May 12, 2019

Bag Review: Gucci Disco Soho Bag

I don't blog about fashion much, in fact, fashion isn't my forte. But I do have a deep love for bags (shoes come second) which I can't explain. Maybe it is because of the structure, the assembly of fabrics and hardware, the matching of prints and color tones... in so many levels, it resembles an art piece for me.

Three years ago, I decided to pick up on the Gucci Soho Bag, partly I feel influenced by the fashion bloggers I followed on Instagram (everyone seems to have this bag) but the true reason why I got this is because I feel like it is going to be a practical bag for a lot of events.

This bag started off as a mini capsule collection that was supposed to last one season. When Gucci introduced this bag, it became a sensation. What I think got this bag sold is because it's practicality in terms of its size, timeless classic design and also quality craftsmanship. When it was first launched, the bag fetched a price of £450, which is an affordable price. For those who adore branded bags, this bag so-called entry luxury item can be easily achieved. And for those frequent flyers, this becomes a necessity.

I bought it for £550 from Harrods on Boxing Day 3 years ago. It wasn't on the discount list, which is surprising for me since Boxing Day usually everything is on sale. The Gucci salesperson told me that this bag will never be on sale because of the demand and there were 2 pieces left in their stock. Once the batch sold off, the price will increase. That's when I thought to myself... think no more, just get it.

Here's a peek of what the bag can fill and these are the items I carry on usually and it fills up the bag almost 90%:

If you're still considering whether to buy or not to buy this bag, here are my summary:

The reasons to buy:

1. Practicality

It is can be seen easily how casual the design is, so you can definitely wear it on any casual occasions. Even on semi-casual occasions such as dinner party, job interview, business coffee meetings, etc. you can also dress it up with this bag because of the gold hardware and leather material.

The size is just nice for the essentials. Although I wish it can be a little bigger for some rooms for my journal, that would be great.

2. Reasonably priced

When I bought it, it was £550 (approximately RM3500). I think it is a good price for a luxury entry bag. Meaning, if you have not owned any luxury bag before, this could be your first bag. Currently, the bag is priced at about RM4800. It can be a good investment piece as well.

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3. Great craftsmanship

Gucci has one of the best craftsmanship, in my opinion. This is my third Gucci bag, my first was bought 15 years ago and it still looks brand new. If you are a heavy user, I think it is worth to get this bag. As you can see, I've had it for 3 years and I use it almost every weekend and bringing it to most of my travel trips, it still looks brand new. Comparing it with Louis Vuitton (which my mom is a fan), it tends to show signs of wear and tear after the second or third year, such as creases on the joint area, flaking of rubber/paint on the side, hardware tarnish (sometimes it turns green because of the poor metallization process), color transfer, etc.

4. Classic style

I see this bag as a classic style. In terms of design, there's really not much "design work" here. It fits the theory of minimalism and if you're familiar with the philosophy of wabi sabi (the beauty of natural simplicity), I think the design of this bag speaks about the beauty of simplicity. Hence, in the next 10 years, this could still be trendy.

The reasons not to buy:

1. There are other options

If the price is not your concern, there are other brands that have similar designs such as Saint Laurent Blogger bag, Prada's Odette, Hermes Constance bag and Chanel camera bags. This is not a bag that is a category of its own.

2. The annoying flying strap

If there's one thing that annoys me with this bag is the strap that keeps standing out. Usually there is a leather loop on hold the tip of the belt. Unfortunately, this bag doesn't come with it. I have to find my hair band, ribbons and rubber band to strap it so it doesn't annoy me much.

3. The bottom of the bag doesn't have a support

The bag doesn't come with a hard support on the bottom of the bag. Which means it can't hold heavy items such as water bottle. Otherwise, the structure of the bag will change and it will create a lump on the bottom of the bag.

I hope this post helps you in some ways if you're considering to buy the bag. Generally, this bag serves me well. If I have extra cash, I don't mind getting it in another color, red would be a good one. 

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