Feb 8, 2019

First Impression of Dear Dahlia Makeups

Hands down, Dear Dahlia has the prettiest makeup packaging ever! I know that's a subjective statement, but who can resist the combination of marble texture and rose gold rim? Not me, for sure! I am attracted to marble texture.

I purchased the makeups directly from Dear Dahlia's website. I must say, the website is not user-friendly at all. My advice is for you to create an account, login to the site before you start adding the stuff into the cart. I created my account as I was checking out. The whole time I couldn't track my parcel and forgotten what I bought. Luckily the customer service was kind enough to send me manual tracking through email.

The star product for Dear Dahlia is their Lip Paradise Intense Satin Lipstick (USD34). I purchased Scarlet (intense red) immediately after I saw some Instagram posting. The red is very vivid and a true red. It is hard to find such color. I also grab Lucy (coral beige) color for everyday use. The lipstick has creamy texture and the color is very strong. Albeit the beautiful color payoff, it doesn't stay too long and stain the cup badly. For the price, I think there are other luxury brands that create better quality lipstick.

I was attracted to the Paradise Dual Palette (USD32). It is a small and compact duo eyeshadow with one cream blush. The one I selected (Lady Oxford) that has two brown tone and pale rose blush. I think the color combo is versatile for eyebrow, eyeshadow, and contour, meanwhile the blush can be used as lip tint as well.

The powder eyeshadow is so light and soft. As soon as I dig in to the pan, the entire eyeshadow shattered into loose powder form. This is something to consider because the pan is now impossible to bring out for travel because it is too messy.

However, the shades are extremely beautiful.

In my opinion, the price is too steep for the average quality products. If you have the mindset to pay for the packaging, I think the price can be justified. The shipping takes about one week smoothly. 

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