Nov 1, 2017

K-Beauty: Althea Wanderlust Beauty Box

When I heard that Althea comes out with the Wanderlust Beauty Box, I jumped right in (head first)! Nothing excites me more than beauty and travel combine together. Althea is a K-beauty online shop that ships directly from Korea.

Althea Beauty Box is a periodical beauty box. Unlike other beauty boxes in the market, Althea's box is a non-subscription box. You can purchase whenever you want, as long as they're not out-of-stock. Be sure to snatch your favourite beauty boxes fast, because the thematic boxes sell out like hot cakes. Check out <<this page>> for the current and past beauty boxes from Althea. 

Remember to comment below which product you want me to do a full review. And if you don't care about my review, and just want to get one set for yourself, you can do so by purchasing from <<here>>. Scroll to the bottom for a deal. Let's not waste time and dig right into the box because this stuff is so cute!!!!

L-R: Peripera Fashion People Mini Luggage Tint; Heynature Dual Eye Shadow; Momo Waterproof Gel Eyeliner; Aqutop Water Colour Blush; Etude House Dr. Mascara Fixer

Peripera Fashion People's Carrier New Yorker (Lively Yellow)/ Mini-Mini Peppy's Carrier

I am most excited about this because the mini luggage bag is the most adorable makeup packaging I've ever seen! The bag contains Peripera Ink Velvet in 2 So Grapefruit; Ink Airy Velvet in 5 Elf Light Rose; Vivid Tint Water in 3 Apple Squeeze; Ink Concealer; and Ink Multi-Shadowing. The luggage is an actual luggage with 360 degrees wheel rotation. It comes with travel stickers for you to create your own design on the luggage. How cool is that?!

Although the case is pretty bulky for travel, the products sizes are just nice for a month trip supply of blush, lips, concealer, contouring and whatever your creativity invites. You can pop them into your handbag without taking much space.

I'm glad Althea includes the tint in the Wanderlust Beauty Box because it really fits the travel theme. Whenever I travel, I prefer to use tint. It is sweat proof, last a long time and don't appear cakey in photos. Even if you're not planning to get the beauty box, you can get this Peripera set individually on Althea. Scroll to the bottom for some deals as well.

L-R: Ink Velvet; Vivid Tint Water; Ink Airy Velvet; Concealer; Multi-Shadowing

The Peripera Mini-mini Peppy Carrier is RM99. You can purchase individually <<here>>.

Heynature Dual Eye Shadow 

This product is revolutionary! If you're one of those who doesn't really know to blend your eyeshadow well, just get this! You don't have to worry which eyeshadow combo to go with and it comes with a blending sponge as well. The shade that I get is No.2 Champagne Coral. This eyeshadow stick saves a lot of time.

Heynature Dual Eye Shadow is RM40. Purchase individually <<here>>.

Aqutop Water Color Blusher

Let's take a moment to appreciate how beautiful this blush colour is. It is a salmon pink with a hint of peach. I have not seen tint blusher in such colour before. It has a watery texture and blends really well on top of liquid foundation. The end result creates a natural flush on fair skin and a radiant glow on darker skin. It comes with 4 different colours, and I can imagine the Sheer Champagne colour can be an amazing highlighter.

Aqutop Water Color Blusher is RM58. Purchase individually <<here>>. 

Etude House Dr. Mascara Fixer

This is a mascara base (or top) to gives an extra length and curl for your lashes. The product contains soybean extract that will nourish your lashes at the same time. Those of you who have tiny lashes and don't want to put on falsies, you can definitely use this to create dramatic lashes. If you notice from the photo, it has tiny micro fiber that helps to build up your lash each strand.

The Etude House Dr. Mascara Fixer is only RM25. You can purchase it individually <<here>>.

Momo Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

Lastly, we have the gel eyeliner in a pencil form. I really love this pencil gel liner because it saves you time and effort with gel liner without having to use a brush for application. Generally gel liner comes in a pot, which is also easy to dry up if you don't use it often enough. This Momo Waterproof Gel Eyeliner lift up to its name. It is water resistent that I can't wash it off from my hand without using soap.

The Momo Waterproof Gel Eyeliner is RM20. You can purchase individually <<here>>.

Which product you would want to read a full review?

Peripera Mini-Mini Peppy's Carrier
Heynature Dual Eye Shadow
Aqutop Water Color Blusher
Etude House Dr. Mascara Fixer
Momo Waterproof Gel Eyeliner
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Overall, all the products valued at RM242 if you purchase the individual product. But if you get the Wanderlust Beauty Box, all these are yours at only RM114. The combination of the products are well curated. Those are definitely products that I will bring when I'm traveling. However, it would be great if they also include a sunscreen. Personally, I out on tones of sunscreen when I'm traveling. That's just my personal opinion. In terms of value, I definitely recommend you to get the beauty box if you want to sample more products.

If you're an Althea first-timer, I have a deal for you. You can register yourself via my <<referral link>> and receive a RM20 off on your first purchase. 

I'm not sure if by the time you read this post, the Wanderlust Beauty Box is still available. Usually the beauty boxes from Althea sells like hot cake. If it is no longer available, I suggest you to check out their page often for more amazing beauty boxes like this. 


Princess Neverland said...

Awww please review the super cute carrier! I would love to see how the products preform :)

Thanks in advance!

Jerine said...

Sure thing! Already in my draft.

Unknown said...

wooo! the mini carrier swatches are soooo on-point! coverage looks great there!
look forward for your detail review! :)

smiles from,
geraldine @ everything magical

aiesyah said...

Im already addicted to peripera lip tint for couple of years, but they come in limited range of shades, but I still love the product❤❤❤