Nov 26, 2017

Kat Von D Saint + Sinner Eyeshadow Palette

The Kat Von D Saint + Sinner Eyeshadow Palette took a long time to complete and it is one of Kat Von D's masterpiece in her makeup collection. Unlike other celebrities' branded makeup, KVD is hands-on in the production of her makeups and took the time to design the packaging by herself and directly involve in the creation and testing. This is why the brand is known for its beautiful goth packaging and high-quality control. And so, I do have a high expectation on this palette.

Coming back to the palette, it is said that the packaging was inspired by cathedral's windows. But to me, it reminds me of the symmetrical alignment when I first stepped into Notre Dame. Nonetheless, we can all agree that it does have the gothic cathedral feel to it. It is made of cardboard and inside it holds two long mirrors on the side.

As you open the palette, doves flying off, angels sing and the organ starts playing. I may be exaggerating, but the palette is really pretty. The selections of the eyeshadow color are inspired by stain glasses. On the Saint part, it is full of soft and subtle hues. Meanwhile, the Sinner side has more dynamic and popping colors.


L-R: Absolution, Worship, Immaculate, Chalice, Sacred Heart, Amen, Sanctuary, Heaven, Crucifix, Cathedral, Rosary, Baptism

Absolution - Pale white with metallic sheen with lots of gold feckless glitter. It is designed to be worn on top of other shades for glittery effects.
Worship - A satin finish plum shade.
Immaculate - Olive green satin finish.
Chalice - Bronze/dirty gold satin finish with gold glitter.
Sacred Heart - A medium brown with an orange undertone and slightly pinkish finish. This is a pretty color which you can rarely find in other palettes.
Amen - A matte yellow undertone beige. The formula is patchy on this one.
Sanctuary - A bronze with warm red undertone.
Heaven - Warm tone silver with lots of silver glitters.
Crucifix - Dark chocolate matte finish with neutral undertone.
Cathedral - Grayish silver with lavender undertone and lots of silver glitters.
Rosary - Dark maroon with a satin finish.
Baptism - Pink undertone beige with a matte finish. It very chalky and not apparent on fairer skin tone.


L-R: Rapture, Sabbath, Ashes, Martyr, Devil, Revelation, Vestment, Ministry, Exodus, Exorcism, Relic, Stigmata

Rapture - Pink satin sheen with pink glitters.
Sabbath - Matte finish charcoal black. The shade is not intense black which is good for blending.
Ashes - Light ashy taupe with lime green sparse glitters. This is another rare shade.
Martyr - Yellow undertone brown with matte finish.
Devil - Clay brown with orange undertone with matte finish.
Revelation - Medium brown with yellow gold glitters.
Vestment - Seaweed green of satin finish with dark brown undertone.
Ministry - Royal blue with black undertone with satin finish.
Exodus - Matte lime green with yellow glitters.
Exorcism - Deep purple with matte finish.
Relic - Yellow gold with satin finish with compact gold glitters.
Stigmata - Warm red with satin finish.

Overall, the matte shades didn't perform well and appear to be patchy. However, the satin/metallic finishes are extremely buttery and blend really well. Some of the shades are rare and unique. I find some dupes that appear on the Too Faced Boss Lady Beauty Agenda Palette.

This palette is 100% vegan, not tested on animals and formulated without parabens. Animal lovers will be extremely delighted to hear about this practice. Rest assured, the quality is not compromised. This is my first Kat Von D eyeshadow and I must say I am really impressed with the colors and the long hour it lasted on my eyes.

Price: RM279
Purchase from: Sephora <<here>>
Availability: Limited edition
Longevity: 9 months
Packaging: Cardboard


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