May 18, 2019

20 Japanese Beauty Products to Buy in 2019

Consider this as an updated version of my previous post Top 20 Must-Buy Japanese Beauty Products When in Japan. I wrote that 3 years ago and when I revisit the blog post, a lot of the beauty products already available in other countries. It is outdated but still people are reading it. I feel guilty not updating the more recent info. And finally, here it is:

#1 - Saborino Masks

Saborino mask is well-known for its one-minute non-washoff mask which you can put on in the morning and put on your makeup next. The convenience makes this mask sells like hot cakes. Initially, there was only the morning mask, but now Saborino has came up with night mask which you don't have to wash off as well. There are a variety of scent and benefits you can choose from. Saborino is available almost every supermarket, drugstore and convenient store.

#2 - Evita Facial Foam

There was a big hit when the Evita Facial Foam released. The facial foam dispenses a perfect rose shape and I think this is the main selling point of the product. Although it sounds like a product gimmick, the actual product itself is quite good. You won't feel the dry and sticky feeling of using normal foam wash. Because it is so widely loved by Japanese women, Kanebo have came up with strawberry and grape scent.

#3 - Keana Nadeshiko Rice Face Mask

The Keana Nadeshiko Rice Face Mask is something you won't miss in the beauty store. The mask is so popular that most beauty stores pack them in bulk with special price. The mask contains rice essence (similar to SK-II Pitera).

#4 - Love Liner Liquid Eyeliner

There are not many raves on the Love Liner liquid eyeliner outside Japan, but the product is sought after by most Japanese women. The eyeliner is reputable for it's long-lasting, smudge-proof and easy to use formula. Usually you can't find it off the shelf because it is sold out or the store keeps it in glass shelf to prevent it from stolen.

#5 - Lululun Special Edition Mask

In my previous post, I did recommend the Lululun Mask, after 3 years, the brand had released more range. I particularly attracted to those masks that are exclusive for the different Japan prefecture, such as Kyoto Green Tea and Hokkaido Lavender. The company uses local ingredients from the specific prefecture to manufacture the masks and you can only get it from that prefecture. If you're going to Hokkaido, make sure to try the lavender mask. It smells heavenly.

#6 - Shiseido's Ginza Premium Skincare

The Shiseido Ginza premium skincare is one of the must-buy for the richer class. We're not talking about a few hundred ringgit skincare. This skincare can fetch up to thousands of ringgit and it is sold exclusively at the Shiseido Ginza boutique. I've not try it personally, but judging from the long queue despite the sky-rocket price tag, there must be something good about it.

#7 - Kao Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF50+ PA++++

The Kao Biore UV Aqua Rich Water Essence sunscreen is my trusted sunscreen for many years. It is easy to work with makeup and doesn't feel greasy. You can find it packed in bulk as well in many stores around Japan.

#8 - Kao Biore Skin Aqua Tone Up UV Essence

Here's something new from Kao Biore. This new sunscreen has the additional benefit of toning up your skin. It is suitable for aging skin that needs more lifting.

#9 - Yojiya Aburatorigami

The Yojiya brand is bespoke Japanese beauty brand. Originally from Kyoto, the brand is sold exclusively in Japan, you can't get it elsewhere. The brand history goes back to making beauty products for geisha and maiko in Kyoto. The famous product to try is rice paper, but I think you should check out the maple wood comb that can last forever. Even in Japan, this brand is quite hard to get hold of outside Kyoto. If you see it, do take the opportunity to grab some stuff to try.

#10 - Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil

Year after year the Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil has won the Cosme award in  Japan. Although it is mild to the skin, but it has very good cleansing strength to remove waterproof makeups. This is one of the staple beauty product that most Japanese girls will have in their bathroom.

#11 - Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma Make-Up Brushes

Do you love Rilakkuma? I do! This brush is sold out almost immediately when it was first launched by Kumano fude brush manufacturer. It is now one of the top sought after beauty product on Airfrov. 

#12 - Milano Collection Face Powder 2019

The packaging is awesome. Nuff said.

#13 - DHC Lip Balm

This is another staple beauty product that most Japanese would keep in their purse. Even the guys love it. 

#14 - Rohto Lychee Sailormoon Eye Drop

Eye drop is not a beauty product, technically, but you can find this in most of the beauty store. Not only the packaging is cute, but the eye drop can also be used for contact lenses as well. 

#15 - Tofu Moritaya Mask

Another mask to add to the list. This mask gives your skin tofu soft like texture. 

#16 - Anessa Sunscreen

Anessa sunscreen is probably one of the beauty product that is famous inside Japan, as well as out of Japan. It has one of the highest UV protection and can be worn underneath makeups.

#17 - Anti-frizz Hair Brush

During winter when our hair brushes on the neck scarf, it can create static. The Japanese anti-frizz hair brush is a life saver especially for those who have dry hair. It keeps your hair in place by removing the static. You will have straight hair without those fly-aways. 

#18 - Opera Lip Tint

One lip product that I would recommend is the Opera Lip Tint. There are various of color to choose from. It works extremely good for those who have chappy lips. 

#19 - Haku Melano Focus V

The Haku Melano Focus V serum is one of the best-seller serum. It has brightening and whitening formula that doesn't bleach the skin. 

#20 - MAQuillAGE Snow Beauty Whitening Face Powder

One of the most beautiful compact powder case. It was released last Christmas and still on the top of the list as the MAQuillAGE best-seller. The snowy crystal case gives a festive feel. One downside of this is the shade limited to fair skin tone only.

Bonus: Silcot Sponge Touch Moisturizing Cotton Uruuru Cotton

I'm not sure if this is recognized as a beauty product, but we do use a lot of cotton in our beauty routine, isn't it? The Silcot cotton is able to absorb a lot of liquid, keeping it saturated for a long time. You can use this as eye mask by soaking some serum and place on your eyes. Otherwise, it works really good to remove makeup as well.

That's it for this year. I will be back next year to recommend newer Japanese beauty products for you to try. 

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