Jun 27, 2016

Beginner Guide to Chinese Tea Art

Tea is more than just a drink. For the Chinese, it is a living art and culture. There are endless subjects to learning Chinese tea art, namely identifying the tea, brewing, tasting, ceremony, history, presentation, and the list goes on. 

Adapting tea art as part of your hobby and incorporate tea drinking into your daily meal is a positive and healthy approach in your lifestyle. Unlike the Japanese tea ceremony, the Chinese tea is an art that represents your style and it has no formalities. 

For a beginner, these are the bits and pieces of items you need to get your hobby started:

1. Tea leaf
Start your tea collection with green tea leaf. It has the highest consumption in the world due to its flavour that is widely accepted by everyone. For a variety of aroma, go for oolong tea. However, oolong requires a meticulous way of brewing to bring out the best of the tea. Consult your tea supplier for more info.

2. Teapot
Not all teapots are suitable for the different types of tea. Invest in purple clay teapot or glass teapot for a more general option. Gunmetal teapot are usually used for flavoured tea such as jasmine green tea or brown rice tea.

3. Fair cup
The fair cup purpose is to hold the brewed tea. Transport the tea from teapot into the fair cup so that the tea don't over-steep. 

4. Teacup
Porcelain or glass teacup are easier to pair with different types of tea. Alternatively, you can purchase tea set which consists of teapot and tea cup that made from the same clay. The generally accepted teacups are also made from purple clay. 

5. Tea tray (optional)
For a better presentation, you require a tea tray to hold the tea remains and also to display your arrangement. Depending on the tea setting that you like, there are a lot of sizes and styles for you to choose from. 

6. The Six Gentlemens (六君子)
This unique name represents the 6 utensils needed for your tea preparation. It is consists of a spoon (to scoop tea leaf from the canister), a funnel (to facilitate tea pouring), a tweezer (for assistance when the tea cup is too hot to handle), a scrapper (for cleaning), a poker (to poke through tea leaves that stuck on the sprout of the teapot) and a needle (for cleaning).

 7. Tea pet
Lastly, tea pet (decoration) may be added to your tea setting depending on the end results that you want to achieve. The tea pet figurines are usually made of purple clay or porcelain. Alternatively, you can opt for a plant or crystals. 

There is no rules to the tea setting. Due to the popular minimalist approach, a lot of tea follower have adopted the style into their tea art by eliminating some of the tools. 

Jun 26, 2016

Cooking Basic: How to cook with onions

If you are on your first step to becoming a domestic goddess but don't know where to start, fret' not. We have a handful tips for you. To start off, we have the ultimate guide to onions!

Onion is one of the main ingredient to add flavor in your cooking. Once you master the use of it, you have traveled half the journey to be a domestic goddess. Let us put all the jokes aside and get to the point.

1. Yellow onion
The yellow onion is one of the best onion to use. It can be cooked in anyway and with anything you wish. It adds sweetness and crunchy texture into your cooking. Best way to cook: stir fry.

2. Shallots
Shallots are another versatile onion that you can cooked with any dish. It is more flavorful that the yellow onion and brings out the richness of your cooking. Deep fried shallots can be served as garnish on top of your cooking. Best way to cook: fry.

3. White onion
The white onions are the younger sister of the yellow onions. It has lighter taste and less in flavor compared to the yellow onions. It is more often used in stir-fried vegetable dishes and lesser in meat dishes. Best way to cook: stir fry.

4. Garlic
Garlic is another multipurpose type of onion. Compared to all the onions, it has the most pungent taste. It can be eaten by itself and added into cooking. It can also served as garnish when deep fried. Best way to cook: fry.

5. Pearl onion
It has a raw sweetness and often made into pickles or added into salads. Best way to cook: none... eat it raw!

6. Red onion
Probably the zestiest onion of all kinds. It can be eaten raw, often added into salads, burger, sandwiches, etc.. Sometimes you find it on top of your pizza as well. Best way to cook: none... eat it raw!

7. Sweet onions
As the name suggested, it is sweet by itself. Best to be eaten by itself - make it into onion rings, add it in your kebab or make it into sweet onion sauce. Best way to cook: fry, stew and soup.

8. Spring onion
Not to be mistaken with green onion, the spring onion has a little purple on its stick. Spring onions are not meant to be cooked due to the lost of taste. However, its mild flavor makes it good to be used as garnish. Best way to cook: none... eat it raw!

9. Green onion
The green onions are also known as scallion. It can be cooked with anything as herbs. Chop it finely and add into your dish before cooking. Best way to cook: anyway.

10. Cippolinis
Cippolinis come from the family of white onion, thus sharing the same sweet taste. Grilling, roasting and baking will bring the best of taste of cipplinis. It is a better onion to use in stew as well. Best way to cook: roast. 

Jun 25, 2016

Enjoy the sea while staying safe from the sun with THANN

Whether you are planning for a beach getaway or staycation in the city, award-winning aromatherapy and skincare brand THANN will give your skin and hair the protection it needs for the tropical sun.

Enjoy the glow of the sun but keep the aging effects of exposure at bay by protecting your skin from the damaging effects of harmful UVA and UVB rays with the light, non-greasy THANN Nano Shiso Facial Sunscreen SPF30 PA+++ 40g (RM169) that spreads easily and absorbs quickly without leaving any oily effect on skin.

For over a millennium, Asian herbalists have noticed that Shiso plants (Perilla frutescens) can survive extreme droughts ad climatic conditions and the Nano Shiso extract penetrate deep into skin for maximum absorption of its powerful anti-oxidant benefits to keep skin supple while reducing skin irritation from sun exposure.

The White Tea extract further counters the harmful effects by aiding collagen production to bring about rejuvenated skin.

To enjoy an island escapade by just stepping into the bathroom, indulge in the THANN Sea Foam aromatherapy collection of shampoo, shower gel and body milk.

Made with a base of pure Peppermint, Rosemary and Thyme essential oils, the Sea Foam aromatherapy collection is designed to envelope your senses to refresh your mind and spirit every day.

Begin your experience with the THANN Sea Foam Aromatherapy Shampoo Anti-Dandruff 250ml (RM79) with Wheat Protein, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Thyme and Peppermint essential oils to detoxify hair and effectively remove all traces of styling residue, leaving it revitalized and thoroughly cleansed.

Rosemary oil is a natural anti-oxidant that protects against free radicals from too much sun exposure and those with itchy scalps can enjoy relief with antiseptic properties of Eucalyptus oil, while Thyme oil deeply cleanses the hair and naturally fights against dandruff.  

As you work up a rich lather and gently massage your scalp, let the Peppermint oil refresh your mind and spirit for an uplifting shower experience.

For soft, clean and healthy skin, indulge in the 100% botanical derivative based THANN Sea Foam Aromatherapy Shower Gel 320nl (RM89) that is enriched with Rice Bran Oil, Thyme, Rosemary and Peppermint essential oils.

It is specially formulated to optimize the skin's natural moisture balance with its soft lather, with the Sage and Thyme oils removing damaging free radicals caused by everyday pollution while Mint oil refreshes the mind and spirit.

To complete the beach holiday experience, nourish your skin with another Sea Foam aromatherapy essential, THANN Sea Foam Rice Extract Body Milk 320ml (RM119).  

Blended with Rice Bran Oil, Peppermint, Thyme, Rosemary and Eucalyptus essential oils, this moisturizing body milk contains 8% of the highest quality rice bran oil which is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin E to deeply nourish and leave skin silky soft.

The natural non-greasy formula is easily absorbed but will not clog the pores and contains no artificial fragrance, making it suitable for sensitive skin.

The Nano Shiso skincare and Sea Foam collection is part of THANN’s range of natural hair and skincare products based on dermatological properties of botanical extracts created to suit the urban lifestyle. THANN products are available exclusively at the Asleep Store outlet in Publika Shopping Gallery and standalone outlet in Section 16, Petaling Jaya. For more information visit www.thann.com.my

Jun 24, 2016

Grandiôse Liner by Lancôme - The eyes from a different angle

Liner is a legend established by film – the signature of some of cinema's most fascinating gazes – and fashion photography, and the ultimate asset of women in search of a cosmetic identity that is theirs alone. More contemporary and desirable than ever, it can be applied as desired – graphic, extending over the eyelid, or more subtle and delicate at the base of the eyelashes. Marking a powerful comeback on runways and in beauty tutorials, it symbolises an infinite desire to create and have fun with make-up to stand apart from the crowd. Or simply to take pleasure in the design process.

To unleash the line and push its boundaries, Lancôme has come up with Grandiôse Liner, inspired by the techniques of make-up artists. This revolutionary liner breaks with the norm for a more supple technique and incredible flexibility upon application.

A wonderful technological feat, it comprises a pivot allowing a 35-degree curve in the handle and almost unlimited dexterity. Its new dense, opaque and intensely matte formula intensifies the eyes, lending itself to particularly audacious lines.

Bend. Apply. Create.

This is one of the best-kept secrets among make-up artists: deliberately angled brushes for enhanced flexibility and creativity and more beautiful eyes.

With its 35-degree curved handle, Grandiôse Liner instantly simplifies the technique for a more streamlined application. 35 degrees expressed in 360-degree creativity. The innovative bend is a game-changer, allowing every shade of daring. Lisa Eldridge, Lancôme’s Make-up Creative Director, used her expertise and knowledge to determine the exact angle. This number thus symbolises a change in direction towards creativity.

The handle of the Grandiôse Liner can be bent using the pivot and used in two specific positions: straight and curved. Anything is possible in the tilted position with the liner reaching the upper lash line more easily and precisely, from the inner corner to the outer eye. The technique is more user-friendly and simplified as though unlimited.

The Grandiôse Liner also has an exceptionally fine tip (just 0.2 mm) with a nylon microfiber and resin texture for total flexibility: two essential characteristics to absolute precision in the line. This is a dip-it liner, meaning the tip will soak the right amount of product when dipped in the bottle.

Daring with a surprising matte finish

Dense, opaque and intensely matte, the refined pigments create an unusually sophisticated result on the skin. Available by Lancôme in three ultra-intense shades (carbon black, sapphire blue and deep brown), the pure matte finish offers the luxury of infinite hold with no transfer.

The water-rich formula slides gently over the skin and dries quickly. The line is unaffected by moisture and sebum, remaining in place. A latex polymer forms a shield that sets the product and protects it throughout the day. This is the perfect formula from any angle with a high-quality application and exceptional hold. Grandiôse Liner is incredibly simple to remove and washes away easily with hot water.

A Grandiôse result

The simple application unleashes creativity:

.For 96% of women who tested Grandiôse Liner, it dried quickly.

.For 95%, it was easy to hold.

.For 95%, the tip was flexible.

.For 91.1%, it traced a thin line.

.For 90.1%, it offered easier access to the root of the lashes.

.For 88.1%, it glided smoothly and easily over the skin during application.

.For 86.1%, it was easy to apply.

.For 85.1%, it allowed easier control of the line during application.

Enhanced eyes:

.For 94.1% of women who tested Grandiôse Liner, it boosted their eyes.

.For 90.1%, the colour effect was intense.

Grandiôse: leading-edge innovation

The Grandiôse spirit is a laboratory of ideas to reinvent make-up techniques in ever-more simple and expert ways, thus unleashing the creativity of women in make-up’s supposed most complex area. Complex technologies and constant innovation underpin this simplicity in product after product.

Grandiôse Waterproof: a new grand volume classic

New mascara Grandiôse Waterproof is out to complete the Grandiôse look with extreme volume lashes. Now in Waterproof formula Grandiôse’s 'Swan-Neck' wand guides the hand to grab the lashes close to the roots along the lash line. The lashes are fanned out, extended and volumised for extreme sophistication and powers of seduction.

The first secret of the volume is the high elastomer content in the brush. Its many bristles are set out in staggered rows of pairs to ensure better separation of the lashes with each stroke of the brush and a more even application.

With wide reservoirs, they grab all the lashes at once, depositing the perfect amount of mascara as they move for a volumised result.

In an intensely deep, dark black, the excess embraced by this mascara is evident in its colour too. A colour-booster polymer blended with ultra-fine pigments promotes even dispersion in the formula for a black that is pure and dense. Binder optimisation then improves compatibility between the product's aqueous and wax phases, further promoting the dispersion of pigments. Black has never been so powerful, the lashes never so visible.

Sourcils Styler: the finishing touch to a Grandiôse look

Eye make-up is only really finished and perfect when the brows are brushed, intensified and styled. But achieving a natural brow look is not easy. Lancôme has thus come up with the new-generation eyebrow mascara, inspired by hair styling products, for easy, faultless beauty.

For the first time in an eyebrow mascara, Lancôme's elastomer brush styles and disciplines to perfection. And its best asset? It colours the hairs without colouring the skin – the real gauge of naturalness. What's more, its easy-to-use shape moulds perfectly to the brow line. The finish is clean and flawless-looking.

The formula contains the same type of gelling agents as those in hair styling products, 14-hour hold. Your eyebrows are ready for anything!

The pigments and shimmering effects have been chosen to blend in perfectly with the colour of the hair. Lisa Eldridge has created four shades suitable for all brow tones: transparent, blonde, light brown and brown.

*The Lancôme Grandiôse Liner is priced at RM115 and is available at all Lancôme counters from 15th August 2016 nationwide.

Jun 23, 2016

Tried & Tested: Review on SK-II Facial Treatment Oil

What it is?
By combining its signature ingredient, Pitera™, and the new Nourishing Oils Complex containing 6 types of oils – including naturally-derived Mediterranean olive oil, Latin American jojoba oil, South African avocado oil, Japanese Riceterol Ester and rice bran oil, and squalane – mixed in a perfect Golden Ratio, the SK-II Facial Treatment Oil targets and nurses dry skin and imperfections caused by air conditioning. Ever wonder what influences the perception of beauty? The answer lies in the Golden Ratio. From the perfect eyebrow and café latte, sunflower and snail shell, to even art and music, the Golden Ratio is present in our daily lives causing things to appear perfectly beautiful and evenly balanced. Used by Ancient Egyptians in their pyramids, and quantified in mathematics by Ancient Greeks, the Golden Ratio is 61.8 : 38.2; where the ratio is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities. Clinical studies by SK-II indicate the Golden Ratio is the most efficacious blend of PiteraTM and Nourishing Oils Complex in Facial Treatment Oil to deliver intense moisturization and hydrate dry skin. 

What it does to your skin?
Understanding the need of women for an almost-magical elixir to protect against dry skin caused by environmental stressors, SK-II has perfected the delicate and miraculous balance of nourishing oils and Pitera™ to give all women intense moisturizationOffering immediate, intense moisturization, the SK-II Facial Treatment Oil nourishes and soothes dry skin with a balanced boost of hydration, Natural Moisturizing Factor, and lipids. 

How to use?
After cleansing and toning, apply the Facial Treatment Essence and follow by the Facial Treatment Oil. Shake well until the oil and Pitera are emulsified. During the day, I apply 4 droplets onto my palm, spread it and press it against my face. Before bed, I usually use 6-7 drops. If you are interested, please seek for SK-II's professional advice. Their specialist will check your skin condition with the Magic Ring and determine if it is suitable for your skin.

Who should use this?
On the SK-II press release, it says that the product would help dry skin. In general, facial oils are meant to be use for any kind of skin, depending on the types of oil. Contrary to popular belief, oily skin needs facial oil even more. Blockage of pores by the natural face oil will cause a barrier from other beauty products to penetrate into the skin. Only facial oil is able to absorbed by the skin. Anyone who concern about aging or anti-aging should use it.

Proven result:
From my personal experience, it does provide significant result if I use it at night when sleeping in airconditioning room. Usually my face feels dry and tight every morning due to the dry air. After application of the oil my face feels hydrated and remain supple. It is a no-brainer that oil is a good preservation. After three weeks of application, I notice that my fine lines no longer visible. The few drops of application is as efficient as putting on serum or moisturizer. It is definitely more economical in the sense that one bottle lasts longer than other products which gives equal or lower efficacy.

The SK-II Facial Treatment Oil is available at all SK-II counters at RM535 (50ml)

Jun 15, 2016

Is Coffee Good or Bad for You?

There are studies that show coffee is bad for your health. It causes kidney failure, increase in insulin, and constant reliance may develop diabetes on drinkers. On the other hand, there are also studies that suggest coffee is good for your health. For example, it contains antioxidant which keeps you looking fresh and alert. So, which info is true?

There is no right or wrong on the studies made on coffee. Coffee has different reactions on different individuals. It is your own responsibility to find out on how your body is accepting to coffee. 

If you find negative reactions happening on your body after taking a cup of coffee, you may want to ditch it forever. Some of the symptoms are increase in heart beat, being alert, mild diarrhea, vomiting or feeling dizzy after taking in the caffeine. If any of the symptoms developed, it means your body is having negative reactions. A lot of people relying on coffee every morning to keep them fresh and alert throughout the day. This is also a negative effect. It shows that coffee is increasing your heart beat to keep your internal activity active. If you're one of them, try substitute your morning caffeine to tea or fresh juice. It may not as effective as coffee in keeping you awake, however, it is a healthier option.

However, if you don't find any of the above reactions, you're a natural coffee drinker! It means your body accepts coffee naturally. Also, it shows that your body is absorbing the goodness of coffee without causing any side effects. 

Perform an experiment for a week. If you are an avid coffee drinker, ditch it to see the difference it has to your body. 


Jun 13, 2016

5 guilt-free oat desserts for the health-conscious individual

Eating oats is a great way to start your day! It fills you up and gives you the energy to make the most of your day. But besides that, oats can also be used in a variety of ways – such as adding it to your favourite desserts – which allows you to reap the benefits of oats in creative ways. Bake cookies with oats for a whole grain-rich crunch. Add oats to muffins, or make an apple pie with oats for a delicious finale to your meal. Delve into our top 5 mouth-watering desserts you can prepare under an hour!

Coco and Nana Mini Cakes

You can have your cake and eat it! These mini cakes will have you clamouring for more. Chocolate, after all, is a well-deserved treat after a hard day’s work. With this recipe, you also get all the added benefits that oats bring: fibre, vitamin B1, vitamin B12, iron and magnesium.

What you need
·         1 tsp unsaturated cooking oil to grease the muffin cups
·         1 ¼ cups whole wheat flour
·         1 cup Quaker Instant/ Quick Cooking Oats
·         ½ cup granulated sugar
·         ½ cup unsweetened cocoa powder
·         2 tsps baking powder
·         ¼ tsp baking soda
·         2 medium ripe bananas, peeled and mashed
·         ¾ cup low- or non-fat milk
·         4 tbsps unsaturated margarine, melted
·         2 egg whites, lightly beaten
·         1 tsp vanilla essence
·         4 tsps chocolate chips
·         Pre-heat oven to 205°C
·         Lightly grease the bottom of miniature muffin cups with oil and set aside
·         In a large bowl, mix flour, oats, granulated sugar, cocoa powder, baking powder and baking soda
·         In another bowl, blend mashed bananas, milk, margarine, egg whites and vanilla essence with an electric blender
·         Add in the dry ingredients and continue blending until dry ingredients are moistened. Do not over-mix
·         Fill the muffin cups almost up to the top
·         Sprinkle half a teaspoon of chocolate chips on each muffin
·         Bake for 10 to 12 minutes
·         If a wooden toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean, the muffins are cooked
·         Let muffins cool for a few minutes. Remove from pan onto a wire rack to cool

Nutty Brittle Cookies

Nuts for nuts? These nutty cookies with a twist are easy to make! With a touch of oats and a layer of chocolate, these crunchy desserts will leave you feeling sated. Peanuts are a source of vitamin B3, vitamin E, folate, fibre and protein, among others – adding to the goodness of oats!

What you need
·         1 tsp unsaturated margarine for greasing the aluminum foil
·         2 cups Quaker Instant/ Quick Cooking Oats
·         1 ¼ cups whole wheat flour
·         ½ tsp baking powder
·         1 cup unsaturated margarine, chilled, cut into pieces
·         1 cup icing sugar
·         2/3 cup firmly packed brown sugar
·         1 ½ tbsps. water
·         1 tsp vanilla essence
·         1 cup peanuts, lightly salted, dry roasted, coarsely chopped
·         ½ cup semisweet chocolate pieces
·         Pre-heat oven to 180°C
·         Line two cookie pans with aluminum foil and grease the foil with a little margarine and set aside
·         In a bowl, combine oats, flour and baking powder and mix well
·         Add margarine and beat mixture on low to medium speed with a blender until mixture looks crumbly
·         Add icing sugar, brown sugar, water and vanilla essence
·         Beat again until dough starts to form
·         Slowly add chopped peanuts and mix the dough again
·         Divide the dough into two
·         Place half the dough on one cookie sheet and flatten with light-floured hands into a rectangle
·         Repeat with the other sheet
·         Bake the cookies for 20 to 25 minutes or until slightly brown, rotating cookie sheets after 12 minutes
·         Sprinkle chocolate pieces over each large hot cookies, let it soften and then spread melted chocolate pieces over each cookie
·         Remove cookies from the sheets, break into pieces and serve

Whole Grain Fruit Bars

On the go? Prepare these fruit bars the night before – easy to make, easier to eat! Contrary to popular belief, dried fruits still holds nutrition, and is a rich source of carbohydrates and is low in fat. Besides being a great source of fiber, vitamins and minerals.

What you need
·         ¾ cup brown sugar
·         1 cup low- or non-fat plain unsweetened yogurt
·         2 egg whites, lightly beaten
·         3 tbsps unsaturated cooking oil
·         3 tbsps low- or non-fat milk
·         2 tsps vanilla essence
·         1 ½ cups whole wheat flour
·         1 tsp baking soda
·         1 tsp cinnamon powder
·         ¾ tsp salt
·         3 cups Quaker Instant/ Quick Cooking Oats
·         1 ½ cups dried mixed fruit, raisins or dried cranberries
·         Pre-heat oven to 180°C
·         Grease a 13” x 9” baking pan with oil and set aside
·         In a large bowl, combine sugar, yogurt, eggs, oil milk and vanilla essence and mix well
·         In a medium bowl, combine flour, baking soda, cinnamon powder and salt and mix well
·         Add the flour mixture to the yogurt mixture and mix well
·         Still in oats and dried fruits
·         Spread the dough onto the botoom of the prepared baking pan
·         Bake for 30 minutes or until slightly brown
·         Cool completely on a wire rack
·         Cut into bars and store in an air-tight container

Strawberry Shortcakes

No one can resist the pull of strawberry shortcakes. With whole grain wheat and oats, it offers fibre-rich wholesome goodness packed in with the delicious taste of strawberry jam. The shortcakes are truly a treat made for everyone!

What you need
·         ½ cup whole wheat flour
·         ½ cup all-purpose flour
·         1 cup Quaker Instant/ Quick Cooking Oats
·         2 tbsps sugar
·         1 tsp baking powder
·         ¼ tsp salt
·         ½ cup unsaturated margarine
·         ½ cup low- or non-fat milk
·         8 tsps strawberry jam
·         Pre-heat oven to 220°C
·         In a bowl, combine flour, oats, sugar, baking powder and salt
·         Add margarine and milk
·         Mix well until dry ingredients are moist
·         Roll the dough into a boll and knead on a light-floured surface
·         Patt the dough to about half inch thick
·         Using an oval-shaped cookie cutter, cut the dough into oval-shaped shortcakes
·         Using a smaller oval-shaped cookie cutter, make an indent in the center
·         Place the shortcakes on an ungreased cookie sheet
·         Bake for 12 to 14 minutes or until brown
·         Serve shortcakes with strawberry jam

Oats and apple pie

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Apples are rich in dietary fibre and flavonoids. Combine it with whole wheat and oat goodness and you end up with a pie that’s not just nutritious, but delicious too.

What you need
For the pastry:
·         8 tbsps whole wheat flour
·         8 tbsps Quaker Instant/ Quick Cooking Oats, grind to a powder
·         1/8 tsp salt
·         6 tsps unsaturated cooking oil
·         8 tbsps low- or non-fat milk

For the filling:
·         2 tsps unsaturated margarine, melted
·         3 tbsps low- or non-fat milk
·         1 tbsps sugar
·         10 tbsps Quaker Instant/ Quick Cooking Oats
·         6 tbsps raisins
·         1 medium apple, diced into 1cm cubes
·         1 tbsp lemon juice
·         2 tbsps honey
·         1 tsp cinnamon sugar
·         1/8 tsp salt

For the pastry:
·         Pre-heat oven to 180°
·         Soft flour, oats and salt into a bowl; rub in oil and milk until mixture resembles breadcrumbs
·         Knead the mixture into a soft, but not sticky dough (Add more wheat flour if dough is sticky; or a little more milk if dough is not soft enough)
·         Place the dough in a covered glass dish and refrigerate for about 1 hour
·         Roll out the pastry to line an 8-inch pie plate
·         Bake for about 30 minutes or until slightly brown

For the filling:
·         In a bowl, mix melted margarine with milk, sugar, oats, raisins, apples, lemon juice, honey, cinnamon sugar and salt and dish out over the pastry base

Orange juice with oats

Oranges are rich in vitamin C and super refreshing. Your body will thank you when you stay healthy, energetic and refreshed with a boost of fiber, vitamin B1, Iron and magnesium from oats.

What you need
·         2 cups of freshly squeezed or 100% orange juice
·         5 tbsps Quaker Instant/ Quick Cooking Oats, grind to a powder
·         ½ cup crushed ice cubes
·         Add orange juice, oats and ice cubes into a blender, blend well, and serve

Oats and banana shake

Besides being a good source of potassium, bananas are a good source of fiber. With fiber rich oats and a double fiber benefit, you’ll not only feel full, but fiber is also good for your digestive system.

What you need
·         5 tbsps Quaker Instant/ Quick Cooking Oats, grind into a powder
·         2 bananas, peeled and sliced
·         1 tsp vanilla essence
·         2 tsps sugar or low-calorie sweetener
·         2 cups low- or non-fat milk, chilled

·         Add oats, bananas, vanilla essence, sugar or sweetener and milk into a blender, blend well and serve

Rich mango oats shake

Mangoes are an excellent source of vitamins A and C. They taste great and are easily available at your nearest supermarket. 

What you need
·         5 tbsps Quaker Instant/ Quick Cooking Oats, grind into a powder
·         1 large mango, peeled and diced
·         1 cup low- or non-fat milk, chilled
·         1 tsp sugar or low-calorie sweetener
·         ½ cup ice cubes

·         Add oats, mango, milk, sugar or sweetener and ice cubes into a blender, blend well and serve

Rich choco-oats smoothie

Need some pampering? Do it the healthy way - add chocolate, bananas, oats and yogurt into your smoothie. Not only will you satisfy a chocolate craving, but you’ll nourish your body and stay full for longer too.

What you need
·         3 tbsps Quaker Instant/ Quick Cooking Oats
·         1 cup low fat unsweetened plain yogurt
·         1 small banana, peeled and sliced
·         ½ tsp cocoa powder
·         ¼ cup ice cubes
·         1 tsp sugar

·         Add oats, yogurt, banana, cocoa powder, ice cubes and sugar into a blender, blend until smooth and serve immediately

Peanut butter smoothie

Looking for something filling, nutritious and delicious? Toss in peanut butter for a protein and fiber boost; and an extra nutty taste and flavor.

What you need
·         5 tbsps Quaker Instant/ Quick Cooking Oats, grind to a powder
·         2 large bananas, peeled and sliced
·         1 tbsp peanut butter
·         1 cup low- or non-fat milk, chilled

·         Add oats, bananas, peanut butter and milk into a blender, blend well and serve