Jun 30, 2017

June 2017 Favourites

It's mid-year now, so what have you achieved so far? On my side, nothing much changed other than I got busier everyday and I also notice that I keep falling sick. Anyone can advise what I should do about it?

Here's my favourites for this month:

I stumbled upon a familiar face on a book cover on my usual run in the bookstore. It's Holly Madison, my favourite Playboy bunny of all time. She doesn't want to be associated with Playboy now, and the book tells it why. I know her from her reality TV show Girls Next Door, when season 5 ended, the last scene I saw of her was she packing her bags for Las Vegas photoshooting. She never came back to season 6 and all of a sudden I find it no point to continue watching the show. Down the Rabbit Hole book fills in all the mystery fans want to know about her life - before, during and after her life at the Playboy Mansion. I believe there are different stories about her, but this is the part of her story that she wants to tell. When I was watching the GND show back then, I can see that she's underappreciated. She's a talented and smart woman, yet in the show they portrayed her as a dumb blonde that living in the shadow of Hugh Hefner. It's good for her to release this tell-it-all autobiography which (I can feel) a major relieve for her to put everything behind. It is also good for the readers. Like her old-self, I believe a lot of girls out there suffering from toxic relationship. If they have Holly's spirit in taking the matter into their own hands and walk out of it, they will find the happy ending they well-deserved. I haven't come across an autobiography that I can read it all in one day. Despite the thick book, I finished it within two days although I encountered few cramps on my leg. This book is too entertaining to put down until the last page.

My friend Edazz handmade this beautiful bracelet for me. She calls it the mermaid bracelet. The stone she use reflects lights from different angle. It makes it so beautiful when the light hits the stone. She also includes mini charms of mermaid on the bracelet which adds more characteristic onto the bracelet. You can purchase this bracelet from here. I have been wearing this bracelet very often. It is always sitting on my console table next to the door. Whenever I'm going out, I will put this on before leaving the house. It's so beautiful that everyone compliments it.

I have pat myself on the back for transforming my kitchen cabinet from the old boring style into luxurious marbled inspired kitchen. All I did was sticking marble vinyl wallpaper onto the cupboard. It sounds like an easy, but it is no joke when you're trying to scrap each wallpaper down to push out all the bubbles. The vinyl also very hard to work with because it comes in a big piece and pretty hard to cut down the exact size as the wallpaper rolled into cylinder shape everytime I straighten it. It's one of my favourite thing for this month since I love to see the new marble look instead of the old red panels.

I have never eaten Godiva ice-cream in my life. One day while passing through, I couldn't help but pick one for myself (and one for the mister). It's sooooooooo good. Although it cost almost RM30 each, I think this indulgence is worth it once awhile. The chocolate is rich and creamy. You can taste it like a melted-chocolate instead of ice cream. If you decided to try one, make sure to order the chocolate ice cream, instead of the vanilla. I don't think it is worth it to get the vanilla because it's Godiva. You might as well make your money worth it by getting the chocolate one.

Recently I received the Mamonde Floral Hydro Cream from the press kit. It has been serving me as night cream pretty well lately. When I woke up I feel my skin is refreshed, well-hydrated and bouncy despite many hours in the aircond. It is not easy to find a night cream that can keep your skin moisturized throughout the night. Although this is not a night cream per se, it does a good job as one. It has a refreshing scent which helps putting me to sleep (I believe). You can read more about it here

Jun 28, 2017

Fidget Spinner Lip gloss Anyone?

We get it - fidget spinner is an "in" thing now. But fidget spinner lip gloss? I really don't know about the idea. I'm sure this is one of the trend that will get mixed reaction. Now, tell me what you first think about when you hear about this?

Whether you like it or not, by the time you're reading this, Glamspin has been selling hundreds (or thousands) of Fidget Spinner Lip Gloss. The fidget spinner comes with 3 different lip gloss flavour - peach, strawberry and grape. For the price of USD9.99, it isn't that expensive for a fun toy with a beauty purpose.

I'm sure this makes a good gift for teenage girls, especially those geeky ones who love fidget spinners. The product is scheduled to be shipped out in mid of July and interested buyers can now order it online on their website www.glamspin.com

Jun 25, 2017

JB Weekend Food Trip

Johor Bahru has been popping into my radar lately because my cousin staying there. Before this, I have not been to JB other than swift through the check-point to go to Singapore. It's a short trip, we're there for a night and I have packed in all the good food on my trip to ensure my tummy is happy. Here are some of the places I've been:

IT Roo

This place is famous for its chicken chop. You have choices of mushroom or black pepper sauce and also an option whether you want your chicken to be grilled or fried. The restaurant reminiscing the 1970's or the 1980's Western cafe style. It brings back old memories of the past - I have a glance back when my grandfather used to bring me to cafe like this. Back in reality, the food is good. The succulent chicken goes really well with the sauce. In my case, I had the fried chicken chop with mushroom sauce.

Location: No.17, Jalan Dhoby, Johor Bahru
Price range: RM15+
Business hour: 10am - 9:30pm 

Hiap Joo Bakery & Biscuit Factory

A few blocks from IT Roo, there a classic bakery that serves the crowd since . I got half banana cake to try. It is by far the best banana cake baked in the classic way. It has fluffy texture, not so sweet and you can taste the actual banana (instead of those instant banana essence taste). It is a grab-and-go bakery, there's no seating, so you have to pack your order and savor the cakes at a nearby cafe. Since it is an old establishment in the neighborhood, I don't think the cafe owners mind that you have your cake there. The queue is long, but you don't have to wait long since everyone is just taking away.

Location: 13, Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, Bandar Johor Bahru
Price range: RM5

Flowers in the Window Cafe

In between lunch and dinner, we had a stopover in one of the beautiful cafe in JB. The Flowers by the Window (as the name suggested) is nature inspired and all the foods and drinks are infused with flowers, herbs, fruits or veggies. We recommend you to try the cakes. Can't go wrong with the moist chocolate cake. For a more adventurous try-out, pick the rosemary, chili & lemon drink. Who could have guessed, these food ingredients can be so refreshing as a drink?

Location: 9, Jalan Dhoby, Bandar Johor Bahru
Business hour: 10AM - 9PM
Price range: RM10 - RM20

Carabao Restaurant

Carabao is one of the famous Thai restaurants in JB. One good thing is, it is halal since we notice a lot of Muslims waiting to breakfast when we were ordering our dinner. The menu is what you have in a classic Thai restaurant. We settled for pineapple fried rice to share out among three of us. Also, there's clear Tom yum soup so we went for it, instead of the usual red Tom yum. The chicken green curry quickly become my favourite because of the rich coconut milk and fragrant spices. Mango kerabu is a must because it made up a portion of the veggie to balance out the diet. You can taste how fresh the ingredients are and the dishes brings up the authentic taste of Thai meals. A fresh young coconut drink goes really well with the spicy meal. As a bonus, the dining area is decorated like an upscaled Thai restaurant in Thailand. I would say, don't just come for the food. Come for the experience as well. Table booking on the weekend is recommended. There is plenty of parking space right outside the restaurant, so it is elder-friendly.

Location: 16, Jalan Dato Abdullah Tahir, Johor Bahru
Opening hours: 5PM - 11PM
Price range: RM20 - RM100

Faculty of Caffeine Cafe

The next morning before we departed to Johor Premium Outlet, we had a quick brunch at the Faculty of Caffeine Cafe. The coffee was really good and smooth. We had our usual flat white and latte. The seafood pasta comes with generous portion of seafood. And the big breakfast is a nice twist of the usual big breakfast. It comes with a waffle (instead of toast), sweet chickpeas (instead of red beans), poached eggs (instead of scrambled), a hashbrown, sauteed mushroom, sausage and ham. I admit I was totally addicted to the chickpeas. However, the bill came up to RM77. It was quite a shock but I guess the price is worth paying for the good food.

Location: 106, Jalan Trus, Bandar Johor Bahru
Business hours: 9AM - 5:30PM
Price range: RM12 for a coffee, RM20-RM30 for a meal 

Parit Jawa Asam Pedas

While on the way back to Melaka, we took the offroad to go to Parit Jawa, where the best asam pedas fish is. The humble Parit Jawa Roast Fish restaurant serves the best asam pedas according to many foodies and even the local themselves. We went for the recommended BBQ chicken wing, which is honey coated roasted chicken wing with sesame. It's a great starter for the meal. Meanwhile, the star of the show, the asam pedas fish is savory. The sweet, sour and spicy combination is appetizing. You can even drink the curry broth itself. The best fish to go with the asam pedas is the stingray. If you fancy other fishes, they do have siakap, kembung and other fishes depending on the time of your visit. Take note that this is non-halal compared to the food I've mentioned above.

Location: 161, Jalan Jabar, Parit Jawa, Muar
Price range: RM20-RM30

I'm totally new in the JB scene. If you have any food that you want to recommend to me, do leave a comment below. I will check it out on my next visit. Til then... Jya. 

Jun 24, 2017

HerTravelogue's Travel Financial Plan (Part 1)

Being someone who isn't rich, traveling is a huge luxury for me. A lot of people ask me how I manage to go so many places, my answer is always "plan it". I know it is easier to say that you need a proper planning, especially on the finance topic. I never really show anyone how I plan it and how it really works. So here it is.

Some people take the effort to save up RM10,000 for a trip. That is totally fine if you have lots of disposable income to put aside for a trip. As for me, putting that RM10k away is pretty hard because there's always emergency happen in between that I needed sort out first. So I keep the idea of sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit to plan out my trip.

In this post, I'm going to show you my ultimate travel financial plan. In summary, it is a holiday plan that:

  • Takes 9 months to realize.
  • A travel plan that comes with zero debt although some credit cards reservation is involved.
  • Takes a lot of discipline. 
  • You need a consistent income to follow this plan because you have to put your money aside every month.

Let's dive in!

This is the overview of the plan. It looks pretty easy, and the truth is... IT IS EASY! The hardest part of it is the determination to put your money aside. I would leave that to you on how to keep yourself motivated. I spread out the plan to a 9-month period. 9 months is the right length to keep your excitement and interest alive while you are saving money for the trip.

Read also: 7 Travel Tips That You Probably Never Heard Before

Here, I'm going to put my Tokyo plan in action and at the same time show you guys how it works. Notice the "Part 1" on the title? More to come as we move into the new month. So stay tuned. Now scroll down to see how we initiate the plan.

  1. First, you have to evaluate what are the necessities when it comes to travel. This is where you need to put your money on first. I figure out that plane tickets aren't cheap and it won't get any cheaper by day. If you're going to drag your time getting that plane ticket, you might never go on your trip because the price will just go up and up. By deleting your cookies and rebook again won't work like how so many travel tips have claimed. It might work in between the few hours of your research. However, if you space it out for a few days the price of tickets will go up drastically, no matter how many times you delete your cookies. For the Tokyo trip, I am digging out RM3000 for my tickets. I am hoping to score JAL, MAS, Emirates or Qatar. This is also the reason why I manage to book premium airlines - book way ahead!
  2. For the next three months, I will plan on the accommodation. What I will do is to book as much hotels as I can via Bookings.com, Agoda, Trivago or Traveloka. At the end of the third month, I will pick the one closest to all the places I'm planning to go or the one with the lowest price. You will need to take note of the date your credit card is going to be charged on. Also, only book those with zero booking charge and free cancellation. Getting penalized will cost you a lot of money which you can use for shopping. I will show that to you in the month of Sep/Oct/Nov. The RM500 per month saving is going to be the payment for the hotel. Once my credit card is billed, I will pay it. Don't leave your payment at the end of your trip because it will burden you financially with late charges and interest.
  3. For the next 5 months, I will put aside RM1000 into my saving account (untouched) for the trip. RM5000 for a one-week trip in Tokyo would be enough for me. For the Europe trip, I put aside RM1500 because I was there for a longer period and also the currency is heftier. 

Also, check out how to build your own itinerary on my old post: Step-by-step How to Create Your Travel Itinerary. 

Some of my financial planning involves during the trip itself. For example, I focus on free visiting sites to fill up my day. If the ticket is too expensive, I will find promo price or I ditch it instead. I will keep my shopping and souvenirs on the last day of the trip, so that I have plenty of cash to go about town. Besides that, I do a lot of walking on foot to save on transportation. You can check out how I build my travel itinerary to increase my walking.

For a nearer or cheaper trip, I will reduce the time to 6 months or 3 months, it depends. 9 months works out really good for me because I get to save up my annual leave at the same time. For those of you who are tied to a full-time job, this plan rocks. If you have more money to splurge on traveling, you can also use this plan for a shorter time frame.

I never believe in owing money for travel. It's ok to owe money to help others in need or to treat your own health. But not for traveling. That is why I make the plan spread out nicely for the 9-months to get me sort out everything. 

What do you think of the plan? Will you follow it? Or do you think it is too hassle to follow? Let me know in the comment.

Jun 23, 2017

Travel Book: An Idiot Abroad: The Travel Diaries of Karl Pilkington

Some of you might be familiar with Karl Pilkington - the reluctant traveler of An Idiot Abroad. You might have seen one or two episodes from his TV show on TLC Channel. Karl was thrown with a challenge to do a 7-wonders of the world - Chichen Itza (Mexico), Christ the Redeemer (Brazil), Great Wall (China), Machu Picchu (Peru), Taj Mahal (India), Petra (Jordan) and Collosseum (Italy). The show is documented in an award winning travel series, An Idiot Abroad.

Unlike other travel shows with a happy host that recommend you the things to do, Karl is the completely opposite. His complaints, moans and nags are hilariously funny and entertaining. No travel host would have done it the way he did.

If you have watched An Idiot Abroad, this book is a complementary to what's behind the scene. Bits and pieces of the events that not on camera are pen down in a diary which later produced as this book. Random opinions and ramblings of Karl are also written in it, perhaps the selling point of this book is his potty humour.

My favourite part of the book is Great Wall of China and Brazil. If you have been to these places featured in the book, you can totally relate to those ramblings because it is a true reflections of the place - for example, public spitting in China, cows on the road in India. Karl turned all these bad experiences into funny situations. And it is so well-described that I can imagine being there. All these ramblings didn't give me a bad impression of the place, but it shows the difference of cultures and lifestyles in other countries. In fact, it instigated me visit the place since I have a glance of the place from Karl's point of view.

This is one of those book that you can't put down until you're finished. When you're done, you wish for more. In fact, I immediately purchased the second book from Karl Pilkington right after I finish the last page. It is funny, delightful, and a new take on traveling. I would say, Karl is idiotically amazing.

This book is also a light reading, which you can bring for traveling or for a weekend read. If you are going to hit the bookstore this weekend, be sure to check out this book. I bought it from Kinokuniya (travel guides section) for only RM46.90. I think it is a pretty good price to pay for such entertaining book. 

Jun 19, 2017

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Swatch & Review

If you love colors, you wouldn't resist the Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette. Of all the fancy colored eyeshadow palette, I am attracted to this palette the most due to the bright colors and the mixture of texture (matte, shimmer, and satin) and each color family is carefully selected to compliment the other colors in the palette. There is also a balance of warm and cool tone in the palette, so you can definitely create a lot of looks from this palette.

From the first glance, you will notice that the palette is pretty chunky compared to other Urban Decay palettes. It takes up almost 2cm of thickness. It is definitely not a palette which you want to carry when traveling, and that might be a problem if you're a makeup artist on-the-go. I think this is a waste of packaging and it is one of the major downside of the palette. Otherwise, the chunky size compensates with a large mirror inside.

The palette comes with a mini double-ended brush - one side with a flat head to pick up the eyeshadow and another side for blending. I don't fancy brushes that come in an eyeshadow palette, so I have not tried this brush. But I can feel that these brushes aren't going to disappoint you much. They look like the usual full-sized brushes from Urban Decay.

Let's get to the exciting part - the colours!

Alchemy - A burgundy/wine color with shimmer
Gossip - A bubble gum pink with shimmer
Paranoia - A cotton candy pink with shimmer

Warning - A orange with hint of copper with shimmer. This is a very rich color, easy to work with and extremely vibrant.
Seize - A coral orange with pink undertone. The shimmer for this shade is almost non-existent but you can still see it on the palette.
Jones - A yellow-orange sunset shade. It appears to look like gold when applied on the eyelid.

Midnight Blaze - An olive shade with gold shimmer. The color appear to be patchy and hard to blend.
Calavera - A warm yellow with strong pigmentation. It is matte with tiny sparkles which hardly visible when applied.
Goldmine - A light gold and heavily shimmered.

Hundred - A mossy green with gold shimmer. This shade also appears to look patchy.
Hatter - A lime green with faint blue shimmer. It appears to look matte and primer is definitely a must to bring out the vibrant color.
Mean - A fluorescent green with strong shimmer.

Minx - A navy blue with blue shimmer. This is an extremely beautiful color to work for night event.
Blindsided - A sea blue with light blue shimmer.
Metamorphosis - A powder blue with blue shimmer. It is chalky when applied.

Delirious - A plum purple with matte finish. Very chalky and I almost give up swatching it.
Sketch - A satin violet which is very creamy.
Faded - A muted light purple and heavily glittered with silver sparkles. A lot of fall out on this.

Platonic - A gunmetal gray with blue and silver shimmer.
Iced - A warm gray with lots of shimmer and lots of fall out too.
Bump - A true matte white that true to the color of the pan.

On the colors, there are a few duplicates of the exact same color from other palettes, noticeably from the Alice in Wonderland Through the Looking Glass palette (Hatter and Metamorphosis). It is a bummer to see the same shade again, especially on the colors that aren't practical for everyday use.

Overall, the palette is extremely fun to have. If you are creative with colors, you can create a lot of looks with just one palette. I don't think you should miss out the fun if you love eyeshadows. However, if you doubt that you are going to use it, the price may not be justifiable. It is quite pricey for a palette that you're not going to use often.

So do you think you will get this palette?

Available at Sephora. Price RM265. 

Jun 12, 2017

5th Year HUGE Giveaway!

600 blog post
5 years active blogging
1.1 million views

This is the stats for this blog for the past 5 years of posting on this page. It has been a long journey. If this is a company that I am running (let's pretend I'm a full-time blogger), I would have given myself a "Long Service Award" recognition. Since this is a personal blog and no business involved, I am giving the recognition to my readers instead. For a major #throwback, you can check out my very first blog post on K-Palette Eyeliner <<here>>.

I know it sounds cliche, but you guys are the main drive for this blog. If there is no one reading this blog, I wouldn't have continued to update the past 5 years. This is why I am spending all the earnings of this blog for the month to give you a HUGE gift. All of the stuff are my current favourites and I wish you can enjoy it as well. 

  1. tarte Tartelette in Bloom Clay palette (RM175)
    This is the on-the-go palette that I adore currently. The colors are so beautiful for a natural everyday look. I extremely love the texture and how long-lasting the eyeshadow is without having to apply primer. I will be posting up the review, hopefully, very soon. At the meantime, you can check out the swatches at Temptalia's.
  2. Rose Gold Unicorn Brushes from Wanderlust Things (RM99)
    This Rose Gold Unicorn Brushes made up of my two current obsessions - rose gold and unicorn. The brush set comprises face and eye brushes which is a complete set for all the basic makeup brushes you need. If you want to skip the hassle of joining this giveaway, but want a piece of the rose gold unicorn brushes, you can purchase it directly from my webstore Wanderlust Things. I have personally tried all the brushes and they have amazing application. Even if you're not a makeup person, these brushes are so pretty, they can double up as a decor on your vanity.

  3. Eyeshadow Brush Cleaner (RM12.90)
    Sorry for the shameless promotion of my own products, but I just want you to try for yourself this eyeshadow brush cleaner. This brush cleaner is a gamer changer for those who gets annoyed with cleaning brushes in between your application. Simply swirl your brushes onto the sponge and it will take off all the excess product on the brush hair. You're then left with clean brush to go on to the next color. Take note that this brush cleaner works on powdered makeups only (eyeshadow, blush or eyebrow powder). It is seriously a must-have for all of you who are too lazy to clean your brushes and having to wait for it to dry. Who has the time to wait for the brushes to dry while applying your makeup on the go?

  4. Mary Kay Gel Semi-Matte Lipstick (RM55)
    I love the Mary Kay Gel Semi-Matte Lipstick for everyday use. It has a very interesting texture, nothing like I have seen from other brands before. When applied on the lips you can feel like it is a satin finish, but when you're done applying, it looks like matte. Besides the texture, I also enjoy how long-lasting it is. I don't have to reapply my lipstick in between, unless I ate really greasy food. The color that I'm giving away is Always Apricot. I will be writing a review on this soon as well.

  5. H&M Beauty Pure Radiance Powder Blusher (SGD14.90)
    Guess what?! Beauty bloggers have been focusing a lot on mainstream brands and the H&M beauty products aren't something we've seen. However, I picked up one of the blush and then immediately I fall in love with it. The price is pretty decent for the quality. I actually suspect that the blush is made from the same manufacturer as Milani or Marc Jacobs Beauty. However, I don't have any concrete evidence to show it, so, I just enjoy the product as it is. The color I have picked up for you is Cherry, which is a similar shade to the Kat Von D Lolita blush.

  6. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (RM14.50)
    This is probably the most humble gift of the whole lot. This giveaway is suppose to be all the stuff I love and I so happen to like this budget Micellar Cleansing Water by Garnier. Price isn't something I factor in when I look for good product, so I think you should try this out. If you're not sure how to use the micellar water, you can check out my blog post <<here>>. 

Now, how do I intend to conduct this giveaway? How can you participate? It's really very simple. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Go to my Facebook page <<here>> and look for the photo above. I will pin it on the top of the page during the giveaway period opens. Please LIKE my page as well. 
  2. Share it on your timeline and tag three of your best buddies. Your post must be set to "Public" or else I can't check it out.
  3. I will pick up ONE random person who shares the post to receive ALL of the products you see in the picture. 
  4. The giveaway will close on 9th July 2017 (Sunday) 12:00AM local time. The selected winner must be a Malaysian or resident because I will be shipping this out within Malaysian only. 
  5. Winner will be announced on my Facebook page the day after which is on 10th July 2017. The winner will have to follow the next instruction on the post (which is to contact me and provide me with the address). 

I wish I can do a bigger giveaway and have more winners. But for now, this is all I can afford. Do pray for the success of this blog, and hopefully next year I can give you guys a bigger gift.

Thank you very much from the bottom of my foundation pan. I hope I can provide you all with a better content. I appreciate it if you can let me know how to improve my blog further by commenting below. 

Jun 8, 2017

Mamonde's Floral Hydro Hydrating Power of the Narcissus Bulb

The Narcissus, also known as daffodils is popular because of its beauty, symbolic meaning and its healing properties. In the ancient Roman days, the Narcissus was cultivated because they believe the sap extracted from the flower possesses healing properties. It is also a symbol of chivalry during the Victorian times and a symbol of hope today. A bunch of Narcissus is usually offered as a gift because it is believed to bring good fortune and happiness.

The new Floral Hydro line is available at Mamonde beauty counters in Aeon 1 Utama, Aeon Mid Valley Megamall, Aeon Bukit Indah (JB), Aeon Tebrau City (JB) and Aeon Queensbay Mall (Penang) starting June 2017.

A spring-flowering bulb that is more commonly found in white or yellow, it is one of the rare plant species that survives the harshest winter. There are 26 to 60 different species of Narcissus around the world and they are native to Europe, northern parts of Africa, western parts of Asia and the Mediterranean. The Narcissus develops from the bulb which stores nutrients and sufficient water required for the development of the stem and flowers.

Out of the 60 types of Narcissus plants, Makonde has identified two species - the Dutch Master and the Erlicheer for its moisture storage power and moisture circulation power repectively. The strong moisture storage power of the Dutch Master enables it to fill up its bulb with water despite thriving in harsh weather conditions such as winter. The Erlicheer on the other hand, has bulb with sticky mucus that enables it to bloom many flowers on a single stall which demonstrates the strong moisture circulation power of the plant.

Through research and understanding the nature of the Narcissus, Makonde found an ingenious use for the Narcissus bulb in the improved Mamonde Floral Hydro line. The Narcissus bulb which has remarkable moisture storage power also offers molecular hyaluronic acid for better absorption and deep hydration of the skin. Formulated with the water that is naturally extracted from the Narcissus bulb, the Mamonde Floral Hydro line functions to moisturizer the skin, preventing it from drying after washing.

Developed using the Water-Cycle, a moisture circulation system that locks-in moisture to the skin, it also sustains hydration in the skin for moisture replenishment. The moisture circulates and spreads evenly throughout the skin to avoid the skin from feeling dry or tight. Lastly, the hydration storage capability may help to keep your skin from losing its natural moisture.

The improved Mamonde Floral Hydro line consists of the All-New Floral Hydro Ampoules Toner, Floral Hydro Emulsion, Floral Hydro Eye Gel Cream and Floral Hydro Cream.

(Star Product) New Floral Hydro Ampoules Toner (150ml/ RM89)

"For an everyday ampoule-infused hydration"

The face is very delicate which is why washing it often will reduce skin's natural moisture. Mamonde's Floral Hydro Ampoules Toner was developed for this reason. It functions to relief the skin from dryness and tightness after washing and it also ensures that the skin not only absorbs moisture but locks-in moisture to the skin.

The Ampoules formula with moisture clumps spreads like water the moment you roll it onto the skin. The "Highly enriched moisture ampoule Toner" will be instantly absorbed by the skin to provide rich moistness and forms a thin and clear moisture layer on the skin's surface that protects the skin from dehydration.

The ampoule toner keeps the skin moisturizer with a dewy glow while effectively keeping the skin hydrated. Upon application, the ampoule texture feels like a liquid-filled bubble but when spread into the skin, it transform into water that is quickly absorbed into the skin for a better moisturizing effect.

Compared to the previous Floral Hydro Skin Softener, the Floral Hydro Ampoule Toner increases the moisture-level of the skin by 226 percent which offers approximately 2.8 times more mousthrization. Not only that, it also instantly improves tightness of the skin which does not sting nor irritate the skin when applied.

Floral Hydro Cream (50ml/RM109)

This improved moisturizing cream features a light texture, strong moisturizing and Double Matrix Moisture Locking. Upon application, the cream increases the moisture level of the skin offering a refreshing feeling with a cooling sensation while restoring hydration from deep  within without the sticky feeling. Applying the cream allows the skin to remain supple while locking-in moisture to the skin for long-lasting hydration. To improve skin hydration, use the Floral Hydro Cream as a daily moisturizer and hydrating sleeping mask at night.

Jun 7, 2017

Unicorn Makeup Products That You Wish To Own

Dear magical creatures,

If you believe in Unicorns, your life will be filled with rainbow, sparkles, and magic. Who doesn't want that right? I know that Unicorns can be too overrated, but who cares? Recently, there are so many unicorn inspired beauty products in the market and here are some of it that surely will make you shout "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!"

  1. Nails Inc. Unicorn Nail Polish Duo

    A chromatic nail polish that comes in a pack of indigo and copper shades. As the light hits your nail polish, it changes the color of the nail polish creating the magical look.
  2. Lime Crime Black Unicorn Diamond Crusher Lip Topper

    The Lime Crime brand is probably one of the famous indie brand that creates beautiful unicorn beauty products. The lip topper is supposed to be applied on top of the lipstick to create a layer of iridescent effect. You can also use it as highlighter or eyeshadow topper to enhance the color of your eyeshadow.

  3. Unicorn Snot Lip Gloss

    It sounds funky but it actually is a tube of silver glitter that is safe to be worn as lip gloss. Produced by the brand FCTRY, the Unicorn Snot beauty line has been gaining a lot of love on Instagram. Other products such as body glitter.

  4. Too Faced Unicorn Tears

    Recently the Too Faced La Creme Color Drenched Lipstick in the color of Unicorn Tears have been receiving a lot of hype due to the recent Coachella campaign. The lipstick supposed to give you the festival look by turning your lipstick into a lavender glittery shade. However, after doing some research, I found out that the lipstick is patchy and doesn't blend well when applied on top of a lipstick. Almost bought it, oh well...
  5. Lime Crime Unicorn Hair

    Can you guess what product this is from the look of its jar? It is actually a hair color. It is a semi-permanent hair dye, which means the color stays on your hair for a few washes. What amazed me is the process. You just have to massage it onto your hair, leave it for 30 minutes and rinse it off. And voila! You will have a vibrant hair color like unicorn hair. There are about 10 colors to choose from, ranging from purple, to lime to orange.
  6. I Heart Makeup Unicorn Heart Highlighter

    The whole unicorn saga have brought another new trend, which is rainbow highlighter. Typically, you can't wear it as a daily wear, but for special occasion, it does create a good conversation. The packaging reminds me a lot of Too Faced heart box blusher.
  7. Anastasia Glow Kit Moonchild 

    For each time, someone buys this palette, an angel is born. Look at how beautiful it is. It also comes with another version called Aurora, which has a similar color. Although no unicorn is evidently present on this palette, we can assume that it is inspired by the unicorn wave. Anyone going to Europe, please let me know. I want this palette so badly.

  8. Tarte Unicorn Brush

    This face brush set makes all the girls go crazy. It is beautiful, it is colourful and it is to-die for. I personally bought one, but I just didn't have the heart to use it. To be honest, the brushes are pretty useless due to the long handle. And the brush bristles are heavily colored, so you can't see how much products you are picking on the brush. Nonetheless, I would still suggest you to get it because it will make your dressing table really pretty.
  9. Tarte Make Believe in Yourself Spellbound Glow Rainbow Highlighter

    It is a mouthful of words for a small product. This highlighter comes from the same range as the Unicorn Brushes. It is pretty much the same thing as the I Heart Makeup Unicorn Heart Highlighter except that the highlight is more subtle. It doesn't scream disco ball when you're applying it compared to the I Heart Makeup one.

  10. Wanderlust Things Unicorn Brushes

    For a budget friendly unicorn brushes, you should go for the Wanderlust Things brushes. Also comes in eye makeup set and the limited edition rose gold version. The brushes are of high quality and worth every penny spent on. The Wanderlust Things is also a online store that run by yours truly. You can find a lot more of unicorn stuff on my store.

Are you in team unicorn as me? If you are, do hit me up by leaving me a comment. Let me know what other unicorn products that I should check out.

Jun 5, 2017

First Timer's Guide to Buying Luxury Bag in Europe

My luxury appetite only involves handbags. I do not spend on other expensive stuff than handbags only. My heart tends to go fragile when I see the beautiful structure, materials (I'm more of a leather person), and colors (though I always buy safe colors like black, nude or brown).

If you're traveling to Europe and want to bring back some handbags, here are some info you can use.

#1 - Which is the country that has cheapest bags?

It depends on a lot of factors:

  • Which is the country of origin for the brand? For example, Chanel is cheaper in Paris. Prada is cheaper in Italy. Burberry is cheaper in England. 
  • Also, you have to take into account of currency exchange rate to be sure of your exact spending. 
  • Where do you buy the item also determine the price? The flagship store will put the price at recommended retail price. And the brand village store will have discounted price. 
  • Whether the item is a new season, past season or limited edition plays an important part of pricing. Limited edition items don't normally come with a discount. Past season may be on sale. 

#2 - How cheap is cheap?

Because it is designer goods, the prices are cheaper in Europe. But not cheap. You are saving on the logistic prices where it gets sent to Malaysia and also some import taxes (go to #3). On a one-to-one comparison, it is still expensive, unless there is a sale (go to #4) and additional discounts (go to #5). Take into the factor that MYR is much weaker than the Euros, this is one of the reasons why the prices here are more expensive. That also weakened our spending power in Europe because the exchange rate is not in our favour.

#3 - Claiming VAT

As a tourist, you are not subjected to the VAT tax of the country. Therefore, remember to claim the VAT tax at the airport before leaving. It has to be done on the last outbound country. At the boutique while purchasing, remember to let the sales person know that you intend to claim the VAT. They will issue a form to you. Bring along the form, the receipt, your passport and the item you bought and present it at the VAT counter. You might not receive the refund immediately. However, it will be remitted into your credit card. Do take into account which company is performing the return. The usual main companies are Global Blue or Travelex. 

Some important thing to keep in mind:

  • Get the VAT form from the boutique or retail store. The store has to stamp on the VAT form and calculate the amount of tax for you.
  • Do not check in your purchase in your check in luggage. Make sure you carry it in your hand.
  • Do not check in the documents in your check in luggage.
  • Allocate a minimum of 30 minutes for the procedure. 
  • Present the form at the counter. Make sure you go to the correct counter - if your refund form is from Global Blue, go to the Global Blue counter. If you can't find the counter, or in a rush, you can post the form to the headquarter from anywhere. I did this, and my refund was remitted after 5 months.
  • Ensure that your credit card is active after a month you submit the VAT claim.

#4 - When is the sale?

In Europe, it is a four season country. The sales happen before the new season starts, before Christmas, on Boxing Day, and before Easter. To get the accurate timing, subscribe to the newsletter online. The store will trigger you when the sales happen.

#5 - Additional discount

Many people don't know that in some stores, they do have additional discounts. The condition of the additional discount can be as simple as downloading their app, subscribing to their newsletter or purchase above a certain amount. On default, the sales persons will not notify you of the additional discount. You have to remember to ask. 

#6 - Book your appointment

If you are sure that you are purchasing something from the flagship store, you can book an appointment at the store one day earlier by giving them a call. This allows you to cut the queue, a personal sales representative will be attending you the entire time. And sometimes, you will be served complimentary champagne and chocolates. 

#7 - What is a flagship store?

A flagship store is a store owned by the brand itself. A flagship store is more than just a retail store. Because it is entirely owned by the brand, they will have some limited edition or rare items. If you are buying one of those rare, it is best to check with the flagship store first. The store will also have all the records of the customers, even internationally. Some flagship store has special display items to feed your artistic needs, cafe and atelier. For example, Hermes Paris flagship store is located at 24 rue du Foubourg Saint-Honore, Louis Vuitton Singapore flagship store is at Bayfront Avenue. 

Have you bought any designer bags in Europe before? Is there anything I missed out? 

I specifically writing this for designer bags and not other designer goods is because I don't buy designer goods in general. I am just a crazy bag lady so it is the bag that I go for. My experience is only on buying bags. If you have any questions regarding designer's bags, you can leave a comment below.