Mar 24, 2018

Tom Ford Beauty is now available at Sephora Online

Fan of luxury beauty brand Tom Ford, now you can purchase the product directly from Sephora Online. Previously, Tom Ford Beauty is only accessible from Singapore (Takashimaya). But now it is so conveniently available. You can also use the Sephora 10% discount perks if you are a Beauty Pass Member.

If you purchase now, you will get a free mini lipstick. It is the cutest lipstick I've ever seen! While stocks last. Be quick!


Mar 17, 2018

VT x BTS Premium Collagen Cushion (Limited Edition)

If you're a BTS fan, I don't see why you shouldn't get this VT x BTS Collagen Pact. Before I roll out the review, I must first make it clear that I have no knowledge of the Korean pop culture. But I would like to think that I'm pretty good at testing out beauty products. So I'm going to focus on the product itself, instead of the collaboration between VT and BTS.

VT is a very popular beauty brand in Korea. In fact, their most popular products are the toothpaste and toothbrush. In Malaysia, I believe, the only place you can get VT products is from PLAY UP Advance, which is located at Fahrenheit88.

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There are 2 versions of the cushion - in black packaging & white packaging:

Black - For combination & oily skin
White - For dry skin

Both of the variants infused with brightening effects, wrinkle care and sun protection of SPF50 PA+++.

The packaging itself is a typical cushion compact. But instead of the products saturating the cushion, it is a whole product by itself.

I'm really impressed by the brightening feature. I put it on the left side on my face to compare with my bare skin on the right. As you can see it evens out the skin tone and gives a glowing effect. For those with younger skin, you can achieve the trending Korean glass skin with this. The coverage is light to medium. It won't conceal any acne marks but works a wonder to even out skin tone.

  • Price: 35,000 won (Approximately RM100+)
  • Available at: PLAY UP Advance, Ground Floor, Fahrenheit88
  • Suitable for: Dry skin (white) and oily & combination skin (black)
  • Pros: Good for even out skin tone. Gives the skin a fresh glowy look and makes your skin look really healthy. Comes with sun protection.
  • Cons: The anti-wrinkle effect is really hard to tell whether it works or not. May not be suitable for older skin because it creases on the fine line areas.

Mar 12, 2018

How to renovate without burning a hole in your wallet

It is exciting that a new milestone and achievement unlock in life, buying a house, a huge commitment. It doesn’t just stop there after buying your dream house. Before moving into your new house, pretty sure there is some renovation works to turn the ‘raw’ house turning into a house of your dream. Regardless of big or small renovation works, it still involves a sum of money whether it’s from your life savings or borrowed from family and friends. Though it may sound excited to begin the renovations when the bill is sent over, you will begin crying in your heart for overspend. It doesn’t matter if your house is Orchard’s luxury condominium or HDB unit in Woodlands, if you fail to plan for your renovations, you are planning to fail in your finances. So, how to renovate without burning a hole in your wallet?

A wish list

It’s fun to save all your wishes on Pinterest or other interior designing websites when chancing upon something that you like. But it is not fun to realize that all your wishes do not reflect your finances in reality. Thus, you will need to ask yourself, do I really need this, when you are building your wish list. If your finances are pretty limited, do buy what you NEED and not what you WANT. Let’s be realistic, you need items that are a necessity for your daily life. Do you need that fancy leather sofa? Do you really need all rooms to be air-conditioned? Do you need those high technology kitchen appliances?

Compare and contrast

We are often being called kiasu and kiasi (afraid to lose and afraid to die) for always taking extra precautions and steps to prevent anything unwanted disaster happens like comparing which hotel is cheaper, which airline is giving good deals and something similar. But, it’s nothing wrong with keeping this trait, especially when deciding to renovate. In this matter, go out and speak to three to five interior designers or firms to get multiple quotes from them. Trust me, every designer have different styles, designs and thoughts which will vary in your quotes later. Don’t be shy and tell them upfront your budget limit, dateline and your preferences, at least to keep your compare and contrast phase fewer headaches. So, ask yourself this when comparing quotes from different contractors, designers and firms, is this wall really need to be hacked? Do I want the walls to be in this color? Will I be charged extra if they can’t meet the dateline? Are they familiar with the HDB renovation guidelines?

Designer vs Contractor

If you are a creative person and enjoys designing your unit, congratulations! You can save money on the designer’s portion by being your own designer and go straight to the contractor. Besides, if you are looking at small renovation works like doors and windows grill installations or built-in wardrobe then you can skip the interior designer part. All you need is to get familiar with HDB guidelines if your house is an HDB unit as there are certain works that can be done or cannot be done. Questions that you can ask yourself is are you willing to roll up your sleeves? Are the contractors able to deliver on time?


There are some who tend to overspend their finances after moving in their newly designed house, there are some who are happy with their budgets. This is because those who overspend did not budget what they could be spending and did not see the worst-case scenarios happen. Unless your finances and bank account’s numbers are unlimited, you can spend as you please but if it’s otherwise, budgeting is all you need to keep track of your spending. From the budget you made, you will need to break down into parts for easier tracking and increase your budget by little, just in case anything happens like settling for more expensive tiles because the cheaper ones are unavailable, delivery fees are charged because you overlooked the terms and more. So, ask yourself what happens if the budget overspend? Where should I allocate most of the budget to? Do I need to take up the loan?

On track

Be sure to keep in check with your designers and contractors to ensure they are on track with your timeline. Make sure your expenses are kept under control with your timeline. You wouldn’t want both sides to be kanchiong spider (nervous and worried) to charge you last-minute fees, just because they can’t keep track to be on time. Also, do often tally and check with them to make sure you’re not shortchange or things are missing because they rush towards your timeline. Be sure to ask yourself are they on track? What’s the next phase? Is there anything else missing?

[MUA Series] 10 Questions to ask your client before accepting a job

I have stopped the MUA Series for awhile because it is hard to pick up readers. But then there are two readers specifically sent me an email to request for more of the MUA Series posts. I guess I have to ignore the stats and really focus on delivering quality content that people actually reads.

Thank you for your support and I do appreciate the comments. So, here is another post specifically for those who just started out to be a MUA.

One of the biggest mistake of a rookie MUA is the failure to understand your client before saying yes to the job. Before you accept any job, make sure to ask these 10 questions so that you can evaluate if the job is for you or not.

#1 When is the event? What time do you need to complete the look?

Asking the time is important so that you can schedule your booking according to your availability. Some event starts as early as 6AM, you have to consider if you are able to leave the house at 3AM in the morning.

#2 What event is it for? Is it a wedding makeup? Or a dinner? Or award night?

Knowing the type of events will give you the idea of the client's expectation. If it is a wedding, the expectation may be higher compared to a simple dinner or a night out.

#3 What is the client's skin type? And what other skin concerns that the client has?

If your client has a sensitive skin and you don't have the appropriate makeups that suit his/her skin, it is best to reject the job.

#4 Is there any specific look that the client is expecting to achieve?

This question will give you a rough idea of the client's expectation. If she is chubby in nature and wanting an Angelina Jolie, no amount of contour is able to achieve that look. Better to reject such job rather than disappoint your client in the end.

#5 What is the client's facial features like? And skin tone...

Get your client to take a selfie so that you can study her face feature and her skin tone.

#6 Is there a budget for the job?

If you're going to accept the job, you better do it for an acceptable budget. Otherwise, some "influencers" may be using their internet fame to pay you "exposure". Unless you're OK with that...

#7 Where is the location of the event

You can't be traveling from Perlis to Johor for a RM100 job. So be realistic. Remember to ask the location of the event. Otherwise, some client will mention where they are based, and not where the actual location of the event.

#8 How many hours do the client expect to give you for your time

Everything can go hay-wired in an event. For example, the bride may have to pick up her last-minute wedding gown, and left you half hour to finish her makeup. Be sure to explain the time you need to complete the look and how many hours do the client willing to spent.

#9 Allergies concern

It is really important to ask the question of allergies. The more so if you are going to use false lashes on your client. Some women reported allergies causing by the eyelash glue.

#10 How many people required the makeup service during the event day

Sometimes the bride hiring a makeup artist with the general idea that it covers her bride's maid makeup as well. Be sure to highlight how many people you can makeup at that time and don't get caught up by surprise on the actual event day.

Mar 8, 2018

Capture Your Style by Aimee Song: A Book Review

If you're keen to bring up your Instagram followers, you should get this book. Aimee Song (or better known as @songofstyle) gains her fame through blogging, YouTubing, and Instagram. With over 4.7mil followers on her IG, she really deserves the title as an Instagram guru.

I picked up this book without expectation. I thought it could make a cool flatlay item if the content don't impress me. Flipping through the first few pages, the book was boring. It tells you how to use your phone camera which I'm sure even my kid knows how. But things get serious when she drills down the elements of Insta-worthy photos. 

Some of the ideas I picked from this book is the 9-box grid, where you curate the entire 9 photos of your Instagram before you posting it. I kind of get the flow by alternating my photos with a photo of tiles in between. It works.

I started off with 2,000+ followers and as I implemented some of the tips & ideas from this book, my followers quickly jump to 6,000+. It didn't happen over the night, but you get the idea. I took this book literally as a textbook of Instagram. I pick and choose some of the things I learn to implement on my postings. 

I do recommend this book if you're serious about your Instagram - getting more followers, curating your stories through the photos, editing the photos, etc. What this book won't teach you is how to earn your money from your Instagram account. 


Mar 7, 2018

Astaka Morocco Putrajaya

I'm going to drop a quick post on an awesome place I discovered lately. If you always scout for a location for photos, do check out the Astaka Morocco Putrajaya. It is located at Precinct 1, right next to the Botanical Garden.

What's this place all about? To be honest, I don't know. From the name 'astaka', I guess it might be an exhibition hall or a performance hall. If you know, do let me know.

The place is open from 9AM to 5PM daily except on Tuesday. During my trip, it was raining and once the rain stopped, it was around 6.30PM. I didn't get to explore what's inside the building, but the aesthetic of the building is already worth the trip.

Those are the few spots that I managed to capture. I do wish I can go back there to further explore what's inside the building. From the reviews on TripAdvisor, it seems like there are some cultural facts about Moroccan that you can learn. I definitely missed it.