Jun 11, 2021

Guide to Covid-19 Vaccination Process for the elderly (Malaysia)

Recently I brought my grandmother for her Covid-19 vaccination and I was swarmed with questions, especially from those who have concern on their elderly going for the vaccination. I hope this information may help some of you. 

Disclaimer: This account is based on my own experience only. Some other vaccination centers may have different processes or procedures, so my reference here may not be applied to all. 


May 19, 2021

7 Luxury Brands Coloring & Activity Books To Improve Your Mental Health

6 years back, I wrote about adult coloring books and how to choose a coloring book that works for you. The coloring book has helped many people to cope with stress and also provides a leisure activity over the weekend. It can be an enjoyable hobby and at the same time improving our right brain. If you find yourself trapped in pandemic fatigue, perhaps you should give these coloring & activity books a try. 


Apr 25, 2021

Own Your Very Own Limited Edition Hermès Birkins and Kelly from the Heritage Auctions

Amid a burst of color reflective of blooming spring flowers everywhere, Heritage Auctions’ Luxury Accessories Auction on this coming 2nd May, will offer a trove of extraordinary handbags for collectors of all tastes.


“This auction is one of the prettiest sales I have ever curated at Heritage Auctions,” Heritage Luxury Accessories Director Diane D’Amato said. “Spring auctions tend to reach people who want a choice of brightly colored options, and that may be even more true this year. This sale offers a range of extraordinary bags, with color bright enough to match the exceptional craftsmanship that went into them.”



Feb 14, 2021

2021 Luxury Brands Chinese New Year Red Packets



Here's a compilation of 2021 luxury brands' red packets that the respective labels send to their patrons. 


Feb 8, 2021

What to pack and prepare for Covid-19 quarantine

With the pandemic not putting to rest anytime soon, this blog is becoming obsolete. I had a mission to keep this as a travel blog to record my whereabouts, but now it doesn’t seems like I have much to write about. Moreover, we are going on lockdown mode once again. 

The situation in my country (Malaysia) is getting worse each day. Although we are hopeful because our front liners are really fighting very hard, as a normal citizen, I have to stay vigilant. That means, while following all the SOPs laid down by the government, I have to acknowledge the fact that I too, can contract the virus at any time. 

Hence, I’m preparing this list of stuff to bring in case I get called by the government to check-in into the quarantine center. 

I think the most important thing to do is to assign someone reliable to take care of your responsibilities while you are away. In my case, I have notified my brother - he is to ensure all my grandmother's daily welfare is taken care of. And making sure the bills are paid on time, replenish groceries weekly and to do basic cleaning at home. 

What to pack for the quarantine? I have some really basic items on a list that I would pack (in case). 


Dec 27, 2020

Recipe: Fried Penang Asam Laksa


I suddenly had cravings for the Subang SS14 fried asam laksa from Well Cook Gourmet Restaurant. Since it is still not safe to travel, moreover Klang Valley is currently a red zone, I try to recreate the recipe. I'm glad to share that my first trial was a success. My family keeps refilling their plate, which is a good sign.

If you're looking for a twist to the regular asam laksa, you can try this fried asam laksa recipe. It is so simple and it doesn't take much time to prepare and cook. You can try this for pot luck as the non-cook ingredients can be prepared the day before. And your guests can add as much (or skip) the non-cook ingredients. The dish is customizable and it is really delicious to eat as a main dish. 


Oct 29, 2020

Must-Have 5 Bandage Dress for Women

The meaning of a bandage dress is in its name. A bandage dress is a tight body-hugging dress that fits like a second skin while hugs your curves giving you the most flattering and smooth silhouette. This style of dress protects and shapes your feminine profile. As the name suggests bandage dress is made with multiple strips of loth, that look like a bandage is sewn together.

Energetic Red Bandage Dress – Isn’t the color and style of this dress gorgeous. The classic red color and the shoulder ruffles make it elegant and timeless. Perfect for formal events.

The fabric that is used to make this dress is strong, sturdy, and durable. A bandage dress works as the body shaper too. The fabric is stretchy, durable, breathable, and soft to touch. The fabric is mostly a blend of rayon and spandex. Rayon provides shine and luster to the dress. A true bandage dress will smooth and define your curves and will last a long time.


Oct 11, 2020

Lord’s Cafe Cameron Highlands: Best Scones in Malaysia

Finding traditional English food in Cameron Highlands is easy. But finding a good one can be tricky. Just like the best afternoon tea at Cameron Highlands can’t be found at established hotels, but at a quaint cafe behind an alley. 

Location: Jalan Besar, Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands (Behind Marrybrown) 
Business hour: Daily (except Sunday) 10:00AM - 6:00PM
Price range: RM2 - RM10
Halal: Yes 

Sep 27, 2020

Cameron Highlands The Smokehouse Hotel Review

This is the first time I do a staycation after the Movement Control Order was imposed. It’s probably my last time as well because I wasn't prepared to be part of the crowd that might form another Covid-19 cluster in the nation. As such, my trip remained only at the hotel, at least we did stay in an amazing hotel so it wasn't that bad. 

My partner and I, we both love Cameron Highlands. We have our spots for great food and of course, the pleasant weather is always welcoming us. We made it a point to discover different hotels in Cameron each year, and this year we pick the Smokehouse. 


Sep 23, 2020

Eyebrow Embroidery Experience (Penang)

This is not my first time doing eyebrow embroidery. I had my eyebrow done 15 years ago, a touch-up is definitely long overdue. I want to blog about this experience because I think a lot of people are interested to do eyebrow embroidery as well but lack of information to come up with the decision. I have a lot of friends who are clueless about eyebrow embroidery but have the plan to do so. If you're looking for such info, keep on reading.


Aug 12, 2020

4 Reasons Why You Have To Shop at PGMALL Right Now

I have been shopping online a lot lately. Not only it is convenient, it is also safer (lesser contact with the public) and more economical (don’t have to spend money on fuel, parking and toll). If you are like me who shop a lot online, you have to check out PGMall.


PGMall is the only local e-commerce platform in Malaysia. Established in 2017, PGMall have grown tremendously throughout this 3 years. In a short time, PGMall has won the ranking of Top 3 e-commerce site by Iprice Insight Report.


4 Reasons to shop at PGMall...


Jul 29, 2020

Penang Opening It's First Family Mart and Here are The Stuff You Need to Try

Unless you are living in a cave, you probably know the great convenience store from Japan - Family Mart. Penangites have been deprived of the goodness Family Mart has to offer for a long time. Alas, the wait is over. There are two Family Mart stores will be opening - 30th July 2020 at Karpal Singh Driver and 8th August at Juru Auto City.

Rumour has it that Pulau Tikus will be opening another Family Mart outlet, however there is no official announcement from Family Mart yet.

If you are new to Family Mart, here are the best pick of foods you have to try:


Jul 27, 2020

Shop High Waist Shaping Panty under Dresses

There is nothing best for a woman than to have a good physique, fresh skin, and proper posture. To make your body fit into the social norm, you will need a shaping pant to bring out your body shape, and create a silhouette on your body. The butt area of a woman speaks a lot about her; this is very important. 

The high waist shaping panty works incredibly in the life of a woman. It is a fashion tool that increases the confidence in a woman and makes her comfortable in any clothes she wears.