Dec 17, 2017

16 Things To Check Out at PLAY UP Advance Store

Beauty addicts, behold! We have a new playground to feed our beauty-lust at Fahrenheit88. If you don't know, PLAY UP Advance just launched recently (launched on 16th Dec, to be exact) in Kuala Lumpur and the 3,000+ sqft area houses at least 100 beauty brands, mostly from Asia.

The entire shopping experience at PLAY UP Advance is totally different from Sephora, mainly because the store brings some cool indie brands, as well as cult products that are famous within the Asia region. Meanwhile, I feel that Sephora is being too focused on Western beauty philosophy, which missed out the entire Asian beauty landscape. At PLAY UP Advance you can find not only makeup products, there are also a wide range of skincare, perfume, hair care and some beauty accessories.

There are thousands of great products which you should check out at the store. But I am going to narrow down to 16 things to check out, including brands and specific products, in no particular order.

#1 - Moonshot

Moonshot is one of my favourite Korean brands. Normally I purchase it from Sephora online and it is great to see the brand at PLAY UP Advance. I managed to do some swatching and test out the products on my own skin before buying it. My personal recommendation is the Microfit Cushion.

#2 - VT

Any BTS fan here? I am not acquainted with Korean celebrity but I am sure they are popular. If you are a fan of BTS, you should get this VT x BTS Premium Collagen Skin Cover. It is also a cushion type of foundation with skincare benefits.

#3 - 16 Brand

I am new to this brand and I was amused by the packaging and then I found that it is actually a colour correcting concealer. The packaging resembles jam jar and you get a lot of product in that jar.

#4 - Makeup Helper Double Cushion

Another product that I was attracted to the packaging is the Makeup Helper Double Cushion. I feel like getting it for the beautiful art on the cover of the cushion, especially the one with a girl surrounded by galaxy.

#5 - Lifeford Hi-Precise Eyeliner

The name of the product says it all. The liner has a really precise line which you can carefully define your eyes with its ultra-thin brush.

#6 - Canmake

I love Canmake because of its beautiful packaging and also great quality products. If you have not tried the Canmake blusher, please do so. You will fall in love with its beautifully embossed roses on the blusher.

#7 - Breena Blending Pearl

From our own hood, the Breena brand is our homegrown. This Blending Pearl is on par with Beauty Blender and for half the price, you can save a lot. Check out my product comparison post to be convinced.

#8 - Graccy' Grace

This is another new brand that I discovered at PLAY UP Advance. I am amazed by the liquid lipstick, especially the metallic one. It is so shimmery and buttery. When I swatched it on my hand, I can't take my eyes off the colour. Photos don't do justice to the swatches. To make you understand more, it is comparable with the Smashbox Be Legendary Liquid Lip in metallic.

#9 - Hope Girl 

Previously in my post on the Top 10 Must-Buy Beauty Products When in South Korea, I have featured Hope Girl because it wasn't available in Malaysia. Now I'm glad to announce to you that Hope Girl has arrived our shore. Do check out the mascara.

#10 - Paponk Poet Lipstick

My god! This packaging had me at first glance. It reminds me of London, Harrods, Harry Potter and Oxford in a glance. When I swatch the lipstick, it is so buttery. There are so many shades to choose from and I couldn't decide. I kind of regret didn't bring home one. They didn't put up the price and the sales person was clueless as well. I forgive them because it is their second day in operation. On my next trip, I will definitely get one or two back.

#11 - Agatha

The Agatha brand has all the Parisian elements on the packaging (I know, I'm a sucker for packaging). I can't resist the Scottish Terrier. I was looking for its lipstick and I really wanted it for the longest time. Unfortunately I didn't find the lipstick, but this cushion is just as pretty.

#12 - Mortar & Pestle Lipbalm

I can't remember what brand this belongs to, but look at how cute the mortar and pestle is! the lipbalm is a lemongrass scent, very unusual. It is good to have it around, not just as lipbalm, but to get rid of mosquito's bite and relief blocked nose.

#13 - Witches Pouch 

I have always been shopping for Witches Pouch products on Althea. When I see all the products displayed on the shelf, it excites me. There is a huge difference shopping online and shopping in a brick & mortar shop. The experience to try and test the products are so satisfying. I handpicked this real gold ampule fro Witches Pouch for you to try.

#14 - Bayu Skincare

Have you heard of the horse oil benefit for skin? If you have not, it is about time for you to try. The horse oil are harvested in a humane way, so you don't have to be afraid of animal cruelty. Why is this popular is because the horse oil is able to repair our skin cells very fast. Do try out the moisturizer if you have scared skin that you want to fasten the repair.

#15 - Ichikami Shampoo

My friend recommended me this shampoo before and it is really amazing. If you experience hair loss, do try this brand. The price is also affordable. It is not easy to find this brand in our local drugstore and I was delighted to see the many ranges of shampoo they have on the shelf.

#16 - Rimmel London

Rimmel is a rare brand in Malaysia. It has been disappearing slowly from all the drugstores. It was a waste because Rimmel London has really great mascara, eyeshadow, blusher and foundation. You can definitely find some rare items here.

The PLAY UP Advance store is located on the ground floor of Fahrenheit88. Just head straight from the main entrance and you will be able to see it within a few steps. Until 18th December, they are running a contest for you to stand a chance to win a free trip to Korea + ticket to Big Bang Last Dance Concert.


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