May 4, 2022

Gani Famous Passembur Penang

Being a Penangite, I usually don’t go to touristy area. But I feel like I want to talk about the famous pasembur at Esplanade Food Court. When you step foot on the Esplanade food court, you will find a lot of stalls selling pasembur, but Gani is the only stall that stood out among the rest because of its striking signboard and also noticeably, the queue here is longer than the rest. 

Pasembur is one of the dish that you are obligated to try when you are in Penang. This dish truly embrace the Penang flavour. Unlike any other traditional dishes that attached to a certain race identity, pasembur is probably the only dish that mixed all the good stuff into one plate. This dish is a myriad of satay sauce derived from Malay food, fried fritters from Lok-lok originated from the Chinese, and shredded vegetables that resembling Malaysian rojak. Typically, pasembur is served by mamak (Indian-Muslim), but you can also find Chinese and Malay selling it around Penang. This dish unites all the elements of the different races in Penang, and that is why it is so unique. 

Back to Gani Pasembur - the price is pretty steep (for the locals) but tourists often praise this place as affordable or cheap. That's something to argue about. But in terms of taste, Gani has a unique reddish sauce and its fragrance sets it different from the rest of the players. 

There's a special unspoken rule for order here. Just line up, grab a plate and pick up whatever dish you want. You don't have to speak to the waiter. After you are done picking, pass the plate to them and let them know the table number you are seated (definitely need more than 1 person to order). They will add the shredded vegetables (consist of cucumber and white turnip) and the sauce on top of your plate. 

This is what you will get:

Ordering drinks can be quite challenging. The stall operators are pretty territorial. Depending on where you are seated, you can only order from the stall designated for that table. I had lengcheekang, which is another signature in Penang. 

After your meal, you can take a stroll along the beach strip next to the food court. I do recommend this place although it seems touristy. 


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