Jul 19, 2020

Hamisu Penang Seafood Restaurant Review 🦀🦐🦞🦑

The famous places for seafood in Penang is usually located around Batu Maung or Teluk Kumbar where the fisherman village located. If you don’t feel like driving so far, here’s a place for seafood located just right on the outskirts of Georgetown.

Location: 401, Jalan Dato Keramat, George Town, Penang
Business hour: Opens daily, 5:00PM - 3:00AM
Price range: Price varies 
Halal: No

The first time I hear the name “Hamisu”, I find it intriguing. I didn’t know it’s a seafood restaurant. It seems to me, sounded more like a speakeasy or a quirky cafe. Previously this place is known as 385 Prawning & Thai Restaurant. I'm not sure when they've changed the name. The prawning facility is still around. If you are interested to catch your own prawn, you can still do so at Hamisu. 

Hamisu means “What’s up” from Hokkien language, commonly used amongst the Penangites. 

The prawning activity isn’t my jam, so let’s get straight to the food.

I highly recommend this place because it is value for money. I wouldn’t say it is cheap because it depends on what you order. However, the price is reasonable for seafood, and especially in Penang (where most places are expensive). 

On the top of the list to order is the Sauna Prawn. The dish is so simple - tiger prawns cooked in a pot filled with charcoal. The cooking methods bring out the sweetness of the prawns while maintaining its juiciness. 

Another thing on the menu that I would recommend is the Shell-Out set. Unlike other shell-out restaurants, this place allows you to pick and choose the dishes you want. There are also different types of sauce to choose from - Kam Heong, Chilli, sweet & sour, etc. I like the shell-out here because they put it on top of the banana leaf instead of right on top of the table. So it isn't so dirty. 

For those odd ones who don’t eat seafood, you can still enjoy other dishes. The Salted Egg Fried Chicken is also one of the best-sellers. 

Overall, I do recommend Hamisu, especially for large group dining because of the value and the food is really good. One negative point is, they don’t provide the crab cracker, so it was extremely hard to eat the crab. 

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