Oct 27, 2015

Hotel Review: Hong Kong Disneyland Hollywood Hotel

If you have plan to go to Hong Kong Disneyland, I would advise you to check-in into the hotel and plan your trip towards the end of your stay in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Disneyland is pretty far from the main city area and is located near the airport (approximately 10 minutes taxi ride) and there is a direct train to airport as well. Staying a night at Disneyland allows you to maximise your trip and leave to the airport from the hotel the next day. 

Initially, I was hoping to stay at the Disneyland Resort Hotel, which has a vibe of Disney Princess' Castle. It was fully booked. Then I tried my luck at the Hollywood Hotel and they have a few rooms left. 

The room has all your necessities taken care of - large bed, modern bathroom, TV, mini fridge, phone, wifi and room service. Rest assure, it is heavily decorated with Mickey motives, I almost died. To be honest, I am not a fan of Mickey Mouse. I prefer the Disney Princesses rather than the classic Disney characters, which is why my first preference was to stay at the Disneyland Resort. But I quickly give in to the cute toiletries pack. Toothbrush, toothpaste and vanity kit is presented in a Mickey tumbler. The bath gel and shampoo were not spared from the Mickey concept.

It is very convenient to travel around the Disneyland area when staying here. There is a shuttle bus that connects Disneyland, Disneyland Resort and Hollywood Hotel which I utilize a lot. From the time I touched down, I took the shuttle to Disneyland Resort for breakfast, and then back to Hollywood Hotel for a quick shower and then to Disneyland for a whole day trip. The shuttle bus also drops off at the main MTR station. A special Disney MTR 

Some may argue that the price for hotel at Disneyland is very expensive. Let me justify that, Disneyland is HUGE! There is no way you can have a fulfilled trip in a day. Moreover, it is located in Lantau Island which is out of the city. Traveling to Disneyland and back to the city will cost you a lot of time and money. I would take a relaxing trip to Disneyland and stay there to experience the magical vibe that you can't get anywhere else.

The Hollywood Hotel brings back the 1950's Hollywood glamour to your stay. If you are staying there, I would advise you to explore beyond the courtyard of the hotel, you will find a lot of hidden spots for great photos.

 After two nights at the Hollywood Hotel, I still find my trip to Disneyland was lacking. There are so many things to explore. Each time I visit Disneyland, there's something new. Alas, my wish to stay at the Disneyland Resort is still not fulfilled. Til the next time..


Oct 15, 2015

5 Office Habits That Make You Healthier

Loathe going to your office? The thought of being in office makes you feeling lethargic? If your answers are yes, then read on and discover how you can make office a healthier place to be. After all, we spend majority of our day in office and it is best to grow some positive vibes around.  

We cannot deny that office is a place with accumulated negative vibes. Bad news, whether you like it or not, deadlines, demanding bosses, coworkers with bad attitudes, and office politics are some things you can't avoid and have to face at all time. Good news is, you can improve on your own inner wellbeing while at work. 

#1 - Take 5 minutes break every 1 hour 
Our brain can concentrate at its optimum level for at most an hour. You will then need to reboot it with 5 minutes break away from your work. Take 5 to read news online, go to the restroom, have coffee break, or simply close your eyes and shut down for a moment. Continuous working for long hours will result in lower quality results in your work and make you less productive. 

#2 - Do a one-location exercise at least twice a day
Do some stretching exercise at your cubicle whenever you take the #1 five minutes break. Alternatively, roll tennis ball underneath your feet helps blood circulation while you're sitting. If the space permits, spread your workout mat and do a simple yoga. Your body needs some movement to get the oxygen up to your brain. 

#3 - Crack a joke with your coworkers
Laughter is the best medicine. Share a funny post or joke with your office mate. This will lighten the mood and also increase bonding with your team. Make sure the jokes you're cracking don't offend anyone. 

#4 - Take a dose of sunshine
The sun does not only provide vitamin d and e, it is also a mood lifter. Guess why some people have winter depression? The main reason is lack of sunlight. Walk towards the window and take a dose of uv while you're on the phone. If your office blocks out the sun, walk out of the building once a day. 

#5 - Drink plenty of water
This is pretty self-explanatory. Besides keeping you hydrated, it also increases the oxygen level in your brain while helps stimulate thinking. 

Do you have any good office habits to share with me? Comment below and I would love to try it out. 


Oct 5, 2015

Gifting with Meaning

Last year I started a small e-commerce site because it is a cool thing to do these days. By the end of the year, I ran out of options to maintain my business and eventually closed down the business. It was around Christmas, and my friend Chris got me the Sophia Amoruso's #GirlBoss book.

To her, this is the best gift at the right time. She wanted to give me a book on business tips, hoping I can learn something from it. However, the book she gave me is not about business at all. It is about the founder of Nasty Girl, started with dumpster diving, selling clothes on eBay and now owning a billion dollar business. She had mistakenly bought a book thinking it is a business guide book. However, it is an inspirational book that only inspires itself. Despite carefully picked by Chris, the book is not for me. It doesn't speak to me. I don't know how it can be useful for my venture into fashion business.

Chris didn't have to give me the book. She didn't owe me anything. However, she spent the 1 hour of her lifetime looking for something which she thought can help me improve in my career. That 1 hour she could have spent it with her family. She could have used the 1 hour to replenish her sleep. She could have saved that 1 hour doing something meaningful for herself. But she chose to spend it on me. The book costs her more than just 1 hour. It also cost her money. She spent RM80+ on me. That could have lasted her a week of groceries!

But, that didn't matter at all. It is not the book that I cherish. Material things come and go. In fact, material things don't mean anything. It is the gesture of how it is presented that mean something

The thing that I truly appreciate is friendship like Chris'. And I am blessed with wonderful friends who are like Chris. I am thankful that I am surrounded by genuine people who are constantly wishing nothing but the best for me.

Yvonne got me the rosary from Vatican, hoping that my prayer becomes more effective. She also got for me the Victoria's Secret's limited Bombshell holiday collection from London because I'm a big fan of Bombshell perfume. This shows that I'm always in her mind wherever she goes to.

Shikin got for me my very first SK-II product - the famous Facial Treatment Essence. She was promoting it to me after she use it and sworn by it. I was reluctant to get it, obviously because of the steep price. Without any hesitation, she bought a 215ml bottle for me at the airport during our holiday. She really wanted to share the good things with me. And I'm glad she did. It has been my staple beauty product ever since. I still keep the empty bottle of the SK-II FTE that Shikin gave me.

Alicia got me a patch of grass. It is quite funny. But I need the grass so badly at that time because I was taking photographs on real grass. It was so inconvenient. With the fake grass, I could take photo comfortably at home. Recently, she got me skin moisturizer tester. Oh my, I wanted this so badly. As a beauty blogger, this machine will definitely help me a lot! She always take note of the little things I want and need.

These are just a few of the very thoughtful gifts that I received from my friends. There are a lot more and I can't possibly list all of it.

The greatest gift I've ever received in my life is friendship. Sometimes it is odd to me that how these people are not biologically related to me, not compelled to care for me, but willing to do it anyway. And it is nice to know that I'm always in their mind wherever they go. The bond is something magical that I can't explain. I am truly fortunate to have these girls in my life.

Share with me what is your most meaningful gifts by commenting on this post and stand a chance to win the SK-II Pitera Essence set (containing the iconic Facial Treatment Essence 75ml, Facial Treatment Clear Lotion 30ml, and a piece of Facial Treatment Essence Mask) worth RM229. Contest end Oct 15, 2015. The best story will win. Good luck!

Also, you are invited to SK-II #changedestiny World Festive Edition special event happening 5-11 October 2015 at Mid Valley Megamall Centre Court.