Nov 8, 2017

Christmas Gift Guide 2017: Gifts For Travelers

We will be suggesting gifts for avid travelers this week. Let's see what are the great gifts for your friends and family who are constantly on the go.

Follow the Christmas Guide 2017 series to find ideas for your gifts.

  1. Large scratch map. RM45. Buy it <<here>>. 
  2. V7 Ultra-Slim 17,000 mAh Dual USB Powerbank. $67.49. Buy it <<here>>.
  3. Diptyque deluxe candle. Buy it <<here>>.
  4. Aesop Resurrection Aromatic Hand Balm. $26. Buy it <<here>>.
  5. Flamingo Passport Holder & Luggage Tag. RM30. Buy it <<here>>.
  6. Subscription to Travel + Leisure magazine. $10.99. Subscribe <<here>>.
  7. Fujifilm instax Portable Photo Printer. $171.40. Buy it <<here>>.
  8. Airplane Mode Sleeping Mask. $14.95. Buy it <<here>>.
  9. Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Reviving Lipbalm. $33. Buy it <<here>>.
  10. Tumi Voyageur Monaco Travel Kit. $155. Buy it <<here>>.

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