May 29, 2020

Menstrual / Period Cup Honest Review

The menstrual cup is a popular item from the zero-waste department lately. When this product was introduced two years back, it was completely mindblown. At that time I had an online store that sold zero-waste products and the menstrual cup was one that keeps selling out. 

Before I begin the review, let's use the nomenclature "orchid" to represent our female body part.


May 23, 2020

Skincare I'm Using at the Moment

The last time I recorded my skincare routine on this blog was 2016. Since then I have changed a lot of skincare products, and I thought I should blog to update my current preferences. I have scaled down a lot by removing some products I don't think I need such as facial scrub and facial essence. 

None of the products here are sponsored or PR sample. I purchased them with my own money unless stated.