Dec 21, 2016

On break...

Hello all,

By the time you read this, I am in London. I will be spending my Christmas here and my New Year in Paris. I don't think I have the time to blog, so if you would like to follow my updates, do follow me on Instagram (@queenjerine). I'm so excited over this trip because it is my first time experiencing white Christmas.

I swear I will make up for my lack of updates for the next three weeks with a giveaway. I have two version of giveaway - the London box and the Paris box.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thank you for following my blog and I truly appreciate you stopping by *kiss*. 

Dec 18, 2016

Les Merveilleuses Ladurée Makeup Brushes & Vanity Accessories

I have said this a million times and I'm going to say it again... Laduree has the prettiest product design for makeups (like ever!). So far I have not seen any other brand that topped the designs. I may be biased because I am a fan of anything Marie Antoinette, therefore anything inspired by her theme gain my love immediately.

After trying out the Face Color Rose Blush, my subsequent investments were a bunch of makeup brushes and vanity accessories.

I bought them separately because Laduree doesn't sell their makeup products in sets. Albeit the products are very pretty to look at and definitely sets a high standard to all other vanity accessories, they are not really that practical.

The brushes are pretty but they don't work that well. I got the foundation brush (purple), powder brush (blue) and cheek brush (pink). The foundation brush (purple) is too soft and hard to manage. The bristles have mind of it own when I'm stippling my foundation. The cheek brush (pink) which is a blush brush doesn't pick up sufficient products. Whenever I apply my blush with this brush, I had to reapply a few times to get sufficient blush on my face. Meanwhile, the powder brush (blue), is not big enough. I use it as contour brush.

If I am going to recommend to you, I think the brush holder and hand mirror are better purchase. The brush holder has imprinted Victorian head and gold base which make every vanity feel very luxurious and princess-y.  And the hand mirror is a little bigger than palm size which makes it very convenient to have in your purse. It comes with a pouch as well.

Each of the product cost around 50euros each. So they aren't cheap but definitely worth it especially the brush holder and the mirror. 

Dec 17, 2016

#IWillBeOkay Beauty Bag by Street Love

Hi all! Just some updates about my life. Earlier in September, I felt a pinch in my job. I was going to get out of job, so it seems. My position was redundant. Some of the days I just sit in the office and watching Youtube videos. It seems, 2017 economy crisis will hit us bad. Being afraid of losing my job, I started a new project (to be announced soon). I need a platform to jump to just in case I am going to be jobless. It is seriously scary since I have a few commitments to attend to. But December strike me with another surprise. My company will be going production full swing. In fact, we will hit the busiest time in history. Directions are coming in and I was back in my duty. It's a good news.

However, life is also taking a toll on me because I am getting so busy with my job, at the same time I have to continue with my project because some money have been invested in it. On top of that, I schedule a holiday because I thought I had nothing to do at work. My home is a complete pig sty with pile of clothes to be washed, folded and iron. Even if I have 48 hours to spend for a day, I can't possibly complete everything.

My point is, it is easy for my to slip into depression with almost the entire world on my shoulder. In the end, I just have to keep going. Whatever that has to be done, has to be done. I cannot sit around and sulk. I can't let my emotion and depression to take control. If I do, everything that I have will slip away.

When Fiona of Street Love came out with her #IWillBeOkay beauty bag for charity, I told myself I need to support the course. Not just that she's an amazing friend in my beauty blogger circle, I acknowledge the hardwork she puts into perfecting the beauty bag. I have experience in managing beauty box, it is not easy to get sponsors and balance the expectation of the beauty box subscribers.

The content of the beauty bag is amazing (I had to take photo out of frame to fit everything). Let's check out the beauty stuff inside the bag:

Clinivita Placenta Concentrate - something I've never try before... placenta! I have a mixed feeling when I got this, but let's hope for the best. I'm sure it will be a great product since I've heard a lot of positive reviews on placenta products.

Pure Beauty CC Cream - This is a limited edition additional product for lucky subscribers. I guess I'm really lucky to have it out of the many subscribers. It is a CC Cream that comes with  SPF30 PA++.

Linden Leaves Body Oil - This is my personal favourite. And it comes in time for me to bring over to London. Since my skin won't behave well during winter, it would be a great product for me to bring over. The size is also plane friendly. Big huge thumbs up for this.

Breena Beauty Eyeshadow Brush - There are two variant to the brushes if you subscribe to the beauty bag. The one I received is the basic eyeshadow brush.

Murad Intensive Age-Diffusing Serum & Essential-C Day Moisture - Murad is one of the great skincare brand. It is one of the rare brand that give immediate effects after first use. The bag also comes with a RM50 facial voucher.

Physicians Formula Happy Booster Finishing Powder - I'm not a fan of this product but I will include this in my giveaway. I'm sure someone else would love it since the packaging is adorable.

The beauty bag also comes with RM50 Mini Mini Cafe (Mid Valley) voucher. That's a generous amount of voucher. You can have a meal there!

Total value of the content is around RM600+, but the subscription only cost RM99. It is limited, so if you want to subscribe it, do so fast. To subscribe to the beauty bag, simply fill up your details <<here>>. 

Dec 13, 2016

Hada Labo's New 3D Perfect Gel For A More Lifted, Firmer and Sculpted Look

As we age, our skin loses elasticity and radiance. Aging also makes skin more susceptible to dryness as well as becoming thinner and paler. Therefore, it is important to incorporate targeted treatments into our skincare routine to treat the effects of aging.

Hada Labo has launched its 5-in-1 3D Perfect Gel. As its name suggests, the 3D Perfect Gel is a multifunctional 5-in-1 moisturizer that helps lift and define the skin's 3D contoured appearance for a more sculpted look. It functions as a cream, milk, essence, emulsion and sleeping mask to nourish and repair aging skin. The 3D Perfect Gel contains multi benefits for the skin - offering the skin a firming, anti-aging effect, delivering high moisturization levels and also offers the user ease of use.

The new 3D Perfect Gel comes with a unique restoration gel texture that aims to give the skin a more lifted, firmer and sculpted look. Formulated with 4 types of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) + Sacran, this 5-in-1 moisturizer deeply hydrates skin from the surface to inner skin layers for intense hydration and it also contains 3D Hyaluronic Acids (HA), an advanced generation to interlock Hyaluronic Acids structure which instantly replenishes and boosts skin with deep hydration and locks in long-lasting moisture. In addition , it contains Retinol Vitamin A to help promote skin elasticity and significantly diminish appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to refine skin smoothness.

To top it off, the latest 3D Perfect Gel is also formulated with Hydrolyzed Collagen which helps to lift and define the skin's 3D contoured appearance. Aging skin problems such as age spots and uneven skin tone are repaired and lightened with the formulation of Resveratrol Extract, a powerful anti-oxidant from red wine.

All Hada Labo products are packed with the best ingredients. It is also free from fragrance, alcohol, mineral oil and colorant, which makes it suitable for all skin types.

The all-new Hada Labo 5-in-1 3D Perfect Gel, 100g (RM94.90) will be available exclusively at Guardian stores nationwide starting September 2016.

Dec 7, 2016

[Review] Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense Sunscreen

When my aunt passed away, I inherited a lot of her stuff, including this Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense Sunscreen. I have seen her using this for years. She was the one who preached to me about wearing sunscreen daily. At her 50s, she looks like she's in mid-30s. I guess the sunscreen helps in keeping her youth.

I use this sunscreen on a everyday underneath my foundation. What I love about it is the texture. It is light weight and not greasy. It doesn't give the icky feeling like most sunscreen. Because of the texture, it blends well with the foundation.

In terms of protection, it has SPF50 PA++++ which adequately shield your skin from UVA and UVB for 6 hours under the sun. This is one of the high protection sunscreen among all the face sunscreen. It is non-scented and suitable for sensitive skin.

It doesn't give adversed effect on my skin - no breakouts, no oily outbreak during the day and doesn't melt under the sun. Because of this, it is probably one of the best sunscreen to wear underneath the foundation.

I highly recommend this sunscreen to those of you who are active under the sun. It costs RM160 for 30ml. It does come in limited edition 60ml packaging but available for certain period only. Available at all Kiehl's shop.

Dec 4, 2016

[Review] Les Merveilleuses Ladurée Face Color Rose Blush

Purchase this Laduree Rose Blush from <<here>>

If this is not the prettiest blush in the whole wide world, I don't what is. The Laduree Rose Blush is by far the most talked about blush of all the blushes ever created. It is because of the fine crafted rose petals of the blush. And also because the Marie Antoinette inspired packaging that drives all the girls wild.

When I first open the box, my heart melted. I swear...

Everything about this blush is perfect, especially the presentation. It looks great on the dressing table and it is so beautiful to look at. When applied on the cheek, the colour is very subtle. Although the colour isn't very pigmented, it can build up to the shade you desire. It blends really well with the foundation. If you love natural blush look, this is definite the product to go for.

Although I love everything about this blush, I need to point out that it isn't the most practical blush. First of all, the price is extremely expensive for a blush. I believe I paid around RM500+ for both the product and the case. The whole thing don't come in a set. You have to buy them separately.

The case is not practical as well. The cap doesn't lock, so it is impossible to be carried around. Your only option is to leave it on the table.

The product itself is superb. I have never tried any blush like this before. The color is so subtle and it intensify after you blend it in a few times. If you really want to try this out, you can purchase the product without the case. In my opinion, the case is only nice to have. It won't really that costly if you get just the product. It comes in a plastic container as shown above. To use the blush, you simply swirl your brush on the petals and apply it on your cheek as usual. The color is matte and it lasts very long, almost entire day. It has very strong rose scent, but the scent fades away after you apply it.

Ladurée products are only available in Paris, Taipei, Japan and Hong Kong. If you are going to any of the country, be sure to put it on your shopping list. Alternatively you can get it on Amazon.

Here is comprehensive show and tell review by Tati. I think her video is definitely on point and I can agree with her on every single thing she said about the blush.


Dec 1, 2016

Just Trying: IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream with SPF50+

I got this as a sample from Sephora. There are a lot of hypes on this so I am excited to try it out. I personally do not like CC Cream (or BB Cream). Check out the difference between BB Cream and CC Cream <<here>>.

I find it very oily and don't last long. Not only the texture is oily, it promotes all the oiliness from my face. I feel like I could fry an egg on my face at the end of the day.

The texture could pass as a foundation because it is rather thick. It is medium coverage and buildable til full coverage.

I'm glad I got to try this in a trial because this product is definitely not for me due to the grease. It is a decent CC Cream if you have dry skin. But if you have a normal/combination/oily skin, you might want to skip this. 

Nov 30, 2016

November 2016 Favourites

I figure out I should start monthly favourites to dump all the good stuff I have tried at the end of the month onto this blog. Sometimes (well, most of the time actually), I don't have enough time to blog a full review post, so this section will compile all the good stuff that I want to introduce to you. This month is a low month for me because I took a vow on cutting out my purchase.

#1 - Banana chocolate chip muffin
This recipe is so simple. First, melt 1/4 stick of butter. Add ripe bananas (4-5 pieces) into a mixing bowl with the melted butter. Add brown sugar (3/4 cup) and vanilla essence (1/2 tablespoon). Mash all the ingredients until the banana is crushed into small pieces. Add flour (1 and 1/2 cup), baking powder (1/2 tablespoon) and baking soda (1/2 tablespoon). When all the ingredients are mixed together, add chocolate chips (amount up to you to decide). Scoop the mixture into cupcake cups and then bake them at 200 degrees celsius for 15-20 minutes.

#2 - London Beauty Queen Blog
While I was searching for beauty products to shop for in London, I accidentally found the London Beauty Queen beauty blog. The writer started as a beauty brand manager. Her blog had won many blog awards. What I love about the blog is the unique write-ups (appreciate her unbiased opinion on beauty products review) and her creative flatlays.

#3 - Back support strap
If you don't know me personally, you might not know that I am suffering from mild scoliosis. It is a medical condition where the backbone is in an abnormal shape. Because of the condition, my left shoulder is constantly in pain (there is never a minute that I don't feel the pain) due to the backbone curve pushing my shoulder muscles upwards. As a result my muscle is strained. I stumbled upon this backstrap in a medical supply shop and got it. I only put it on while at home when I am doing housework. Although it doesn't heal my problem entirely, I do feel less straining on my left shoulder. At the same time, I feel some tingling feeling on my left waist (on the spine area), which I translated it as an improvement. Hopefully in a long run, this backstrap can help my backbone gets it shape back. If you are in your 30s, you should really start taking care of your backbone.Taking calcium pills, drinking milk and putting on back support like this are the little efforts which you can take. Your older you will thank you for it.

#4 - Haribo Worms

I didn't like sweets or candy in the beginning. This is because my mom has a grocery store and I was always surrounded by sweets & candies. Recently, I put a pack of Haribo Worms into my shopping cart and then I became a convert immediately. And now you can see me with a pack of Haribo anytime and anywhere. I even tried to convert my colleagues. Whenever someone pass by my table, I will be offering them, "Do you want to have some worms?"

#5 - Mary Kay TimeWise 3-in-1 Cleanser

This is the lazy girl holy grail product. It is called 3-in-1 cleanser is because it is (1) a regular cleanser, (2) it removes makeup at the same time you are doing your cleansing, and (3) it is a mild scrub which can be used on a daily basis. You see why I call it the lazy girl holy grail? If you are a lazy girl and want to have a thoroughly clean skin, you should incorporate this cleanser into your skincare regime daily. By the way, I am also a Mary Kay beauty consultant. If you are interested to try this out, do contact me.

I will be putting up my monthly favourites at the end of each month. On this section, I will be sharing the good stuff I have experienced personally. If you have any good stuff to recommend to me, make sure you do let me know so I can check it out as well.

Nov 27, 2016

Top 10 Must-Buy Beauty Products When in London

The thing I am most excited about traveling to London is the shopping. More specifically the beauty products I can get! I do not have any fashion items on my shopping lists, but the beauty shopping lists are definitely longer than the London Bridge. Here are the 10 beauty items/brands that I think you should check out when you're in London.

#1 - Rimmel

Rimmel is quintessentially British. With Union Jacks and a royal crown design on its palettes, this is on the top of my list for beauty shopping. Rimmel was a brand well-loved around the world, however, they didn't last long in Malaysia market. Their mascara was one of the best mascara I've tried. At a drugstore price, you can get really good quality products. And with Kate Moss as one of their team member, this brand is a great drugstore brand. It doesn't cost much, so it would be a great item for souvenirs for your girlfriends.

#2 - Max Factor

Max Factor face the similar fate as Rimmel. They landed Malaysia for a few years and then quiet down and disappeared. Max Factor has very good mascara and foundation. I remember trying the concealer and it is one of the best drugstore concealer.

#3 - Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin has the prettiest lipstick ever. The nail polish is really special as well. The bottle is so sharp you can stab your enemy's eyes with it. Anyway, I think you should at least get one of the lipstick because you will regret your entire life if you don't. There are a few different textures for you to choose. They also have lipglosses in a similar packaging, but transparent. You can get it from Selfridges.

#4 - Huda Beauty

I am mentioning Huda Beauty again because the lip contours received too many hypes that we can't ignore. From the swatches and review, you know that it is one of the best matte liquid lipstick in the market. With Huda's high expectation on product quality, you can be sure that the lipstick won't disappoint you. If you manage to see the Rose Gold palette, be sure to grab it. It is one of the highly sought after palette among makeup artists. If you're a falsy lovers, do check out the man options of eyelashes as well. Huda Beauty is available at Harrods.

#5 - Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury is a celebrity makeup artist with star-studded portfolio under her wings. She has launched her own beauty line under her name. The recommended products are the lipsticks, eyeshadows, blush and bronzer. The shades are very neutral and wearble for daily look. For those of you who aren't a makeup trend-goer and prefer classic look, this is the brand for you. Charlotte Tilbury is available at Harrods.

#6 - Tanya Burr Beauty

Of all the Youtube beauty guru, I personally feel that the Tanya Burr line is worth to try. The price point isn't high and it is in the drugstore selection. Compared to other beauty gurus that taking advantage of their fame to market their own brands, the Tanya Burr Beauty isn't like that. It is affordable and the packaging is very cute as well. The Tanya Burr Cosmetics is available at Superdrug.

#7 - No7

The No7 skincare brand is exclusively available at Boots, which is one of the leading pharmacy in UK. This brand has similar characteristic as Simple. It is suitable for sensitive skin and very mild. The price is around L'Oreal or Olay price range, so it isn't that expensive. If you have sensitive, do try out this brand.

#8 - Topshop Beauty

Yes, I know we have Topshop Beauty in Malaysia. But the Topshop Beauty in the UK isn't like the one we have here. They actually have variety of other beauty brands in their beauty section such as Lip Smacker, EOS, Tony & Guy, Tangle Teezer, etc. You can also find a other product range that aren't available in Malaysia such as Aircushion, Face mask, Contour palette, etc.

Photo from A Style Collector

#9 - H&M Beauty

H&M in the UK has one of the cheapest beauty brands in the UK. With just GBP7 you can get a bottle of perfume, GBP10 for an eyeshadow palette, GBP3 for eyeliner, and GBP5 for lip pencil, etc. You have really wide range and choices of shades as well, not to mention the packaging is as good as high end and luxury brands.

#10 - La Roche Posay

La Roche Posay is another well-loved skincare brand in the UK. For those of you who are sunscreen addict (like me), you should try the La Roche Posay sunscreen. They have different varieties of sunscreen. I have been following some London haul and it seems that most beauty gurus will stock up their La Roche Posay sunscreen when in UK. It is available at Boots.

There are a lot more brands and products that I can recommend to you such as Anastasia (available at Sephora), but I think the above are the ones you should get if you have luggage weight concern. Another brand that I highly recommend you to get is the Jo Malone perfume. Since Jo Malone is based in London, you should check out some of their products there. 

Nov 24, 2016

Ten "Halal" Beauty Brands to Try

"Halal" cosmetic is going to be the next big thing in beauty industry. However, Malaysia is a little backward in adopting this movement but we are definitely picking up. Slow but sure...

When we talk about halal, as a Malaysian, we immediately assume that it is "porkless" and "non-alcoholic". Well, almost 90% of the beauty products in the market are non-alcoholic and porkless anyway, why can't we call all of them as halal cosmetic. The term halal coins a deeper meaning. Even the operation of the business has to follow Islamic law.

Besides those local "mak cik" brands that are established in Malaysia, here are some of the awesome & younger brands that I think worth a try.

1. Flomar

Flomar is a famous drugstore makeup brand from Turkey. The brand is technically an Italian brand, however the products are manufactured in Turkey. It is a big brand in Europe compared to in Asia. In Turkey itself, it represents a quarter of the beauty market share. The brand is available in Bangkok, but so far in Malaysia, it is just sold by individuals who "smuggled" it here. Their specialty is on coloured cosmetics such as eyeshadows, blush, and lipsticks. This is one of the brand that I am interested to bring into Malaysia. Do let me know what do you think? Is it a good idea or a bad one?

Photo from

2. WOW by Wojooh

WOW by Wojooh is a home brand of Wojooh, which is a beauty supermarket in the Middle East (just like Sephora). The brand is more of a high-end addition to the luxury brands that Wojooh house. The colours and trend are highly inspired by Middle Eastern culture - you will get foundation with the shade called Desert Camel and eyeshadow palette called Mosaic Madness. Expect to pay about RM90 for a tube of lipstick. WOW by Wojooh is exclusively available at Wojooh.

3. Huda Beauty

Everyone knows Huda Beauty, right? The brand is made in popular by Huda (very famous beauty blogger from Dubai). Who am I kidding? Huda Beauty is Huda's own brand. Rumours say that the Huda Beauty Lip Contours are made by the same manufacturer as Kylie Lip Kit. Rest assured, the Huda Beauty quality is much better than Kylie Lip Kit. Besides the Lip Contour, the Rose Gold eyeshadow palette is highly sought after by makeup artists. I'm not entirely sure if this brand is halal or not, but I guess if it's good for the Middle Eastern girls, it can be good for us too.

4. Forest Colour

Our very own premium herbal cosmetic brand. The brand is halal certified and supports green initiative. Yes, we can tell by its name. Forest Colour is conveniently available at Guardian KLCC. And you can also purchase the products directly from their website. What I recommend is the Collagen Blush and Collagen Velvety Lip Colour.

5. S'N'B' Wash Off Nail Polish

A lot of Muslim girls can't wear nail polish due to the inconvenient removal process when they have to pray daily. S' N' B' Wash Off Nail Polish will solve all that problem because you can simply wash off the nail polish with water. Two downside of this product is - you can wash your hands after applying it because it will be diluted into the water, second is it can be very costly to keep applying after you wash it off. However, when attending special events, this nail polish comes really hand.

6. Samina Pure Makeup

Samina Pure Makeup is a certified halal brand established by Samina Akhter. It's main market is in the Europe. The ingredients of the products are 100% plant and mineral based. No animal trances can be found in their products. The best sellers are the foundation, mineral powder and lipsticks. So far, this brand has the strongest brand presence that has a certified halal status.

7. Sariayu

Sariayu is a brand under the umbrella of Martha Tilaar, which is a cosmetic giant brand in Indonesia. It came to my surprise that this brand isn't available in Malaysia although it is HUGE just right in our neighbour country. Some friends told me that the brand is spotted in Mydin but they don't carry the entire range. Only the skincare, bath and body products are available. Sariayu has the best and most pigmented eyeshadow in the drugstore range. They have over 100 shades of eyeshadow to choose from. There's even a book that published to showcase their eyeshadows. The price are very reasonable as well. For as low as RM12, you can get a decent lipstick. The trio eyeshadow is no more than RM20. By chance if you happen to go to Indonesia, do snatch some back here. And get me some of their Borneo collection eyeshadow, please.

8. Zuii Organic

Zuii Organic is a certified organic cosmetic brand in Australia. It isn't certified halal, but the ingredients are definitely safe to be consumed. Their best sellers are the skin tone correcting products such as foundation, concealer, makeup base and face powder.

9. Paul Penders

Paul Penders are our very own Malaysian brand which is certified as 100% natural and plant based. There isn't a wide range of cosmetic products, but the skincares are very effective despite mild on the skin. The manufacturing plant is in Langkawi, surrounded by forest and sea. You may have seen this brand in some of the beauty saloon around town.

10. Khadija

Khadija is a brand from Paris. Despite its luxury packaging and quality products, this brand actually just started to kick off. Currently the brand is involved in beauty roadshows and expo to gain attention of the halal beauty market. Apparently the brand is inspired by the beauty of the Prophet's 1st wife. The nearest to get the products are in Indonesia.

Photo from HijabTrendz

I believe there are heaps of halal beauty brands out there which are yet to be discovered. If you know of any halal certified cosmetic brands, do let me know, so I can add to the list.