May 13, 2019

What Actually Happened to Tati & James Charles

There’s a huge drama happening around two powerful beauty gurus and I’ll attempt to summarise the story as accurately as I can, in case you're here for some gossips.

  1. Tati has been grooming James Charles to what he is today. She & her husband have had helped the boy in his YouTube business.

  2. Tati launched Halo Beauty, a vitamin supplement that promotes inner beauty. 
  3. James Charles did not promote Halo Beauty, instead promoted Sugar Bear Hair, which is Tati’s competitor. 
  4. There’s not much info of what happened in between but it was apparent that they didn’t resolve the matter in private, then Tati released her 40+ minute's video titled “Bye Sister”. In the video, Tati mentioned about how James Charles manipulated straight men to think they’re gay. There’s no relationship between James Charles not promoting Halo Beauty and the backlash on The accusation.    
In my personal opinion, I think the matter is not as simple as what it seems. There must be something not revealed to the public that made their relationship so sour. After the video that Tati posted, there are more and more people revealing the true colours of James Charles. 

There are always two sides to the coin here. 


  • JC is an independent beauty content creator. There are no strings attached to which brand he wants to promote. 
  • When Tati started the issue on JC hitting on straight men, that’s hitting below the line. There is no reference to the matter of JC not promoting Halo Beauty. This is a personal attack.
  • Tati was obviously hurt but did nothing to resolve the problem privately. She said she was going to talk to JC in private but she refrained from doing that because JC had brought the issue up to the drama channel. There’s something Tati might hide, which we don’t know unless she has some explanation on the odd behavior. If she intended to confront JC in a civilized way, the video should be her focus. 
  • Tati is a mature woman, a big sister to JC. She said she had helped him in paving the road to his success, if she has all the best intention to the teenager, she would have chosen a better option to solve this issue. What I see is, she’s dragging the poor boy down because she knows she has an army behind her influence. 


  • Tati’s feeling betrayed and not getting the support from someone she’s close to is a valid reason to be upset about. And the salt rubs onto the wound when that person endorsed a brand that is a competitor. 
  • As a sister-figure and seeing the younger sister go off tracks isn't something that is easy to deal with. Tati has mentioned that she's always been there to guide JC, but if JC doesn't apply that guidance, there is nothing much for Tati to do.
  • It is easy for Tati to walk away from the matter and not talking about it. But as a public figure, moreover both of them are from the industry, coming out with the video is something she thinks fit to do. After all, if she doesn't explain her side of the story, it will invite more speculation. She has to close the chapter behind and move on. 
  • Tati is a genuine person, if you have followed her development for a long time, you would know. She's someone who puts her principles before dollar and cents. Hence, there is more to the layer of the story than just JC not promoting her products. It could be something far off more embarrassing for JC if she were to reveal the other parts of the conflict.

Are you #TeamJamesCharles or #TeamTati?

This fiasco has left the internet to be on a tug of war. Celebrities are unfollowing James Charles, which cost him 3 million subscribers and at the same time, Tati gained some. To follow the subscribers and unsubscribers of the both beauty gurus, you can view it on real time on the video below:

Update: Tati already removed her video titled "Bye Sister". James Charles also uploaded his response titled "No More Lies". It is unsure if the matter have been resolved behind closed doors, but there's definitely tension between the two of them. It also caused the entire beauty community on YouTube to split into two. 

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