Jun 13, 2020

Cute Designer GIFs You Can Use in Your Instagram Stories (Part 1)

This post is specially dedicated to my IG comrades. If you haven’t follow me on my Instagram (which I rarely promote here), my handle is @queenjerine. I know it’s a little narcissistic, but let’s move on because the queen wants to share some goodies that you can use to spice up your InstaStories. 

Have you ever wonder what keyword to search for when you want to put those cute GIF stickers on your story? Here are a bunch of designers’ stickers that you can get from the GIFs search in your IG:

Search for: Gladdest

Search for: Hanmade

Search for: Floweringwords

Search for: Carolynnyoe

Search for: Doodleganger

Search for: Vipapier

Search for: Mikyla

Search for: Selflove

Search for: Rabiscodeletras

Search for: Kapebeans

Search for: Marie Boiseau

Search for: Prosadecora

Search for: Ilustragabs

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Lisa Jones said...

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