Apr 27, 2018

100% Honest Review on Huda Beauty Rose Gold Textured Shadows Palette

I have been eyeing on the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Textured Shadow Palette for years. Because HB is not easily available in Malaysia, I've been putting the purchase on hold. Recently a friend was in Barcelona, and I asked her to keep an eye on the palette for me. Thankfully she managed to get it. And here it is...

If you're wondering if the palette is worth to splurge on, you should read on.

Just a brief history of HB... When it first started out, HB received a lot of raves mainly because she was a well-known YouTuber and she has a huge following from the Middle East. As we know, Middle East beauty industry market was quite reserved. The introduction of the brand really captures the attention of Muslim women and HB successfully break into that untapped market.

Buy the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Textured Palette here: CultBeauty.co.uk (Free shipping to Malaysia)

Then came this Rose Gold Textured Shadow Palette. It was the right time that got this palette a huge popularity. Rose gold color quickly became a trend and represents all things luxury. 'Til today rose gold has a soft spot in every girls' heart.

Before I get to the review, let's take a peek at the swatches:

L-R: Dubai, Fling, 24K, Rose Gold, Trust Fund, Angelic

  • Dubai is a rusty copper with yellow undertone. The glitter looks roughly textured on the pan but glides smoothly and pleasant to use.
  • Fling appears to be maroon-purplish on the pan, but once applied, it looks more of a red. The texture is pretty similar to Dubai but has more refined glitters.
  • 24K is a true gold shade that looks good on any skin tone. It has the same texture as Fling.
  • Rose Gold is an orangy pink with compact glitters.
  • Trust Fund is a copper color with gold glitters.
  • Angelic is a very pretty soft pink with compact gold glitters.
Overall, on the first row is filled with glitters like those M.A.C. pigments. The texture feels a little funny. It feels wet. I'm not sure if I'm the only one who felt that way or I have a defect unit with me. It is soft, moist and glides like butter. I think the texture is the reason why the eyeshadow stays on for long hours. 

L-R: #Blessed, Bossy, Flamingo, Shy, Bae, Moon Dust

  • #Blessed is a metallic old gold with sparse glitters.
  • Bossy is a matte dark brown with gray undertone. It appears patchy and chalky.
  • Flamingo is a bubblegum pink. Usually, this color turns out to be chalky but surprisingly it doesn't.
  • Shy is a salmon pink shade which looks really pretty as a transition color. Unfortunately, it is pretty hard to blend this shade.
  • Bae is a skin shade. It is very chalky and really hard to blend.
  • Moon Dust is a metallic champagne. This is my favourite color of the entire palette.

L-R: Black Truffle, Suede, Coco, Maneater, Henna, Sandalwood

  • Black Truffle is a matte black. It is patchy and chalky. I don't think I will ever use this shade because the quality is really poor.
  • Suede is a very pretty gray with brown undertone. I often use this as a transition shade.
  • Coco is a hot chocolate shade. The matte texture performs the best compared to other mattes.
  • Maneater is a dark maroon. The result is really patchy and it hardly blends at all. This is the worst quality amongst the other shades in the pan.
  • Henna is a chocolate brown with red undertone. The quality is perfect compared with other matte shades in this palette.
  • Sandalwood is a coffee brown which works well as a transition shade or you can wear it on its own if you have a fair skintone.

And now what I really think of the palette


  • The palette has a variety of texture and shades which you can mix and match. It can be a great palette for travel and all you need is just this palette to work out looks for different occassions. 
  • The glittered shades have amazing texture. It feels like M.A.C. pigments but binds together with a moist texture. You should swatch this in the store to understand what I mean.
  • The shades are vivid and color pay-off is very good. 
  • They stay for long hours. Even with my oily eyelids, it stay put from day to night. 


  • It is expensive and not easily available in Malaysia. I paid mine for RM300+ (I can't remember the exact amount but it was almost RM400).
  • With the price, I would expect a better packaging. The box is flimsy and the cover on top of the palette is a sheer clear plastic. I can foresee accident to happen if you put this into your check-in luggage when traveling. Also, it is not tightly closed with the magnetic lid. If you're staying in humid place, this palette might be unuseable within two years.
  • Some shades hard to work with brush, especially the glittered ones. It works best with fingers.
  • The matte shades are poorly done. Almost half of the matte appears patchy and chalky.
  • There are a lot of alternatives to this palette which I will be listing below.

When it first started, I can see why it gets all the rave from beauty addicts. The color is amazing. But now we have plenty of other alternatives, which puts this palette far behind the game now. The packaging is the biggest failure against the price you are paying for.

I definitely won't recommend this palette if you're still figuring out whether to buy or not. If you want to get it for the sake of having it, it is not a bad palette either.

Alternatives to the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Textured Shadows Palette

The Maybelline Burgundy Bar has all the red hues that featured in the Rose Gold Palette. It has a good shimmer which mimics the glittered shades as well. Buy the Maybelline Burgundy Bar from Amazon for only USD9.99.

The tarte tarlette Toasted palette has all the brown hues of the Rose Gold palette. You can see a lot of dupes on the pan as well. Purchase it from Sephora for only RM175.

If you're not into the glittered shades and want more of a matte, the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette is probably the best to invest on. Read the review here. Get it from Sephora for only RM245.

Question time

Do you have the Rose Gold palette and did you enjoy using it? I want to know what is your thoughts and am I the only one who don't feel like this palette is worth it?

Apr 22, 2018

Hotel Equatorial Melaka Celebrate The Balik Kampung Fiesta with Scrumptious Ramadhan Buffet

Ramadhan is just around the corner and food enthusiasts looking for some Ramadhan delicacies and delights can head to Hotel Equatorial Melaka for a culinary journey with an attention-grabbing theme this year - "Balik Kampung Fiesta".

Fondly known as Seri Nyonya Peranakan Restaurant, located on level 3, the assortment will feature 200 typical traditional home-style dishes nightly in the extensive buffet spreads on stalls with love cooking just like what one will find in the kampungs around the country.

Executive Chef Dato Pari Subramanian and his team have designed a special menu that will be alternated daily to showcase interesting dishes, including Daging Kurma, Sop Ekor Berempah, Ayam Palembang, Kambing Kuzi, Sotong Acar Rempah, Nasi Putih, Ikan Siakap Masak Masam Manis and Bubur Lambuk. "We called this the Balik Kampung Fiesta because we want to create the cosy and warm feeling of eating typical home-cooked cuisine, just like the warmth of the Radmadhan month", Pari said.

Highlights include the well-liked Bukhara Lamb Carcass which is served with Nasi Tomato Berempah and black pepper sauce and mint sauce, satay, lemang, shawarma and the Hotel's popular chicken rice, served daily during the Ramadhan period.

The appetizers include kerabu daging, kerabu pucuk paku, kerabu sambal udang dan epal, salad jantung pisang, ikan masin bulu ayam, tenggiri perkasam, sambal belacan, sambal budu, kerabu sotong bercili, sambal tempoyak, sambal padeh, salad belimbing, just to name a few.

Unique dishes that will whet one's appetite include satay celup, murtabak and chicken rendang. Fans of noodles can enjoy different types of serving daily ranging from mee bandung, laksa penang, laksa nyonya and clear chicken soup served with choices of noodles and condiments.

Of course, no meal is comprehensive without dessert and the colourful array of assorted typical Malay kuih alongside the ice kacang and cendol help exemplify Malaysia's racial diversity. The Seri Nyonya Peranakan Restaurant's dining part will play host to various stalls that offer Malay and nyonya sweets, puddings and cakes.

To top off the breaking-of-fast experience, diners will be serenaded by live Ghazal musicians, featuring an entertaining ensemble belting out traditional Malay tunes.

The buffet begins throughout the whole month of Ramadhan starting from 17th May till 15th June 2018, and is priced at RM90 for adults and RM45 for children below 12. Buffet will be served from 7:00pm to 10:00pm. Group vouchers are available for sale now at only RM900 for 12 vouchers.

For further inquiry, please call 06-282 8333 extension 3331 / 3380. Visit https://melaka.equatorial.com/ for more info.


Apr 14, 2018

Huge Stationery Haul

Besides makeups and food, stationery gives me the same excitement. I have been collecting some of my purchases and gifts to make this haul. I hope you'll find something you'll like here.

Gift from my brother

My brother gave me a set of stencils which meant to use for bujo. Of course, you can use it however you like. There are a lot of options for shapes and sizes. But the stencil isn't user-friendly. It is flimsy and slippery, so it doesn't grip on the paper. It took me some time to get used to the texture and it keeps slipping off the paper. So I had to draw it with pencil first and trace it later with a pen. Storing the stencils also challenge because it comes in a separated plastic bag, I have a problem keeping all of them together. I might need to buy a clear folder to rearrange them properly.

Gifts from Lady Alie

When it comes to crafting & journaling, it is nice to have a few friends to share the interest. My friend gave me all these for my birthday - ZIG Clean Color FB, Stamptitude Wax Seal, and a washi tape cutter. So far I've tested the washi tape cutter - it's brilliant! It makes cutting off the tape really easy. And I use the ZIG brush pens sparsely because I have very bad handwriting. I don't want to waste it. I haven't explore the wax stamp yet because I want to keep it in the pristine condition. It's just so perfect that I "sayang" to use.

Popular Bookstore

I love to go to the old classic Popular Bookstore just to browse magazines, check out new books and of course, stationery shopping. In my Popular stash, I got the Stabilo Pastel Love Mini, the normal Stabilo Boss highlighters, Stabilo classic 2B pencil and UniPin Fine Line drawing pen. Stabilo has been doing pretty well with their new highlighters and I especially love the pastel ones. I bought the classic pencil as well, because I work with different materials such as wood & canvas which I can't use a mechanical pencil with. Lastly, the UniPin drawing pen has been my favourite pen to draw because it is waterproof. You can even use a watercolour on top of it, it just won't smudge. It comes with variety of tip sizes - from 1.0 to 0.05.


I recently discovered Smidapaper, a stationery/craft shop at Gurney Plaza, Penang. When I entered the shop my heart was jumping so fast. It has all the branded stationery and craft supplies that I have been eyeing on for a long time. I spend almost an hour in the shop, in the end I walked out of the shop with 2 pieces of stickers, a full set Traveller's Notebook in 2018 agenda, plus an additional blank refill. I am totally into the cult of Traveller's Journal now. Will blog about it in a separate post once I have more content to share.

Wanderlust Things

Wanderlust Things is the best online store to get your journal supplies (ahem....). What I got here are lots of large gold paper clips, 3 washi tapes and a gold dish. The Minim Gold Dish is my favourite. It looks really pretty however you style it. It's even safe for food. Since right now is Sakura season, I have 2 sakura washi tapes - one in light blue (my fav!) and another in classic pink. As for the large paper clips, you can do so much with it. Stay tuned for my tutorial on how to make a bookmark out of the paper clip.


Apr 12, 2018

Hotel Review: DoubleTree Hilton Melaka

I've stayed in Hilton Hotel many times. But DoubleTree Hilton, this is the first time. When we first checked-in, it was a pleasant surprise to receive a warm cookie at the receptionist while there was a heavy storm outside. The warm cookie quickly lights up my mood.  After checking with my friends, I found out that the warm cookie is only given out to guests at DoubleTree.

The first thing that I notice when arriving at the hotel, is the spacious lobby and waiting area. The luxurious furniture and unique art designs are accents to the signature Hilton's affluence. The check-in area is located at Level 12. You'll be sure with a peaceful and speedy check-in without the other guests hanging out. They separate the entire waiting area at Ground Floor and the check-in area on another floor.

The room

Not just the lobby that is spacious. It is perfect for a family. Kids will love this hotel because of the Kids Club facility, which is a huge playroom filled with activities. The room is an entire studio apartment itself. The bedding is crisp clean with modern furniture. What I love the most about staying at Hilton is the various options for pillow. There are foam, cotton and feather pillows so that you will have a good night sleep with your own preference. And if you're a Hilton Honor club member, they will surprise you with some handcrafted sweets.

Hotel Facilities

The facilities in the hotel exceeded my expectation. It comes with a fully equipped gym which is just as big as commercial gyms. There is also a steam room and a sauna room. I was really surprised to see a huge locker space with vanity just like any clubhouse that you would pay a huge fee. The pool isn't the most impressive facility, but the infinity view comes with a beautiful landscape of the World Unesco City.

The hotel has three dining spots - a lounge to chill, Makan Kitchen that serves a wide range of local cuisines & Tosca, a swanky Italian restaurant right next to the pool.

I regret not having enough time at the hotel. We checked in at 8PM and left immediately at 7AM. There wasn't much to explore with so little time. I want to go to the Kids Club and Sauna. I didn't even have the time to dine there. But I do plan to go back there again if there is any chance. The DoubleTree Hilton has raised the bar for all the five-stars hotel in Melaka. It is definitely one of the best in town for now.