Jul 17, 2016

10 Things Only Beauty Bloggers Can Relate To

The other day when I put on the black lipstick from Kat Von D's Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, I was so afraid I might scare my neighbour. Sometimes, my friends and colleagues (or even my family) thinks that I'm weird. But to me, I think I'm very normal. Just that my hobby requires a little more effort to explore on beauty products. There are a lot of things beauty bloggers do that other people don't comprehend. If you're a beauty blogger, you probably understand these common problems that we all share.

#1 - Putting on makeups in the middle of the night

Your family doesn't understand why you put on makeup in the middle of the night. When you're just testing out some products, your family immediately assume you're going out somewhere.

#2 - People assume you're rich

Because you spend almost a quarter of your salary purchasing the latest SS16 collection from Dior and Chanel, you left with no money to eat at the end of the month. Your colleagues will also judge your financial status based on the haul photos you posted on Instagram, but not on the RM1 nasi lemak you pack for lunch. 

#3 - You're more excited to receive makeups than anything else

We welcome the gift of beauty products anytime. There's a different excitement no words can explain whenever we receive new beauty products. But because we already have a huge stock in our inventory, some gifts are quite redundant. 

#4 - You're a beauty hoarder

You can find beauty products everywhere at home! On the table, on the couch, in the study room, and every inch of the house is filled with beauty products. You contemplate to do spring cleaning every month, but when you actually do it, you rather keep the products for "future reference". 

#5 - You can't get over any bushy eyebrow, unblended concealer, clumpy mascara, and the list goes on
Your perfection towards makeup skills have been raised after you became a beauty blogger. Putting on eye shadow without drawing your eyeliner is a sin. You can't hit the road with your clumpy mascara. Your day is imperfect if your makeup is imperfect.

#6 - Getting a perfect selfie 

Taking selfie requires a lot of takes because we often go #nofilter to bring out the original colour of the new lipstick. It can be a very frustrating to get that perfect selfie to the extend we had to touch up our makeups.

#7 - Waiting for parcel

Whenever the PR of your favourite brand contacted you, it's like striking a lottery. Sometimes you receive PR samples without notice, it's like receiving presents in the mail.

#8 - Attending events

Attending events where other beauty bloggers are invited is like a school reunion. Being with "your own kind" feels so welcomed because no one will judge you if you take a long time doing swatching, taking selfies with beauty products and other weird stuff only beauty bloggers understand.

#9 - Your spouse can't recite half of your possessions

"What is that thing you put on your eyes?" and "What's the lip thing you use?" are the usual comments you get from your spouse. Your possession takes up three quarter of the dressing table, while your spouse have a small corner for his hair gel and deodorant.

#10 - Getting out of beauty stores be like...

It is our natural response to swatch the beauty products that come with a label "Try Me". When the sales assistance offer you some cleansing wipes, you politely decline so that you can test out the staying power. When you step out of the beauty store, your hand is a work of art.

Are you a beauty blogger? Do you share the same problem? Or do you have other problems that you face as a beauty blogger?

Jul 3, 2016

[Weekend Edition] Meditation for Beginners

Meditation is a state of mind. It does not necessary need to be in a specific time, place or situation for you to meditate. Meditation can come in the smallest task you do daily, for example listening to music, getting a massage, perform your daily prayer, etc. If you have been wanting to meditate, here are some of the simple ways you can try as a beginner:

1. Focus
Focus on one sense while you are meditating. Connect that focus with your sensory touch. For example, listening to the sound of waves and focus just on the waves and ignoring other sounds. Starring at a mandala drawing while focus on one particular drawing in the photo. Light up some scented candle and just focus on the scent. Perform one focus at one time only. You will find yourself rejuvenate and be able to focus on your other tasks clearly.

2. Repetition
Another form of meditation comes from repeating activity that you do. When you repeat the motion, your body coordination will accept the pattern and your brain activity will slowly drift into the pattern of motion as well. This is why some people find washing dishes therapeutic. The synergy of your body action and brain activity will relax your mind. Some other activity that you can try is playing with Tibetan singing bowl, playing musical instrument, cleaning or colouring.

3. Imagine the life you want to be
Take 5 minutes daily to imagine yourself in the life you want to be. Sometimes our mind tangled and frustrated because we think and feel that we're living in a messy situation. Whether you wish to live in the forest, under water or living the life of rich and famous, you are able to achieve it in your imagination. 

4. Using technology
There are a couple of meditation apps available for Android & iOS for you to download. Follow the meditation plan or program catered for you and see the outcome. It is free, easy to use and no commitment will be imposed on you. Our recommendation is Headspace and Omnava.