Nov 30, 2012

How Beauty Advertisement Influence Your Purchase

Embrace yourself.... beauty products hall of fame is swarming your female magazines next month!!!!

And I warn you.... this is a long post. Read on if you want to know how advertisement exploits your decision-making and forcing you to spend the money on products you don’t need.

A while ago, I remember telling my BFF about the ins and outs of advertisement in beauty magazines. I thought I might as well share it with you all here. I hope these tips can educate you more on how beauty advertising works so you know where not to stick your money to. 

#1 – Do not be an advertisement slave

I have a China friend who buys into advertisements all the time. Whenever there is a new product heavily advertised, she immediately assumes it is a best seller. She almost bought the entire Aesop store because the brand keeps appearing in magazines (this was in Australia). At the end of the day, she bought a lot of products she doesn't need like scalp mask (who needs scalp mask?), just because the magazines featured them as best-seller.

Advertisement should serve only as a notification; don’t let them hypnotize you to buy things you don’t need.
From a marketing point of view, advertisement is a selling force. But as a consumer, you shouldn't let that affect your spending. Treat advertisement as a medium that tells you that a particular product exists. That’s all. After that, ask yourself if you really need it? If yes, don’t buy it immediately, but make your own research whether the product suits you. Check out other alternatives as well. In the end, evaluate and make an informed decision whether you should really spend your money on it.

Remember this, if you see a lot of advertisements of a particular product, it means that the company has allocated a bigger budget on marketing the product. And not because it is good.

#2 – Magazines hall of fame

I know you've seen this a lot... Best Moisturizer in 2012, Best Whatever Bla Bla Bla of the Year....
So many people fall into this because a lot of women (ahem... me too) usually have a stack of reliable magazines they stick to. The "hall of fame" section is just another advertising space for magazines. I don’t blame magazines for doing this, after all, they have staff to feed and office rental to pay. In fact, it is a very smart way for them to change the conventional advertising into something which would engage readers. But you.... you have to be smarter than that.

Here’s how it actually works...

These Best of Whatever segment only appears at the end of the year (normally December issues). Notice that? Why???

First of all, most people get their bonuses at the end of the year. Which also means, people have more purchasing power. Psychologically, when you have more purchasing power, you tend to be more willing to spend and buying process becomes easier - like you just close one eye and hand over your cash immediately. This is when the marketing agent wants to milk the most out of your pocket.

Secondly, company needs to prepare accounting reports at the end of the year. This is when they need to meet their sales target (if they haven’t already) and produce good figures in their closing. The fastest and easiest way for them to do it, is through magazines. All they need to do is to pull out a photo file from somewhere in their computer, write a few lines of words that give the most selling impact. And they’re done!!! You’ll be reading it and rushing into the store to buy it.

When I was working in an advertising agency, I see a lot of magazines sending proposals to beauty brand clients when the year-end issue is near. They will keep calling and telling us, “You sure you don’t want to feature your PANDA EYES EYE CREAM in our Best Eye Cream of the Year section? We will save the space for you, ok? If you don’t revert to us by this afternoon, we will have to give your competitor the space”. Yeah... it’s true.

Normally, to feature a product in that section requires lesser fees compared to buying a whole page of advertisement space in the magazine. Notice that, sometimes a product which never advertise in magazine gets featured in this section?

Maybe there are few magazines that genuinely compile their own data and come up with their own “hall of fame” products. Just be aware and evaluate yourself which one to trust, and which one not to trust.

#3 – One bottle sold in one second

I never believe in this tag line. Not that it’s so cliché. But common sense tells me that, it is totally impossible.
Then how did they come up with that figure?

The company will pick the stats of the day where they sell the most. For example, today company XYZ is having a one-day promotion for their SQUEKY CLEAN FACIAL WASH for RM1 per tube instead of its usual price of RM30. Consumer will take advantage of the great deal and purchase as many SQUEKY CLEAN FACIAL WASH as they can. There will be a lot of people buy more than one tube, and maybe a few that will buy dozens of it.

At the end of the day, the company will gather the numbers of SQUEKY CLEAN FACIAL WASH they sold for the day. Let’s say, they sold 10,000 tubes. Do your math now......


And for the life time of the product, the tagline is stuck to every advertisement campaign.

Well.... It’s 7:30am already. I have to run for work. But if there’s anything else, I will add on to it tonight. Cheers. And have a great day at work. 

Nov 29, 2012

How I Lost All My Eyelash and How I Grow Them Back: L'Oreal Renewal Lash Serum Review

Once upon a time, I was curious how eyelash extension works. My friend who had it looked so gorgeous with her new eyelash extension. I wanted to try it out so badly. The first few weeks I had a flattering pair of eyelashes. But few weeks after, I was suffering from the consequence... to my horror my real lashes dropped off together with the extension!!!

I told my BFF that I had no eyelash left at that time (except for those tiny bits left). She laughed at me. Well, I learnt my lesson. So it's time to overcome my tiny lashes problem.

I think it must be a godsent when I saw free sample request of L'Oreal Renewal Lash Serum on website and I quickly applied for it. Remember the free sample website I've told you guys before here? No? Basically, you just need to sign up for an account and watch out for the products that put up for application. When it is up for sampling, you need to apply for it and wait for the result whether your application is successful. will send the product to your home.

Now.... everyone please thank me for telling you guys this awesome website. What are you waiting for? Faster, thank me now!!!

OK... back to my eyelash story...

My application for the L'Oreal Renewal Lash Serum was successful. Yes!!! My journey to growing back my lashes starts here.

What is it?
A concentrated serum enriched with Arginine, a major component of Keratin, and Madecassodide, for an intensive boost. Your lashes seem nourished and seem stronger, like re-activated.

The texture is like normal face serum. It doesn't feel sticky and dries up really fast and clear. It doesn't cause irritation to the eyes, I appreciate this feature the most because I tried other eyelash serum, they sting badly.

You suppose to apply this during the day and night to achieve maximum result. Although it's not mentioned anywhere that it can be applied under mascara, I tried it and it still works.


To make my life easier, I actually omitted the instruction. I apply it like how I normally apply my mascara. I think, as long as all my lashes are coated with the serum, it would be fine. The applicator comes in the shape of mascara wand, which is so easy to handle.

1. The serum strengthen lashes and provides nourishment.
2. Delivers fast result. You can see how your lashes grow more and longer within a week. In my case, less than a week.
3. Although it doesn't mention on the product description, this serum actually helps lashes grow longer too.
4. Reduce eyelash drop-off.
5. Can be applied under mascara.
6. Affordable and easily available. You can get it from most drugstores that sell L'Oreal products. The price is about RM49.90.
7. Easy application. It comes with a mascara type wand. You just need to coat it on top of your lashes.

1. Scientifically, your eyelash is able to grow to a certain thickness and length. Once it grows completely, this product cannot provide its function anymore, until when you need it again. But you can continue to use it to avoid lashes falling off.

My two cents:
An award should be given to the person invented this. To be honest, I didn't have much hope on the product before using it. A lot of people told me that it takes ages to grow back eyelashes naturally. Nonetheless, I went on to try this serum. I don't have nothing to lose right... After all I've already lost all of my lashes. LOL! But miracle happen right before my eyes (no pun intended). And I'm amazed that this serum delivers more than what they promised. My lashes now grow longer and more in just 3 days. A lot of my friends told me that the actual result can only be seen after two weeks, I'm proud that I'm special. In just 3 days my eyelashes grew longer, thicker and stronger.

Who should get this?
Anyone who wish to have longer and stronger eyelashes. People who suffer from post-eyelash extension disorder like me! And those who have problem with eyelash constantly dropping off.

Will I repurchase this?
Oh, definitely YES! I just don't know when because the tube seems pretty big and I only need a little each application.

***Product is sent to me by but review is of my own opinion.

Nov 27, 2012

There was Naked, then Naked 2, now Naked Basics from Urban Decay

Not sure if you've heard of this news.... Urban Decay will be releasing Naked Basics, a compact eyeshadows palette which complements both Naked and Naked 2 palette.

*Photos taken from . No copyright infringement intended

There are 6 eyeshadows in this palette, with 5 new colours that never been seen before in Naked and Naked 2. This palette is a true matte palette with all neutral shades. The colors are:

Foxy (From Naked 2)
Walk of Shame

Although I already have Naked and Naked 2 from Urban Decay, I can't wait to get my hands on this palette. It's going to be a very convenient traveling palette as well as neutral matte colors that I can use in any occasion. I appreciate that Urban Decay don't repeat the colors from their existing Naked and Naked 2 palette. That way, I don't feel like I'm buying a repeated product.  

The Naked Basics is already available in Sephora US. I'm not too sure about Sephora Malaysia and Singapore though... If you've seen this in Sephora Malaysia or Singapore, please please please please please let me know. I'm dying to get it!!!! The price is USD27

What about you? Are you going to get it as well, or will you just pass it? 

Meanwhile, another headline news from Urban Decay....

L'Oreal is set to buy over Urban Decay from Castanea Partners (currently own Urban Decay). Source <<here>>. Let's hope that UD stays the same in terms of their product qualities. Meanwhile, I also wish that L'Oreal will bring UD into a more accessible market soon. 

Nov 26, 2012


No... I'm not joking, you know... And this is not a scam. You can get a year supply of shoes for free!!! How cool is that???

Z'NG is giving away 12 pairs of shoes on their Facebook to one winner each month starting from January. Those shoes are worth RM3,000!!!!

If you haven't heard of Z'NG, it is a footwear brand house under ZNG IMPRESA. Designed and developed in Malaysia, Z'NG is a true blue local brand. Creation of each footwear has to undergo three major criterias - sophistication, practicality, and price accessibility.

Currently Z'NG is working on their online store and flagship store opening in Kuala Lumpur. Prior to their opening, Z'NG already collected so many amazing fans along the way such as Winnie Loo, the founder & creative director of A Cut Above. The brand is also endorsed by my dear friend Hanie Hidayah, blogger extraordinaire and Wendy Lee, President of Malaysian Association of Brand & Image Consultant.

I am really looking forward for the launch of Z'NG's online store and its flagship store after browsing through their designs. I can't wait to get my hands on the shoes, especially the black ankle boots and the sparkling peep toe heels.

While waiting for the official store to be launched this coming December, please LIKE Z'NG's Facebook page <<here>> and check out their pre-launched store.

And don't forget the exciting contest that is running on their Facebook page. Who knows you'll be the one who will win a one year supply of Z'NG's designer shoes???

Nov 25, 2012

Hada Labo Free Moisturizing Lotion Sample

Hi beautiful!

You girls love free samples? Here's one where you can apply for. It's the famous, most talked of, and most favorite Hada Labo Moisturizing Lotion (in 9ml).

If you don't know yet, the Hada Labo Moisturizing Lotion is currently the best selling skincare product in the world! One is sold every 2 seconds. Believe it? No? Try it yourself to see if the moisturizer is worth the hype.

Go to and click Register Now. Fill in all your particulars. Then submit and wait for your sample to arrive at your door steps. So easy!!! Go apply for it and stay moisturized!


Nov 24, 2012

How I Choose My Skincare Products

Being a beauty blogger, people always assume that I try a lot of skincare products. And I find people always ask me questions regarding skincare products. I feel so sorry because I can't help them most of the time. I'm not as adventurous as how I try out makeup products when it comes to skincare. Maybe I was more willing to try out skincare stuff when I was much younger. Right now, my skin is aging. Old skin like mine takes a long time to recover, so any small mistake is enough to make me devastated.

Then, how do I choose my skincare products?

1. Target one problem at a time

First of all, each year I will set myself to combat one skin problem that I have. For example, this year my main concern is hydration. That way I will limit myself to trying hydration products. If I receive any other skincare products that not related to my concern at this time, I will just put them aside or give it to my friend who needs it better than me.

2. Try out period

For each new product that I try out, I give it one week to deliver the result. You probably think that one week is not enough to see the effectiveness of a product. But I've came across many products that instantly deliver its promise. Because there are so many good and effective products out there in the market, I won't cling on a product that takes too much time to deliver. I will just hop to the next best thing.

If a product is able to prove its benefits in that one week, it stays on my shelf. If no problem, I will use it continuously and stop trying other products. But if there's any problem, I will move on to try another product. Then the cycle repeats.

3. Which product gets picked?

Before I pick a skincare product home, it must pass my love-at-first-sight test. I must fall in love with the product first. The most important thing here to win my heart, is the texture. If it's gooey, thick and feels uncomfortable on my skin, I won't even give a second chance. But if it's light, absorbs quickly and stays matte, it will go home with me. Then, I will proceed to try it out for one week (as stated above).

4. Sometimes by chance

Sometimes, I discover good skincare products by chance. For example, when I run out of my daily skincare products and at the same time run out of money, I will pull out sample sachets and try them out. Sometimes, when I travel and forget to bring along my toiletries, I will grab whatever that's available in the nearest drugstore around my hotel area.

Since it's almost the end of the year now, I've tried so many products that help me with keeping my skin hydration level. Normal people have moisture level of 25-30 on their skin. And mine is 40.9. I'm really proud of my skin condition right now. And I'm even more proud of my systematic experiment when it comes to skincare.

From this year's experiment, here's the product that I'm sticking to to keep my skin hydrated.....

Hada Labo AHA + BHA face cleanser

This is not a hydration product per se, but it does help in some way. First, I tried the cream version (tube). I find that it clears off impurities really well. It doesn't dry my skin and at the same time my skin feels completely clean. It has really fine exfoliating agent that helps renew the skin by eliminating dead skin cells. When I finished the tube version, I moved on to the foam type. Basically it contains the same ingredients but the texture is milder and feels more gentle on the skin.

Kiehl's Calendula Herbal Extract Toner

This is a basic toner. Unlike many toner, it is not made for any specific treatment. It is really basic, you can say there's nothing special about this toner. But I love it. Because it is herbal, it doesn't cause irritation, even on the most sensitive skin (tested on my brother's teenager skin). And I love how it feels on my skin - soft, refreshed and thoroughly cleaned. I can feel that my subsequent facial product can absorb better after I apply this toner.

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream

I cannot live without this moisturizer. I wear it during the day, under my makeup, by itself or sometimes at night when I run out of my night cream. If you want a good, and instantly effective hydration cream, this is the one you should try. 

Aupres Aqua Active Sleeping Mask

Although it is called sleeping mask, its function is more of a night cream. I've been trying this for a month and this surpasses all hydration cream for night. Once you wake up, you can feel that your skin is fully moisturized. I have to admit, everytime I wake up I will spend 5 minutes at least to admire my skin at its best. For some reason, my skin looks the best in the morning. 

My Scheming Bird's Nest Collagen Hydrating Mask

This is the best sheet mask I've ever tried. I've been trying to evangelize everyone to using this. I bought some for my housemate and friends, so far all of them repurchase it and still using it. Use it after exfoliation. And after rinse it off, apply the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream to lock the moisture. You will feel your skin turn baby soft and the effect last for a week. 

If you find yourself not sure of what skincare products to try or where to start, try my system. You'll be more focused in combating your skin problem. 

By the way, here's my previous and future skin concern to combat:

2010 - Acne & Blemish
2011 - Hydration
2012 - Hydration
2013 - Firmness and lifting

Nov 21, 2012

Wonderbox November 2012 Edition: Sampar & Office Makeup USA

I received my November 2012 Wonderbox today!!! This is the second batch of beauty box that sent out by Wonderbox.

Before that, Wonderbox is giving away their December beauty boxes to two of my lucky readers. To find out how to win it, click <<here>>. Only 10 days left!!!!

If you're afraid you might miss it, you can always subscribe your own by clicking <<here>>. They're already taking in orders for December subscription. Better be quick because they're limited and this month they sold out all of their boxes.

And if you want to check out the previous Wonderbox content, click <<here>>.

I was a bit surprised when I retrieved my box out of the mail envelop. It has pink ribbon and tied in a bow instead of its usual black one.

In this month, Wonderbox have two different version of beauty boxes. I'm quite curious what is in the other version of beauty box. Anyway, here's mine...

1. SAMPAR Vivid Radiance Serum (RM279/30ml)
An exceptional concentration of peptides, hibiscus and acerola. A powerful antidote to the unwanted marks of time. Suitable for all skin types.

2. SAMPAR Lavish Dream Cream (RM423/50ml)
A day and night cream with anti-ageing properties. It provides long-lasting moisturization that diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and expression lines. May be used in combination with the SAMPAR Vivid Radiance Serum or alone, as part of an intensive skincare treatment.

3. SAMPAR Glamour Shot (RM173/30ml)
Tint-free skin care that minimizes enlarged pores and wrinkles in one minute. May also be applied at any time of day, on top of make up. Attention: not compatible with liquid foundation. (I'm not sure how this is OK to be applied on top of makeup but yet not compatible with liquid foundation. Isn't that weird?)

4. OFFICE MAKEUP USA 3D Resplendent Lip Gloss (RM68)
A unique lip gloss with 3D glitter and diamond effects. Contains Vitamin E to provide moisture and nourishment for your lips.

5. OFFICE MAKEUP USA Color Glaze Eyeshadow (RM88)
An eyeshadow with a smooth and pearly texture that is easy to apply. Its shiny and vibrant colors are perfect for the trendy yet sophisticated you.

I haven't tried any of the SAMPAR skincare yet. But I quickly swatch the lipgloss and the eye shadow on my hand.

I really love this set of lipglosses. It is relatively small, like the size of my palm (I don't have a big hand, by the way). And it comes in a sleek tin with embossed snake's skin pattern. I think this is perfect for travel or a gift.  My aunt actually uses this lipgloss for a few months already. She said this is the only ligloss that won't dry her lips.

I read from Little Blue Haven that this Office Makeup USA lipglosses are from their winter collection and it is also limited edition. This set worth RM138.

L-R: BW01, BW02, BW03 and BW06

I'm contemplating to give this to my aunt since she loves the Office Makeup USA lipglosses so much. But at the same time I really want to keep it for myself. BW02 and BW06 already made it to my favorite before they even make it on my lips.

Meanwhile, the Office Makeup USA Color Glaze Eyeshadow has a reflective case. You can actually use the case as mirror. I think it looks really stylish. Sadly, my eyeshadow broke in the mail. Now I have to look for another case to store it, or maybe fix it with alcohol. So sad :(

In terms of texture, this eyeshadow is so good. It is so pigmented!!! Have you ever tried Urban Decay or Inglot eyeshadow? I think they're on par with each other in terms of the pigment. The formula is creamy and smooth. It glides on my skin smoothly even without primer. I totally love it!!! Unfortunately, they didn't mention what shade this is. It has brown base with some gold shimmer.

As a bonus, Wonderbox drop in a RM35 Sampar voucher. The voucher is only applicable for purchase on If anyone wants it... my voucher code is WS5406.  I don't think I will be getting anything from Sampar because I'm quite loyal to my own skincare products for now. Just let me know once you use it OK?

I'm so happy with this month's products from Wonderbox. My favorite is definitely the Office Makeup USA eyeshadow... and maybe the lipglosses too. I haven't try the Sampar products yet, so I can't judge for now.

Nov 18, 2012

How to Spot Fake OPI Pt. 2

Related post: How to Spot Fake OPI Pt. 1

In the previous post, I showed you guys the difference of fake OPI and original OPI in terms of its aesthetic. Basically, how you can tell between the original OPI and fake OPI by just looking at its bottle. In this post, I will do an experiment on the fake and original ones so you guys can judge the quality.

I've chose two similar colors to put on my nails for test so that my fingernails don't look too awkward with different colors. The fake OPI has no name (of course!) and the original OPI is Big Red Apple.

Single swatch

The bristles of the fake OPI is really rough and it leaves streaks. When you apply the lacquer on your nail, you can see obvious brush strokes. And the bristles are uneven - some length are longer and some are shorter. Because of that, it looks quite edgy on the cuticles. As compared to the original OPI, it has Pro-Wide brush which makes OPI nail polish a lot easier to apply on. The bristles are soft and doesn't leave streak lines. The original OPI brush really provides smooth and hassle free application.

Texture wise, upon first layer of swatch, the fake OPI appears thin and the texture is watery. Original OPI texture is creamy and thick.

Two layer of swatches

As for effect, original OPI gives you more lustre. The fake one is not as smooth as the original OPI but it is still OK if you put on a top coat. Whereas, the original OPI is good on its own.

After a week
The real result shows after a week of wearing both original and fake OPI. The fake OPI totally chipped off at the edge of my nails and at the cuticles. The original OPI still last and good to wear for another week. I didn't apply top coat for the purpose of this experiment. I believe if I apply original OPI top coat, it will last a very long time.

When cleaning off the nail polish, the fake OPI consumes more nail polish remover. And I made quite a mess around my nails. As a result, there's a little peeling off on top of my nail. You probably can't see it in the photo. On the original OPI, there's nothing to complain of.

It is your prerogative if you want to buy the fake OPI. I have to admit, the price is really attractive. I think it's about RM10 a bottle. But why bother buying something so low quality, moreover when you know it is counterfeit item? For ease of mind, I would prefer using original OPI as there is a huge difference in terms of quality. Economically wise, I think the original OPI will give you higher return on investment. Although it cost RM59 a bottle, but it last much longer. If you calculate in terms of economic value, I think the original OPI is much cheaper as it only needs one coat for full capacity and last a lot longer than the fake OPI.

Review: Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Perfect Liquid Eyeliner

My previous liquid pen eye liner was the K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Eye Liner. I used to love it. Unfortunately there were few downsides of the product that made me ditching it forever. One, it dries up too fast when you apply it on your eye. When I want to touch up a certain part, it became flaky and then I had to wipe of the entire eye makeup and redo it again. Two, it smudged when in contact with tears. Not that I cry a lot, but I yawn a lot and my eyes tend to tear a lot when I do that. These are the problems that I can't live with the K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo.

Now I found a similar product, and it is also an improved version of K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo. You might see it on drug store shelf, it is the Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Perfect Liquid Eyeliner.

I intended to show you guys my double flick eyeliner inspired by Kim Kadarshian. When I was putting up my watermark, I saw what scares me the most.......................... WRINKLES!!! So, no photo of me (especially my eyes). Until I solve that problem, I will have to show you guys some simple swatch of the eyeliner...


1. The pigmentation is so strong. The ink is completely jet black. You only need one swatch for full capacity.
2. It has duo function brush that you can either make a thick bold line or thin fine line. This is the most brilliant thing about the product. Love it!
3. It is waterproof and last all day. I went under the rain and into the sea and the eyeliner is still there. I'm really not exaggerating. I put this on during my Langkawi trip and I really appreciate the waterproof function as it was raining heavily when I wanted to have a quick swim in the sea.
4. Easy to remove. Just wash your face with warm water under the shower and it is completely removed off your eyes. I don't know how it can be waterproof, but not warm-waterproof.
5. Affordable and available in most pharmacies. I think I bought mine at Watson's for about RM40+. It is definitely not more than RM50.


I seriously can't think of any negative effect of this product.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants sleek and perfect liquid eyeliner. It is so easy to hold, even a beginner will find themselves turn into an expert in eyeliner overnight. It is convenient and very easy to use.

I extremely love it..... for now. Maybe I'll hate it later, like how I used to love the K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo and now I hate it so much. At the mean time, this eyeliner deserves to be put on my makeup pedestal.

Have you tried this eyeliner? And what's your most loved eyeliner that you're loyal to?

Nov 17, 2012

DIY Your Own Ombré Hair with L’Oréal Paris Préférence Wild Ombré Haircolour Kits

The word "ombré" actually means eyeshadow. But in our current beauty term, "ombré" simply means "gradiant color". Whatever it means, gradiant color is making a hit in current fashion trend, from ombré nails to ombré hair. I believe Katy Perry was the culprit who made ombré so popular these days.

I really love ombré hair. Well, look at all these inspiration from Pinterest....

Don't you just want ombré hair yourself?

Sadly, it will take a lot of time and cost a lot to achieve a perfect ombré hair. Also fortunately, L’Oréal Paris will be coming out with Préférence Wild Ombré Haircolour Kits. That makes life a lot easier.


1. Inexpensive. I'm not sure about the pricing because it is not available in Malaysia market yet.
2. Easy and fast application. You can do it at home or anywhere convenient.


1. There are only three shades available and all of them are in blond-brown shades. I wish they have more wild color like pink, purple and turquoise. Fingers cross they will have it soon.

If you want to see how to use the product, watch the video below:

The L’Oréal Paris Préférence Wild Ombré Haircolour Kits will be launched in February 2013. Make sure you watch out for it.

I really can't wait to try it. How about you? Will you get it too?

Nov 15, 2012

Tom Ford & NARS Opening in Singapore Tangs Orchard

My friend Shikin told me that Tom Ford Beauty and NARS already opened their doors to Singaporean market last night. The beauty counters are now available at Tangs in Orchard Road. This is Tom Ford's very first beauty outlet in Asia, meanwhile NARS don't need any more introduction here.

Although this has nothing to do with us Malaysian, but it is still a good needs for beauty junkies like me (and you!). Geographically wise, Singapore isn't that far, and it is very convenient for us to go there if we ever need something from Tom Ford and NARS.

I actually did a little research on Tom Ford's cosmetics because I'm afraid it might turn out to be one of those makeup brands that only look good on packaging, but totally not useful such as *cough* toki doki *cough*. I found out that Tom Ford Beauty is actually from the same company as Estee Lauder. Now, it makes me even more excited to try it out.

I'm so eager to try all of these from Tom Ford:

1. Thee quard eyeshadows - I think this is so convenient for travel.
2. The perfume - I'm an avid collector of perfume and I really want TF to be one of my collection
3. The bronzer - I read that TF bronzer are to die for
4. The lipstick - Particular the shade Spanish Pink
5. The nail polish - The color nude looks so good!

Meanwhile, if you're planning to get something from NARS, do check out these products which I think is worth it to try:

1. The duo eyeshadows - Somehow everyone has it!
2. Orgasm blush - I'm going to advocate everyone to use this from now on! It's really that good!
3. Lipgloss - I love it! I think you will too.
4. The nail polish - Very pigmented and the colors are so refreshing.
5. The lipstick - My mom has it, and she loves it
6. The illuminator - I will need this for highlighting.

Do you have any favorite product from Tom Ford and NARS? Are you planning on to visit the beauty counters soon? Let me know ya?!

NARS Pre-order (Malaysia Only) - CLOSED!

Hi all,

I'm going for holiday in January... somewhere where they sell NARS. I'm going to get the Orgasm blush and matte foundation. Since I'm going to the NARS counter anyway, I thought I might as well ask if anyone of you would love to get anything from there?

If you want to get it yourself, the nearest NARS counter is in Singapore. Yay!!! NARS is finally opening its door to our neighbouring country. And hopefully they will come to Malaysia soon.

At the mean time, I can help you get the things you want from NARS.

Below are some questions you might have before you place your order. To make things easier for you and me, I put it in a Q&A form.

How do I browse for the item I want and check its price?
Please go to NARS official website <<here>> to check for the stuff you want. To avoid mistake, please give me the exact product name and its shades. When you know what you want to buy, please convert the price from USD to MYR using currency calculator <<here>>. If you're too lazy to do so, it's ok. I will do it for you.

How do I place an order?
You have to use the form <<here>> so I will get all your details.

Do you take extra charge?
Yes, so that I can send the items to you. I need to get bubble wraps and boxes to make sure your stuff arrives safely. The postage cost is RM20 for the first two items. For subsequent item(s), RM2 for each item.

Which postage service will you be using?
I will be using PosLaju, which I think is the most reliable postage service in Malaysia, so far...

When will you post the item and when will I receive my order?
I will send out the orders on 21st January. You should receive your order by 24th January latest.

When is the last date for me to place my order?
13th January the latest. You can revise your order before 13th January or before you make your payment to me.

How do I pay you?
The most convenient way is via Maybank and Paypal. If I don't receive your payment before 13th January, then I cannot buy for you the stuff :(

What if i have question(s) before I place my order?
You can always email me jerine[dot]lay[at]gmail[dot]com. Sometimes my important mails go to the spam. I don't know how to avoid this. So, if I don't reply you, please give me a nudge on Twitter (@queenjerine) or Facebook (milliondollarbeautyblog) or by commenting below this post.

If you've never tried NARS, I will not force you to buy anything. But if you need some guide, the best NARS products (in my opinion) are:

1. NARS blush in the shade Orgasm. I used to think that it is just part of NARS marketing gimmick to put one item under the spotlight. But after tried and tested myself, I totally agree that this is the only blusher that I need in my life. The coral shade suits every skin tone and every skin color. And its light shimmer provides a little highlight, not too much, but just enough.

2. Lipgloss in the shade Super Orgasm. This is also another coral color. But Super Orgasm has more shimmer compared to Orgasm. The lipgloss is hydrating. And the color is to die for, no joke!

3. All their nail polish. NARS is also famous of its nail polish. It is pigmented. You only need one swatch for full capacity. And it is easy to apply.

The eyeshadow primer itself is not bad. I see some beauty bloggers using it for their swatches and it appears really vibrant and they say quite long lasting too. I'm going to get the primer for myself for this trip.

The stuff that I think are a bit overrated are their skincare and eyeshadows. I've never heard that NARS skincare are actually good. However, I can't deny that they have good pigmented eyeshadows. I just think that the eyeshadows are a bit pricey.

Well, that's all for now... If you want me to buy anything for you, just let me know ya?


Nov 14, 2012

Why We Need Cellnique's New Intensive Hydrating Cream

This is what you and I normally go through on a daily basis. Living in a hectic routine, not only we don't have the time to take care of our skin, our skin is constantly exposed to harsh condition such as aircondition and UV rays.
I don't know about you, but every night when I check on the mirror, I notice that my skin is slowly aging and lost its glow. I wish I can do something about it, but I really can't afford the time. So, I have to delegate my skin care job to a product that really does its job.
To look for a good skincare product is another tiring chore by itself. After a long research, I'm glad to share with you all Cellnique's new Intensive Hydrating Cream.
Being in Malaysia weather, we need to equip our skin with good hydration cream. In humid weather and airconditioning environment, our skin loses its hydration level. Because of that, it is prone to wrinkles and pore enlargement, that is how your skin complexion deteriorates.
The Intensive Hydrating Cream will improve your skin complexion by helping your skin to treat dryness and flakiness. It enforces the skin's protective lipid layer and nourishing the complexion with its Ceramid and Phytosphingosine ingredients.
Once you discover this Intensive Hydrating Cream, you can stop looking further. This is the only hydration cream that you need because it has a good hydration base and instantly eliminate dehydration. The hyaluronic acid ingredient in the cream will absorb the moisture into your skin and locks up the moisture.
When you apply it on your skin, you instantly feel the soothing sensation. It is smooth on the skin. The texture is rich and creamy, yet it feels light after application.
And the best thing.... It only costs RM189 a jar, which probably can last you 3 months. This new Intensive Hydrating Cream is so good that it is already sold out on their website. However, you can still get it in Cellnique's beauty saloon.
If you need more information about the product, do check out Cellniquue's webpage <<here>> or visit Cellnique's beauty saloon for a personal and profession advice.