Jul 27, 2017

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette Review

This is one of those eyeshadow palette that screams “GET ME NOW!”. The packaging is awesome. I’ve never seen any packaging as cool as this one. The colour combination is wearable and there is a mixture or warm and cool tone. Everyone can use this palette whether you are fair or dark skin. If you have been using any Urban Decay eyeshadow before, you know that UD makes high quality eyeshadows. I don’t see why you should resist getting one for yourself.

The packaging is different from the previous Naked Palette. It has a metal base and plastic cover. Looks some sort like a glass window. The overall material is made of plastic and metal which is sturdy and looks extremely good.

Let’s get into the swatches because that is what gets everyone excited.

Ounce - Ounce is a subtle shimmer white which is good for highlighting the inner corner of your eyes and underneath the brow bone.

Chaser - Chase is close to the skin tone. I love to use this as a base. It also serves as a transitional color if you're going for a dark color to light color.

Sauced - This shade resembles wood brown. It is also a transitional color.

Low Blow - Low Blow is a darker version of Sauced and it can use to create depth on the eyelid. You can use this as a contour shade as well.

Lumbre - Lumbre is an extremely beautiful color. It is a salmon pink with gold shimmer. The combination kills me. This shade reminds me of Candied Peach from the Too Faced Peach Palette.

He Devil - I don't fancy the name of this shade but this shade is so pretty. You can hardly find any eyeshadow that can be worn by itself - and this is the one which is perfectly ok to wear on your eyelid on its own.

Dirty Talk - Dirty Talk is a orange shimmer that reflects as warm copper tone.

Scorched - Is a copper tone. When applied lightly, it does resemble rose gold.

Cayenne - Is very similar to the Tarlette in Bloom palette Rebel. It is a chocolate milk shade.

En Fuego - Also has a dupe in the Tarlette in Bloom palette. It is similar to Leader. It is a brunette color.

Ashes - Of all the eyeshadows in this palette, Ashes has the worst quality. It appears chalky and patchy. It is a tree bark color. I'm pretty disappointed with this one.

Ember - Ember is an old rusty gold shade. The pigmentation and color pay-off is extremely satisfying. However, when removing it, I notice that there is a dark blue/black base. It appears to be hard to remove unless you use makeup wipes or oil-based remover.

As usual the Urban Decay palette comes with a duo ended brush. These brush are high quality brushes and useful for traveling.

Overall I love the palette. However, I also think that the shades aren't that special. There's no new shade that caught my eyes other than Lumbre. If you already have a few neutral brown shade palette, you won't miss it if you skip this one. If you don't have one, you should invest in this. It has all the cool and warm tone, a mixture of matte and shimmer and it has all the shades to create almost any look you want. The left side of the colors are also very easy to wear for daily look.

I have been advocating Urban Decay eyeshadow for awhile now. I wonder if any of you do pick up the eyeshadow to try it yourself? After I tried all the eyeshadows, the Urban Decay one is good even without primer. It lasts long, blends well and don't wear off after a sweaty hot day. Because of that I really like the quality of the eyeshadow.

Available at Sephora
Price: RM230

Jul 24, 2017

5 Things to do at Heineken Experience Amsterdam

If you think that the Heineken Experience is just another beer factory, you are entirely wrong. The Heineken factory is located elsewhere and the Heineken Experience (as the name suggested) is a hub where you learn everything about the internationally famous beer brand.

Some quick info if you would like to visit the Heineken Experience:

  • Is children below 18 allow? Yes. Provided accompanied by adult and the child is not given drink coupons and not allowed to drink alcohol beverage in the premise. 
  • How much is the ticket? It's 16euro for one adult and children from 12-17 years old pay 12.50euros.
  • Do you need to show ID prior to entering the place? Yes. You can use your passport or national ID to prove you are 18 above.  

I was thinking that the Heineken Experience would be a boring place, mainly because I don't drink. I am not interested in beer nor alcohol, but I didn't mind accompanying the mister because the Heineken Experience was one of his bucket list for Amsterdam. The trip exceeded my expectation. This is why I am going to show you what are the five things you can do at Heineken Experience.

#1 - Bird's eye view of Amsterdam

Amsterdam do not have a lot of high rise buildings, therefore there are only a few places where you can have a bird's eye view of the city. The Heineken Experience rooftop bar has a fairly good view of the town and it is probably the best place to enjoy your cold beer while watching people busy about their daily lives. 

#2 - Beer tour

You can't say that you've visited the Heineken Experience without participating in the beer tour. You will learn about how the beer is made. Surprisingly, there are only four main ingredients in every Heineken beer, they are water, barley, hops and yeast. You will also get to go through every processes and partake in the mock process. I did help out a little in grinding the barley. 

#3 - Play games

There are many high technology games which keeps the visit really fun. I bet this would be the best place to bring your kids. Since Heineken is the main sponsor of many sporting events, you can also find mini sports such as football, rugby or snooker game at the game room. I think I enjoyed myself the most at the games section on top of the veranda view at the rooftop bar. 

#4 - Enjoy freshly brewed beer

Like I said I'm not a fan of beer and alcohol. But I do agree that the beer at the Heineken Experience completely blew my mind (not literally). They're freshly served and you can taste the smooth quality of the beer. Unlike any other Heineken beer that has been bottled or canned. You can see the bubbles floating from the bottom of the glass and it continues to float until the last drop of your beer. 

#5 - Bring back a souvenir

Like any typical places of interest, at the end of the tour there's always a souvenir shop. I got myself two bottles of Heineken with my personalized name and a beer glass personalized with my name as well. Instant regret happened when I had to pack my bags. Seriously, skip the bottles and the beer glass. They're heavy and not practical to carry in your suitcase. Lucky enough, nothing happen to the glasses, it just added extra weight in my luggage which could have spared for other stuff. I also had digital souvenir to take back with me. At the games section, you can film some videos and take photos and have them send to your email directly. I wanted to show you guys my funny video unfortunately the file is only active for a month. Be sure to download it and save it in your own hardware, or else you will risk missing it like me... 

The Heineken Experience is really easy to access to. I walked from the Rijksmuseum (where the I love Amsterdam sign is) which is only 5 minutes away. Alternatively you can take tram or buses that stop directly in front of the Heineken Experience. I do suggest you to go there. The ticket is not expensive and it is definitely going to be one of the major highlight of your trip. 

Jul 23, 2017

Pancake Amsterdam Review

I'm giving it a thumbs up for this one
Berenstraat 38, 1016 GH AmsterdamOpen:  daily from 9:00 to 18:00

Prins Hendrikkade 48, 1012 AC AmsterdamOpen: daily from 8:00 to 20:00.

Prinsengracht 277, 1016 GW, AmsterdamOpen: daily from 8:00 tot 20:00

Pancake is the national food of Netherlands. While we can't live without nasi lemak, the Dutch can't live without their pancakes. Being first time in Amsterdam, I have no idea where I can get a good pancake. Pancake Amsterdam keeps popping up on every print leaflet and magazines that I got my hands on since I reach Amsterdam. There are two sides of review on the place - some said it's overrated but some praise the food. On the first morning, I decided to have an original Dutch breakfast there to try it myself.

On a cold winter morning, I settle for a cup of comforting ginger tea. It's my first beverage since I first set foot on Amsterdam, the change of weather got my nose running and the ginger tea is absolutely a savior!

The pancake is huge! You can have one for a full meal! From the menu, the smoked salmon with creme fraiche, guacamole and chive seems like a good choice. And the bacon and cheese is too hard to resist. The smokes salmon pancake was savory and I got addicted with the combination of creme fraiche and guacamole. It tasted so good that it inspired me to make a smoke salmon guacamole and creme fraiche pizza when I came home. The bacon and cheese is to die for. It is crispy on the side, the cheese literally melted in my mouth. It isn't exaggerating if I say it is the best thing I've tried in my life. #longlivebacon

On the next day, I craved for more pancakes. The bacon and cheese pancake really got me so addicted. It's amazing that I even passed by another Pancake Amsterdam shop opposite the Centraal. I feel like God answered my prayer. I wanted to get a different flavour, so I ordered the ham and cheese. On the first bite, it was a great regret. It's not like it's bad or anything. But I've tasted the bacon and cheese and it was so much better than the ham.

They give out a little stroopwafel as appertizer. The stroopwafel is a national snack in Netherlands, I think it is nice for them because I get to taste some stroopwafels. And they also present you a small wooden clog keychain when you leave as a souvenir.

I don't know about those comments saying this place is overrated. I did enjoyed my food and I love the ambiance which is a small and warm cafe style. I think I would go back there again if I'm going back to Amsterdam. The food is very good, especially the bacon and cheese one. And I also find that the outlet at Berenstraat cooked better pancakes than the one opposite Centraal. 

Jul 17, 2017

Legend of the Bali Curse

This is fun to know and not to be taken seriously. If you have not heard of the Bali curse, it is about time for you to learn the legend. 

Back in history, there was a princess living in Bali. She had a lover which the couple was due to be married. He was a prince, a royalty as well. The marriage did not take place and he broke off the engagement and she was left alone. Later the princess learn that the prince fell in love with another woman.

In the extreme heartbreak situation, she put the island on a curse. A curse that every couple who have had pre-marital sex when living on the island will eventually break up within 6 weeks to 6 months. 

On the other hand, there are some explanation saying the curse does not cover the entire Bali island, but more specifically on Tanah Lot. That means, couples that go to Tanah Lot are not to engage in pre-marital sex while on the island.

This curse was proven wrong by a few friends who have been there. However, it is something interesting which I ought to share with you. Every land has its own legendary folklore. Have you heard of any folklore from your own hometown? Comment below, I would love to discover stories like that.

Best Place to View Sunset in Bali

If watching sunset is on your bucket list when traveling to Bali, do not miss out the beautiful scene at Tanah Lot. Tanah Lot is a huge rock formation on the beach that sits a Hindu temple. The temple is believed to be guarded by a giant sea snake.

The temple is one of the seven sea temples on Bali island. Many visitors visit the temple and pray for good luck and wealth. At about 6pm, the high tide of the sea rise above the rock and separates the temple from the beach. 

To get a first class view of the sunset, we advise you to climb up to the cliff on the beach. There are a few cafes on the cliff that allows you to pick your front row seat for the sunset. Order a chilled drink, sit back, relax and wait for the sun to set as your day slowly unwind. 

Take note on how the blue painted sky slowly changed to blood orange. And then it slowly turned into purple and the dark takes over.

The silhouette of the temple creates a beautiful backdrop for your viewing pleasure. 

As you walk out to the main street, stroll through the night market. There are snack stalls lining up on the street. And we highly recommend the roasted corn with cheese.

Visitor's tips: The best time to visit Tanah Lot is around 5pm. Take an hour to explore the temple on  the rock island. When you notice any sign of high tide, return to the beach and make your way to the cafe. The sun set around 6:30 pm - 7:00 pm, depending on the period of time of your visit.

The Winner Is....

I haven't been keeping my promise on the giveaway I recently organized. I'm not usually air-headed, but lately has been crazy (I don't even have the time to call my grandma for the past 2 weeks #guilty). It's all because of my work project. I thought I would be relaxing after my project go-live on 3rd July, apparently it didn't turn out that way. I am still busy as ever but I have to spare some time to announce to you the winner of my giveaway. It is..............

WeeLing Yee

Congratulations. I will keep in touch with the winner on FB. Do stay tuned for my next giveaway. It would be something different.


Jul 12, 2017

H&M Beauty Haul (Singapore)

This post has been sitting in my draft for as long as I remember. I took my time to blog about it because I thought it wasn't available in Malaysia, so I took my time to publish this post. According to reliable source, H&M will be launching their beauty line in Malaysia this fall (who the heck use "fall" as a time reference in Malaysia anyway?). Yay!!! All beauty fanatic rejoice! You really should try some of their products because the quality is so good. I will explain why below.

I purchased my H&M Beauty haul from the Singapore H&M flagship store at Orchard Road. The beauty section is located on the second floor. I picked up the blush, the compact foundation and eye shadow to try it out.

The blush is one of the highly recommended product. To begin with, the packaging is on par with high end brands. Somehow it reminds me of Marc Jacobs Beauty packaging. This product is also made in Italy, I wouldn't be surprised if it comes from the same manufacturer as Marc Jacobs Beauty (MJB blush is also made in Italy). The blush blends perfectly and last a long time (approximately 8 hours). It is not cakey and do not fade during mid-day when the face gets oily. I purchased this for SGD14.99. In my opinion, it's a perfect blush for a budget price tag. Plus, there are plenty of shades for you to choose.

I added the Immaculate Compact Foundation in my shopping lot because I was impressed when I tried to swatch it on my hand. Although it is in powder form, when applied it looks flawless like as if you applied cushion foundation. It isn't cakey and the coverage is medium, which is appropriate to cover light spots. Unfortunately it gets a bit patchy when your skin gets oily. Not a bad foundation to try out, but definitely skip this if you have oily skin. Price SGD17.90.

I did not intend to purchase any eyeshadow, but man... this emerald green caught my eye and I just fell in love. The formula is buttery, easily to blend and extremely easy to work with on the lid. I blend it with my Tarlette in Bloom palette to create amazing emerald smokey eyes. The shade is The New Yew. It was on sale so I managed to get it for SGD5 only. Best deal ever!

Other products that I highly recommended are the Conscious line, which is H&M al naturale products. Do try their shampoo, body wash and body lotion. As for makeups, the lipsticks are their best sellers. With more than 50 colours to choose from, I'm sure you will be able to pick up one or two of your favourite shades.

As for now, there is no confirmation of which H&M outlet in Malaysia will be carrying the beauty line. I would assume the Avenue K outlet since the H&M Home is also there. I can't wait to grab more products from the H&M Beauty line. It is truly high quality at a very affordable price tag.

Have you tried any of the H&M beauty products before?

Jul 10, 2017

tarte Tarlette in Bloom Amazonian Clay Palette

Every beauty blogger has their own weakness and mine is eyeshadow. I always get attracted with the beautiful colour combination on the palette and it would be a major bonus if the packaging is beautiful as well. I picked up the Tartelette in Bloom palette mainly because of its packaging. I love watercolour effects and so happen the cover of the palette is a combination of purple and pink water coloured petals.

I also happen to be a lover of natural colours for eyeshadow. I find that I use more of the natural shades instead of funky rainbow colours. This palette attracted me all over and I just couldn't say no to it. 

Speaking of texture, this palette has plenty of matte eyeshadows, a few shimmers and one noticeably glittered eyeshadow. Let's jump into the individual shade:

L-R: Charmer, Jetsetter, Rocker, Smokeshow

Charmer: A matte ivory shade which is great for highlighting under your eyebrow or inner corner of the eyes. It is somewhat patchy, due to that I seldom use this shade.

Jetsetter: A matte taupe. This is good as a transition colour or a sculpting shade.

Rocker: A satin brown-gray shade. This shade is extremely gorgeous under the light.

Smokeshow: A matte dark charcoal brown. This particular shade isn't blendable as the rest of the shades. However, with the help of primer, it does the job fairly. 

L-R: Flower Child, Smarty Pants, Firecracker, Activist

Flower Child: A matte peach/honey shade that I often use as a base. When applied this as a base I find that the other eyeshadow blends well together. It also helps correct decoloration of the eyelid.

Smarty Pants: A matte chestnut brown color. I like to use this as a transitional colour, especially when creating smokey eyes.

Firecracker: A shimmer copper/old gold shade. Watch out for fall-out with this one. It does create a bit of a mess if you don't use a primer underneath.

Activist: Tree bark brown that creates great depth for smokey eyes.

Funny Girl: This is an extremely beautiful champagne gold. Although it has some fallout, and I need to use primer everytime I use this, I can forgive the flakiness because the color is extremely pretty.

Sweetheart: Is a tanned skin color. It has red undertone which is good as a base color for tanned skin people. It can also be a transitional color.

Rebel: Is a chocolate milk shade. It looks pretty mild on the pan but the shade is extremely rich, buttery and intensed when applied.

Leader: Lastly, on the pan is leader, which is a brunette shade. I seldom use this because it is pretty hard to match my skintone.

Overall, I really like the Tarlette in Bloom Palette because of the texture and how creamy the formula is. Although it appears to be chalky on the pan, but when swatched, the color spread nicely and the shade last really long. I also love that it is blendable, although some of the shades need aid from primer, it isn't the biggest problem with this palette.

By the way, I am giving away this palette. You will receive a new palette, of course. Check out <<this post>> how you can win it. 

Jul 9, 2017

HerTravelogue's First Timer's Guide to Nude Beach

The thoughts of going to a nude beach can be exciting and adventurous at the same time. But the reality can be the opposite of what your wild imagination would be. Here's a simple guide on nude beaches to get yourself to realign with the actual experience.
  • Every nude beach has its own rules and regulations to regulate visitor's behaviour. Any breaches to the rules will result to removal from the beach or for serious crimes, you may be arrested and prosecuted according to the local laws. Normally there will be a lifeguard or officer at the beach to monitor the activities and making sure visitors adhere to the beach rule. On a bigger beach, you may find more lifeguards.
  • "Naughty" actions are strictly prohibited. So don't get yourself too wild. And if the guys get a moment of "excitement", your only way out is to get into the water until your excitement calms down, or cover yourself behind a parasol.
  • Most of the beaches prohibit alcoholic drinks and consumption of drugs at the beach. So ditch the plan to organize wild party here. Also, people hardly socialize here. They tend to stick with the bunch of their own company. Being too friendly here may cause misinterpretation of your gestures. So, it is safe to just mind your own business.
  • Getting yourself nude is a sign of appreciation towards the nature and keeping yourself tuned into what the mother nature has to offer. Visitors are highly encouraged to strip off your clothing and enjoy yourself amongst your own company. Most people prefer to have a quiet moment here. Unnecessary loud noises will get you unwanted attention. Be sure so keep your noises low.
  • Some beaches only allow full nudity. And some are okay with half nude. Make sure you know the rules and blend in with the crowd. 

Those are some of the do's and dont's. Be sure to manage your expectation. You won't get a Baywatch scene here for sure. Never ever take photographs of the beach with the nudist in the background. Or even worse, upload it on social media. You may be sued for infringing people's privacy. Remember to pack lots of SPF.

Have you been to any nude beach before? Share your experience with me in the comment. I always love to hear experiences on nude beaches because they're so entertaining and fun.