Nov 2, 2015

Food in Hong Kong Disneyland & Halal Food

Contrary to popular belief, food in Disneyland is actually very good. For those who claims that Disneyland food is inedible probably don't know where to look for the good ones. Or maybe people presumed that theme parks food are restricted to food truck or fast food only. If you explore around, Disneyland has plenty of restaurants and cafes that serve food that is not only heavenly, but also fit for a king.

Crystal Lotus Restaurant (Disneyland Resort)

This is my favorite restaurant, which happened to be the very first place I alighted when I first reached Disneyland. Since the hotel was packed and I was waiting for a room to check-in into, I got myself a wholesome dim sum breakfast at Crystal Lotus. The cute Disney characters dim sum is one of the higlight at the restaurant. the barbecue pork bun is made into Three Little Pigs character, seafood pancake is made into Mickey Mouse, vegetable bun is made into Little Green Man and red bean bun is made into Duffy! Kids will love the dim sum here. There is also the seasonal Tasmanian crab. The Crystal Lotus Restaurant is located at the Disneyland Resort.

Enchanted Garden Restaurant (Disneyland Resort)

The Enchanted Garden Restaurant is a great place for buffet breakfast. Not only there are a lot of options on the buffet deck, there is also character dining where the Disney characters go around from one table to another to greet the guests. What a great way to start your day. There are also cute foods that made into Disney character shapes. In terms of decoration, the Enchanted Garden Restaurant is by far the prettiest. It feels very princessy and reflects Snow White and Cinderella story. It's a great place to start your day with a healthy breakfast.

Corner Cafe (Disneyland Park)

The Corner Cafe is located right at the corner of Main Street. I would recommend this restaurant for dinner while waiting for the fireworks at Sleeping Beauty Castle. Reservation is preferred due to its popularity during dinner time. The meal is mainly Western, vegetarian meal also available here. I ordered the half lobster and wagyu beef steak. Of the many restaurants in Disneyland park, the Corner Cafe is probably one of the best ones. The Corner Cafe is hosted by Coca-Cola, so you can find a lot of Coca-Cola memorabilia in the cafe.

Tahitian Terrace Restaurant (Halal)

Muslim friends, the Tahitian Terrace is a certified halal restaurant endorsed by Incorporated Trustees of the Islamic Community Fund of Hong Kong. Most of the dishes are familiar to Malaysians, such as chicken korma, tandoori chicken, satay and Laksa Sarawak. The Tahitian Terrace Restaurant is located at Adventureland. Its grand entrance of African design is hard to be missed.

Starliner Diner (Disneyland Park)

The Starliner Diner is a fast food restaurant located in Tomorrowland. It is a great place for a quick bite in between your activities. I ordered the pork burger meal and it was really good. The patty was juicy and huge made of whole chunky of pork meat. The fries are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. It melts once you put it in your mouth.

Walt's Cafe (Disneyland Resort)

To end my tiring day at Disneyland, I treat myself to fine dining at Walt's Cafe which located at Disneyland Resort. For dinner main course there were choices of steak, lamb, fish, lobster, veal and vegetarian. Halal menu also available upon request. I chose the fish dish which is a piece of buttery cod. To start the meal, I was served with cold scallop with moscato jelly. For dessert, I picked the Rosemary Almond Apple Tart with caramel ice cream. The Walt's Cafe is the only fine dining restaurant here.

That is not all that I ate at Disneyland! In between my rides and shows I stopped by The Small World Ice Cream Stall, popcorn, turkey leg and waffle. In my utmost honest opinion, all the food are good. Some are better, but none of it is bad. If food is what you worry about at Disneyland, just go to Corner Cafe and it won't go wrong.