. It is made of cardboard and inside it holds two long mirrors on the side.

As you open the palette, doves flying off, angels sing and the organ starts playing. I may be exaggerating, but the palette is really pretty. The selections of the eyeshadow color are inspired by stain glasses. On the Saint part, it is full of soft and subtle hues. Meanwhile, the Sinner side has more dynamic and popping colors.


L-R: Absolution, Worship, Immaculate, Chalice, Sacred Heart, Amen, Sanctuary, Heaven, Crucifix, Cathedral, Rosary, Baptism

Absolution - Pale white with metallic sheen with lots of gold feckless glitter. It is designed to be worn on top of other shades for glittery effects.
Worship - A satin finish plum shade.
Immaculate - Olive green satin finish.
Chalice - Bronze/dirty gold satin finish with gold glitter.
Sacred Heart - A medium brown with an orange undertone and slightly pinkish finish. This is a pretty color which you can rarely find in other palettes.
Amen - A matte yellow undertone beige. The formula is patchy on this one.
Sanctuary - A bronze with warm red undertone.
Heaven - Warm tone silver with lots of silver glitters.
Crucifix - Dark chocolate matte finish with neutral undertone.
Cathedral - Grayish silver with lavender undertone and lots of silver glitters.
Rosary - Dark maroon with a satin finish.
Baptism - Pink undertone beige with a matte finish. It very chalky and not apparent on fairer skin tone.


L-R: Rapture, Sabbath, Ashes, Martyr, Devil, Revelation, Vestment, Ministry, Exodus, Exorcism, Relic, Stigmata

Rapture - Pink satin sheen with pink glitters.
Sabbath - Matte finish charcoal black. The shade is not intense black which is good for blending.
Ashes - Light ashy taupe with lime green sparse glitters. This is another rare shade.
Martyr - Yellow undertone brown with matte finish.
Devil - Clay brown with orange undertone with matte finish.
Revelation - Medium brown with yellow gold glitters.
Vestment - Seaweed green of satin finish with dark brown undertone.
Ministry - Royal blue with black undertone with satin finish.
Exodus - Matte lime green with yellow glitters.
Exorcism - Deep purple with matte finish.
Relic - Yellow gold with satin finish with compact gold glitters.
Stigmata - Warm red with satin finish.

Overall, the matte shades didn't perform well and appear to be patchy. However, the satin/metallic finishes are extremely buttery and blend really well. Some of the shades are rare and unique. I find some dupes that appear on the Too Faced Boss Lady Beauty Agenda Palette.

This palette is 100% vegan, not tested on animals and formulated without parabens. Animal lovers will be extremely delighted to hear about this practice. Rest assured, the quality is not compromised. This is my first Kat Von D eyeshadow and I must say I am really impressed with the colors and the long hour it lasted on my eyes.

Price: RM279
Purchase from: Sephora <<here>>
Availability: Limited edition
Longevity: 9 months
Packaging: Cardboard


Nov 23, 2017

Black Friday Deals In Malaysia

In Malaysia, online stores and merchants have picked up the Black Friday Sale tradition and are
more than happy to give what their customers want - BIG DISCOUNTS! A few years back, Black Friday sales in the region were mostly focused on tech products and electronics such as gadgets and home appliances but now, a diverse set of online stores have stepped up to join in the fun.

If you're shopping for more than just your favorite gadgets during Black Friday Sale 2017
whether for beauty, fashion, travel or service, then don't forget to look forward to this year's Black
Friday sale from these merchants:


If fashion is the name of your game this Black Friday Sale 2017, then Zalora would be the best
place to shop. Zalora has some of the widest selection of fashion items from clothing,
accessories, shoes, bags, and more! If you purchase for the first time with the app, you can get
15% off! This Black Friday sale, Zalora helps you make the most out of your shopping
experience by giving you an extra 13% off for the whole month of November!


If you think Black Friday sales are all about tech products, think again. Grab is joining the hype
for Black Friday sales taking you anywhere you want to go and, of course, with big discounts.
Ride with grab during Black Friday and get RM15 off your fare for new users across
Malaysia. Grab also has Grab Rewards that enables users to purchase exclusive perks and
freebies by using their points. The more you ride with Grab this Black Friday, the more points
you get! For more exclusive Black Friday Grab coupons, check the grab app on Black Friday
(November 24, 2017).


Need to go somewhere for Black Friday 2017? Don't worry, Uber has you covered. Ride with
Uber for the first time and get RM15 off your fare with another RM5 for the first 3 rides! For
more Uber promo codes this Black Friday, don't forget to check the app on that day for exclusive promotions and free rides!


If you're thinking of planning for your year-end trip, book with KKDay this Black Friday and get the hottest deals and the best excursions on your travel. Your dream adventure to Universal Studios Japan starts at RM329 this Black Friday Sale 2017 plus get 20% off on selected activities to Korea, Taiwan, and Japan when you book with KKday this Black Friday sale!


Craving for beauty products and cosmetics? Don't miss out on the hottest items at Sephora this
Black Friday sale! This Black Friday sale, Sephora gives you 40% off on your favorite Sephora
makeup collection with an exclusive Sephora Backpack! Don't forget, when you shop at
Sephora, you can get free shipping for orders above RM80 and free samples!


Home to the largest selection of hotels, is the store you can turn to when it comes to
your travels. This Black Friday sale, gives you 40% off on hotels
worldwide plus last minute and daily deals to major destinations such as Tokyo, Seoul,
Bangkok, and Singapore! If you are planning a year-end trip, book this Black Friday sale to get

If you want to up the ante on your online shopping game, then this Black Friday Sale 2017 would
be something you should look forward to. Aside from gadgets and appliances, you can also shop
for amazing fashion finds, create exciting excursions, and grab the hottest beauty products this
Black Friday Sale 2017!

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Nov 22, 2017

Christmas Gift Guide 2017: Gifts for the Fit

We all have that one friend who constantly hitting the gym, posting inspirational selfies with six-packs on IG and advocating healthy foods. If you have that one friend, these may be some of their favourite gifts to receive.

Follow the Christmas Gift Guide 2017 Series to find ideas for your gifts.

  1. Yoga Mat by Yoga by Numbers. $119.95. Buy it <<here>>
    Download the app and follow the step-by-step poses according to your own pace with the guidance of the numbered mat.

  2. Sports Tank Top by H&M. $9.99. Buy it <<here>>
    Get the latest trending sports tank top from H&M. It's a useful & practical gift after all.

  3. Hair tie from Forever 21. $4.90. Buy it <<here>>
    I'm not sure about you, but everytime when I have the mood to go to the gym, I often get distracted by my long hair. It's always a good idea to keep a set of hair tie around.

  4. Gym Bag by ADIDAS by Stella McCartney. $150. Buy it <<here>>

  5. Satin Sneakers by PUMA x Rihanna. $120. Buy it <<here>>

  6. Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Face Mist. $32. Buy it <<here>>
    Gym followers have one thing in common - always hydrated. This face mist would be a great assistant to help keeping their skin moisturized.

  7. MILK Makeup Micellar Water Makeup Remover Wipes. $14. Buy it <<here>>
    Makeup remover often comes in a big pack. But this MILK Makeup remover wipes is packed individually. Keep this in your gym bag to use at anytime.

  8. Marbled Water Bottle by Athleta. $45. Buy it <<here>>
    How pretty is this marble water bottle? I recommend this because I'm into marble designs lately. And a water bottle as a gift for a gym goer is not a bad idea.

  9. Peak Bra by ALO Yoga. $54. Buy it <<here>>
    This is a new twist to the usual and generic sports bra. It can be worn by itself to create a statement.

Nov 20, 2017

Too Faced Boss Lady Beauty Agenda Review

Everything about the Too Faced Christmas collection screams ORGANIZATION! It is very unlikely to have "organization" for a holiday theme but it works for Too Faced. In the previous years, we have seen New York, Paris & White Christmas in their holiday sets, I guess this year we are having a breath of fresh air on the theme.

I got myself the Boss Lady Beauty Agenda set because I was attracted to the planner that comes with the set. This makeup set comes with:
  • an eyeshadow palette
  • deluxe sized Melted Matte Long Wear Lipstick in Sell Out
  • a deluxe size Better Than Sex Mascara
  • a 2018 planner 
  • a faux leather agenda cover to hold the planner

For this review, I will only focus on the eyeshadow palette and the planner.

I'm not sure if anyone realized it... The eyeshadow palette reminds me a lot of the last year's Christmas in New York - The Chocolate Shop palette. But when I retrieve the old palette out of my drawer, I discover that this new palette is actually a combination of all the Too Faced palettes that ever produced. What a bummer! The difference is so minor that you can't tell if you're using it on your eyes. If you already have all of the Too Faced palettes before, I highly advise you to skip this.

Marshmallowed, Snow Day, Christmas Dream, Iced Out
Marshmallowed and Snow Day are matte texture and both appear quite patchy and dry. Christmas Dream is a sweet pink in satin finish. While Iced Out is an aluminum silver with silver sparkles.

Spiked Cider, I Want It All, Love Actually, Faux Fur Only
This row contains daily wearables shadows. Spiked Cider is an orangy brown in matte. I Want It All is a muted soft sand brown with very sparse light pink sparkles, Love Actually (my favourite) is a tea rose pink, and Faux Fur Only is a dusty brown shade in matte.

Don't Give A Fudge, Give Me S'more, Pinecone, Jolly
Don't Give A Fudge is a mocha brown in matte. Give Me S'More is a muted soil brown with sparse blue and purple sparkles. Pinecone is a muted burgandy in matte and Jolly (my favourite) is a muted royal blue.

Halo, Deck The Malls. Slay Bells, Fa La La La La
Halo (my favourite) is one of the most pigmented shadows from the bunch. It is a metallic champagne color that is very reflective. Deck The Malls is a purplish grey that is suitable for creating definition. Slay Bells is a salmon pink with tiny reflective gold particles. It resembles the shade Just Peachy from the Sweet Peach palette. Fa La La La La is a warm tone grey with tiny purple sparkles. This entire line can create a very pretty wedding look.

Party Over Here!, Trimmed Plum Pudding, Glittered
Party Over Here! is a warm old gold tone with high reflective. It also appears to be the most buttery formula compared to the rest of the shades. Trimmed is a green satin with dark brown undertone. Plum Pudding is a maroon purple satin finish. Glittered is a silver with silver particles, very much similar to Iced Out, except it has lesser sparkles but more prominent satin finish.

Unwrap Me, Santa's Helper, Christmas Carol, Black Tie
UnWrap Me is an unpredictable shade. On the pan, it looks like a purple, but once swatched on the hand, it looks extremely Barbie pink with a satin finish. Santa's helper is a dark olive-brown shade with tiny blue and purple sparkles. Christmas Carol is a true royal blue with grey undertone. Black Tie is a muted black, it is not very pigmented so it is good to use as a build up for smokey look.

#Blessed, Will You Merry Me?, Chocolate Soleil
At the end of the palette, there are the bonuses - highlighter, blush and bronzer. The highlighter called #Blessed is a very reflective metallic champagne with lots of sparkles. It is one of those in-the-face highlighter that can be seen from space. Will You Merry Me? is a blush that resembles NARS Orgsm. It has a peach undertone with lots of gold sparkles. Chocolate Soleil is a matte bronzer. I'm glad they did this in matte otherwise there are too much sparkles in this pan.

Lastly, the Melted Matte Longwear Lipstick in Sell Out is a bonus. I love this deluxe size lipstick because I am able to try it out before getting a full size. I really love this as a matte liquid lipstick. I have personally used it and it is long lasting and does not dry out on the skin. I totally recommend this, and even thinking of getting one full size during Black Friday.'

On the planner, I did a flip through video below which you can see for yourself. I personally think it is too juvenile and not suitable for old girls like me. I don't regret getting because it is really beautiful and I can see that a lot of work was put into getting the planner done. I just don't think that I want to use this in the public because it doesn't reflect my age.

Anyway, do leave me a comment what you think about the palette or the journal. I would love to hear what you have to say.


Nov 19, 2017

What Makeup Products I Really Use

I have tonnes of makeups at home, and I won't lie, I don't reach out to all of it. And if you ever wonder what are the products I use most, it is as seen in the photo above. Let me go through it one by one.

Eyeshadow - Too Faced Peach Palette

Initially, in my review <<read here>>, I have a very impartial review. But after having to use it for awhile, I begin to have some favourite shades in the palette. I often use the shades Luscious, Candied Peach, Bellini, Peaches n' Cream, Puree & Summer Yum. I've marked them below so you have an idea what those shades look like.

One of the discovery I made from this palette is that you need to apply eyeshadow primer (I use Urban Decay Primer Potion) to be able to blend it properly. Besides that, you also need a good blending brush (I use M.A.C. 217) to work with it.

Foundation - Born This Way Foundation

Another Too Faced product that I really enjoy using is the Too Faced Foundation. If you are looking for a hydrating foundation that gives medium to full coverage, look no more. This is by far the best foundation for normal to dry skin.

Eyebrow - Smashbox Brow Tech To Go

Back in 2012, I have featured this brow product before <<evidence here>>. After so many years, I am still loyal to it. One of the reasons why I like it is the triangle shape of the pencil lead. It is automatic, so I don't have to sharpen it all the time. In my opinion, it is one of the easiest brow product to use.

Eyeliner - Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

I love the KVD Tattoo Liner because it is long lasting. However, I feel like it isn't the best eyeliner ever, but the best of what I've got at the moment. The brush tip is easy to manoeuvre and it can create the thinnest line with a single swatch.

Highlighter - Hourglass Iridescent Strobe Lighting Powder in Ambient

I've gone over and over again about how great this highlighter is <<full review read here>>. And I'm not the only that thinks so. Even Tati mentioned that this is a magic highlighter in her "Tati approved" video. If you don't believe me, at least believe Tati, she's the expert in makeup. And if you don't believe us both, go try it yourself. If you go to Sephora at the check-out counter, there is a small travel sized Hourglass highlighter which you can get at a fraction of the price.

Lipstick - Mary Kay Gel Semi-Matte Lipstick

I have been using this lipstick as my daily wear because it has a matte texture, but not too drying. The shade Rich Truffle is perfect for the daily look because it is not very outstanding. Besides that, the lipstick lasts a long time as long as I don't eat greasy food.

Blusher - Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush

This is the best blush in the world. Apparently, it is made of clay and the substance makes the colour stand out for a long time. Don't take my word for it because I didn't do any research on that. However, the long-lasting part is true. The blush stays as it is from the moment I put on until at night when I'm removing it. I always reach out for the shade Risque, which is a universally flattering shade.

Mascara - Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

No, this is not a mascara I would recommend. I got it from one of those holiday set and it has been doing a fair job in giving volume to my lashes. I find the wand a bit bulky and tend to clump my lashes after I go through a few coats.

Well, those are the makeup products I've been using almost daily. Do let me know what is the makeup product that you will go for on a daily basis. I would love to know which product made it to your favourite list. 

Nov 18, 2017

MAMONDE: Reward Yourself with Fun Flower-Inspired Products This Holiday

It's all about rewarding yourself this holiday as we wind-up the year. Mamonde's Holiday Collection themed "Flowers For Me" sends out a powerful message - that is to reward yourself before others. The holiday season has always been about buying presents for others that we often forget about rewarding ourselves. Therefore, Mamonde would like to make that change by crafting holiday sets specially for you!

Packaged with beautifully designed boxes that are printed with vibrant graphics of the Mamonde Garden in harmony with butterflies and birds, the collection offers visual impact that triggers happy thoughts for the recipient.

Mamonde's "Flowers for Me" Holiday Collection 2017 consists of 5 flower-amazing sets for you to pamper yourself with. In addition to the 5 sets, the holiday collection also includes a Holiday Limited Edition Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense and a Holiday Limited Edition Brightening Cover Powder Cushion.

Listed below are the Mamonde "Flowers For Me" Holiday Collection Sets:

First Energy Dio Set, RM219 (worth RM319)

This set features Mamonde's best-sellers such as wondrous First Energy Serum and First Energy Essence and the hydrating Floral Hydro Line.

The First Energy acts primarily as a booster to uplift your skin, giving you a firmer and healthier looking skin. Formulated with Floral Biotics Technology, the First Energy line is uploaded with the new Lactobacillus that is essential for healthy looking skin. It is also blended together with the 1-year-old fermented "Flower Vinegar", which leaves your skin less susceptible and more resilient to external aggression.

The Floral Hydro Line contains the brilliant Narcissus that is well-known for its hydration. The Narcissus is naturally able to store water in its bulb. Inspired by this, Mamonde formulated the Water-Cycle that keeps the skin moist by activating the aquaporing that circulates moisture within the skin while providing all its moisturizing benefits.

The First Energy Duo Set includes:

  • First Energy Serum, 100ml (Actual Size)
  • First Energy Essence, 150ml (Actual Size)
  • Floral Hydro Ampoule Toner, 15ml
  • Floral Hydro Emulsion, 25ml
  • Floral Hydro Eye Gel Cream, 5ml
  • Floral Hydro Cream, 15ml

Holiday Makeup Set (21) & (23), RM209 (worth RM260)

Look dazzling this holiday season with the Holiday Makeup Set featuring the Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense and Brightening Cover Powder Cushion.

Colour your lips with the Creamy Tint Colour Balm Intense 3-in-1 crayon-type lip pencil and show off that sexy pout! The Creamy Tint Colour Balm not only moisturises the lips but it also offers long-lasting vivid colour on the lips. Its highly pigmented matte texture with coccoid powder eaily glides and blends on the skin smoothly and evenly without clumping.

Remember to bring along the Brightening Cover Powder Cushion and touch up as you go! With just a pat on the skin, it transform tired looking skin to a fresh and downy look, covers the appearance of skin imperfections and pores while absorbing excess sebum.

The Holiday Makeup Set includes:
  • Brightening Cover Powder Cushion Medium Beige (21N) or Natural Beige (23N), 15g each
  • Creamy Tint Colour Balm Intense No. 05 Blooming Rose, 2.5g
  • Creamy Tint Colour Balm Intense No. 11 Velvet Red, 2.5g

Holiday Hand Cream Set, RM69 (worth RM116)

Nothing relieves stress better than the scent of flowers. Mamonde's perfumed hand cream features a variety of flowers, each with unique properties and functionalities for the skin. 

The Rose Bouquest hand cream is ideal for those who needs moisture care while the Gardenia Dream offers brighter effects and softens the skin. the Camellia Petal is ideal for wrinkle care and it also makes the hand supple and smooth. 


Nov 11, 2017

Christmas Gift Guide 2017: Gifts for the Beauty Addict

If you have friends or family members who are beauty addict like me, I believe these wonderful products will make a good gift. There are a variety of options ranging from different price point and also different functionalities. Some are suitable for younger crowd such as colourful palettes, and some are generic which can be gifted to any age group such as the Clarisonic brush or the table mirror:

Follow the Christmas Gift Guide 2017 Series to find ideas for your gifts.

  1. Clarisonic Mia 2. $164.47. Buy it <<here>>.
  2. Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette. $38. Buy it <<here>>.
  3. Urban Decay Heavy Metal Metallic Eyeshadow Palette. $55. Buy it <<here>>.
  4. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. $99. Buy it <<here>>.
  5. Personalized Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick. Approximately $40. Buy it <<here>>.
  6. Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer SPF20. $42. Buy it <<here>>.
  7. Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush. $29. Buy it <<here>>.
  8. BECCA Glow on the Go Opal. $20. Buy it <<here>>.
  9. H&M Round Table Mirror in gold. $19.99. Buy it <<here>>.
  10. Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick. $32. Buy it <<here>>.
  11. H&M Iridescent Makeup Bag. $7.99. Buy it <<here>>.
  12. Tarte 6-Piece Makeup Brush Limited Edition. $44. Buy it <<here>>.


Nov 9, 2017

SUGAO スガオ Latest J-Beauty Makeup Series

Rhotho-Mentholatum Malaysia launched its latest brand - Sugao, a Japanese makeup series that draws on naturality, sheer lightness and softness in achieving natural beauty.

The Sugao makeup series is available only at selected Watsons outlets.

Sugao スガオ, a Japanese word that denotes bare, natural face, offers young women including newbies a soft, tender and light makeup that gives a natural "transparent feeling". A Japanese based makeup line that exudes airy, natural, carefree and Asian character, Sugao aims not to only give skin's natural beauty a boost, but it also hopes to unleash the vibrant and energetic side of each female individual that mirrors the brand's image, which is young, simple and modern.

Sugao Air Fit CC Cream (Hero Product), RM69.90

Formulated with Rohto Patented Air-Fit Technology, the Sugao CC Cream comes in a light souffle-like texture that provides an amazingly light skin feel that spreads smoothly and evenly on the skin when applied. Contrary to any other CC Cream, this Air-Fit designed CC Cream covers pores and uneven skin softly with only a thin layer of 0.01mm. Moreover, at the same time absorbs excess sebum on skin surface effectively, which makes it ideal for long hour application. This Air Fit CC Cream (with both smooth and moist options respectively) leaves skin breathable with an airy, beautiful finish while at the same time brightens the skin with soft shades colours. It also comes with colour-correct powder which diffuses light and creates a soft- effect to blur visible pores, fine lines and rough skin.

The Air Fit CC Cream is also available in Pink Bright shade that produces a soft-focus effect upon application to give skin a slightly pinkish tone. The 4-in-1 Sugao Air Fit CC Cream contains SPF23 PA+++, and is free of fragrance and alcohol and also as a makeup base.

Sugao Cheek and Lip, RM59.90

Sugao Cheek & Lip comes in light, fluffy souffle-like texture that melts onto skin for soft flash of colour. It is formulated with pink bright changeable powder to create a natural rosy cheek and bright looking lip. Available in 3 colours (Natural Red, Active Orange, & Brilliant Pink), this 2-in-1 hybrid formula can be applied on the cheeks as well as on the lip. All you need is just to scoop an adequate amount of the moouse using your fingers and gently touch on the cheeks before applying in a circular motion to blend. You may also apply the Sugao Cheek and Lip on your lip in exchange for a brighter, healthier looking lip effect.

Sugao Lip Tint, RM45.90

The Sugao Lip Tint, which are available in 3 different colours, namely Juicy Red, Sweet Pink and Apricot Pink comes in water-like texture that provides a light, comfortable and weightless feel on lips. Sugao Lip Tint is long-lasting and stays on lips without smudging.

Sugao Chiffon Powder, RM64.90 (Photo unavailable)

This is a fluffy, light and finely grained powder that wraps gently on your skin with a feeling of lightness and transparency, just like wearing a chiffon veil. It absorbs sebum effectively and reduces oil on the skin surface, keeping you skin fresh all day long. Once applied, the Sugao Chiffon Powder helps brighten the skin as it balances uneven skin tone, leaveing you skin feeling flawless.


Nov 8, 2017

Colourpop x My Little Pony Entire Collection Review & Swatches

A true, true friend is a friend indeed!

I have so many emotional excitement rolling in my stomach when I knew that Colourpop is collaborating with Hasbro on the My Little Pony collection. I have so many sentimental memories of My Little Pony. If you're a girl in your 30's, you would feel the same. I'm not sure if you can feel my excitement from reading my post, but I just want you to know, I spent half hour on photoshop to make that display post on the top.

Overall I think this is a beautiful collection. There are some hit and miss in between but as a fan of My Little Pony, I totally approve everything. They could improve some of the things, such as including blusher and pick a better colour option for the eyeshadow palette. This is my very first Colourpop product and I can't compare with their usual products. Do bear with my first experience with the brand as a whole.

Colourpop My Little Pony 12-Pan Pressed Powder Shadow Palette

The star of the collection is obviously the eyeshadow palette. I am not feeling the vibe of My Little Pony from the colour selection. If it is a pan in a different packaging, I wouldn't be reminded of the cartoon at all. I hope there's light blue, pink and yellow in the palette. But this is what we get...

I want to talk about this palette separately in another post because some of the colours perform better and some are disappointing. Overall, I think you can achieve really colourful eyes with using just this shadow.

Brush Set

I'm not into the brush set because it feels like a toy makeup brush. The handle is short, the bristles aren't dense enough. I tried the brushes and it is not impressive as well. For traveling, the size suits to be carried around. If you're a makeup noobie then you may find these brushes useable. Otherwise, I think you can skip it entirely. It costs USD22 for the set, which is not cheap.

Powder Highlighter

These highlighters cost only USD8 each and it is amazing! Trickles (pink) is very similar to the Hourglass highlighter that I am using. The pink base will make your face flush and I recommend you to try out the highlighter yourself. Starflower (orange) has an orange base which suits darker skin tone.

Ultra Matte Lip

There are three shades of matte lip range in this collection. Moondancer - a blackened plum, dark maroon colour. Lemon Drop - A bright cool-toned lavender. I'm not sure why they call it lemon drop when there is no hint of yellow at all. It is more of a muted lilac. Pin Wheel - a vibrant cool-toned fuschia. I've heard many good things about the Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip, it is not drying and long lasting. I will write a separate review on this.

Ultra Glossy Lip

You also get three lip gloss in the collection. Flutter Valley - golden undertone with tones of hot pink and gold glitter. Dream Castle - metallic fuschia blue, violet and gold glitter on top. Ponyland - lilac slightly sprinkled with pink and gold glitter. I am not a fan of lipgloss but these three glosses have the most amazing colour, especially Flutter Valley and Dream Castle.

Super Shock Shadow

The Colourpop Super Shock Shadow is another of their star item. Compared to the powder eyeshadow, the Super Shock Shadow is very soft and moist, so it glides easily without effort and has a buttery texture. You will get 3 shades in the set. Posey - Soft pinky beige with silver, pink and gold glitter. Sunbeam - Pastel lavender drenched with violet, hot pink and iced blue glitter. Cherries Jubilee - Opalescent pink with hot pink glitter.

Makeup Bag

Lastly, we have the makeup pouch that made of iridescent lilac purple faux leather. It has a very cute Little Pony zipper and a rainbow hardware. Everything screams My Little Pony with this makeup pouch. Although this makeup bag is very cute, I think it is pretty expensive for USD18.


I'm not sure which product I should review first. If you can help me to vote which product you would like to read a separate review one, that would help me a lot...

Which product you would want to read a full review?

My Little Pony 12-Pan Pressed Powder Shadow Palette
Brush Set
Powder Highlighter
Ultra Matte Lip
Ultra Glossy Lip
Super Shock Shadow
read more