Apr 30, 2013

Review: Elixir U.S.A Cell Booster

You buy this amazing skincare product which apparently works on everyone and deliver fast result, but in the end, you don’t see any improvement on your skin. Sounds familiar?

Finding a suitable skincare is a tedious process, mainly because skincare result takes a long time to show on the skin. 99% of the time it is not the product problem because in order to be sold openly in the market, the product has gone through various stages of test. The problem is your skin. You need to treat your skin with a skincare enhancement prior to your skincare routine so that your skin is able to absorb all the benefits of the product.

The Elixir Cell Booster is the one I’m currently trying.

It contains natural active ingredients that will help increase the vitality of human fibroblasts (the cell which repairs your damaged tissues).  It increases the cellular ATP level, an important indicator of cell metabolic rate that facilitate energy production. As a result, it counteracts age-related changes and increases metabolic activity, hence skin started to repair and rejuvenate to a brighter, smoother, moisture and better elasticity skin complexion.

The packaging makes it really easy to use. It comes in a pump and all you need is one pump for your face and one more pump for your neck area.

As I’ve mentioned, this product is to be used prior to your skincare routine. Because it prepares your skin to receive all the benefits of other skincare you’re going to apply. Just wash your face as usual, apply toner and follow by the Elixir Cell Booster.

It comes in gel texture. Dries up fast once applied on skin and leaves matte feeling. You can feel that it is immediately absorbed into the skin and leaves no greasy or wet feeling.

I’ve been using this for a week now. It can’t tell exactly if it has improved elasticity of the skin. But there’s one obvious improvement is that my acne scars are reduced and not so obvious after I use this for a week. I hope it will continue doing its job in it because my acne scars are pretty bad.

The Elixir Cell Booster is pretty affordable. For first timer, there’s a special price of RM109. The usual price is RM129. But if you want to try it out without forking out your money first, Elixir is having a contest on their Facebook page currently.

The deadline is extended to 3rd May 2013. So, LIKE their Facebook page and you might be the lucky winner.

Monday Mask: Sexy Look Hello Kitty Masks

Happy Monday everyone! I'm starting another weekly section which is called Monday Mask to review masks. I find that Monday Mani is a bit hard to catch up because there are times which I don't do my manicure for weeks. An alternate mask and mani review every Monday will definitely be a better idea.

Today I have the Sexy Look Hello Kitty masks to share with you all. Whenever I see packaging like Hello Kitty I have the urge to buy it because they are so cute. But at the same time it gives me the impression that it will not work and I'm going to waste my money. You get what I mean?

I got these masks from Taiwan at NT199, buy 1 box free 1 box promotion in Sasa at Shihlin Market. You can get this from MaskSlim in Malaysia. There are a few outlets that I spotted, Sunway Pyramid and SS2 particularly.

Both of the mask have different benefits. The light pink one is for whitening and brightening and the red one is for moisturizing.

Normally before I put on my sheet masks, I will apply some serum. Currently I'm loving the REN Omega 3 Overnight Lipid Renewal Serum.

This is a very good serum but I can't stand the smell. It smells like cod fish oil, normally all Omega 3 stuff smells like that. And the texture is a bit oily. I don't like having greasy feeling on my face at night. Instead of chucking this fantastic product aside, I use it underneath my mask.

Now, back to the mask. It is pretty much like other sheet masks. It comes with a layer of protective film so that the sheet don't crumple.

Both the masks are really good and deliver what it promised. But I much prefer the moisturizer one (red) because the whitening one (pink) makes my face really white. And both also very saturated. You can feel the essence are dripping while applying. The remaining you can use to put on your hands. And the sheet is much thicker than My Scheming and My Beauty Diary masks.

Overall, I think this is quite a good mask despite the Hello Kitty packaging. And the price is quite average for sheet masks. It is not really a MUST try and it is not super fantastic, it does its job but it is also kind of an average product. But if you're a fan of Hello Kitty I advise you to get it.

Apr 28, 2013

Weekend DIY: Calming Eye Pads to Depuff Eyes

I've asked you all if you're interested in my method on depuff-ing eyes. And here is the post I've promised. It's actually very simple and takes a few minutes.

Every morning my eyes get puffy. I don't exactly know why. Maybe it is genetic because my dad has puffy eyes when he wakes up too. If I don't depuff my eyes, I can't put any makeup on. I'll look like a goldfish and it bothers me a lot.

A few months ago, I read about this method from a Chinese beauty and health book. I tried it a few times and it really works for me.

Here are the ingredients that you need:

1. Cotton pads (10 pieces for 5 days). The thicker it is, the better.
2. Tea (black tea or green tea. I prefer using green tea because it has higher antioxidant elements)
3. Cucumber (or any other calming agent such as aloe vera and calendula)

Step 1

Crush the cucumber into pieces. You can blend it with blender if you have one. I don't have, so I have to chop it into pieces and crush it with a fork. The point is, you need the juice. Then boil a cup of tea and let it cool.

Step 2

Pour the cool tea into the cucumber juice. The ratio is suppose to be 50:50. Stir well.

Step 3

Place the cotton pads into a clean container. You can put how many cotton pads you like. But I advise you to do a one week supply. The cucumber might not be that fresh if you keep it for too long.

Step 4

Pour the mixture onto the cotton pad. Make sure each sheet is saturated with the mixture. Make sure there's no cucumber pulp in it. I should have strain away the seeds, but I don't have a strainer :(

Step 5 

Chill your concoction in the fridge. They last for 5 days (well, if you put 14 cotton pads in it, then it last for 1 week).

The last thing to do is to put it on your eyes for 5 minutes every morning.

I do this every Sunday so that I'll have it during the weekdays. I put it on after I wash my face and before I start putting on my makeups. Of course you will need to rinse off the residue of the tea before you start your makeup routine.

From the book I referred to, the writer also mentioned that this method can help lighten dark circles in a long run. I really hope it does because it is easy to make and cheap. Anyway, it is really effective to depuff my eyes every morning. Try it and let me know if it works for you.

Apr 26, 2013

Review: Too Cool For School 1 Day Tatoo Eye Brow

Today I'm going to review something which I love... the 1 Day Tatoo Eye Brow from Too Cool For School. You've probably seen this from my Too Cool For School Haul. To be honest, there are a lot of cool products from the brand, but everything is like "meh...we've seen it before, only difference is TCFS has better packaging" but this.... this 1 Day Eyebrow Tatoo caught my attention right away. It was love at first swatch!

Normally for eye brow I use pencil or powder form. I've never tried anything like this, which is a marker type. You know how your liquid eyeliner is like? It's in that form. The color that I got is ash brown. They have 2 colors, another one is much darker.


1. Easy to manage. The pen is easy to handle and you can create any eyebrow shape easily.
2. The color is quite light, but buildable. So if you change color, you don't have to buy a new eyebrow color. If your hair go lighter, then just use one layer. If you darken your hair, then use a few layers.
3. Waterproof and last really long.
4. The tip is super fine. You can draw a very thin eyebrow if you want to.


1. I actually can't think of anything bad about this product, other than it is a bit hard to get. You can only get it from Too Cool For School Shop which is located in Bangsar.

I can't remember how much it cost, I think I paid around RM42, or less.

The main thing that I love about this eye brow marker (I'm still not sure if it is eye brow pencil or marker or what?) is that the color can be layered. I am able to control the color. Sometimes when I want a lighter eyebrow then I'll just apply less. And if I want a darker eyebrow, I'll just have to draw it a few times. The tip is very easy to manage.

I totally recommend this to everyone, especially those who aren't an expert of eyebrow drawing. If you happen to be at Jalan Telawi, drop by TCFS shop and swatch this. You'll fall in love.

Apr 24, 2013

Get younger skin by taking collagen supplement from Ultimate Perfecting Complex SF

Do you find that your skincare don’t really deliver what it promised? Sometimes it is not because the product is bad, but it is because your skin has lost its ability to absorb the skincare benefits. Old skin like mine lost its collagen on a daily basis. If you have any skin problem, you will have to treat your collagen level first before hoping for the results from your skincare.

There are many ways to gain back your collagen level in your skin. By natural way, you can consume more fish, soy milk, almond, etc. But if you’re looking for faster option that delivers optimum result, you can go for injection, skincare with collagen benefits or take collagen supplement.
First option, via injection. A lot of skin specialists are promoting this treatment. It is the fastest way and most effective. However, in our country, the technology is still new and there is no regulating body to monitor the procedure. It is a bit dangerous for your health if you’re not too sure which doctor to go to. So, I wouldn’t recommend this option if you don’t have enough knowledge on your procedure.

Second option, from skincare. More and more skincare has collagen benefits. But this is the slowest way. Because your skin already lost the collagen on the inside, it slows down the absorption of skincare nutrients. So if you take skincare products that have collagen benefits, it will take a very long time before you can see the benefit.

The better option would be to take collagen via oral consumption. It is much speedy than applying collagen skincare because it treats from inside out. It is also much safer than collagen injection because there is no surgical procedure involved.

If you’re wondering what that is that can be consumed, you can try Ultimate Perfecting Complex SF (or known as UPC SF) from the Miracle Tab.

Their tagline “Lebih Cantik Dari Dahulu” really does apt. Within 8 hours, you can see the immediate result. Maybe it won’t be too obvious on your skin, but you can watch their apple video on their Facebook page. Basically it is an experiment where two slices of apple are placed in different glasses, one is floating inside a normal water and another one is added with the UPC SF. After 8 hours, both of the apple slices are retrieved from the glasses, the one in a normal water looks oxidized and brownish. The one in the UPC SF still looks like it is freshly cut. Anyway, just watch the video and you’ll know what I mean.

If you’re concern about the safety of the product, it is Halal certified and also GMP certified, which means it has passed all the standards of good manufacturing procedure. There is no preservatives and all the ingredients are safe.

Some nutritional facts here, if you’re interested…

Each box contains a month supply of UPC SF, which is 30 sachets. You only need to consume 1 sachet per day.

It is so easy to consume. All you need to do is to pour the whole sachet in your mouth. There’s no need to make drinks, or cook. But if you prefer, you can make it into drinks.

It comes in powder form. And it taste sweet & sour. Have you ever eaten peach tea powder? Yeah.. it tastes like that.

The UPC SF is made for all skin types and all skin concerns. You will see your skin look fresh, healthy and radiant instantly. Within a week, skin immediately refreshed, have doubled protection against UVA and UVB, prevents and flush the formation of toxins in the body and organs. Acne is reduced dramatically. Wrinkles and pigmentation and scars will fade, cellulite and orange peel skin will be smoother, pores appear smaller and skin will be tighter as the elasticity improved.

I have taken this for about 3 days. Although I don’t really have a lot of skin concern to battle, I notice that my skintone is much more even now. That is the only observation I have so far. But for such a short time, I am amazed with the result.
One box cost RM160. It can be cheap, it can be pricey, depending on your financial status. To ease myself, I take one sachet every alternate days so that one box can stretch up to 2 months.

If you’re wondering where to get this, you can head to their Facebook page and place your order via private message.

WonderBox April 2013

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to share with you this month's WonderBox content. When I first got the box, I was really excited. The package was heavy and it bulged out. I was so curious what is inside. And this....................

There's another box sitting on top of the usual WonderBox box. No wonder it is so heavy.

Here are all the products for this month...

1. Esmeria Organics Alpine Willowherb for oily & acne prone skin

Oily to acne prone skin requires regulation and occasionally, some tender loving care without smothering the skin. Alpine Willowherb keeps sebum secretions normal while soothing sore and inflamed skin. Totarol extract fights acne causing bacteria, preventing uncomfortable breakouts.

The Esmeria Organics is a certified organic skincare. You guys know how I'm so into organic products right? This might be a good one to try out.

2. L'Oreal Professionnel Liss Ultime Shampoo

Cleanse, calm and smooth rebellious, frizzy hair with this enriching shampoo containing Olive and Argan oils. Its conditioning action provides lasting smoothness & humidity protection.

Damn.... I wish this shampoo came to me before I cut my hair. I couldn't manage all the frizz and I thought the best solution is to cut my hair off.

3. L'Oreal Professionnel Liss Ultime Masque

I didn't have the habit to put on hair mask until I got the Kerastase hair mask from December WonderBox. I really don't mind getting hair mask in my beauty box now because it is so expensive to purchase! I haven't try this yet, but I think this is going to be a winner.

4. Ronasutra Mineral Cheek Colour (RM38)

Made from 100% earth minerals, Ronasutra Mineral Cheek Colour gives a naturally luminous look for a soft and even toned complexion. Free from talc, synthetic ingredients, fragrance and preservatives. This product is suitable for all skin types.

I'm using the Ronasutra Mineral Powder from the February WonderBox. It is really not bad. I get comment that my face look like plastic. I take that as a compliment because it makes your skin really flawless. I hope this blush will deliver the same satisfaction. Looking forward to try this one.

5. Timeless Truth Tea Tree Phenol Smoothing Mask (RM10 per sheet)

An advanced skincare phenomenon using a unique and patented Green tea Functionality Cloth that fortifies the skin from ionization and simultaneously regulates oil secretion.

I've read so much about TT Mask in some of my friends' blog. I can't wait to try this out myself. It sounds really promising and so far TT Mask has gotten a lot of good reviews. The mask is not cheap, so I'm glad to see this.

This month WonderBox also comes with a RM25 voucher from the Hishop. I haven't check out what Hishop has and their brands. But RM25 is quite a generous amount. I'm going to scout for something that cost less than that so I can have a free item! LOL!

Last month, there was quite a huge complaint about WonderBox. I didn't subscribe to last month's box. From the photos I saw, I don't quite get why everyone is so upset about their box. The content was ok. Well, to be honest I'm bored seeing Murad in beauty boxes too. But their products are good. And didn't we sign up to receive a surprise? If you received unpleasant surprise then just don't subscribe the next round.

Because WonderBox allows refund over the subscribers complain,  now I see people complain that they don't like what they get in their boxes. If you really want to something you like, then just keep your money and buy whatever you like yourself. Everyone is going off tangent over the beauty box concept. I hope WonderBox don't spoil their subscribers too much (or else I will start complaining about my products too), look at this month's bumper box that they compensate back for last month's problem.

By the way, if you would like to subscribe to WonderBox, please use my affiliate link <<here>>.  It will help me earn some points. Each month subscription cost RM39.90 and the value of the box exceeds RM100 most of the time.

Apr 22, 2013

Monday Mani: Nail Polish Storage

I'm still kinda busy right now, at the same time I don't want to neglect this blog. So I thought I show you all how I store/display my nail polish. I collected quite a lot of nail polish by now and they're all in one place so I can pick up the colors I want easily.

I got the clear acrylic 4 tier shelf from a supplier in Jalan Loke Yew. I can't really remember the shop name. It is one of those shop that supplies plastic bags, storage, mannequin, shelves, etc. It was pretty cheap. I think it cost less than RM50.

You can get acrylic shelves like that anywhere. Even MUJI and Parkson is selling it. MUJI price is a bit steep, but the one in Parkson is pretty affordable.

The back of the shelf is a waste of space. So I store those nail polish that comes in set behind it.

How do you normally store your nail polish? I'm looking for more alternatives because my nail polish are multiplying really fast. I want to keep my nail polish visible but at the same time neatly arranged. Any idea how?

Apr 19, 2013

The Scariest Makeup Tool When I was a Kid...

Hi everyone! Haven't got the time to write a proper post, so I'll dig out my old post from my old blog to entertain you all...

Long long time ago, when my little brother was really tiny, we liked to play around my mom's dressing table. Of course her dressing table was full with makeups and tools. One day, my bro came across something and asked me, "Che che, what is this thing?"

I have to admit I really don't know what the hell it was, but I saw my mom use it a couple of times and it has something to do with the eyes. I held the tool, inspect it for awhile. Being the elder, I have to show my younger bro that I know everything, so I resort to lying to my bro.

I told him, "Mummy use this thing to dig out her eyeballs. When she needs to see then she will put her eyeballs back in the eye socket." My bro looked at me with eyes wide open, his mouth was almost open too, "Che che... really one ar?". Me, "Really one!"

Then he ran to my mom and cried, "Mummy why you dig out your eyeballs?". My mom had totally no clue what was going on. LOL!

Many years later, I found out that the tool is this thing:

Tweezerman Eyelash Curlers. From L-R: Precision Classic, Rose Gold Toned Procurl, Tweezerman for Benefit, Super Eyelash Curler. You can buy the most raved Tweezerman eyelash curler HERE

I've made it sound like a torturous tool that my bro totally freaked out whenever my mom hold her eyelash curler. When she was curling her eyelashes, my bro will close his eyes. LMAO!!! Such a discovery when I was young....

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Apr 17, 2013

Announcement: Urban Decay Naked Basics Blogging Contest

Hi everyone!

I have something to announce regarding my Urban Decay Naked Basics Blogging Contest. Due to some reasons (will list below), I have to extend the deadline to 17th May 2013, and winners will be announced on 18th May 2013. I'm so sorry to everyone who joined this contest and looking forward for me to announce the winner next week. I know it's not fair for you guys who already blogged about it.

There are a lot of things going on in my life right now. Particularly right now until early May because I am helping out in the general election. Among all the members in my area, I am the only one who drives a 4WD, so there will be a lot of runnings to do.

I also will slow down on my posts in this blog. If you girls miss me, you can check out my travel blog. I have some scheduled post. But I promise you all, if there's any hot news, I will be posting it on this blog as soon as I could.

Apr 15, 2013

Monday Mani: No Nail Polish During Polling Day

It's another new week. Today I don't have nail polish on my fingernails because I just chopped all my nails off. Lately there are a lot of things that I need to run.

Speaking of election, I'm sure you girls already heard of the news that no nail polish during polling day. If you haven't do read the news on The Star below. Actually you are allowed to wear nail polish. Just that the indelible ink will inevitably stain your manicure. Instead of getting your nicely painted nails ruined by the ink, it is better not to wear manicure.

Here is the report from The Star last week:

PETALING JAYA: Sacrifice getting that manicure before going to the ballot box.

The Election Commission (EC) has told voters not to get their nails done before polling day, as their fingernail will be stained with the indelible ink.

“It is simply unavoidable. So, I would advise against getting that RM200 manicure this election period, as you won't be able to rub the ink off your nail polish,” said EC deputy chairman Datuk Wan Ahmad Wan Omar.

“Besides, voters should be proud to wear a mark on their finger showing that they have exercised their democratic right to vote.”

He added that the indelible ink would be in two colours, which would be kept a secret until polling day.

Wan Ahmad said that getting their finger stained with the ink was a must for every voter, to ensure no double-voting during GE13.

He said the ink could not be rubbed off using any substance, including nail polish remover, and that it would remain on a finger for up to five days.

The ink used for advance voting, he said, would only fade off after about 10 days.

According to the EC guidebook on the voting process, the ink would be applied starting from the first joint of the left index finger, up to the tip of the fingernail.

The guidebook said individuals like amputees, who were unable to have their left index finger marked with the ink, would be marked on other fingers or other visible parts of their arms.

Wan Ahmad added that the ink had been tested and approved by the Health Ministry as safe to use, and should not cause any allergic reactions.

Having caught the election fever and being excited about her first voting experience, Lim Sue Yin had her nails painted with different political party flags, and left her left index finger “naked” in preparation of it being marked with the indelible ink.

She even had a “trial run” with a marked finger, using black nail polish.

The 26-year-old writer, who goes for a manicure once a month, said it was to show her support for the coming GE13 and also for the country.

“I don't mind walking around for a few days with a finger painted with the ink. I would be proud to show that I have exercised my right to vote,” she said.

Another first-time voter May Salitah Naru Kiob, 25, said she does not mind getting ink over her manicured nails, as long as they “paint nicely”.

“I support the usage of the indelible ink as it shows that the EC is taking constructive measures to ensure a clean elections,” said the marketing executive, who goes for a manicure twice a month.

Are you going to vote this GE? I personally can't wait for 5th of May. This will be my first time voting. I've missed my chance in 2004 because I was young and ignorant (those days they don't permit students to get involve in politics, so I was really ignorant) and then I wasn't living in the country in 2008 and totally missed that important GE. 2008 was the turning point of Malaysia's political history. After 2008, Malaysians are more aware of their rights and more involved in the governance of the country. When it comes to politics, I can go on and on.

As a reminder, you should because it is your constitutional right and it is our country's democracy practice. Not every country can enjoy such privilege. If you know me in real life (or following me on Twitter) already know which party I'm voting for. It is quite obvious. Let's not condemn each other's personal preference. Every party has its own strengths and flaws. I respect everyone's right and opinion over which party they support. So, vote wisely.

Apr 14, 2013

Pangea Organics: The Skincare that you can eat!!!

Good news: More and more people are going green lately. And I know a lot of people even incorporate their green habits into skincare and cosmetic consumption.

Bad news: Many brands are taking advantage and making it a marketing trend to label themselves as "natural", "vegan", "environmentally friendly", etc.

Before I go on any further, watch this video first. I show this video to everyone I know...

If you're looking for a wholly environmentally-friendly and organic product for your skincare, Pangea Organics is the one you should try. Their products are certified by USDA and NSF for meeting the strict criteria and requirements as an organic product. You can even eat your mask or your facial wash without the risk of getting poisoned!!! All of Pangea Organics products contain at least 70% organic ingredients and prepared in an environmentally-friendly manner. The non-organic part are plainly water. Not just that, their packaging are made of recycled materials and the printing are made of vegetable inks certified by FSC. Their boxes are embedded with seeds like herbs and flowers, so if you wet their boxes and plant it, the seed will eventually grow into real plants!!!! I think that's a very brilliant green design.

In the US, Pangea Organics is one of the top selling green brand for skincare. Lucky enough for me to discover this brand in Penang. They have two outlets in Malaysia, Gurney Plaza and Queensbay Mall, both in Penang. It's weird to see some international brands are popping up in Penang first, instead of Klang Valley. I had a little chat with the staff and they told me that they are still looking for location in Klang Valley to open a new outlet. Hopefully soon...

Pangea Organics have a whole range of skincare products, as well as bath products. I'm still a newbie to this brand and wasn't sure what I should get to try. The staff recommended the Skincare Discovery Kit to me. The kit has all the necessary skincare for me to try...

The Skincare Discovery Kit (for normal and combination skin) comes with miniature size of facial cleanser, facial scrub, facial mask, facial cream, facial toner and a sachet of eye cream.

Facial Cleanser - Egyptian Calendula & Blood Orange

The gentle yet effective facial cleanser nurtures the skin with vital plant-based nutrients that nourish, protect, soften and soothe. Organic essential oils and herbal extracts help calm irritation, balance oil production and rejuvenate the skin.

The texture of the cleanser is quite silky because of the essential oil. I love the smell a lot. And it thoroughly cleanse the face without leaving any trace of dirt (I can tell this when I apply toner with my cotton pad).

Facial Scrub - Egyptian Geranium with Adzuki Bean & Cranberry

This dual action (as facial wash and as exfoliant) scrub polishes the skin's surface without disrupting its delicate balance. Food based enzymes team up with manual exfoliants to deliver a clear, fresh, glowing complexion.

The exfoliating agent (the adzuki bean & cranberry) is very mild to the skin. Most facial scrubs actually scrub off the top layer of your skin, but this one don't. It rubs off the impurities from your pores and polishes your skin as you scrub your skin. I totally recommend this!!!

For lazy girls like me, you can mix the facial wash and the facial scrub together so you can skip and extra step. Because the ingredients are organic and contains no chemical, there is no chemical reaction and no harm for you to mix the products.

Facial Mask - Japanese Matcha Tea with Acai & Goji Berry

This mask do everything at once. It is made of super potent superfood ingredients will help deep-cleanse, detoxify, exfoliate, tone, hydrate, prevent wrinkles, nourish, protect and balance. It will leave your skin beautifully radiant.

From the first look, you kinda know what it reminds me of...

Don't get turned off by the that. It actually smells pretty good. It smells like fresh fruit/vegetable juice. Spread it out on your skin and leave it dry for few minutes. This is the type of mask which gives you more benefits when you apply longer. When it's completely dried, wet your fingers and rub it off before you cleanse. It will help exfoliate your skin too.

I will get a full size for this because my mini size trial is finishing soon. This is another one which I totally recommend you to get.

Facial Toner - Italian Green Mandarin & Sweet Lime

Toner completes the cleansing process by removing all traces of dirt and oil, refining pores, bringing the skin to balance and preparng it to thoroughly receive the benefits of the facial cream. Italian Green Mandarin with Sweet Lime Facial toner delivers targeted herbal extracts that are ideal for normal to combination skin.

It comes with a spray nozzle which is so convenient. You can choose to dab it with your palm or you can wipe it off with cotton pad. I think this is good to have, not to mention smells great, but it is not a product that you have to die for.

Facial Cream - Nigerian Ginger with Lavender & Tyme

Formulated for normal to combination skin, the facial cream penetrates deeply offering superior hydration with environmental protection. Nourish and protect your precious face with the highest quality organic nutrients and botanicals that nature has to offer.

I think this product was featured in the Birchbox US in their Green Box edition. The texture of the cream is matte, which makes it perfect to be worn during the day and underneath your makeup. It doesn't create that greasy feeling but able to provide long lasting hydration throughout the day.

Eye Cream - Turkish Rose & White Tea

Their eye cream is an award winning product. It doesn't contain fillers, so it might take some time to see the result. I've been using this for a week and so far, I don't see any results yet.

I couldn't help myself but to get a bottle of their body wash and also the loofah..

The shower gel that made of Pyrenees Lavender and Cardamom smells heavenly!!! Oh, did I tell you that all Pangea Organics products are also aroma therapy infused?

I personally find that shower gel is pretty much the same for every brand, but as I am more environmentally responsible now, I'll try to use organic shower gel as well. Do you know that shower gel that you use got flushed down to the drainage and no process is able to strain the chemical out of the water? In the end, the plant will absorb the chemical and the water creatures will consume the remaining chemical. Now that I'm using the Pangea Organics shower gel, I don't have to worry about that. Well, if a turtle gets to swallow my shower gel, at least lavender & cardamom taste much better than chemical. Just kidding...

If you're interested in the ingredients...

And the Carpa Wool Sea Sponge is so nice to use. It creates lather and able to scrub your skin as well. It's totally tear resistant. But one problem is, you have to keep this dry all the time because it is biodegradable.

I know it is a bit hard to get Pangea Organics stuff even though they're so good. If you're not living in Penang, you can always send them a message, easiest to get to them is through their Facebook page. The will deliver the product to you. They are super friendly people. I wish they can open an outlet in Klang Valley soon.

After trying so many products from Pangea Organics, I totally recommend:

1. Egyptian Geranium with Adzuki Bean & Cranberry Facial Scrub
2. Japanese Matcha Tea with Acai & Goji Berry Facial Mask (MUST HAVE!!!)
3. Nigerian Ginger with Lavender & Thyme Facial Cream

I'm going to get the Facial Mask tomorrow before flying back to KL tomorrow. I'm getting so attached to it now.

By the way, if you have the time, do watch this video about plastic disposals. It only takes one and half hour of your life to change your mindset completely. Thankfully, companies like Pangea Organics are shifting away from using plastics and incorporate green-chemistry into their products.