Oct 25, 2019

Kuching, Sarawak 3D2N Itinerary

This year I had an immense interest to learn tarot reading. After talking to so many tarot readers, only one of them agreed to teach me further, so happen he is living in Kuching, which brought me here. I'll talk about tarot reading some other day. Initially, I wanted to do a quick visit for the lesson but after telling my friends of the plan, all of them bought their flight ticket separately to accompany me. I feel so touched. We had so much fun, laughing, exploring and learning about Sarawak culture together. I think I'm really lucky to have my girlfriends who always lift me up spiritually.

Here are what we've cramped on in just 3 days of visit.


Oct 19, 2019

Pulau Redang, Again...

When I blogged about my trip to Pulau Redang 3 months ago, I did mentioned that it’s the place I would go back again. Albeit the price, it’s a place you can’t get enough of (if you’re a beach bum who loves the sea, sun and sand)  and want to go over and over again. If given the financial capability, I would move there forever!

Here I am, back to the beloved island of Terengganu. I think you can read more info of the place in my previous post. In this post, I just want to document some good times I had with my parents & friends.