Sep 29, 2013

Beauty Insider: Watch Out for Tory Burch Cosmetic Coming Soon

From designing awesome makeup bags and pouch, Tory Burch will be joining other fashion designers footsteps to launch her own beauty products. There is no official press release or any news yet from the Tory Burch office. However, like the Tom Ford Beauty line, the products from the Tory Burch Beauty are developed by parent company Estee Lauder. It is set to launch in October 2013, again, no official confirmation yet. 

One thing that is confirmed, the Tory Burch eau de parfum is now available. The notes comprised of neroli, grapefruit, cassis, bergamot, peony, tuberose, jasmine sambac, vetiver, and sandalwood. I haven't try it yet, but I can imagine how good it smells to combine peony, bergamot and jasmine all together. I'm a big fan of peony, you should know by now. Do take your time to visit the nearest perfume counter for a sniff.

Since the entire Tory Burch Beauty line is not yet available in the market, I don't really have any constructive opinion to share. But the packaging is to die for!!!! I simply love the double T logo! The color combination of orange and gold makes them look so chic. It reminds me of YSL for some reason. I will definitely purchase it for the packaging.

What do you think about designers coming up with their own makeup line? Will you purchase from these brands? Or do you think it is just a branding gimmick?

Sep 28, 2013

Treat Your Lips with Some Crazy Rumors

 Last night they said RON95 was going to go up 10cent again. So many people got affected by the news and start lining up at the petrol station to fill up their tank. I almost join in the line because my full tank is already RM158, if it is going to increase 10cents, I will go broke!!! I can't stop asking everyone whether the news was true until my lips dry up! That was a crazy rumor! 

I am thankful for having my Crazy Rumor lip balm in my purse. Another cult brand that I love. On first look, this might be just an ordinary lip balm. The truth is........... It is an ordinary lip balm. But it is made of extraordinary ingredients - all natural and nature-friendly ingredients, basically all the good stuff:

Macadamia Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Candelilla Wax, Soybean Wax, Jojoba Seed Oil, Carnauba Wax, Natural Flavors &/or Pure Essential Oils, Vitamin E and Stevia. 

For RM15, this lip balm is quite worth the money. It is non-greasy and moisturizing. I always apply this before putting on matte lipstick because matte lipstick tend to be very dry. And I also apply this at night so I don't get chapped lips when I wake up. Somehow that just happen every night and I think the culprit is aircond that dries up my lips. 

Crazy Rumors is made in the USA. They have a lot of other fun flavors like Pistachio, Candy Corn, Spiced Chai, Red Velvet and also natural one that comes without flavor. There is also a mystery flavor for adventurous people. Unfortunately, Crazy Rumors have no counter in Malaysia. But if really want to get it, it is available on HiShop. Praise the Lord for that because HiShop really makes shopping a lot easier for beauty stuff.

Sep 25, 2013

4 Things From Maybelline

When it comes to drugstore brand makeups, I always go for Maybelline as compared to other brands. I think it is a trustworthy brand and it is also cheap! But of course sometimes there are some products from Maybelline that I don't like. Read on and see if the products above are worth spending your money on. I will review it as it is, so you'll get an overview whether the product suits you or not.

1. The Rocket Volum' Express mascara

This is a very good everyday mascara. It does a good job in volume the lashes. Not clumpy, waterproof, and easy to remove with just warm water. However, if you want mascara that lengthen your lashes, this might not be the one. I don't see my lash getting any longer after using it. It really isn't a bad thing because after all it didn't claim to be for lengthening. Whether it is expensive or cheap, it depends when you buy it. I bought it at close to RM40. Few days later, they had sale for RM17+. Quite a sad case for me. Anyway, Maybelline have sale a few times a year. Do stock up when it is cheap.

Worth trying. I think this mascara can easily win many hearts.

2. Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner

I have a love-hate relationship with this eyeliner. The thing that I love about it is the fine tips. It can make really fine lines that no other liquid liner can. At the same time, I also hate the fine line because it is too soft and it is hard to control. You need a really steady hand to use this. If you're a beginner with liquid eyeliner you should skip this. It is really hard to use. Other than that, it's pretty much a workable eyeliner.

Get it if you're an expert in liquid eyeliner and want a thin fine line, otherwise skip this for ease of your mind.

3. Angelfit Flawless Natural Liquid Foundation

The shade that I got for this is W02 which is the exact tone of my skin. For liquid foundation it is much better to get a tone darker so it covers up your dark eye circles, pigmentation and your face tone will look the same as your neck. In this case, the foundation makes me look like a ghost. I didn't buy this, it was given to me by Marie Claire during one of the interview I had with them. Despite the wrong tone, I actually love this foundation. It blends really well, lightweight, not streaky and looks like a better layer of your skin. However, I've experiment this with photographs and it looks horrible in photos. It reflects light too much and make my face look like a disco ball. It doesn't work either when I set it with matte powder.

Do get this for everyday use, but not when you need to take photos. For a more photogenic foundation, try Smashbox Studio Skin or Makeup Forever HD Foundation. 

4. Colorsensational Lipstick

Of all the 4 products, this is the one that I don't have a single problem with. I love it!!! The color 525 Peachy Scene is so good for everyday wear. It's a coral, summery peach color that suits every skintone. It has a slight frosty finish. As far as I concern, it doesn't dry the lips. Because it is pretty affordable and easily available, I put this in my purse so I don't get too much heartache when I lose it.

If you use lipstick, get it! It comes with a dozen of other shades. I'm considering of getting a red one.

Sep 23, 2013

Yes! Nurse's Hand Formula Heavy Duty Hand Cream

In terms of beauty, which part of your body which you neglect the most? For me, it's always my hands. I didn't really pay a lot attention to my hands even though I work a lot, especially when I'm in the shop or when I go down to estate. Realize I hardly blog these days? It's all because my workload is really crazy lately. This Yes! Nurse's Hand Formula comes in time:

This product is actually developed for busy nurses' hands that need lots of TLC. I really like concept brands like this. It's cute and fun at the same time. Application is really easy... Squeeze a pea size on your palm and spread it out evenly.

The texture is so thick but surprisingly not yucky. You will feel a layer of instant protection and after awhile, that feeling wear off, leaving it matte.

What is so special about this handcream is its natural ingredients:

Originally from UK, right now the Yes! Nurse's Hand Formula is available at HiShop for only RM29.90 (50ml). You can get it from <<here>>.

Now you can have TLC hands like a nurse!

Sep 20, 2013

Back to M.A.C. Recycle/Reuse Program + 1 Free Lipstick

If you're a loyal customer of M.A.C. you probably already know about Back To M.A.C. program, then this post serves you as a reminder to keep all your M.A.C. packaging. If you don't know about it, M.A.C. has a recycle/reuse program in their stores worldwide. Collect 6 (six) empty M.A.C. primary packaging (this excludes limited edition packaging & discontinued packaging) and receive a free complimentary full size lipstick.

I almost forgotten about the program. When recently visited M.A.C. the sales girl reminded me, so I got home and dig out all the previous empty containers that I have...

With the six empty container that I found somewhere in my storage, I exchanged for my choice of lipstick...

I picked up the shade Angel from the Frost range. If you're not familiar with M.A.C. lipstick range, they have matte, which obviously mean lipstick with matte texture... and cremesheen, which has more moisture in it... lastly, the frost range which has texture in between matte and cremesheen.

The color Angel is a pink based nude. It is a neutral pink, neither blue nor orange undertone, so it is perfect for any skin color. If you're looking for a nude lipstick that don't look too pale, this is the color to go for. In terms of longevity, I don't actually prefer M.A.C. lipsticks. They're just ok to use. Nothing too fantastic to shout about. But the color range is definitely going to spoil you with too many choices.

Remember to keep all your M.A.C. containers to exchange for your free lipstick. Trick is.... use the makeup products that don't last long, such as mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, foundation and makeup remover from M.A.C. so you can collect the six empty containers in no time. Haha.... But that ain't cost effective, though.

Sep 17, 2013

Scientific Beauty Terms You Need to Know

Be a beauty brain and learn up the terms commonly used in skincare/cosmetic products. Reading product labels will be much easier when you understand all these terms:

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) work on loosening the dead cells from your skin's surface and may be natural or synthetic. AHAs are mainly found in skincare products that help reduce wrinkles and improve the look and feel of skin. Look out for the most common ones like glycolic acid, lactic acid and citric acid on skincare labels.

Hyaluronic acid helps skin maintain proper moisture levels and what's also great is that it can be used on all skin types. Hyaluronic acid is particularly effective as it can penetrate into skin deeply and "holds", making skin more plump and youthful looking.

Retinol is a form of vitamin A that is important for healthy vision, skin and bone growth, so it stands to reason that it's a great ingredient to have in your skincare products around the eye area. Retinol aids in the resurfacing of skin, helping to impart a clearer, more vibrant complexion.

Kojic acid inhibits melanin production by blocking the enzyme essential for it, called tyrosinase. It also has a lightening effect on age spots and skin discolorations. Kojic acid is completely natural and has antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Antioxidants are vitamins such as A, C and E, and beta carotene that assist in skin repair and fight the free radicals that accelerate ageing. In particular, vitamin A improves elasticity, vitamin C enhances collagen production for firmer skin and vitamin E helps repair tissue. The latter is an amazing ingredient as it actually contours and firms facial skin.

Collagen is a group of proteins that supports bodily tissues like skin, muscles and bones. Together with elastin, it gives skin structure, flexibility and strength. The type used in cosmetics comes from animal sources or from plant derivatives. Collagen is also a great water-binding agent and thus helps keep skin plump and hydrated.

Niacinimide is found in Vitamin B3 products such as dairy, fish, green vegetables and meat. It helps improve skin elasticity and rebuilds skin's protective barrier. Its anti-inflammatory and brightening benefits make it a favorite ingredient in anti-ageing skincare.

Ceramides are a group of nine lipids, which are important to muscle and nerve cell membranes and make up around 50 percent of the skin's natural protective barrier, preventing moisture from evaporating from the skin. Ceramides can help restore the levels of reduced ceramides in the skin, thus rebuilding the protective barrier so that the skin is hydrated and its appearance improved.

Emollients are oils and oil-soluble substances that form sealing barriers on the skin. They help skin to stay soft, smooth and hydrated by preventing moisture from evaporating. Some plant-based emollients are safflower, sesame, and coconut oils. Often coconut and palm oils will be used because they can replace fatty acids and fatty alcohols, which tend to clog skin.

Sorbitol is naturally found in berries, cherries, apples, pears, plums, algae and seaweed. Sorbitol is a humectant, drawing water from the air into the skin, so skin stays hydrated. It also prevents moisture loss.

Ascorbyl glucoside is a Vitamin C precursor that helps increase skin cellular renewal and inhibits the production of excess melanin. Research shows that the active compound has lasting stability in the presence of heat, light and oxygen, suggesting that it provides skin with a longer-lasting benefit than regular Vitamin C.

Keratin is a naturally occurring protein in your body found in skin, hair and nails. So why do we need more? Well, keratin cells slowly push their way upwards, eventually dying and forming a protective layer of cells. These cells are shed every day, and the process can be accelerated by skin conditions, such as psoriasis. Damage to the external layer of keratin can cause skin, hair, and nails to look unhealthy or flaky.

Salicylic acid can be obtained from the bark of the willow tree or can be prepared synthetically and is excellent at helping you shed dead and dull skin to gently exfoliate and reveal baby soft skin.

Sep 13, 2013

River Island Comes to Malaysia Through Zalora

Press release, Malaysia's fastest  growing online shopping destination celebrated the recent arrival of River Island to the e-commerce hub's extensive catalog of fashion labels. The party was held at Zouk Club KL and was attended by Mr. Giulio Xiloyannis, Director of Buying and Marketing for Zalora Malaysia as well as Malaysian celebrities, members of the media and Zalora's top customers.

Natalie Kniese, the host for the evening, kept the crowd excited as they eagerly anticipated the London-based High Street fashion brand's presentation. The River Island Autumn Winter 2013 fashion show highlighted the party and further fueled guests' enthusiasm for the brand's entrance into Malaysia through Zalora.

After the show, guests were encouraged to explore the Blackberry QR panels, which enable Blackberry users to purchase looks from the collection with a simple scan of a QR code. Each panel is fitted with images of the collections, accompanied by a QR code next to the item. This partnership with Blackberry further demonstrates Zalora's proficiency in making technology an effective method for retail success.

In addition to Blackberry, River Island launch saw support from CIMB Bank, SUB International Beauty School, A Cut Above, TGV Cinemas and Strip that ensured a rewarding evening for all in celebration of fashion.

River Island is a London-headquartered high street fashion brand, which operates in a number of worldwide markets. With over 60 years of fashion retailing experience, it is one of the most successful companies on the High Street. River Island has nearly 300 stores across the UK, Ireland and internationally throughout Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

Known for its stylish and affordable fashion as well as the unique touches brought to its collection; River Island is a label that stands out from the rest of the High Street. Loved for its great going-out looks, amazing denim and fabulous shoes and bags, River Island is the go-to place for a complete head-to-toe look.

Although River Island has an in-house design team, the brand has been supportive of up and coming designers and has recently collaborated with music artist Rihanna for an exclusive collection designed by the celebrated style icon.

With the label's foray into Malaysia and South East Asia through Zalora, River Island fans can rejoice, as the High Street hit is available at Zalora's team is also working on bringing on board the Rihanna x River Island collection, which would be set to launch in coming months.

Zalora is Malaysia's one-stop destination for fashion and footwear. Bringing insight to global trends, Zalora is home to hundreds of brands and thousands of products ranging from international labels, high-end local designers and homegrown high street fashion brands. Constantly adding fabulous new styles with a host of trend tips and fashion advice, Zalora enables shoppers to experience easy and fun online shopping. With a full range of services, Zalora promises an easy, speedy, value-for-money experience by offering free delivery, fast shipping and safe shopping.

Sep 11, 2013

Have Split Ends? Try Ma Cherie End Cure Milk

I always try to keep my hair products minimum. You all seen it how few products I use on my hair in "Things I really use". As my hair grow longer, it gets really hard to manage my rebellious hair. I get split ends. And the worse case is when my split ends get split ends!

Why we have split ends?
Our hair works like any part of our body. It needs nutrient to survive and it gets the nutrient from the roots of our hair. The nutrient travels to the edge/tips of the hair. If you have lack of nutrient, that's when the end of your hair turns brittle. The bad news is, it is not enough for us to rely on our food consumption for the nutrient. On the other hand, the good news, we can rely on external sources for the nutrient. This is why we go for treatments, apply hair oil, washing our hair with effective products, etc.

With so many products in the market, it is really confusing to choose which one suits you most. If you're looking for a product that specifically treats the split ends, the Ma Cherie End Cure Milk is what you need.

What it does?
This is not just a preventative product, but it is also a treatment product. It has dual function - to protect your hair from getting split ends in the future and also treat your existing split ends by repairing it.

How to apply?
Application is really simple. Just apply it on dry hair or semi-dry hair. There's no need to rinse of, just leave it on. Apply as needed on the end of your hair. Like every other Ma Cherie products, it smells so nice! It has that fruity floral smell that lingers.

By the way, if you purchase RM60 & above of Ma Cherie products in a single receipt at Guardian, you will receive their Pink Lady Umbrella for free. I got this awhile ago. I'm not too sure if they still have stock for it. But no harm to drop by Guardian to check it out...

Ma Cherie products are available at Guardian and Wellness Aeon (Jusco) outlets. The End Cure Milk cos RM39.90 for 100g.

Sep 10, 2013

Nip + Fab Frown Fix - Results in 10 Minutes, Too Good To Be True?

I've always tell you guys - this product works! And that product works! For a change, let's talk about the product that doesn't work on me. That is, the Nip + Fab Frown Fix.

What is this?
A concentrate formula that instantly plumps + smoothes the appearance of expression lines, fine lines + wrinkles. It suppose to show amazing results in just 10 minutes. It is an instant filler for fine lines and works temporarily to cover up giving the appearance of flawless skin.

Amino acids to smooth + minimise the look of expression lines
Purslane to hydrates + plumps
Centella to reduce visible fine lines

How to use:
Brush directly on clean skin to target expression lines around eyes, forehead + mouth.

Why this product doesn't work on me?
This is the Best Beauty Buys product nominated by Women's Weekly as their 2013 winner. And a lot of beauty guru been raving about it on their blogs, so I thought I should give it a try.

Unfortunately, this just don't work on my at all. I only tried it underneath my eyes and at the corner of my eyes where there are visible lines. After applying it as directed, I waited for 10 minutes there wasn't any sign of lines reduction. And then I waited for another 20 minutes, there's totally no changes at all. I made several other test where I put generous amount, little amount, apply it with fingers, apply it underneath eye cream, above eye cream and so on. But all my test failed. I don't see a single line being camouflage away.

I conclude that, this probably don't work on me because I have deep lines and not just fine lines. However, if it doesn't work on me, it might work on you or someone else. If you watch a live demo from <<this link>> it actually works. So, I guess this product do have it's potential. The problem lies on my and not the product itself.

Where to buy?
From Luxola

Sep 8, 2013

September Collective Haul & WonderSprees for Shopping Savvy Girls

Hello everyone! Gaji dah masuk belum? I have this habit of spending my money once my pay is banked in to my account because I live with the motto "Buy first, think later". I know it's not really a healthy motto to live with, but I always find ways to compensate back what I've spent on. At the end of this post, I'll share with you how you can get some value back from spending your money.

I think I shall start with fashion haul and then later 'll share my beauty haul.

The best purchase I had was the Rolling Stones sweater from Forever Twenty One. I've been wanting a Rolling Stones t-shirt for a long time but I haven't find any nice one yet. And this sweater is just perfect! Since the weather is getting cold lately, the sweater come just in time.

Next, is the Coach e-mook. I don't really buy e-mook, in fact this is my very first one. It comes with three-piece stationery set. I bought it because I wanted the pouch to put my iPad.

I really hate those flipping iPad case because it annoys me. I was looking for the pouch type, the Prada one was too expensive for me to afford. In fact anything branded is too expensive. So happen this pouch fits my iPad perfectly.

It also comes with a really useful travel wallet which you can put your passport, cards, etc. There's also a zipper compartment behind for coins. I will probably use this as my work pad to put small notebook, namecards, leaflet, etc.

The last piece is an empty notebook. I love the blank pages. Will use this as scribble pad for my blog stuff.

The Coach e-mook is quite worth it for RM67.40. If you want it, you can get it from Kinokuniya, Japanese section.

The next purchase is also something which I heart very much. It is the belt buckle bangle from H&M.

Nice kan? It's only RM20+. If you want it, better get it faster. When I grab this one, only a few more left there. It comes in few sizes so you can choose according to your arm size.

And the last piece from my fashion haul is my new flip flop that I bought from Pay Less Shoes. I saw the teal color flip flop and immediately fell in love with it. There's something about teal color that attracts me. Maybe I've been Tiffanied by the color. LOL!

Totally not part of this haul, but it is something which a lot of you been asking me. I wore my white dress with black lace to KL Fashion Week which received so many comments and people wanting to know where I got it.I bought it sometime ago in Pavilion from Fashion Supermarket, I think? I was so sorry that I couldn't give the exact answer, but guess what.... I found it in Zalora!!!! Now you all can go buy it from <<here>>. It's not from the same brand, but it looks exactly the same.

And moving on to beauty haul. I've showed you all in my Product Empties August 2013 post that my MAC Pro Longwear SPF10 Foundation already finished, so it's time for me to stock up. It is very convenient for me to get the same color that suits my skintone from MAC. I didn't buy it because it is the best foundation, but rather out of convenience sake. You know it is hard to find the perfect foundation? I've spent so much money on the wrong foundation and I don't want to risk that again. To play safe, I keep sticking on to this MAC foundation that I find not too bad, other than it's a bit dry. Will have a separate post for it soon. I don't want to rant about it too long over here, which I already did.

If you have purchase from MAC before, do keep in mind of their Back to MAC program. Just bring 6 empty packaging of MAC back to their store, and in exchange they will give you a full size lipstick with the shade of your choice.

Last two months, I went to the preview of Jo Malone's Peony & Blush Suede at La Maison. Since then, I couldn't wait until September, the actual launch date. The first time I smelt the perfume I immediately fell in love with it. I kept a mental note that I must buy it once it is available in store. And finally, ladies and gentlemen...

I love it how the tied the paper bag with suede instead of their signature ribbon. And it is tied with a large peony card so the whole world knows you have Peony & Blush Suede inside the paper bag. If you happen to be at Pavilion, do drop by Jo Malone's boutique and take a sniff at the Peony & Blush Suede. You'll fall in love, this I guarantee!

(P/S: For men, do check out the scent Earl Grey & Cucumber. I got it for a friend and we're making fun of the fragrance by calling it "minyak wangi teh timun". But it smells soooooo masculine! I sprayed it on the tester strip and keep on my dresser. Each time I take a sniff, my heart melts. The fragrance is the typical definition of  味.) 

I took advantage of the Maybelline Merdeka Sale at Guardian and purchase 3 items - the Rocket Volum' Express mascara, Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner, and Colorsensational Lipstick. It was so dirt cheap, too bad each customer can only purchase 3 items.

Guardian is having some promotions for Oslee products. If you want to try out Oslee stuff, do drop by Guardian to check out the deals. I got the Rosehip Hydra-white Cleansing Powder and Facial Toner for RM79. If you buy individually it would be about RM90+? I'm not sure the full retail price, but my point is... it is really cheap if you buy the set from Guardian. And I also got the Pomegranate Milky Mask. Can't wait to try it.

Few days ago when I was shopping with Christine, we dropped by Elianto, played with their nail polish and bought some...

And here's the part that I want to tell you about WonderSprees. If you don't know, WonderBox just launch a new feature on their website called WonderSprees where you will be rewarded if you shop with their brand partners. If you haven't sign up on WonderBox, go do it now! Once you log in, you will see this:

Once you click on the "My WonderSprees", you will be directed to this page:

When you click on the "Add A WonderSpree", you will see this form:

Just key in all the necessary info, upload your receipt and the click submit. You will be rewarded with points. With the points you can redeem beauty box from WonderBox or redeem products from their WonderShop. I've uploaded my Elianto purchase receipt and received 100 points.

The next time you shop for beauty products, remember to keep your receipt. You might score some WonderPoints with it.