Aug 27, 2017

Burj Khalifa Dubai: The Tallest Building in the World

If you're going to visit only one skyscraper in your life, it has to be Burj Khalifa. To date, this sculpture is the tallest building in the world, standing magnificently in the heart of Dubai. From far, you can see the luminous building reflecting the bright sun ray of the desert. You can see the sculpture everywhere you go. The nearer you get to it, the bigger it becomes, like God watching your every step.

Surrounding the building is a large man-made pool and supported by a large foundation, which is the home of The Dubai Mall. At night, water fountain at the pool dancing to the rhythm and lights, creating a symphony to give praise to the tallest building in the world.

Like most skyscraper, you are required to purchase ticket to access to the observation tower. Also, there is a headcount limit to ensure the deck is not overloaded. The observatory isn't the tallest point of the building, but it is the highest peak that opens for public access. For convenience, I would highly recommend buying your tickets online. You are able to guarantee your spot by choosing your preferred time. Tickets are also available to purchase at the counter, however your preferred time may be subjected to availability.

I'm half as tall as Burj Khalifa..... the replica.

While waiting for your entry at the lobby, feel free to educate yourself with all the information about other skyscrapers in the world. As a Malaysian, I feel proud to see KLCC standing at the hall of fame among the rest of the world. It somehow makes me feel homesick as well. Having the opportunity to stay in one of the richest country in the world (UAE), it didn't take the Malaysian out of me. Wherever I am, Malaysia is still the best in my eye. I can be standing at the tallest building in the world, staying at the most luxurious hotel, dining in a prestigious restaurant, but home is where the heart belongs.

Upon entering the lift, visitors are bound to go through a time tunnel where a huge LED screen presenting the UAE's brief history - rising from a plain desert with nothing to offer, into a rich and booming country.

At the top, I could see sand storm approaching. This reminds me of the climax scene in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

Closer to the building, you can see the beautiful sea green pool that surrounding the building. I had a glimpse of imagination what life would be if I have the chance to own one unit of the apartment right next to the pool, overlooking the impressive Burj Khalifa.

When at the top, my entire perspective changed 360 degrees. On ground, overlooking the gigantic iconic structure, I felt inferior. What seems to be God watching me, is now the totally opposite. I felt like God watching people minding their business from the top. It is pretty interesting to find how one's mindset can change to where they are standing.

Visitor's tips:

  • Purchase your ticket from
  • Allocate one day to discover Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall, water fountain and its surrounding.
  • Online tickets can be printed at the kiosk. To save your time, you don't have to queue at the counter.
  • Ticket cost about AED200 for adults, which is about RM232. 

Aug 11, 2017

Burj Al Arab Al Mahara Restaurant

When in Dubai one of my bucket list is to try out at least one 5-star restaurant. Due to lack of time and convenience, I choose to have dinner at Al Mahara Restaurant, which is at the hotel where I'm staying.

You don't have to be a guest at Burj Al Arab to dine at Al Mahara Restaurant. As long as you have made your reservation earlier, the security clearance will be smooth. Al Mahara Restaurant is Burj Al Arab's flagship restaurant. It is voted as one of the Top 10 most expensive restaurant in the world by Time Out.

Upon my arrival, I was greeted by the host and transported underground. At the entrance of the restaurant, another host will remind the guests of the etiquette and rules for dining at Al Mahara. There is a strict dress code at Al Mahara. All guests are expected to wear formal dress or entry is strictly prohibited.

My dinner started with the usual bread and breadstick served with three types of butter - plain, herb and salted.The entree was mushroom pastry served with buttery broth.

For the mains, I had the wagyu beef braised and seared with foie gras cromesquis, glazed carrot, bone marrow, cherry black pepper sauce. Mashed chickpeas and spiced sauces are served as side dishes to go along with the wagyu beef. The sauces went really well with the mains.

For a sweet ending, all tables are served with petit four. I had the glaze strawberry chocolate and praline. It was too sweet for my liking.

The experience dining at Al Mahara costed me AED900+. I wouldn't rate this as the best restaurant I've ever been. Mainly because the dishes were mediocre for a fine dining. But the experience is one of a kind. Surely if given a chance, I would return to try their seafood, which their specialty.

Al Mahara is currently renamed as Outlaw's at Al Mahara, under the culinary patronage of multi award-winning English chef, Nathan Outlaw, Al Mahara will be focusing on serving the best seafood in the world. 

Aug 3, 2017

Kittens in our car bonnet

This is one of those life-happenings that I want to document and read it when I'm older.

Last weekend, we (Z and me) drove to KL. I went off to my makeup class and Z went to check-in to the hotel. Late evening he picked me up and we went off to 1-Utama for our dinner. When we returned to the carpark, someone left a friendly note on my windscreen:

I got a shock of my life. We quickly open up the car bonnet and found.................... not one, not two, not three, BUT FOUR KITTENS stuck underneath.

We spent some time trying to figure out what to do. At the same time we were running out of time, because the parking grace period was going to end soon. We drove back to the hotel and open up the bonnet again to check on the kittens. I believe they are barely a week old. Three kittens were stuck on the left side, it was so cramp-up that they barely move at all. Another kitten was on the left.

To make things worse, it was weekend, no workshop was open and we couldn't lift up my car to open up the front cover. One good thing was they weren't actually stuck inside the bonnet but inside the front bumper of the car.

After hours of emotional stress, we finally decided to move on with our plan. We took the risk to drive with the kittens inside because we don't think they can actually get into the engine part (lucky enough my car is high).

Out of the stressful moment, it was so comical to hear the kittens meowing from the front of the car. Whenever we stop at traffic lights, motorcyclists will turn their head every where to look for the kittens. When they figure out that the sound comes from my car bonnet, most of them have a puzzled look. It's my entertainment of the day. (Although I feel bad for laughing at those kittens' misfortune).

It took us awhile to think where did the cats came from, then we thought, it must be the neighbour's. I was pretty angry because we had to go through a lot of unfortunate events with the cats:

  • Cat scratch out outdoor furniture
  • Cat eat my plant
  • Cat push off my pots
  • Cat scratch my washing machine cover
  • Cat vomit furballs at my front porch, side walkway, and my laundry place
  • Cat poop in front of my gate causing me stepping on it a few times
  • Cat pee on my shoes
  • Cat scratch my door mat
We put up with all those shenanigans because after all, we want to live harmoniously with our neighbour. After a few times triggering them the events, the neighbour did nothing to stop the cat from coming to our side. And we continue to tolerate.

If you love animals and want to keep pets in your own home, go ahead. But BE A RESPONSIBLE OWNER. I'm not sure what would happen if the cat got rollover or stuck inside my car belt and die. I would have gotten mental breakdown if the cat ever die because of me. I don't want to keep a pet because I don't want to subject myself to be responsible over the animal's life. But now I feel like I'm more responsible to take care of the cats rather than the owner. Many times I tried to carry them and put them back to their home. And I can only do so much. 

I'm not sure if I'm overreacting or too emotional, but when things happen repeatedly, it gets onto my nerves easily. Whatever complain we send to the neighbour, it just ended on their deaf ears.  I was seriously pissed off. But let's get to the happy ending.

When we arrived back home, the mother cat manage to get into my car and took the kittens out one by one. We took the kittens for a joyride from Melaka to PJ to KL and then back to Melaka. It must be a hell of experience for the kittens. 

Aug 1, 2017

Hotel Review: Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab is an iconic architecture in Dubai featuring a sail shape right at the coast of Jumeirah. The hotel silhouette is easily recognized on Dubai's skyline The hotel is usually fully booked due to its high quality customer service, hospitality and out-of-the-world experience.

Upon arriving, you will undergo a strict security check at the driveway. The security office already have a list of expected guests, if your name is not in the list you will not allowed to enter the premise. I appreciate the security measures, but as a commoner, it does feel awkward to be seated in the car and have the car scanned entirely.

You will be greeted with a extravaganza fountain at the lobby. The usual sights at hotel lobby where people waiting with luggage and the receptionist keying in details of clients at the counter are totally non-existent. The hotel staff will be expecting your arrival and prepare to transport your luggage into the room floor. Each floor has its own reception to ensure the guests comfort and privacy. Check-in is as smooth as silk - no waiting in line, no documentation and no forms to fill.

Since this hotel is frequent by politicians, celebrities and high-ranking businessmen, I do see why they have to pay so much details in their hospitality. Now, to the room. The furniture are covered in velvet and the bed sheets are made of silk. This is by far the most exorbitance hotel stay I've ever stayed in.

I could stay in the bathroom forever! I had a huge vanity unit, personal shower area and a Jacuzzi tub. The toiletries in the vanity are all from Hermes, which makes the experience even more luxurious.

The hotel would suit those who are in habit of indulgence. It is definitely one hell of an experience for me. What I regret was, I didn't have anyone to share this experience with. So I was there for one night quick stayover.

One thing which disappointed was there were no access to the beach. Instead, there is a man-made terrace which adjourned to the sea. The pool area is packed with guests and I couldn't find a sun bed to myself.

The room costed about RM4000 per night. For the ultimate luxury, their Presidential Suite isn't that pricey compared to other hotels. If I remember it was approximately RM22,000, which is what you expect to pay at other 5-star hotel presidential suites.