Nov 3, 2019

Hada Labo+ Sensitive Hydrating Range

The trip to Redang was a huge challenge for my skin. I developed redness around my nose and cheek. And it gets worse when I use my usual skincare. After talking to my friends and doing some research, I discovered that I have a sensitive skin condition. Skin sensitivity can be caused by external factors such as weather, pollution, and exposure to excessive UV rays. It can also be caused by internal factors such as stress, allergies, and hormonal changes. Whatever the causes are, the new Hada Labo+ Sensitive Hydrating range is able to help.

The Hada Labo+ Sensitive Hydrating range consists of a Face Wash, Lotion, Milk and Cream - all formulated with multiple protective soothing formulae to strengthen and restore balance in your skin. With triple protection formula:


Contains Lecithin, Squalene and Shea Butter that forms invisible bionic liquid crystal as a protective film to protect the skin against environmental pollutant and stressors in keeping the skin healthy.

Strengthens and Repairs

Contains Phytosterols and Ceramide that help to smooth, soften as well as strengthen and repair skin barrier.

Soothe Redness

Contains Alpha Bisabolol and Gingerol to calm as well as soothe irritation redness.

In a consumer test using the Hada Labo+ Sensitive Hydrating Cream on sensitive skin with skin redness, a significant reduction in redness and irritation is seen within 4 hours of application. The result demonstrates the efficacy of the cream in soothing redness and strengthening the skin's barrier.

As with all Hada Labo products, the Hada Labo+ Sensitive Hydrating range also contains the signature ingredient which is Hyaluronic Acid that penetrates deeps into the skin to intensely hydrate and restore the skin's moisture. It is pH balanced and free from fragrance, colorant, alcohol and mineral oil.

I like to soak some paper face masks with the Hada Labo+ Milk and Lotion. You can get the paper mask capsule from Daiso or Sasa. I find the Lotion works much better as the liquid texture easily saturate the mask. By leaving the mask with lotion on for 5 minutes, it quickly soften the skin and leaving it completely moisturized.

This new Hada Labo+ Sensitive Hydrating range is available at Watsons.

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