Mar 28, 2017

Paul & Joe Cat Figurine Eyeshadow

Meow! Any catlover will scream their head off over these beautiful....... (guess what)..... yes, EYESHADOW!!!

In conjunction of Paul & Joe's 15th anniversary, the brand features a set of arguably the prettiest eyeshadow palette in the world. It would be wrong to call it an eyeshadow palette because it doesn't sit in a pan like ordinary eyeshadow. It is compressed eyeshadow that shaped into cat figures. What an innovative invention! The eyeshadow comprises 6 pastel colors - sky blue, milk chocolate, nude beige, sakura pink, gunmetal gray and dusty pink.

The eyeshadow is not sold by itself, but it comes in a commemorative set with a practical jewelry drawer box, cat shaped makeup pouch, cat lipstick and the eyeshadows in tin box.

I don't know about you, but the cats resemble gummy bears to me. Remember to keep it out of children. I have a question and do answer me honestly, if you ever get your hands on the eyeshadow, will you ever use it?

The anniversary box cost  ¥9500 and will be available for sale from 7th April. Any friends going to Japan soon? Check out the product on Paul & Joe site

Mar 27, 2017

Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite+ - Toothbrush that whitens your teeth!

Do you know that every year on the 20th March, it is the world Oral Health Day? I bet you don't. We often give too little thoughts about our oral health. We all know that brushing our teeth twice a day is a must, but what else do you practice to keep your mouth clean? This year one of my resolutions is to have a healthier life and that starts with having a better oral hygiene practice. So I have completely ditched the conventional toothbrush and made a switch to using electric toothbrush.

There are a lot of electric toothbrush in the market and I settled on one that has basic cleaning mode - which is the Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite+. This toothbrush does more than just cleaning. It comes with a whitening function that is safe to use on a daily basis. Within two weeks, I find that the plaque/tartar above my gum significantly reduced. I rarely use the whitening function, but it does improve a little from what I can see.

Benefits of the Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite+
  • Removes 100% stain compared to regular brushing
  • Has 2 functions - cleaning and whitening
  • The DiamondClean brush head aids whitening and scrape off plaque effectively
  • Has 3 speed options
  • The medium stiff brush head is gentle on the gum
  • Improves gum health in just two weeks
  • The Quadpacer function indicates the complete cleaning for each of your tooth quadrant. This helps in consistency of cleaning.
  • Comes with a 2 minutes timer which is the recommended time for cleaning
  • Drives fluid between the teeth and along the gum line to clean hard to reach areas. 
  • Comes with a handy storage box for travel

The first time using it I feel my teeth feels extremely clean. In a long run, I hope the use will reduce my trip to the dentist. This electric toothbrush is a fit for my requirement - I wanted a basic toothbrush that effectively clean my teeth. It is a bonus that the toothbrush comes with the whitening mode.

The toothbrush comes with a charging port. Each charge lasts almost  3 weeks. You can also purchase the replacement brush head at Philips.

This switch to electric toothbrush is a huge change of lifestyle for me. Initially, I didn't get used to using little toothpaste. But after a few days, I am adopting to the proper way of brushing teeth - pea sized toothpaste and minimal spitting.

The Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite+ Toothbrush retails at RM439. Available at all Philips outlet. 

Mar 26, 2017

Makeup Showdown 2017

This post takes me a lot of planning and research to do. Unlike skincare, it is hard to pick the top holy grail because each product has so many different texture, formula and it all depends on invidual preference what type of makeup they prefer. For example, some people might prefer BB cream over foundation. And some prefer liquid eyeliner over pencil liner.

Anyway, I will just focus on the products that I am using on a daily basis and compare them between high end and budget price point.

If you haven't check out my Skincare Showdown 2017, go ahead and see what are the top skincare products I picked.

Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Foundation

This is the best foundation for medium coverage. If you like sheer coverage, this is a great foundation. It gives a healthy glow and even out skin tone. It doesn't cover much of scars or pigmentation. Read the full review <<here>>.

L'Oreal True Match

This is the foundation that I bought over and over again when I was in uni and when I first started to work. I tried a lot of drugstore foundation before and no other foundation can top this. It also has a wide range of tone that can match any skin tone. The formula hasn't change much after so long.

Anna Sui Loose Powder

The Anna Sui loose powder has a few variant. I particularly like the purple one and the pearl one. The loose powder has tiny reflective particles that makes your face glow. It also keeps the foundation from sweat, tears and oil. Check out the compact version <<here>.

Silky Girl Shine Free Loose Powder

Silky Girl have never fail in terms of quality. The price point does not justify its performance. The loose powder holds the foundation for a long time and it doesn't create clumps around wrinkled areas. Do give it a try.

Hourglass Iridescent Strobe Lighting Powder

This highlighter is very subtle and doesn't give that disco-ball effect. Its reflective particles are very fine that it blends onto the foundation very well. It makes me look like a celebrity everytime I wear it. You can check out the full review <<here>>.

Seventeen Highs + Glows Strobing Kit

I got this while I was in London, so I don't know if we can get it here in Malaysia. The kit comes with three highlight sticks that cover cool, warm and neutral highlight. I love the stick form because it is very convenient and you don't have to look for a brush to apply it. Just apply it and blend it with fingers.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12h Blush

The Tarte Amazonian Clay blush is one of the most raved about blush since it's appearance in Sephora. I have used this blush for the past 2 months and I find that the embossed details on the pan is still intact. It still looks as if it is new. The product is compact in the pan and it doesn't take a lot of products to give a decent blush on your face. I appreciate that the blush stay as it is for the longest hour you can imagine. My favourite color is Fanciful because it suits all skintone.

Silky Girl Blush

Silky Girl is one of the brand that I always go for whenever I am in budget. I find the blush really great. My favourite shade is Honey (I guess). I remember the price used to be only RM9.90 during my college days when the brand just started. But now it is still affordable and cheap compared to other drug store brands. The packaging is really minimalist.

Smashbox Brow Tech To Go

This darling is one of the makeup product that I love from Smashbox. The tip of the eyebrow crayon is in triangle shape. It is easy to apply and very long lasting. The crayon based and also comes with a small brow gel to keep all your unruly hair in place. I don't usually use this except when I'm traveling because it is really expensive. One tube last me about a month and half and it cost RM100 which is extremely expensive for eyebrow.

Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Eyebrow & Nose Shadow

I honestly ditch the nose shadow part and only use the eyebrow products. It comes with a tiny brush which I never use. The product is pretty basic. But in a powder form, it generally don't last long and will smear when your face is oily. I don't experience that with this brand, which is why I will recommend it to you if you are looking for a drug store eyebrow product.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

Hands down, the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner is probably the best high-end eyeliner. It comes in a pen form which is easily grip on to. It is also a great eyeliner for newbies because of it pen type, it is easy to use and navigate. The tip is made of brush so it is easy to control and gives the darkest ink. Read about the eyeliner <<here>>.

Maybelline HyperGlossy Liquid Liner

On average, I buy 4 to 5 of this eyeliner in a year. Whenever I run out of eyeliner, I will pop into Watson or Guardian and look for this eyeliner. On sale, the price is about RM16, which is a steal price! The tip is made of felt and the shape gives your hand a sturdy grip. I can easily achieve a perfect wing line with this. Try it! It's worth every cent.
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

This is my recent love. I know that there are a lot of great mascaras out there, but I would like to point out that this mascara gives the best volume on my sparse lashes. The wand is in hourglass shape and it creates an intensely long and thick lash.

L'Oreal False Super Star Mascara

For drugstore option, I love the L'Oreal False Lash Super Star (Maybelline has a lot of great mascaras too) because of the duo tip. One side has the serum and another side is the mascara. It is fiber based, so you can easily wash it off with warm water while in shower.

Urban Decay Naked Basics

I am totally hanging on to the Urban Decay Basics eyeshadow. Whenever I travel I will reach out to this palette because it is compact and has all the natural color I need. One downside of the product is the rubbery packaging. After awhile it gets sticky and really annoying. The eyeshadow is great in terms of pigmentation and long lasting.

Maybelline The Nudes

Maybelline's The Nudes palette is quite handy to have. It has all the neutral shades and you can create a hungred looks out of the 12 shades. Recently this is on Watson's PWP list and it is only RM45. It also comes in another version which is the Blushed Nudes for warmer skintone. I personally love the basic one because the shades are more practical for daily use.

Burberry Kisses Lipstick 

I would love to say I like the Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick is the best lipstick I've tried. But I think it would be more appropriate to introduce you the brands available here. The Burberry Kisses is the next in line. It is creamy, the color is amazing, the packaging is so luxurious and basically I love everything about this lipstick. You can read the review <<here>>.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick

If you haven't tried, the Bourjois velvet lipstick is probably the best liquid lipstick ever invented before it was cool. The lipstick glides on smoothly like butter and the texture is really light. It has a wide range of colors so you can definitely find one that suit yourself. My favourite shade is the Peach Club.

In general, it is easier to shop for good makeup products compared to skincare. I have a lot of great drugstore products that I want to recommend especially mascara and blush. It is really hard to pick one product and say "this is the best". Even the high-end products have a lot of great ones to try. It is all depending on your personal preference like what texture you like, what is the look you want to achieve and what is your skin condition.

I urge you to try out more makeups and experiment it yourself. It is much easier to tell which makeup is worth it compared to skincare that only gives the result after a long time of use.

Let me know what is your favourite and holy grail makeup that you hang on to. 

Mar 20, 2017

[Haul] Sephora Birthday Haul

Y'all know the perks of having a Beauty Pass on Sephora? It's discounts, double points and freebies on birthday month. And since it's my birthday, I take the opportunity to try out new products that I've never use before.

1. Rebels Refinery Superbia Lipbalm

I find this skull lip balm super cool. To be honest, I don't have a habit of putting on lip balm. I just buy this for the sake of the cool packaging. It's a pretty awesome gift for the mister since he always uses my pink Chu Lip lip balm.

2. Origins Out of Trouble Face Mask

I have heard of so many good feedbacks about this mask. It is time for me try it out myself. This mask is extremely good to treat fresh acne or any early sign of breakouts. It will dry out the acne or stop the breakouts completely. The mask is clay-base and has a very strong minty smell (like Chinese medicine watermelon floss for ulcer). I like to use this mask after my Philips Visacare Microdermabrasion treatment.

3. Benefit's GALifornia Blush

I first saw this blush on the Makeup and Beauty Blog and I had this urge to stalk every local Benefit counter to get it. The shade reminds me a lot of NARS Orgams because of the gold particles. I haven't  try it yet, but I already know that me and the GALifornia are going have a great time together. Will update you guys with a review on this. I don't know why I always wanted to buy all the Benefit box blush as collection. Tell me I'm not alone.

4. Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

This foundation isn't my first choice. I wanted to try the Makeup Forever Water Blend Foundation. But after reading a few bad reviews, I decided to skip it and get the Born This Way. Currently, I'm really enjoying my Burberry foundation and it is hitting the bottom of the bottle anytime soon. I do not have much expectation on this foundation because the Burberry one is extremely good. But I trust the Sephora nation since this is one of its best seller foundation. Let's see....

I purchased only 4 products because a lot of the things that I wanted already sold out on their site. The others are freebies. Sephora has new approach on their system where you can use your points to redeem discount voucher or free products. I've used 100 point for a 10% discount voucher and another 300 points to exchange three products.

1. Sephora Birthday gift

This year Sephora is giving away a mini duo blush as birthday gift. The color is very beautiful. I will try to create a look out of it soon.

2. Pixi Glow Tonic

Pixi is now available on Sephora. Yay! This is a brand that I wanted to try since young. However, the products are all skincare only. I hope they will bring in the eyeshadows soon. The Glow Tonic is supposedly a toner which gives you glowing, brighter and clearer skin.

3. Too Faced Milk Chocolate Clamshell

Bronzer/contour isn't my staple product. I hardly reach out for it. Before this I purchased the M.A.C. Mineralized Skinfinish contour powder before. It lasted me 2 years! Since then I've stopped purchasing any bronzer or contour products. This deluxe sized Too Faced Milk Chocolate Clamshell comes in handy for rare events that I needed to contour.

4. Make Up For Ever HD Powder

I've never tried any Make Up For Ever products before. It sounds impossible since I'm a beauty blogger. But it's true. Since I purchase all my products and rarely I get sponsors, Make Up For Ever isn't the brand that I'm excited over. I hope I can establish a good relationship with this deluxe sized HD Powder since this is going to be my first Make Up For Ever product.

This is my little haul from Sephora as a treat for myself for my birthday. Which product would you like me to review first? Let me know... 

Mar 18, 2017

[Review] Huda Beauty Liquidmatte Lipstick - Halal Lipstick?

Huda Beauty needs no introduction. I believe it receives the big hype as the Kylie Lip Kit. There are also claims that the Huda Beauty Liquidmatte and Kylie Lip Kit are very similar and possibly from the same manufacturer.

Today I will focus on the Huda Beauty Liquidmatte only. This lipstick is also known as a halal lipstick. We will analyze the ingredients at the end of this post to see if it is really halal.

I got this mini Liquidmatte from Sephora Champ Elysees. The Huda Beauty section was packed with girls wanting to try its products. The queue was as long as 20m. It is a big deal, especially in Sephora because other brands didn't get that much attention compared to the Huda Beauty crowd. Needless to say, I didn't have the chance to get through the line, but I still had the urge to get the Huda Beauty products. These mini Liquidmatte are placed at the payment counter, so it was really convenient for me to grab a set.

The mini set comes in four chocolate shades - Trendsetter, Flirt, Spice Girl and Vixen. Each tube has 1.9ml, which is very little product but it is a great size to try out the different colours.

L-R: Vixen, Spice Girl, Flirt, Trendsetter

The texture is extremely fluid and runny. It feels like spreading sheer liquid foundation on. It takes about 3 minutes for the lipstick to dry completely and create the matte texture. When it is set to matte, it is hard to come off and doesn't smear even when you eat greasy food. To remove it, simply wipe it off with makeup remover. I find that the oil based makeup remover works better compared to the other types of remover.

Top L-R: Trendsetter, Flirt. Bottom L-R: Spice Girl, Vixen
The color is indeed very beautiful. However, the colors are very close in terms of the shades. Well, it is called the Brown Edition anyway.

I personally do not like the feeling of matte liquid lipstick because it creates a thin film feeling on the lips. I know a lot of girls do not mind that because in terms of long-wearing and the color vibrant this is a great lipstick. To top that, it doesn't cause chap lips and dry the lips. If you love matte liquid lipstick, this is by far the best that I've tried. It's even better than the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in terms of texture.

Well, now let's dive into the ingredients of this lipstick to find out what it is really made of. Let's see if the halal tag is indeed really halal...

Isododecane = A type of solvent to create weightless feel on the skin
Cyclopentasiloxane = Silicone
Cera Alba = Beeswax
Trimethylsiloxysilicate = Silicone based polymer
Polyproplsilsesquioxane = Polymer
Octyldodecanol = Long chain fatty alcohol
Disteardimonium Hectorite = Clay mineral
Mica = Minerals
Alcohol = Alcohol
Ethyl Vanillin = Synthetic molecule
Phenoxythanol = Preservative to limit bacterial growth.
Parfum = Fragrance
Propylene Carbonate = Solvent
Aqua = Water
Phospholipids = Fatty acids
Coffee Arabica Seed Extract = Coffee
Olea Europaea Fruit Oil = Olive
Ascorbyl Palmitate = Antioxidant
Linoleic Acid = Colourless liquid at room temperature
Retinyl Palmitate = Vitamin A
Tocopheryl Acetate = Vitamin E
Lycopene = Red pigment

From the list of ingredients, it is obvious that the lipstick contains alcohol. I know that consumption of alcohol is prohibited in Muslim faith. However, after consulting my Muslim girl friend, she said that alcohol per se is not prohibited. It is the act of intoxication that is not allowed in their faith. And according to her, the amount of alcohol used in cosmetic is too little to cause intoxication and Muslim girls have been using alcohol based products for many years, such as perfume, nail polish, nail polish remover, etc. Unlike other products, lipstick is worn on the lips and we tend to eat it. Indirectly, applying the lipstick will result to you eating the ingredients as well. Whether it is halal or not, I guess I will leave it to your own judgement.

Overall, I love the Huda Beauty Liquidmatte Lipstick but not so much that I will wear it everyday. But I will leave it for special events or occasions when I need a long lasting lipstick.

Mar 12, 2017

Step-by-step How to create your travel itinerary

Building your own travel itinerary can be overwhelming when you don't know where to start and it's even more difficult if you've never been to the place before. I have a fool-proved step-by-step guide that you can follow to build your own itinerary.

Step 1: List down the places you want to visit

This includes the places of interest, restaurants, pubs, shopping areas, etc. The list length should be 5 places per day.

Step 2: Mark the places on the map

Many years ago, I would download the city map, print it out and put my mark on the map. But now, things are are easier now. You can use online map to do so. My favourite website is ZeeMaps. It is totally free and you don't have to register to use the service.
Step 3: Divide the map into the number of days

After you mark all the places, you can separate the map into the number of days. Distribute the number of places evenly - if you have more markings, divide the days based on the reasonable number of places you can visit per day.

Step 4: Determine your starting point

Your starting point is where you should stay. I will mark a radius of 5km on the middle line to determine where I should book my hotel. That way I can maximize my time and don't need to spend a lot of time to travel.

Step 5: Mode of transport

You can stop at Step 4, but I will go on further to decide which mode of transport to take. Sometimes I will start my day visiting the furthest point by taking Uber or train. If the locations are close by, I will be working from point to point and slowly make my way to the hotel at the end of the day. There are times that I will start from the nearest point first and at the end of the day, I will take Uber or train back to the hotel. It saves me a lot of money on transport with that method.

Step 6: Write down your itinerary

After all the plan, write it down in your notebook. You can keep it in your email or make a softcopy file, but I personally like to write it down. When traveling there's always tendencies that your phone run out of battery, or getting snatched by thieves. You shouldn't risk it by storing your information in your phone.

By the way, I have this super cool travelogue journal to introduce to you. It is a planner and also a documentation journal for traveling. There are few sections on the journal such as Itinerary, Checklist, Budget, etc. that helps organize your trip.

My favourite part of the journal is the mini scratch map where you can literally scratch off the map to reveal the countries you've been to. It is a new take on ticking off your bucket list.

You can purchase this travelogue journal on my little shop Wanderlust Things. It is a project that I am working on with Constance. Wanderlust Things is a trend label store that is inspired by travel and adventures. If you love to travel, there are some really good stuff which you can use. I hope you can click the link and go over to our humble e-store. Let me know what you think about the products and what you wish to see more on our store.

Travel safe. Go and see the world. 

Mar 10, 2017

Book Haul from Europe

Besides beauty products, I'm extremely excited over books shopping as well when I travel. I will scout for books that I can hardly get here (Malaysia book scene is pretty disappointing). One problem with buying books while traveling is the weight. Sometimes I have a lot interesting books that I want to buy, but I am limited to how heavy I can carry. Anyway....

On the previous trip, I limit myself to 5 books, but in the end, I managed to pick up 4 books that I really wanted to read.

#1 London's Strangest Tales by Tom Quinn

I read a book from the same series before - Law Strangest Cases. This book is informative, funny and entertaining at the same time. If you think you know London inside out, you need to read this book. I manage to know a lot of new facts and unpublished histories in between the pages. Each story is only one or two pages long which pack in about 50 short stories. My favourite story is A Mistress's Revenge. Let me attempt to type it out for you:

Disputes between lovers always involve emotional excesses and when lovers fall out it adds a new twist to the old saying: all's fair in love and war.

Salisbury Square, just off Fleet Street, once witnessed the conclusion to one of the strangest emotional disputes in the history of England. The problem began when Frederick, Duke of York (the second son of mad George III), began to lose interest in one of his mistresses, one Mrs Mary Anne Clarke. Mrs Clarke was his favourite mistress from 1803 until 1809 but then his enthusiasm began to wane. In short he completely lost interest in her. Mrs Clarke was furious at being unceremoniously dumped, but she would have accepted this meekly enough if the Duke had given her the pension she felt she deserved, together with a house in a fashionable part of London. The Duke for his part thought that he could completely discard her and that would be the end of it, but he had reckoned without the fury of a woman scorned. 

When the Duke refused to see her or give her any money Mrs Clarke sat down and wrote her memoirs, in particular her memories of her relationship with the Duke. The notoriety of Mrs Clarke and the public's appetite for scandal meant the publisher was convinced he would have a huge sale and make his fortune, so he printed 10,000 copies - an enormous number for any book at the time. Mrs Clarke then let the Duke know that the books was about to come out. In earlier times he'd have her head cut off, but even in Georgian England such an idea was unthinkable. The Duke knew when he was beaten. He immediately paid her a pension, bought her a house and bought up all 10,000 copies of the book - these were piled up in Salisbury Square and burned. If one copy survived and were to turn up now it would be worth a fortune! 

I cannot suggest if the facts are proven to be historically accurate, but it is entertaining and in fact, if you ever read it, you should take it in a pinch of salt. If you would like to know London from a different dimension, pick this book up.

I bought this book at Harrods for GBP7.99. Worth every quid.

#2 Lonely Planet's Travel Writing

I am not a good writer. But I'm a good traveler. You know what they say, "when you travel, you are speechless until you write it down". In order for me to share my travel experiences, I need to learn some writing techniques. My vocabularies are limited, I am grammatically insensitive, I don't have my own writing flare and I am not a good story teller. This book would be a great help.

If you are pursuing travel writing, I urge you to pick up this book. It is overwhelmed with tips and tricks. Plus, there's also writing exercises. The book also includes a comparison of layman writing vs. professional writing and how to get from layman to professional standard.

This is not a leisure reading. It is resembles a textbook.

#3 The Secret Life of the Natural History Museum - Dry Store Room No.1 by Richard Fortey

Richard Fortey is a British paleontologist at the Natural History Museum. One of the highlight of my London trip is the Natural History Museum, in fact that's the place I was so looking forward to visit and I didn't mind the super long queue at all. I didn't manage to go through all of the museum exhibitions. My only focus was the dinosaur (Night in a museum, does it ring a bell?). I bought this book at the Natural History Museum gift shop - I thought it was a souvenir apt for myself. I have not read the book yet, but I believe this is going to be one of my favourite book soon. The book tells the tale behind the scene of the museum - what the public get to see, what are the things filed under high confidential, and other day to day operation at the museum.

#4 The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

I mentioned a little bit of this book being one of my February favourites. This book is about getting your life into place and feel content of what you have. The book is separated by month - basically it is a book for a year project. Each month is focus on a topic. The first topic (January) is about clearing your clutter. That part was relevant. On the second chapter, it is about marriage, which I cannot relate to. Hence I am slowing down on the book and may skip a few chapters which are irrelevant at this junction of my life. The chapters on children and spouse aren't my cup of tea. Otherwise, this book is pretty helpful and insightful to keep my messy life in place. Putting the book in practice is really a tough one to follow.

I think this is a good book to have as bedside table book.

Anyway, how's your reading going for 2017? What book will you pick up this weekend? I'm still digging into The Happiness Project at the moment.

Mar 8, 2017

Testing out DAISO products - Full Face

The economy situation is bad right now. Indirectly, this affects our spending. To save you all the hassle of trying cheaper beauty products, I volunteer to do it for you. Personally, I am a big fan of Daiso. My favourite aisles are usually the festive section, kitchenware and stationery. Most of the time I will take a peek at the beauty section, but I've never tried any beauty products from Daiso before.

With just RM5.90 (yes, the price increased recently, previously was RM5+6%), the price is really cheap compared to other drugstore products. But the price kind of giving me a doubt - do the products work, what is the quality of the product, is it harmful to my skin? Hopefully I can answer all that questions by the end of this post.


There is only one type of foundation available at Daiso and only one shade to choose from. After I got the products out, my first impression was "Wow, this is so thick, must be full coverage". But I was wrong. The coverage is medium and buildable to full coverage (you have to let the first layer settle first and apply second layer for higher coverage). It doesn't cover scars or To my surprise, this foundation is really great. From my layman observation, it is not as hydrating as branded foundation. You will have to apply a primer underneath.

Rating: 4 out of 5

I think this foundation is usable. But I do not encourage you to use it daily because I am not sure what are the ingredients inside. However, if you go for traveling or needed a foundation in emergency cases, this foundation is adequate to assist you. 


The gel eyeliner was kind of disappointing. The aesthetically the packaging looks good with the pink crystal. However, it can look like kids makeup at the same time. There are a few types of eyeliner on the shelf, but I picked up the gel eyeliner, expecting the gel type would be easier to use. It turns out rather disappointing. The gel is dry and chalky. It doesn't give that smooth glide like what I expected. When applying on the eyes, it is hard to get a smooth line.

Rating: 1 out of 5

In my opinion, skip this. I had a hard time getting the eyeliner works. After awhile, the eyeliner smudge and the eyeliner wear off. This is by far the worst eyeliner I've ever tried. 


There are few mascara options and also different colors to choose from. But I pick up this version (Panoramic Curl) because the wand has dual function. I personally think that the wand plays very minimal role in curling the eyelashes, but the mascara formula is pretty good. The quality is on par with other drugstore mascaras such as Essence.

Rating: 4 out of 5

I recommend the mascara because it is of drugstore quality standard. In fact, it is much better than some other drugstore brand mascaras (ahem... Physician Formula... ahemm...). Since it is more economical, I think it is worth it give it a try. 

Nose Shadow

If you're into contouring and highlighting, there's a product here at Daiso for you. The brown powder is too dark for my skin tone, but it works. The highlighter is not that great though. It is just a white powder and lack of shimmer.

Rating: 3 out of 5

I have mixed opinion of this product. The contour is good, but the highlight fails badly. It depends on your need. If you're looking for highlighter then skip this. 


I picked this Anna Sui inspired packaging instead of other eyeshadow because it looks really pretty. The color is also practical since they're all earth tone. It swatches pretty good on my hand. But when I apply on my eyelid, it doesn't blend at all. The lighter colors hardly show on the eyelids, meanwhile the darker colors are too strong.

Rating: 1 out of 5

This is by far the worst product of the whole lot. If you would like to try the eyeshadow, go for other option instead of the Anna Sui-inspired type. 


Is this pretty or is this pretty? My god! The moment I saw this blush my heart melts. It looks so much like Japanese brand blusher. Oh wait.... Daiso is from Japan too. Anyway, what I mean is it looks like it belongs to Etude House or Canmake. It is pretty on the pan, it is pretty when on swatch, it is also pretty when applied on the cheek. Grab this if you see it!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5

I love everything about this blush. You can look at it.... is there anything to dislike about the blush? For RM5.90, I think this blush is totally worth every cent. On top of that, it looks like branded Japanese drugstore product. 

Behold, I will show you the worst makeup I've ever put on with all the products above (minus lipstick)...

Foundation - medium coverage, not too bad to purchase.
Eyeliner - skip it.
Mascara - good to try, no harm getting one.
Eyeshadow - skip it or try other options.
Nose shadow - you can try it, but you won't lose anything if you skip it.
Blush - absolutely get it!!!

Now, forget about that ugly makeup I had. It took me 45 minutes to put on due to the eyeliner that is hard to put on and the eyeshadow that didn't blend.

Have you tried Daiso beauty products? What do you think about it?

5 Ways How You Will Get Cheated in Bali

On TV channels, magazine write-ups, blog features and Instagram photos, the Wonderful Indonesia campaign can be seen as one of the successful local tourism ad. The Wonderful Indonesia wins the best use of social media influencers and hence attracted many of us social media addicts (including me) to yearn for a visit to Indonesia.

When we mention Indonesia, the first place that would pop-up on our mind is Bali (thanks to the feature in Eat Pray Love). Bali is a place that I have a strong love-hate relationship with. I love the places in general. They are really beautiful and as picturesque in real life as it is on photos. 

At the same time, I really hate the people. On the surface, they're no doubt friendly and put on those toothpaste ad worth of smiles wherever you go. Behind the scene, they're cunning people. I won't generalize everyone in this situation. When I mention 'they', I really mean those people who are in the tourism industry. I'm sure there are a lot of other good locals that I didn't manage to meet in person. 

A lot of people say to me that Bali is a nice place and they're very nice people. To be honest, I wouldn't go there if I am traveling alone. I've been there twice and I've encountered numerous times of getting cheated. Probably a lot more if you count those times when I'm not aware I've been cheated. Hmph. 

If I ever going to go there again, I would remind myself that these are some of the ways those people in service line are trying to get my money without me knowing consciously:

#1 - No disclosing the full charges
If you opt for private transportation, be sure to ask about the charges thoroughly. We booked a car and the price mentioned was fixed on the board. Nothing happened, until when we about to get down the car, and the driver asked for his OT payment. Apparently, there is an OT charges which they failed to disclose to us when we did our booking. It got me so mad because they don't factor in the time when the driver took a 15 mins stop for prayer and another 15 mins stop for a cigarette break. We were actually paying for his break in between and we weren't aware of it until the end of the trip.

Lesson learned: Question every charges before you commit into paying for something.

#2 - Hidden charges
The second time when I aware I was being cheated is at a restaurant. The receipt shows funny description such as "tsunami donation". When we questioned the owner, she told us it is optional donation. It doesn't look like optional to me if they pre-charge us without letting us know.

Lesson learned: Always ask for the itemized bill and question any item which you are in doubt of.

#3 - Not as advertised
If you are booking a non-commercialized hotel, be sure to check the reviews from previous guests. Or only book the place if someone recommended you to do so. The photos are often deceiving. I have a friend who suspected her Airbnb pat was not fully cleaned. There were stains of poo on the toilet bowl and strains of pubic hair on the bed. Will it get any worse than that? And they don't do any refund. She ended up paying for the 1 week at the Airbnb which she did not stay and 1 week for hotel.

Lesson learned: Stay in commercialized hotel or check out independent reviews of the place.

#4 - Not able to give small change
Beware of small stalls. If you have big notes, they always tell you that they don't have change and push you into buying more stuff. Or they will get a very small change from you. For example, not giving you back your change in coins. Normally we will ignore it. But if it happens to every customer, we are encouraging them to cheat more people. In the end it will become a norm.

Lesson learned: Keep small change and pay exact amount.

#5 - Money changer
In every country, the small money changers are always the biggest cheater of tourist. They will take a small fee like commission (which if you agree, it would be OK). But sometimes they change the rates on the board and tricking you to think that it is the actual rate.

Lesson learned: Change the money before arriving, at the airport or at the bank.

I don't mean to scare you with these horror stories. But you should be extra careful with your money in Bali. The positive way to see it, they don't mean harm. They just want to earn some extra cash. As a tourist, it is really annoying. 

As always, travel safe. Go and see the world!

Mar 7, 2017

Breena Beauties VelvetCreme

Breena Beauty is the brainchild of Sabrina Tajudin, a beauty blogger turned cosmetic entrepreneur. I have a lot of respect for this girl, not because she's young and successful, but I know that she works very hard to make her name in the beauty industry. I feel like I have to support such great spirit and also support local indie brands like hers.

Hence, I grab her recently launched Velvetcreme matte creme lipstick.

There are 9 shades in the Velvetcreme collection, but I picked up only 3 - Lady Boss (my favourite since the moment I saw the swatch on Sabrina's FB), Chocolate and Peachcake.

All these 3 shades that I picked are very different, I think I can get 3 different looks from the shades.

L-R: Lady Boss, Chocolate, Peachcake
What I love about the Velvelcreme is the long lasting effect. I put it on in the morning and by evening the color is still as vivid. It withstand greasy foods and drinks; so you can save a lot. There's no need to reapply everytime after meal. In terms of price point, it is affordable but not cheap. A single tube is RM39 and currently, it is RM100 for 3 tubes (you see why I got 3 tubes now?).

Every product has its own flaw as well. To be fair, I don't like the feeling of thin layer of the creme when it dries up. This is a matter of preference and also it takes time getting used to. Otherwise, the color is extremely beautiful.
L-R: Peachcake, Chocolate, Lady Boss

You can purchase this from Breena Beauty website. Get it while the 3 for RM100 promotion is still ongoing.