Jul 29, 2020

Penang Opening It's First Family Mart and Here are The Stuff You Need to Try

Unless you are living in a cave, you probably know the great convenience store from Japan - Family Mart. Penangites have been deprived of the goodness Family Mart has to offer for a long time. Alas, the wait is over. There are two Family Mart stores will be opening - 30th July 2020 at Karpal Singh Driver and 8th August at Juru Auto City.

Rumour has it that Pulau Tikus will be opening another Family Mart outlet, however there is no official announcement from Family Mart yet.

If you are new to Family Mart, here are the best pick of foods you have to try:


The sofuto is the signature soft-serve from the mart. Normally, I will go for the matcha flavour. But when there is a special flavour, I will try it. The Belgian chocolate was really good. I hope they will bring it back soon. But for now until August, the special flavour is French Creme Brulee. The flavour also available on their milkshake menu too. 


Next up is the oden. I can eat this for a full meal. Since everyone has their concern on the pandemic, I'm not too sure how they serve the oden. The oden pot is pretty exposed. For the time being, I do suggest you avoid this if the preparation isn't hygienic. I always go for the crabstick, onsen egg and crab cake. 

Cooked food

I also love their cooked food section, especially the onigiri. I particularly love the salted salmon flavour. Most of the time, I will tarpao the garlic fried rice and some onigiri as my work lunch. Do try the katsu don too. It's half the price of Sushi King price but same standard of quality. 

Bubble Tea

Another common favourite is the boba. I've tried the brown sugar flavour, it isn't as good as other boba brands but still okay. However, if you find any special seasonal flavour, do try it out.

Cup Noodles

Family Mart is originated from Japan, but they do bring various cup noodles from other Asian countries. Although you might find these in Aeon but the price at Family Mart is much cheaper. 


I really love the matcha taiyaki from Family Mart! It is a waffle ice cream and sometimes it comes with atzuki filling (red bean). If you are not a fan of match, there are other flavours too such as vanilla and chocolate. 

Home-brand chips

Family Mart commission Calbee (a famous chips brand from Japan) to produce their home-brand chips. I really love the Jyaga Stick (potato sticks) and sweet potato chips. 

Special flavoured soft drinks

Another special on the list is the rare flavoured soft drinks. So far I have spotted Clear Coke, Sakura Coke and the pink Pepsi. Also, you should try out the Qoo soft drinks if you haven't. The peach flavour is my ultimate favourite. 


Lastly, do check out the sandwich section too. The sandwiches are prepared fresh. It is also one of the item that I will pack for work lunch. 

Personally, I will avoid the Family Mart opening for the first week. I am quite particular on social distancing, especially during the pandemic. Since I've been to many Family Marts before, I don't think the Penang one will be any special. However, if there's anyone I know visiting the Family Mart, I'll jump on the chance to tumpang some of the Calbee chips. 

What's your Family Mart favourite? Do comment below so that I can check it out too. 

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