Oct 2, 2018

Daiso Makeup Brush Cleaner is worth every penny

I have my doubts on Daiso beauty products, but I don't think another second to grab these Makeup Brush Cleaner (Solution) and Makeup Brush Cleaner (Box). After all, what damage can it do to your makeup brushes right?

Typically I use the Beauty Blender Liquid Cleanser to clean my brush. But it costs a bomb. With the discovery of RM5.50 Brush Cleaner from Daiso, I can wash my brushes more often and won't feel a single guilt about it.

The brush cleaner works like how other brush cleaners do. You just pour the solution into a container and soak your brush into the solution. In this case, I also bought the case that supposedly helps to clean the brush in a more efficient way. It has a soft pad on the base to comb out all the makeup residues from your brushes. As a bonus, the lid also serves as a brush holder to dry the brushes.

I highly recommend you to check out your nearest Daiso for these brush cleaners. I'm not sure if it's going to be a permanent product, so I grabbed myself two bottles just in case they don't bring it back again. You know how Daiso works, one minute it's here and the next minute it's gone.

It's not specifically used on makeup brushes only. If you do a lot of watercolour paintings, you can use this cleaner for your art brushes too. It works for beauty blender, facial brushes, etc. This is why I think it is really worth it to get one.

This post is NOT sponsored by Daiso. I just happened to stumble upon these brush cleaners on my random stationery shopping trip.

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choulyin said...

I normally use the other one, the sponge and puff cleaner, as I tried this before but it didn't work very well for my brushes. Maybe they have changed the formula. I'm eyeing that box though, will look out for it the next time I am in a Daiso!