Jun 28, 2012

Bloop Crack Nail Polish & Giveaway!!!

Another giveaway!!!!

This is my 7th post and I'm already my second giveaway. Well actually it suppose to be one giveaway, but because I need to separate the two posts, so I decided to separate the giveaways too so that more people can win.

And what am I giving away this time?

The Bloop Crack nail polish. I got it in the same package I ordered from Zalora. I think Zalora is the only online store that sells Bloop products in Malaysia. And they ships out nationwide for free!

Bloop Crack nail polish is a bit different from other crack nail polish:
  1. The texture is matte finish.
  2. It is really thick. When it dries up, it gives that 3D effect which I really love.
I can't really compare this with other brands whether they're good or not because it is just so unique. I've never tried any other crack nail polish that is matte. It gives you an option whether you like matte or shiny finish. If you want the shiny finish, then just apply a layer of top coat on top. And it also has 3D effect which makes the crack effect pops out. 

Here's the giveaway terms.

  1. Open to all followers of this blog.
  2. Comment "I want the Bloop Crack nail polish" on this blog below.
  3. I will announce the winner on this coming Monday (2nd July 2012) on this blog.
  4. Winner is required to contact me after the announcement. If there's no response then I will draw a new winner.
  5. Winner will receive the THREE (3) bottles of Bloop Crack nail polish as the photo below:

Good luck!

Jun 25, 2012

New OPI, OOTD and winner of Bloop nail polish

There are 2 bottles of new OPI made it to my collection - You Callin' Me A Lyre? and Piroutte My Whistle. Both of them are from the New York City Ballet collection. The two bottles cost me only RM60, while the retail would cost RM118. To find out where to buy original and cheap OPI, check out my old blogpost. I'm good in finding bargains.

Outfit of the day....

Fuschia A-line dress is from some random shop at Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid. I love the dress so much because it only cost RM59 and the cloth is really good quality. The belt comes with my work dress, so it's completely free. Black heels is from Shihlin Market for only NT300. That's RM30 and it's super comfortable! Bag from Dior. Fresh water pearl bracelet for only RM10 from street stall in Kuching. And Ring is self-designed.

I am totally beheaded in the photo is because my makeup was a disaster!!! The excuse is... my room light is not working, so the lighting was really bad. Can't wait to get the light fixed but it's too high for me to reach :(

The winner for the Bloop nail polish is......

For those who didn't win, don't be upset. I will be giving away 3 bottles of nail polish next to one lucky winner. Stay tuned ya!

Congratulations Christine K! Since I will be seeing you during our exam, can I pass it to you next month in exam hall, Christine? Just to save money on postage ;p

Jun 24, 2012

Free samples for beauty products

Hi pretties!

Have you join my Bloop nail polish giveaway? If not, do check out this post ok?

Meanwhile, I have a good website to introduce to you girls. This site gives out free samples of beauty products everyday. Free stuff is something we all girls love isn't it?

This site is....

My friend Christine introduced to me this site OnlyBeauty.com.my and so far I've successfully redeemed 4 beauty samples, all from L'Oreal. It is extremely easy to use. All you do is to sign up as usual. Then check their "today freebies" section and click on the redeem button. They will indicate how many samples their are giving out and how many people already applied. It's a game of chance. The less people apply for it, the higher chance you will receive the product. Therefore, you have to thank me because I am giving away my chances to win as I introduce this site to you all.

The "today freebies" section will only be activated on weekdays. There will be no samples to redeem on the weekends. This site is open for all Malaysians only.


  1. You pay zero money for the samples.
  2. They will deliver the samples to your doorsteps.
  3. You can try out the products before decide to buy the full size. That way you will save a lot of money.
  4. Their beauty product reviews library is quite huge. All reviews are contributed by users. So you can definitely utilize their review section as well.

  1. A lot of people will misuse this service. Inconsiderate people will apply for every single product even if they don't wish to try it. They will apply for the product for the sake that it is free. That will decrease the chance for people who actually want the product. Please..... apply for the products that you really want to try, ok?
  2. Most of their products are sample size, as it comes in packets. Most site like this in overseas provides full size products. It's free after all, there's nothing to complain about.
  3. They don't have a lot of good brands to offer. Most of the time, the samples are products I never even heard of. But last time they do have more generic brands like L'Oreal, ROC, Cinelle, Olay, etc. 

This post is not sponsored in any way. 

Jun 21, 2012

Bloop Nail Polish Sandy review & Giveaway!!!

Every time I passed by the Bloop shop, I always get attracted by the pretty deco. The shop has really chic candy store theme. I almost fooled by the deco, to be honest. I thought it’s a dessert shop until I step inside.... Oh, they actually sell makeups!

I got so distracted by the pretty stuff in Bloop that I never bought anything from there. I wanted to buy everything!!! Until last week, as I was browsing through  Zalora...... I couldn't resist anymore and bought 3 bottles of sandy nail polish. Remember long long time ago, I used to say that I foresee someone will come up with sand texture nail polish??? Well...... my prophecy came true!!! 

Anyway, Zalora made contemporary shopping so easy. They will send your shopping to your doorstep, and you don’t have to pay a single cent on the shipping! Since I live in the outback, this is one service I can see myself using all the time.

1.       The texture is very thick. You only need one coat. That saves a lot of time and product.
2.       I thought the texture is going to be as rough as sand paper. But it’s not. It just feels like matte nail polish.
3.       It has glitter particles that give a nice shine. If you paint your own nails, you know how pain in the ass it can be to remove the glitters. Well, it doesn’t happen with the Bloop nail polish. It is just as easy as removing normal nail lacquer.  So good news, if you love glittery nail polish but too lazy to remove the glitters, THIS is the nail polish for you. Just put on a top coat if you prefer a shiny effect than the matte finish.
4.       Dries very fast. This really depend whether you prefer fast drying nail polish or slow drying one. I wouldn’t advise you to use this if you want to do nail art. But if you’re busy people like me, it takes less than 1 minute for the paint to dry completely.
5.       The price is affordable. Only RM18.90 a bottle! Definitely will not burn your pocket.

1.       They don’t name the colors of the nail polish. It’s quite hard to tell which color is which because they have so many colors and some do look similar. However, they have code number which I find a bit hard to remember.
2.       The brush is quite short. Because of that it is a bit hard to paint the side of the nails.

I am going to give away ONE (1) bottle of the Bloop Sandy Nail Polish in the color of your choice. Of course your choice of color is limited to the three bottles I have. All you need to do is:
1.       FOLLOW this blog by clicking on the follow button on the right bar.
2.       State in the comment which of the nail polish you would like to receive (black, gold or purple).

If you really really really want it, then ask your sisters, friends, aunties and everyone to join to win on your behalf. I will be announcing the winner next Monday (25th June).

Good luck. 

Jun 19, 2012

How to add value to your clothes

Imagine this... Louis Vuitton paid Jennifer Lopez a huge sum of money to carry their bags. On top of that, she is given a dozen of Louis Vuitton bags for free. The rich gets richer (and free stuff). But that's how the fashion industry works. Fashion is a lucrative business so the producers will continue to milk your money out of your purse. And you, being the consumer, is trapped in their marketing system:

You earn money with sweat and tears ------> Pay for a Louis Vuitton bag ------> Louis Vuitton pays money to Jennifer Lopez for marketing.

Life is unfair isn't it?

But what if I tell you that you can break that marketing system curse and put yourself in the position of Jennifer Lopez???

You earn money with sweat and tears ------> Pay for clothes of your choice ------> The Boutique pays you money for marketing

That sounds like a good idea isn't it?

So far, there is only one boutique that I know of practice this kind of marketing. It is at SKYE the Fashion Loft Sunway 01. That's a mouthful of words. I just call it SKYE.

My friend Caren brought me there. She told me the clothes there are not bad. Since I live nearby, I thought I should check it out. She didn't tell me about their marketing system though. I found out through the store owner, Grace, when I was there.

And there's Chloe inspired short pants for summer!!!

I find a lot of high fashion inspired pieces there. It's amazing that the price is really affordable. I spotted inspired Gucci chiffon blouse, inspired Stella McCartney hand bag and then there's the inspired Prada Peter Pan collar blouse...

Most of the details on the clothes are hand sewn. It's crazy how someone can sew all these

And the fabric is of high quality, sure to last many many washes....

Although I'm not a fan of prints, I do notice that the printed pieces they have are quite unique as well.

They also carry men's line. I'm not an expert in men's clothes, but Grace said, their men's line are updated according to Korean style.

I couldn't resist the dress Grace put on her manikin at her entrance. It's so French chic style...

I really love the lace and I think it goes really well with the pearl neck line. So I bought it together with the white belt. The total was only RM142! 

Since I stripped her manikin bare naked, I helped Grace to put on another outfit up.

I wish I brought more money because there are so many things that I wanted to buy! In fact I wanted to buy the entire shop!!! But so far, I am eyeing on these two:

I'm definitely going to get the dress and the skirt when I'm back in PJ. Can't wait already...

Here's how you can add value to clothes............. 

When I was paying for my purchase, Grace told me that SKYE has something like a membership program where you shop and accumulate points. The more points you collect, the more discount your will enjoy in the store. You probably think nah.... that's an old trick to make us shop more!

But, on top of the discount system, SKYE also have referral program. Every time you refer a friend to shop in the store or any SKYE store in the country (they have a few branches), you will also collect points. And these points are different from your discount points. Your referral points are actually hard cash. At the end of the month, you will receive cheque from the points you made.

So, back to my chart earlier, this is how you put yourself in Jennifer Lopez's position:

You earn money with sweat and tears ------> Pay for clothes of your choice ------> The Boutique pays you money for marketing.

Immediately I thought, I should tell you guys about this!!! I asked Grace if I can take photos in her boutique and blog about it. She said go ahead. I'm so glad she shared her referral program to me. 

Now girls.... go shop in SKYE and REMEMBER TO TELL GRACE, JERINE BRING YOU THERE!!!! so that I can earn my referral points. 

No. 26-2, Jalan PJS 8/17,
Dataran Mentari Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya,

P/S: I totally forgot that I have another blog. Please ignore that photo watermarks. 

Jun 14, 2012

Shopping: Cheap Leggings

I love leggings! It's one of the basic piece that I think every girl should have. It's really convenient to put on a t-shirt, or a short dress over it, and you're ready to head out of the house. Sometimes, I put on my leggings for a quick jog around the park. There are so many things you can do with leggings.

Because I wear it so often, I don't see the point of buying expensive leggings. When you wash it too often, the colour runs off and it became non-stretchable as it is before. So I opt for cheap leggings that I bought from Pasar Malam. If you don't know, Pasar Malam is Malaysian version of night market. You can get dirt cheap bargains there!

Tonight I bought 3 leggings from two different stores.

The basic black for every occasion. 

Got a little adventurous to try on sky blue leggings.

The original price for the legging is RM18 for one. I manage to bargain RM30 for two pieces. I will never pay the exact amount as the price tag in pasar malam. Always bargain! 

Next, I bought a leopard print leggings for RM20 (original price RM25). My mom bought one too, but here's mine...

I'm going to wear an oversized white t-shirt with black bikini to match this leopard print legging. I'm sure I'll look quite badass in it.

Total spent in pasar malam on these leggings..... RM50.

Jun 13, 2012

Review: K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Eyeline


  1. Reasonably priced. I bought mine for RM53.90. The original price is RM59.90 and there was 10% discount at Sasa. I believe Sasa is the only place that sells K-Palette at the moment.
  2. The brush is sleek, fine and easy to use. If you don't have good hands to draw a perfect eyeliner, this might be the one for you because the brush is really easy to navigate.
  3. The ink is silky black. With just one stroke, it can create a perfect wing line. 
  4. It is long lasting. I tested it the night before I sleep, I drew it on my hand and the next morning, it stays like it was the night before. There's no smudge at all.

4.  It is waterproof. I sprayed some water on it and I tried to rub it off, it just wouldn't come off. That's how long lasting it is.

  1. Although it says it is waterproof and I have tested it personally and I confirm that it is waterproof, I just can't seem to find out the answer why it smudges on my eyes when I tear. I yawn a lot, so I tear along the way. The eyeliner just fade away. And I really don't like that. It makes me look like a zombie at the end of the day. This is the only downside of the product (maybe it is just a user-problem). 


I would buy it again despite it smudges when I tear because it is really easy to use. It is really handy to have when I'm rushing of time. I can just pop it into my purse and fix my eyeliner in the car.