Dec 26, 2017

Escape with Traveloka to KL Journal Hotel

Kuala Lumpur is made of two things - one, it is the melting pot of all Malaysian various races' heritage and two, it is the heartbeat of Malaysia urbanization. To experience the two characteristics of Kuala Lumpur, there is no place to be other than the Kuala Lumpur Journal Hotel.

It is easy to miss this hotel due to its hidden location behind Jalan Bukit Bintang. Although within a stone throw away from the major KL shopping spots and high-rise office towers, the hotel is amalgamated among the other old flats along Jalan Beremi. This is why the hotel retains the old KL neighborhood quality and still in touch with the modernized city life.

Location: 30, Jalan Beremi, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur
Accommodation type: Boutique Hotel
Average price per night: RM330
Nearest train station: Bukit Bintang Monorail Station
Facilities: Free parking, swimming pool, gym, restaurant, bar
Nearby places of interest: Lot 10, Bukit Bintang, Pavilion, Fahrenheit88, Jalan Alor Night Market

Traveloka had a humble beginning and now the company is still improving to bring the best travel experience to all their customers. Besides flight and accommodation, the company is looking to provide holistic travel services.

The KL Journal Hotel GM walked us through the hotel history and highlight some of the amazing features of the hotel. I wouldn't know the pool is filled with 100% salt water. From his speech, he made us understand that the hotel has a close-knitted relationship with the neighbors. And as the name suggests, the hotel aims to give all the guests a memorable experience.

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For a boutique hotel, this hotel delivers more than what other boutique hotels have to offer. It has an infinity pool filled with salt water overlooking the KL skyline, fully equipped gym, a terrace bar with live band performance, a restaurant, and most important highlight... pristine clean room. Cleanliness is my top priority when it comes to choosing a hotel room. I'm glad this hotel is on par with a five-star hotel in this department.

I had the opportunity to stay here for 2D1N trip courtesy of Traveloka. This trip is organized by the Butterfly Projects Malaysia, a blogging community where I feel comfortable to work with. With so many blogger friends around, this trip was filled with energy and it is a nice get-along just before Christmas. The highlight of the trip was the crash-course workshop. We had a few topics to pick and I chose the Bath Bomb & Body Scrub Workshop. The workshop was facilitated by Wunderbath, an artisan bath & beauty brand.

The workshop was more than just a fun-filled activity. I learned a lot from the workshop, such as understanding the different uses of essential oil and science behind the cosmetic ingredients. Do you know, not all essential oils can be applied directly to your face? I bet you didn't know. Only lavender, tea tree, chamomile and other selected essential oils are safe to be applied directly onto our skin. This is something new I learn. Check out my beautiful creation of bath bombs and scrub from the Wunderbath workshop.

KL Journal Hotel has an amazing work area which they call it as the Workers' Union. If you're a guest, this is a cool place for you to chill out with a book and a cup of coffee, or jam with your laptop to finish your assignment. It looks very much like a co-working space. It is also a good place to host a small event.

You can't miss the food at Kedai Kopi Journal (Journal Coffee Shop). It has a humble name, but the menu has a lot to brag about. For example, my Wagyu Beef Burger is probably the best burger in town!

For breakfast and dinner, the Kedai Kopi Journal will transform to a buffet setting with more than a hundred variety to choose from. We had our small Christmas gathering there and had a gift exchange. Can you guess what I got from Cindy?

Christmas gift exchange
Cindy was my roommate during the trip. I haven't seen her since she went to Melaka to see me, which was almost two years back. It was totally a good trip for both of us to catch up.

Before coffee

After coffee
My favourite place at the hotel is the Terrace Bar. During the day, it is a quiet place for you to enjoy the view with backdrop of lushes greenery. During the night, this place transform into a happening social bar with live bands performing. I call it a social bar because no one is a stranger there. The stage is open to welcome anyone who aren't shy to perform. Even if you're too shy to take the stage, you can always dance or sing along around your table.

Another cool facility worth mentioning is the infinity pool. For those of you who have an allergy towards chlorine, you can ease your mind and swim to your heart's content. This pool is filled with salt water. Is that amazing?

Every inch of this hotel is Instagram-friendly. Whether you're at the pool, the lobby, in the room, at Workers' Union, Terrace Bar or Kedai Kopi Journal, you can definitely find a spot for your Instagram feed. I have uploaded all my photos on my FB page <<here>>. Make sure you check it out.

Besides being "Instagramable", the hotel is also a good place for you to pick up some inspiration for home decoration. The decor is very intimate, it feels like being in a stylish home instead of a hotel. My greatest source of inspiration is this small greenery spot beside the entrance:

That wraps up my 2D1N trip at the KL Journal Hotel with Traveloka!!!


Dec 14, 2017

5 Cafes to Visit in Melaka

This December marks the third year I am staying in Melaka. This amount of time is enough to make me blend in with the locals. In September this year, I was invited to host a show in BBC with foodie celebrity, Donal Skehan. And I play the role as a native Malaccan, bring the team around to the best cafes for shooting. I hate to brag, but I think I've developed a new expertise, which is identifying good cafes to hang out. This expertise didn't come overnight. I've been cafe hopping around Melaka for the past 3 years and these are the cafes I would highly recommend to you:

The Daily Fix

My coffee aficionado friends are dying to visit this cafe because of its rare coffee machine, Slayer. It is a manual coffee machine and only specially trained barista is able to put off a good coffee using the machine. Besides the superstar coffee machine, this place attracts a lot of people due to its mellow ambience that invites nostalgic senses. Decorative items such as old tiffin box, rattan chairs, leg-paddled sewing machines are all so familiar from our childhood memories.

  • Rating: 4 out of 5
  • Price range: RM8 - RM30
  • Unsure if halal or non-halal
  • Ambiance: Cafe
  • Style of cooking: Western/Fusion
  • Recommended order: Coffee, Durian cake, Gula Melaka Cake, Cheese Cake
  • Address: 55, Jalan Hang Jebat 75200 Melaka 
  • Business hour: Weekdays 10AM-11PM; Weekends 8:30AM-11PM

The Fat Bee

I love The Fat Bee for its location. It is located next to Holiday Inn Hotel, away from the crowded spot at Jonker Street. There's always plenty of parking even on the weekend. For a peace of mind without getting stuck in the jam and worrying after parking, I always choose to go to The Fat Bee. The cafe has all the sunlight you need to make an Instagram photo lit.

  • Rating: 4 out of 5
  • Price range: RM8 - RM30
  • Unsure if halal or non-halal
  • Ambiance: Cafe
  • Style of cooking: Western/Fusion
  • Recommended order: Coffee, chocolate brownies
  • Address: The Jetty, No. 12A, Jalan Syed Abdul Aziz (Behind Holiday Inn Hotel)
  • Business hour: Daily, 11:00AM - 12:00AM

Navy Cafe

Navy Cafe is currently my favourite brunch place. On the menu, there are a lot of experimental food such as avocado toast and fruity smoothie bowl. It has a Scandinavian styled interior and lots of wood elements which can pass off for Kinfolk editorial. It is within walking distance from Jonker Street (adjacent from the junction near The Daily Fix). However, seating is limited.
  • Rating: 4 out of 5
  • Price range: RM8 - RM30
  • Pork-free 
  • Ambiance: Cafe
  • Style of cooking: Western/Fusion/Local
  • Address: 5, Jalan Hang Kasturi, Melaka
  • Business hour: 9AM - 6PM; Closed on Monday


I love Kaya-Kaya for its brunch as well. They make really good pasta and scrambled eggs. Although I don't fancy their coffee, it is still a great place to hang out. I particularly love the courtyard seating which overlooking their signature graffiti wall. At the courtyard, there is a calm, serene and peaceful feeling when you hear the nearby temple bells ringing.

  • Rating: 4 out of 5
  • Price range: RM8 to RM30
  • Halal/Non-halal
  • Ambience: Cafe
  • Style of cooking: Western
  • Recommended order: Malacca Elvis Pancake, Kaya Cheese Toast & the pasta
  • Address: 32, Jalan Tukang Besi, 75200 Melaka  
  • Phone number: 018-9845351
  • URL:
  • Business hour: 8am - 8pm (Closed every Wednesday)


Locahouz used to be a popular cafe until they moved to Bukit Cina. At the new location, the cafe is brighter, feels homier and has more tables to accommodate more guests. Locahouz has a sister cafe that located nearer to Jonker Street called the Baboon House. I personally like Baboon House better, but due to its no-photograph house rule, I don't have any visual to show on this blog. Baboon House serves better food. Locahouz has its own charm as well. If you're a plant lover, you'll love these two cafes. It is filled with green foliage.
  • Rating: 4 out of 5
  • Price range: RM8 to RM30
  • Non-halal
  • Ambience: Cafe
  • Style of cooking: Western, Fushion
  • Recommended order: Red velvet cake, Orange Beer, Pork Belly Sandwich
  • Address: 8, Jalan Bukit Cina  
  • Phone number: +60 19-679 3993
  • URL:
  • Business hour: 10am-6pm

If you need more information about the cafes, you can head to my local blog called Eat Play Sleep Malaysia. You can find lots of information about Melaka, especially on food. You can click on the link below to go to the respective review of the food.

If you ever come to Melaka, do let me know. I'd be more than happy to go on a cafe hopping trip with you. 

Dec 10, 2017

10 Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Hello there! We've come to Christmas so closely now, but have you gotten your gift wrapped? If your answer is no, we have 10 ideas for you to experiment.

For a classy look, go for the in-trend marble wrapping paper with black ribbon. It creates a luxury feel even if it's just a box of cookie inside. To add on the glam, switch the black ribbon to rose gold.

Galaxy pattern is also another trendy design these days. You can't go wrong with a galaxy print. It's suitable for gift of all ages.

Use two wrapping papers with different designs to overlay on each other. The result creates a texture. Add some embellishments to get the festival feel to it.

Got too broke buying the presents? Just grab a brown paper and draw a bow on the top with a marker pen. Unintentionally, you will be creating one of the greatest masterpiece that no other gifts can look like it.

If you're a nature lover and have a lot of greens around, pluck some of it and place it as an embellishment. 

If you find that brown paper is too boring, create a pattern by painting strokes or splashes of paint on top of it. 

Make your gift more personalized by adding polaroid photo on the top. If you just came back from a trip recently, this would be a great conversation starter for your family and friends.

Creativity doesn't end with painting strokes on the brown paper. Use your imagination to mix and match your drawings with the embellishments you have in hand. 

For the kids, try this magical unicorn gift box. All the DIY instruction is available <<here>>. 

If you have washi tapes lying around and not sure how to use it, just create patterns out of it.

Not sure what to give this Christmas, go to my shop, Wanderlust Things, to check out some of the unique gifts. We are offering free shipping until 22.12.2017 and all orders will receive a complimentary gift tag. 

Oct 22, 2017

The Viral Plates & Bowls From Pasar Seni

I hear ye... The last time I ran a survey on this blog, lifestyle topic was the third highest requested post for this blog (first: beauty, second: travel). So I will throw in more lifestyle posts during the weekend for your reading pleasure.

Today I'm going to talk about the viral plates and bowls from Pasar Seni Central Market. To set the record straight, the shop is not located inside Pasar Seni Central Market, but it is at the corner of the shophouse right outside Central Market main entrance. Although some call it the Central Market/Pasar Seni viral plates, you now know, it is not inside the building.

The vendor has been selling the plates and bowls for a few months now and they aren't going to be here forever. Once out of stock, that's the end of it. When I was there last week, there was hardly any human traffic and definitely not as crowded as how it was portrayed on social media when it first pops up. Perhaps, the hype already wears off, or maybe I was there on weekday working hour. Shopping was a breeze generally due to the lesser crowd, however, there are many designs been sold out, which means options are limited.

After the plates went viral, a UM professor warned the public of the danger of these plates. Apparently, it is painted and the paint tends to dilute as you use it. I'm not going into how bad it is to our health, common sense tells me, those free plates you get from toothpaste aren't safe to use as well.

Who should be visiting this viral plates shop:

  • Instagramer - I swear your photo will gain lots of likes.
  • Restaurant/cafe owners - Cheap beautiful kitchenware. Nuff said.
  • Beauty bloggers - Get some props for your next blogpost flatlays.
  • Housewives - Get all orgasmic over these beautiful bowls that will make your kitchen pop.
  • Artists - Inspirations everywhere!

When I was surveying the designs (I can't make up my mind whether to focus on the Japanese, Turkish or Chinese designs), one restaurant operator was bargaining for the plates. He told me that it was his third trip and his customers really enjoy seeing their meals on the beautiful plates. There you go.... even if you don't use it, somewhere the restaurants you visit are using the same plates. You really don't have to worry much about whether it is safe or not. Just don't use it for your babies' food.

If you're really OCD about it and still wants to buy the plates, you can use it for decor. This is my haul for the trip. I swear I could get more if they aren't so heavy. Since I had to take the train back to the hotel, I settled for these few beauties.

I got a matching square bowl and a rectangle dish plate for my console table. They will be holding my necessities so that it is easy for me to grab them before leaving the house.

My most favorite piece is the china porcelain bowl that has blue flowers imprinted on it. It is so pretty to look at and also gives a luxurious vibe to it. The size of the bowl is perfect for soup or salad. I love the flat bottom of the bowl, it doesn't look like other bowls that concave at the bottom.

If you're a blogger or Instagramer, you might find some pretty dishes to score a pretty #flatlay. Otherwise, you can use it as a place for your jewelery or makeups.

The next time you take the MRT, be sure to stop by Pasar Seni station to check out these beautiful plates. It takes 1 minute walk from the station. If you can't get to Pasar Seni, you can always shop online. Here are some of my favourite picks:

Imaginist Dessert Plates. Get it <<here>>.
Dansk Arabesque Dinner Plate. Get it <<here>>.
Porcelain Serving Bowl - Medium - Gray - Project 62. Get it <<here>>.