Dec 28, 2019

Here's to 2020

This is probably the last post I am writing on this blog for the decade. As we stomp through the last few days of the year, I would like to recap, reflect and repurpose what's coming in the near future.

The past:

  • This year I took a drastic step to separate my beauty posts to another blog, which is now called Her Beauty Lookbook. Although creating a new blog is relatively easy these days, you might think, that's not a big deal. What I did actually hurting my blogging income a lot. By moving a big chunk of the content to another blog, my earning have dropped 75%. By doing that, I want to streamline the content better. This blog will be my travel journal and also some bits & bobs of my life journal. 
  • I have always had an interest in tarot reading. This year, I took a big step to learn tarot reading professionally. I hide the fact that I'm interested in such a cult so that I'm not seen as a weirdo. I had to travel to Kuching to learn the craft, it was a struggle to keep it as a secret since the journey is a long one. Deep down inside, I really want to practice tarot reading. It turns out, my trip to Kuching was a subtle spiritual awakening. 
  • My best friend turned 40 this year, we had a small celebration at The Chateau and we have come to terms that we're really into peace and quiet moment as we grow old. During the weekend getaway, we reflected on how we celebrated birthday back in those days when we're in Australia. There was always booze, clubbing and drunk nights. Those were the past we wouldn't visit again. 
  • It's ridiculous to say that I went to Redang twice this year, in the interval of a month. Considering, the price of the resort is sky high, friends said that I'm crazy. I went first with the mister, and the place is so nice I had to share the experience with my parents & friends on another trip. We've booked the next trip in March to Redang again. That is how addictive the sea is. 
  • I tried and trying to become a vegetarian. It is hard especially food is something a medium that binds the family. I can't be selfish to demand vegetarian dishes at every lunch or dinner, so I've settled to become a pescatarian. It's a difficult journey because restaurants in Malaysia don't cater much for vegetarians. As such, I had to cancel my New Year's eve dinner at because the restaurant only serve the 5-course meal on that night with no vegetarian options.

The present:

  • I'm taking a two weeks break from my work. As much as I want to open up the laptop to check my emails, I refrained myself to do so. I'm taking this time to learn new stuff on the internet (mainly on digital nomad), preparing for my art class next year, and mostly spending time with my grandma.
  • This year I didn't do much jungle tracking nor hiking. Getting close to nature is something I enjoy very much. I always feel that I need to "recharge" my energy by soaking in all the greeneries and getting mud on my feet. Since there are few days left to the new year, I squeeze in all the nature activities I could. So far I've done the Penang National Park hike, Botanic Garden walk, and Bukit Jambul hike. This old knees are feeling the toll, but that ain't stopping me for going a few more rounds before the year ends.

The future:

  • Penang is selected as the tourism highlight in Malaysia. With the Experience Penang 2020 campaign coming up, I will be also promoting Penang (my humble hometown) in the blog more often. Do watch out for more posts on Penang. You can find that Experience Penang 2020 logo up on the right side, click on it and it will bring you all the articles on Penang. 
  • I will be teaching more classes, especially on watercolor. In Q1 I will be teaching in Melaka, Q2 in Penang and Q3 in Kuala Lumpur. If you are interested, do check out the watercolor class syllabus here >>>  Private Watercolor Class (Basic)
  • As a personal project, I will be doing an art sketching Hanoi itinerary. I will upload it here once I have completed the work. I am still gathering places to visit and learn about the city. 

I'm not a "new year resolution" type of person. I alter my goal as when I like and I do adjustments to my checklist whenever needed. So this is just a rough sketch of what I want to do, it is not a target-setting list whatsoever. I'll see you in 2020. 

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