Oct 16, 2021

How to get to Pantai Esen in Penang

Have you ever find a place so special, that you just want to keep it a secret and not tell anyone about it? Pantai Esen (or rather Pantai Permatang Damar Laut) is one of the places in Penang which I wanted to keep as a secret. However, later I found out that this piece of land has been reclaimed government for the train project. In a few years' time, this hidden gem would be a transit station, hence, I do not mind sharing it now. 

What to prepare:

  • Comfortable walking shoes. You will be walking about 1km to the beach. The walk is pretty simple.
  • Snacks & water (if you're going to stay for awhile)

How to get there: 

  • Search for GPS location Balai Polis Permatang Damar Laut. You may park on the road side and walk to the right side of the police station. There is a small path way to the beach. You may be greeted by some farm geese and chicken there. Follow the signboard "Myhome Stay" or 海家, 听海之家.


  • If you love jungle & beach, this place is packed with unspoiled nature. Basically, it's a natural playground everywhere.
  • There is a ATV center along the way. I personally find it annoying. Not only it is a nuisance to have to keep watching out for the ATV along the way, the sound is loud too. 
  • At the peak of the path, there is a Chinese Temple and along the way there is also deity shrines. 
  • The best photo spot is at the dead tree. During sunset it is the prettiest silhouette.  
  • TAKE NOTE: It is not recommended to swim here due to the danger of drowning. You will see a board with death statistic around the beach area. However, a short dip on the shore should be okay. 


Nearby the location, about 5km, we went to the famous butter coffee at Bee Ghah Kafe for breakfast. This place has been serving butter coffee for the past 80 years. Park your car at Lexis Suites Penang and walk to the coffee shop. The shop is to the left of Lexis Suites. 


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