Sep 27, 2020

Cameron Highlands The Smokehouse Hotel Review

This is the first time I do a staycation after the Movement Control Order was imposed. It’s probably my last time as well because I wasn't prepared to be part of the crowd that might form another Covid-19 cluster in the nation. As such, my trip remained only at the hotel, at least we did stay in an amazing hotel so it wasn't that bad. 

My partner and I, we both love Cameron Highlands. We have our spots for great food and of course, the pleasant weather is always welcoming us. We made it a point to discover different hotels in Cameron each year, and this year we pick the Smokehouse. 

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Let me begin with a brief history of this hotel. It was opened in 1937 by a British owner who replicates the old English concept into this piece of property. Essentially, it was a home-away-from-home for the British in Malaysia. The property has the first running hot water at that time (it was very much necessary considering it was very cold back then in Cameron Highlands). The local Malaysians weren't welcomed at the property until it was acquired by a local businessman in 1977. Since then, all guests (who can pay) are welcomed here.  

I can list a handful of attractions why you should consider The Smokehouse for your next visit to Cameron Highlands:

The English Experience

It is quintessentially British. Its structure, decor, foods, and services represent the old English where you can find in the suburbs of London. You don't have to go far for that piece of England. Hence, at times like this when we can't travel overseas, this would be the best option for a mini getaway. 

Come for the architecture

The entire building structure is authentic Tudor architecture, which is really rare these days, especially in Malaysia. Being able to stay in one is actually a privilege. 

This was the old front entrance

Enjoy the secret garden

The property has an award-winning garden that is accessible by guests only. Botanist friends should not miss visiting this garden as they have some rare plants. It’s like a quest of hiding & seeks while spotting these rare plants as they have a huge collection of plants around the garden. I particularly love this mixed color camellia.

English food is served here

For foodies, you can find that traditional English food such as English breakfast, Sunday Roast, and they are famous for their home-baked scones. Although many people claimed that the Smokehouse has the best scones in Malaysia, I personally find that the scones are okay but not great. I'll introduce you to a place in Cameron Highlands where you can find the best scones. 

Antiques left from generations to another

If you are an antique collector, you'll learn a lot from their private collections. Most of the antiques are air flown from England before the world war, hence they are rare pieces. I'm not well-versed in antiques but I do like the aesthetic of it, especially those who tell a history. 

The price is around RM600-RM800 per night depending on the season. They have limited rooms, so prior booking is necessary. Also, it is good to ask for the terrace room instead of the old room at the main building. That is because the terrace room has newer facilities and it is more private. The older rooms at the main building have some squeaky wooden floor sound, water pressure issue (sometimes) and the furniture are also old. 

Our room at the terrace

Modern vintage furniture

Modern bathroom

Quality toiletries

I am looking forward to come back again to have tea in the garden while enjoying the forest breeze.

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