Sep 27, 2020

Cameron Highlands The Smokehouse Hotel Review

This is the first time I do a staycation after the Movement Control Order was imposed. It’s probably my last time as well because I wasn't prepared to be part of the crowd that might form another Covid-19 cluster in the nation. As such, my trip remained only at the hotel, at least we did stay in an amazing hotel so it wasn't that bad. 

My partner and I, we both love Cameron Highlands. We have our spots for great food and of course, the pleasant weather is always welcoming us. We made it a point to discover different hotels in Cameron each year, and this year we pick the Smokehouse. 


Sep 23, 2020

Eyebrow Embroidery Experience (Penang)

This is not my first time doing eyebrow embroidery. I had my eyebrow done 15 years ago, a touch-up is definitely long overdue. I want to blog about this experience because I think a lot of people are interested to do eyebrow embroidery as well but lack of information to come up with the decision. I have a lot of friends who are clueless about eyebrow embroidery but have the plan to do so. If you're looking for such info, keep on reading.