Dec 31, 2012

The Lilac Box wants to have a blind date with you

More beauty box? Yes please!!!

The more beauty boxes that arrive in our market means the more choices we have. Receiving beauty boxes is like a blind date. You don't know what you'll get until you slowly retrieve what's inside the box. And The Lilac Box is your beauty blind date.

The subscription will cost you RM35 each month. And you will receive 5 premium products in the box. I'm sure you girls are very familiar with the system, right?

But what you're not familiar with is..... FREE GIFT first before you even subscribe to the beauty box. Yeah, you heard me right! Free gift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Proceed to sign up for an account with The Lilac Box <<here>>. Make sure all your details are correct. You don't have to subscribe for the beauty box yet. This means, you don't actually have to pay for anything. At the end of your signing up, you will get a choice of free samples that you like. Currently they are offering free Chloe perfume sample, Burberry makeover, and CK Euphoria perfume sample. Since I already have the Chloe perfume and have no reason for a makeover, I've chosen the CK Euphoria perfume sample. And when I went to Isetan to redeem the sample, they ran out of it, which resulted me getting TWO perfume samples from CK. It's just my lucky day!

The Lilac Box is launching early 2013, so make sure you sign up now to be one of the first to receive the news. And you can start your year with a beautiful box packed with wonderful beauty products.

At the mean time, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you have a bad year in 2012, glad that it's over and now you can start afresh!! And if you have a great year in 2012, let's hope for more exciting experience in 2013!

Do you have any plan(s) for the new year? Personally, I have some secret plans to myself. Maybe I'll share some with you. First, if all goes well, I'm going to hint the mister for... OK, nevermind. Next, I want to buy a house. Hopefully in southern JB. The property there is booming!!! If you have a good credit history, try to get one unit for yourself before it's too late. And then, I want to pay off all my loans. This entire year I live with no income. I was jobless and penniless. Therefore, I've accumulated some loans. A few that I've already paid off, but there are still a bit more that I need to settle. Hopefully, I can clear them off before the first half of 2013. Lastly, I want to sponsor a small part of my little cousin's education.

OK. I should stop ranting and live the day! Happy new year to all of you once again. Thank you for stopping by. I'll see you next year!

Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay, A Smell of Childhood

When I was young, about 7 years old, my old neighbor used to run import business for bath & body products from London called Yardley. Their house is like a typical London boutique look. And their daughter Shirlyn, was my playmate. I think Shirlyn reads this blog too. Hi old friend! And our favorite game was masak-masak.

We used to pick different plants for "cooking" and I particularly love this plant that has chili shape fruit. When I chop the plant with my plastic knife, there's a burst of citrus smell that lingers around. I almost forgot how lovely the smell was until I took a sniff of the Jo Malone's Blackberry & Bay cologne. I think I've mentioned about it when I introduced to you guys the Jo Malone's boutique in Pavilion last month.

The interior of the boutique reminded me of Shirlyn's old home. Plus the smell of Blackberry & Bay.... My childhood memories came back to me at once. It's all coming back... It's all coming back to me now... (humming Celine Dion's song).

There's a special something of this cologne that's so personal to me. I have to get it!

The Blackberry & Bay cologne is Jo Malone's 2012 scent. Although it is their best seller for the year, there are many people who dislike this fragrance for reasons I'm not sure why.

The top notes includes grapefruit (where the citrus smell comes from), blackberry (as the name suggested). Then the middle notes will reveal bay leaves and floral accord. Lastly, the base notes are vetiver and cedar.

The scent opens with a pungent citrus smell. It slowly dies off in awhile, leaving the fresh scent of bay leaves. The bay is quite strong, may be overpowering the blackberry. You can hardly smell the sweet blackberry until a few hours later. It feels like the notes kinda overturned. I think the middle note should be the blackberry and the top note is suppose to be the bay.

This fragrance also reminds me of fresh smell of grass after a good pour in Spring.

Although this is just a cologne, the smell is quite long lasting. It lasted about 8-10 hours, which is very rare for cologne. I love how it leaves soft sillage but enough to make a statement.

Call me crazy, I actually wearing this to bed. Because the smell relates my very personal memories, I would want to keep it to my own personal time. It comes in two sizes, 30 ml and 100ml. The one that I got is 30ml. I thought I should buy a small bottle since I already have so many perfumes, I was wrong. I should have gotten the 100ml because I'm sure I will be using this a lot. Maybe next time.

Have you visited Jo Malone at Pavilion yet? If you haven't, go and try out their fragrance. They have so many exquisite scent for you to choose from. Go and have a sniff, maybe you'll fall in love. The staff there are the nicest person in the history of customer service. They don't mind you trying their products even though you don't intend to buy. Yeah, I'm speaking from experience. The first time I visited them I didn't have the intention to buy anything.

And if you want something really special, you can create your own fragrance at Jo Malone. Unfortunately this service is not available in Malaysia. The nearest place to do so is at Jo Malone Singapore. I'm looking forward for this!

P/S: I went to Jo Malone's website after I finished writing this, and guess what I found!!! The description they gave on Blackberry & Bay is kinda similar as mine! They call it the "scent of innocence". It is indeed a fragrance that will evoke your childhood memories. How coincident (and creepy)!!!


Dec 30, 2012

Who gets the Estee Lauder Take It Away?

Awhile ago, I asked for your help to fill in my questionnaire. And I've promised to give away a tube of Estee Lauder Take It Away Total Makeup Remover to one random person that helped me....

So, who's the lucky one?

Here is the list of names of everyone who helped me...

And have picked no.29...

Congratulations irma nasir!!! You're the lucky one. Please email me your mailing address by 10th January 2013, I will send the it to you soon.

Meanwhile, my questionnaire is still open (this time without any return gift from me, so sorry), you can take the questionnaire voluntarily. It will help me a lot in upgrading this blog. Thank you all for reading this blog!!!

Vanity Trove Arriving Malaysia!

The last time I mentioned about Vanity Trove I said that I wish Vanity Trove can improve on their services. My dream came true!!! Vanity Trove is setting their base in Malaysia this February.

Two years ago, Vanity Trove started their beauty box service in Singapore. Being the pioneer in this line, Vanity Trove quickly expanded their service throughout South East Asia, operating from the main hub in Singapore. 

This time, Vanity Trove took the next step to set up a new base in Malaysia, where they can be more localized. 

Difference between Singapore Vanity Trove and Malaysia Vanity Trove

1. The content for their beauty boxes in both region will be different. Malaysian subscribers will only receive products that are available in Malaysia market and vice versa. Also, we will receive only local vouchers and will no longer receive Singapore vouchers.

2. Previously, when we subscribe through Vanity Trove Singapore, the fee is SGD25 per month, which equivalent to about RM68 (plus minus exchange rate and transaction fees). Currently, we only need to pay a flat rate of RM60 per month for the service.

3. If you already subscribed to Vanity Trove Singapore, the January Trove will be the last box that you will receive from Singapore. From February onward, you will be receiving the Malaysia Vanity Trove. The system will automatically move your existing account to the Malaysia account.

And if you are not yet a Vanity Trove member, here's what you need to do to sign up:

1. Sign up for an account and subscribe to the service on for the monthly subscription fee of RM60/- (inclusive of packing, shipping & handling fees) or choose the 3, 6, 12 months subscription options to get credits that goes towards redeeming a complimentary trove!

2. Receive each month's edition before the month starts. (eg. You will get the March's themed trove by the end of February!)

3. Receive the troves hand-delivered to you and enjoy the beautiful surprises within it! Try and share it with your buddies.

You can even subscribe it for your girlfriends, mom, sisters, aunts, cousins, mother-in-law, etc. by using the "Gift" option.

The announcement that Vanity Trove is launching in Malaysia really excites me. Because I've been wanting to see better improvement on their service, this news is like a wish came true.

I really can't wait to check out the February Trove. I'm sure it's going to be a winner!

Dec 29, 2012

Battle of Malaysia's Beauty Boxes Pt.1 - Modbox vs. Wonderbox vs. Cosmobox

In these few months so many beauty boxes appearing in our beauty market. They pop up like mushrooms! Are you confused as to which beauty box to subscribe to? Me too! I just don't know which one I love the most.

I've prepared a summary comparison of three beauty boxes - Modbox, Wonderbox and Cosmobox by Box Culture. This is the first part. I will continue to add other beauty boxes later (there are still popping out!).

ModBox WonderBox CosmoBox by Box Culture
Price RM19 for one month &
3 months subscription.
RM16.50 for 6 months &
12 months subscription
RM39.90 per month RM33 per month
Shipping charges RM9 (WM)
RM11 (EM)
RM5 (EM)
No. of products in
each month's box
5 deluxe beauty samples Up to 5 samples of
premium products
Not mentioned
Brands engagement Mixture of drugstore,
mid-range & high end

Mixture of drugstore,  mid-range & high end

Mixture of drugstore, mid-range & high end. Even
include indie brands.
Variation of products in each 
month's box
A balance mixture of skincare, bath & body and cosmetic A balance mixture of skincare, bath & body and cosmetic A balance mixture of skincare, bath & body and cosmetic
Sample size  Mostly deluxe size. Also
includes full size products
Mostly deluxe size. Almost every month
includes at least one full size products. 
Mostly deluxe size. Sadly, they also give out sample sachets as one of the main
product samples
Delivery service GD Express. Sends out
first week of the month
GD Express. Sends out 2nd or 3rd week of the month GD Express. Sends out first week of the month.
Website feature User friendly and easy
to navigate

User friendly and easy
to navigate

User friendly and easy
to navigate
Customer service Quick response and very helpful team. Can contact via Facebook wall or emailQuick response and very helpful team. Can contact via Facebook wall or email Facebook wall post is disabled. Can only contact via email. Not too sure if they're
efficient enough to answer
Lean towards pop look.
Has a very sturdy and solid
purple box.

Has a classic and classy look. Signature white box
with black bow.
Has the most elegant and expensive-looking box. Embossed white box with sleeve.
Vouchers usability Great shopping vouchers.
Can save a lot on shopping vouchers and beauty services Even includes free facial service from high end brand.
Best overall feature The cheapest beauty box (to date) even after you include the shipping charges. The generous point system enables you to redeem free boxes. If you subscribe a 3 month
service, you will be able
to enjoy 1 month free
The packaging, perhaps?
Disappointment Nil Nil Include sachet samples as one
of the main sample product.

Here are the aesthetic look of the packaging for each beauty box brand: 

I personally recommend Modbox and Wonderbox. Modbox has the cheapest service and the products that they bring are satisfying (in terms of the brands and product size). Meanwhile, Wonderbox has better return value because they often include full size products which are not cheap.

I have a mixed feeling on Cosmobox. The first month was quite satisfying. Come second month, it was a little disappointed. I need some time to fall in love with it.

Is this comparison useful to you? If it is not, please let me know what other info that I need to include. Perhaps, I can add it in when I publish the second part.

Are you subscribing to any beauty box?Which beauty box do you like the most?


Two days ago, I've showed you guys my most favourite beauty products that I tried and tested this year. Today I'm going to show you all the worst. But before that, I have to let you all know some disclaimers first. These products don't work on me, it doesn't mean they won't work for you. Some of the products are good, I don't like it because I have user problem which is subjective. 

Here is my list....

1. Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation
This foundation is loved by many, but I don't like it because of the texture. It's so thick, I feel like I have a pound of makeup on me everytime I apply it. My skin feels like it can't breathe! It is also hard to remove. Even after I wash it off with makeup remover and cleanser many times, I still find stain of foundation on my cotton pad when I'm applying my toner. It gives me that icky feeling that my face still have foundation on it at night after cleansing. 

2. The old Essie nail polish
The old Essie nail polish is weak! That means, it gets chipped off quickly. There are moisture bubbles trapped in between the coats (happens to almost all the old Essie nail polish that I applied). It is also streaky. But the new formula has improved a lot. Try to avoid the Essie nail polish that produced before 2012. The new ones are amazing.

3. Eyelash Extension (in general)
It's so uncomfortable. You can't wash your face like a normal person, instead you have to do that splashing of water like in commercials. That's still OK... What I can't tolerate is that my real eyelashes drop off with the fake lashes!!! I was so devastated when all my eyelashes dropped off, only those tiny lashes left! But I must say, the first two weeks of my eyelash extension was amazing! I had the most flattering eyelash and it look almost natural. 

4. Heavy Rotation Lip Concealer
This product suppose to fill up the fine lines on your lips and make your lipstick glide smoothly. Well, the glide smoothly effect is true. But the filling up fine lines is not. It also changes the original lipstick color. Although it can be worn as a lipstick by itself, the color is almost impossible to pull off, unless you want to look like a lifeless corpse. It also dries up your lips after a few hours.

5. The Body Shop All-in-One BB Cream
This is one product that I won't recommend to anyone. It is almost impossible to wear. It doesn't come with SPF. So I had put on sunscreen underneath. But when I do that, there are little debris that appear on my face. I had to brush them off with powder brush and then it sticks to my powder brush. Too much effort for a BB Cream that doesn't provide any skin benefit (except hydration). It should be called a tinted moisturizer. The name BB Cream is so deceiving.

6. Kiehl's Abyssine Eye Cream +
Kiehl's have a few range of eye creams and most of them don't fail me. This one suppose to combat wrinkles/fine lines. I've been using it for a month and half, not only there's no improvement, fine lines still appear!!! I have high expectation on Kiehl's brand, so this is a disappointment. I know fine lines and wrinkles are hard to fight, I think it should (at least) prevent more lines from appearing around my eyes.

7. Foundation Brush (in general)
Of all the brushes, liquid foundation brush easily collects dirt and bacterias. Although I wash it everyday, I still find remains of foundation trapped in between the inner bristles. When apply foundation, the bristles push the foundation into my pores. Because of that, foundation brush is the major cause of my skin breakouts. Now I'm applying foundation with my bare fingers. It's more hygienic and I hardly have breakouts now.

8. Sephora Face Powder
My Anna Sui Luxury Face Powder is not travel-friendly so I have to get a compact face powder that I can carry around. I got myself the Sephora face powder because the packaging looks great and I like the swatch on my hand. Sadly, the love didn't last long. My facial oil gets trapped underneath the powder, causing powder lines on areas that have wrinkles (wrinkles are my major problem to old women like me!!!). It only looks good the first two hours. 

9. K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Eyeliner
I know a lot of people love it. I used to love it though. But in the long run, I find a few personal problems I have with the product. It stings my eyelids when I apply it on my puffy eyes in the morning. And when I yawn, my tears smudge the eyeliner beyond repair. However, if I'm going to wear it for a short while, it is still good. 

There you go... the worst products that I have on my shelf this year. Have you tried any of the product that I listed above? Do you hate/like them? I would love to know if I have personal problem with the product, or indeed they're a fail product. 

Are there any beauty products that made it to your "worst" list this year?

Dec 28, 2012

MIVVA Beauty Box Debut December 2012 Review

Remember earlier this month I gave you guys an invitation code to join the MIVVA beauty community? MIVVA finally launched their debut beauty box!!!!!

I really love the packaging!!! It's in duo shades of pink, my favourite colour! The box feels sturdy and solid!

The first thing that you'll find is the welcome note and content sheet.

There's also personalized handwritten message! I really appreciate small gesture like this. It feels so warm...

Here's the moment of truth... What's inside the MIVVA box???

Wait for it

Do you like what you see???? I kinda love it. 

First, we have the Bio-Essence Deep Exfoliating Gel with ATP (RM65.90/60ml). This exfoliating gel is a gentle gel-based formula that contains Bio Energy Fluid, Bio Mineral Essence, Royal Jelly and other precious herbal extracts such as Ginseng, Angelica, Lycium, Herba Hedyotics' Diffusa. Its effectively and thoroughly removes dead skin cells without causing any abrasion to the skin and at the same time providing nutrient to the skin.

My bff's mom uses this and she said it's quite a good product. She's been using it for years. I'm quite happy to find it in the MIVVA box, now I can try it myself if it's really worth the rave. 

Next, is the Oriks Collagen 703 Crystal Cream (RM218/30ml). Contains active-hydrolyzed collagen and complex vitamins which can be absorbed through skin penetration effectively to improve skin's moisture content, lasting the skin's moisture and increases the skin's elasticity and radiance.

I general don't like sample sachets like this in beauty box. But after I found out the price for it, the sample size is quite justifiable. 

Then there's the Heme Genius BB Cream SPF28 PA++ (RM75.90/40ml). For normal and combination skin types. Instantly improve and cover skin's imperfection, delivering a flawless and radiant look. Keep your skin with a water-oil balance. Also provide everyday UVA/UVB protection, whitening and skin repair.

Currently I'm on a quest to search for suitable BB cream for my skin. I'm delighted to see a tube of BB cream in the box. I tried it on my hand and the texture is amazing! Although the texture feels thick, it quickly melted onto my skin when I even it out. And it feels matte the whole time. This BB Cream is endorsed by S.H.E. so I think it is quite good. I haven't try it on my face yet, but I think I'm going to love it.

Next is a pair of Stage Eyelash (RM25-RM38/pair). Enhance your eyes with a dash of fabulousness when you use The Lash Expert, Stage's latest collection of false eyelashes guaranteed to get desirous stares with every wear. Go from natural lashes with extreme fullness, curl and length, or bring it up a notch (or two) with a bold piece. The choice is endless! Now available in 60 designs at all Stage outlets.

I've heard of Stage eyelash reputation. When I flip through the booklet that provided in the MIVVA box, I got jaw-dropped. There are so many designs. I feel like I want them all. The one that they gave me is quite dramatic. I just need to find the right occasion to wear it to. Glue is provided in the eyelash box.

Next, Privia Perfect Pure Cleansing Foam (RM43/180ml). Privia Perfect Pure Cleansing Foam with fine and rich foam with natural ingredient and amino coat ingredient, it keeps your skin soft and silky, removes keratin, reduce skin problems and reaches deep into the pores to remove dirt and dead cells.

A few of my friends are using Privia and they've urged me to try it. No offence, I just don't find the brand interesting. Maybe because I don't hear about it much? But the packaging is sooooooo pretty. Somehow reminds me of Stila packaging.

Lastly, we have here is the Di Palomo Wild Fig Grape Enriching Hand & Nail Cream (RM59/75ml). A rich & indulgent hand & body lotion with a mouth watering blend of Fig & Grape extracts.

The brand Di Palomo is new to me. But I love receiving hand cream in my beauty box because somehow I run out of it really fast. When I have it in beauty box, it's like I never have to buy it! This hand cream feels smooth and soft on my hand. I love the non-greasy feel too.

There are some vouchers that came with the box too...

This month, MIVVA included some extra stuff in their box. I don't know why I was so happy to find some sweet treats in it...

And there's also a quilted makeup pouch! 

I believe MIVVA is the very first beauty box in Malaysia that gives out makeup pouch. I love it! And it's in my favourite colour, pink! The pouch is so spacious and has small compartments for you to separate your stuff. There's also a mini mirror inside.

My thought on MIVVA's beauty box debut:
This definitely surpassed my expectation of MIVVA. Although they don't give out full size products, the deluxe size that they gave is good enough for me to try out the products. In terms of brands that they bring, I'm quite satisfy with it. I think it is definitely worth the value you're going to pay for every month subscription. Also, MIVVA uses PosLaju courier service, which is the most trusted delivery service locally. 

What MIVVA can improve on:
I was quite confused with the product card. There are 8 products featured on the product card, but I only received 6. At first, I thought they forgot to put it 2 of the products. Later I figure out, there might be a different variation to this month's box. Perhaps, MIVVA could let us know before hand that there are variation to the boxes. I almost email them to ask for the other non-existent products. Other than that, everything else is pretty good. 

Some of you might not know this. MIVVA beauty box is only open to its members only. If you want to subscribe to the MIVVA box, you have to sign up as an exclusive member. Fret not... I have you covered. Just go to <<THIS LINK>> and then enter the exclusive invitation code discoverMIVVA and you're in the exclusive loop!

MIVVA is not just a beauty box service provider. It is also a beauty community where you can discuss about products. You can earn points via various way (like referring friends to join), and with the points, you can redeem products that you like. Why not join now? Maybe you can earn enough points for a free face cream, eye cream, or perfume? 

If you're interested in subscribing the MIVVA beauty box, each month the fee is RM38. You can opt for one month, 3 months or 6 months subscription. The 3-months and 6-months subscription will earn you points. 

I'm not done yet!

If you go to MIVVA's Facebook page, you can win a Celine Handbag!!!! 

OK.... Now I'm done!

Your turn to tell me what do you think of MIVVA's beauty box? Should I subscribe to their January beauty box? And will you subscribe to the MIVVA's beauty box?

Dec 27, 2012


Around this time of the year, I will sum up all the beauty products that I already tried throughout the year and produce two special blog posts - the best and the worst. Well, this blog is less than one year old, the previous post that I've done was on my old blog. You can check out my last year's best product <<here>>.

This year, I have another 10 products that I love to share with you all. I've discovered a new brand this year, called Limi and I'm loving it very much. Unfortunately, it's only available in China so I will skip it. I will only feature products that easily available in Malaysia market and more suitable for local crowd. I didn't get to do full review for some of the products, so I will write a very short notes below. 

1. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF20 Oil Free
This is one of my daily beauty needs. I've switched from using foundation to this tinted moisturizer. Although it won't conceal imperfection as good as concealer, it is enough to balance my uneven skin tone. I've tried a few tinted moisturizer from other brands, my skin tolerate the Laura Mercier one better. Other brands cause my skin to break out and dries up after a few hours. It didn't happen with the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. My face looks like it is naturally flawless with it. 

2. Benefit "that gal" and Porefessional
These are two separate products. But I always wear both of them at once. "that gal" primes the face and getting it ready for foundation. It works as a shield to protect your face from the thick texture of foundation. Your foundation will glide smoothly when you apply it. Meanwhile, the Porefessional is a silicone base balm that helps cover up pores and wrinkles temporary. These two products come hand-in-hand when you need to apply foundation. I personally think these two work better than M.A.C. Prep + Prime. 

3. Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum
This is not a new found product, I use to love it years ago. Now I'm back for all the goodness it has to offer... repair my skin damage and prevent further damage. Visible improvement on my skin includes better hydration, acne scar heals faster and better texture. And it delivers fast result. You can see improvement in less than 2 weeks. <<Full review>>

4. Hada Labo TamagoHada AHA + BHA Face Wash
I've been talking about this for a long time and recommending to everyone I know. This facial wash works as  a very mild scrub. Actually you won't feel the exfoliating agent at all. It help cleanse dead skin cells away. Dirt and oil no longer clog in my pores. I really love the squeaky clean effect on my skin after I wash my face.

5. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence
There are mixed reviews on this. I went on to try it because my bff said it's working really well on her skin. There's definitely improvement on my skin, but the result is quite slow. I find that my skin is more firm now and it feels hydrated all the time. I'm still waiting to see improvement because I only had this for a week.

6. Korres Lip Butter
Most lip butter are colourless. But the Korres lip butter comes in different shades. And because of that, I've been putting my lipsticks away. The Korres lip butter provides all the nourishment that a lip butter gives and at the same time make my lips look rosy red. I no longer experience dry and chapped lips. <<Full review>>

7. L'Oreal Renewal Lash Serum
I did not expect this product to work. When I lost my eyelashes due to eyelash extension, people told me it is going to take a year for my lashes to fully grow back to its normal length. I was quite surprised that this serum helps me gain back my eyelashes in just 2 weeks. I call it the magic hair potion. <<Full review>>

8. Anna Sui Luxury Face Powder
This is a loose powder. It has real pearl particles in the powder. For some reason, it helps highlight the important features on the face, so you don't need to apply highlighter when you apply this loose powder. The pearl particles will reflect light on your high features in a low key manner. It reminds me of the Guerlain Meteorites, but without the shimmer.

9. Aupres Aqua Active Sleeping Mask
This is not a mask. It is a night cream/gel. Of all the products that I've tried in my life, this one gives the best hydration. It doesn't help on other skin concerns, but the moisturizing part, it is the best. I had a one month sample and after I'm done with the sampling, I went on to purchase a full size. It is really super good if you have extremely dry skin or if you want to maintain your hydration level on your skin.

10. Benefit they're real! Mascara
This mascara makes my eyelashes look fake (in a good way). It separates my lashes without clumps, and enhance the volume by ten times. It also lengthens my mid-length lashes to an exaggerated height. I got the sample from this month's CosmoBox and I'm seeing myself buying the full size after this. It is the best mascara I've tried so far.

Now that you've seen the best, stay tune for the worst products I've tried this year. I'm sure you don't want to throw your money onto dysfunctional products that I've tried and tested.

Do you have any favourite beauty products that you've tried this year? Share it with me. I will love to try it out too. 

Dec 26, 2012

Free Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Lotion

Remember awhile ago, I blog about the Hada Labo sample for their Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Lotion? Finally I've got mine!!!

The sample that they sent to me is about 9ml size. Enough to try for 10 days...

This moisturizing lotion is the best selling face lotion with one bottle sold every 4 seconds. Although that sounds exaggerating, the product itself is actually quite good. I've heard many positive testimonies from my friend who are using it. Now it's time for me to try it out.

They also sent me a 30% off voucher. The voucher is so useful because I'm already a Hada Labo user. Now I can save some money to stock up stuff that I need.

If you haven't apply for your sample, you can go to . Even if you already using the moisturizing lotion, or have tried it, you can still apply for the sample just for the voucher. It will help you save some pennies.

Dec 25, 2012

WonderBox December 2012 Christmas Edition

Merry Christmas ladies!!! I wish you had a great Christmas eve and get more presents!!! On this joyful day, I want to share with you my WonderBox Christmas edition.

If you're beauty box fan, you already know what's inside this month's WonderBox. Almost everyone already posted theirs up on the blog. I'm a little bit late in posting this because I was running around. I went back to Penang to check out what my family is doing. We had prayer for my grandpa, family reunion on winter solstice, and I accompanied my little cousin to enroll in to his A-level, he's like baby in our family. I took a de tour from Penang to KL for a short trip to meet the mister, he brought me for lunch at his restaurant. If you go to SS15, remember to stop by Takumi Yakiniku & Sushi Restaurant. They serve authentic Japanese barbecue and all the ingredients are freshly imported from Japan. Then I went for a shopping spree. Huge beauty haul coming soon!

Since the WonderBox was sent to my shop, I didn't have time to check it out until now.

There are two versions of this month's WonderBox. All members will get the same thing, except one item - you will either get the Empro brown and black mascara or Gamila secret cleansing bar. Here is mine...

This month's WonderBox has the most value compared to other month. The fee is only RM39.90. There are three full size products, the value already exceeds RM150. And there are so many products that I want to try!

1. Clinelle Eye Bright (full size) - Improves firmness for all skin types. Helps reduce the appearance of eye bags and dark eye circles.

2. Clinelle Purifying Toner (travel size) - Increases skin moisture instantly. Soothes and calms your skin while reducing oiliness.

Clinelle is a well-known skincare brand. I personally excited to try the Eye Bright. My dark circles are getting worse. I tried so many eye cream and they all don't work. I hope this eye bright can improve my dark circles condition. Meanwhile, the purifying toner don't impress me much.

3. Kerastase Bain Chroma Riche (travel size) - Leaves hair moisturized, supple, disciplined and protected against external aggressions and dullness with added shine.

4. Kerastase Masque Chroma Riche (travel size) - Leaves hair soft and glowing with radiance, revealing intensity and depth of the colour, while hair fibers are protected from external aggression.

Kerastase is also another well-known brand. The full size product is not cheap. I'm quite happy to receive these. Both the products are for colour treated hair, which suits me. And the travel size is so perfect for me to carry around.

5. OPI Shatter (full size) - Inspired by graffiti art, OPI Shatter leaves behind a crackled, two-texture finish when painted over any dry OPI hue.

I'm a big fan of OPI. I think I have more than a hundred OPI's at home and my collection is still expanding. When I first saw this in my box, I thought "WHAT?????? A black shatter? I already have a black shatter!!!" Lucky me... It turned out to be navy!

I painted it on top of my OPI Goldeneye as I was unboxing my WonderBox.

6. Gamila Secret Cleansing Bar (30g full size) - A natural beauty agent which is not only cleanse and nourishes our skin but also for softens and heals it.

I've been wanting to try the Gamila Secret cleansing bar for a long time. But the price is so expensive. Now I get to try it!!!

Of all the beauty boxes that I subscribed to, WonderBox is the one that I'm really satisfy with. They've been improving since day one and still improving. What I love the most is the product size. They're all full size and travel size which is sufficient for me to try the effectiveness (unlike some which puts in sample sachets and call it deluxe size). I'm also quite happy with brands that they feature. WonderBox is one of the beauty box that I don't mind recommending. If you want to try out their service, maybe just to subscribe a month, you can register yourself <<here>>.

Oh ya... Remember my December giveaway a month back? I wonder if the winners received their WonderBox already.

Dec 24, 2012

Getting Back with My Ex Lover... Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum

Our relationship started when we met in Australia Spring 2007, more specifically in Myer beauty department. At that time I was desperate for a companion that can give me a radiant and hydrated skin.

My skin condition was quite weird then... I had oily T-zone and really dry flaky skin on my cheek. Therefore it was quite hard to find a suitor for my skin. Product that has rich ingredients caused irritation and lighter formula ones just don't work. Luckily I found Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair (hereinafter ANR) and we were match-made in heaven.

After 3 years, our relationship when I moved back to Malaysia. It's not because we don't have Estee Lauder in Malaysia, we have plenty. But the price here is just ridiculous!!! In Australia, it cost AUD85 (30ml), and the same thing cost RM330 in Malaysia. It is RM75 (or AUD25) more expensive to purchase it in Malaysia. So, I thought I will only stock it up when I go back to Australia.

I confess, I cheated on my faithful lover. I met new ones (like Kiehl's Acai Serum) and I totally forgetten about it.

Until 2 weeks ago, we got back together again. Like any other patched-back relationship, there's something different this time. I used to be able to apply the ANR serum by itself at night, but now it appears to be quite dry on my skin. I still love it, don't get ,e wrong. My skin condition is now normal, so it works differently now.

Every night after I apply the ANR serum, I will apply either the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream or the Aupres Aqua Active Sleeping Mask to overcome the dry issue. Because I love it so much, I also apply it during the day before I put on my tinted moisturizer.


The one formula beautiful skin can't live without. This comprehensive, high-performance anti-ageing serum (inspired by groundbreaking DNA research) brings your skin a dramatic reduction in the appearance of visible signs of ageing.

Repairs the appearance of past damage. Helps address visibly damaging effects before they become permanent. You'll see an improvement in appearance of signs of ageing - specifically the look of lines, uneven skintone and immediate hydration.

Environmental assaults such as UV light, smoke, pollution and even emotional stress are the primary causes of premature signs of ageing. The advanced technology repairs the appearance of damage by combating every major environmental assault.

Creates an optimal environment for repair with nature's long-proven moisture magnet Hyaluronic Acid. Clinical tests prove skin's levels of moisturization increase dramatically. Soothes the look of daily irritation and builds a rich anti-oxidant reserve to help replenish skin's own natural protectants. Think of it as "insurance" for younger, healthier-looking skin, today and tomorrow. Even the best can get better.


Apply 4-5 drops of ANR to clear skin. Although it's supposed to be worn at night, you can also wear it during the day too. In fact, it is better to apply AM & PM for optimum result.


It has a very typical serum texture. Dries off quickly when applied on skin, that's because it gets absorbed into the skin almost immediately. Leaves your skin feeling matte. It has a strong drug smell, fortunately it doesn't last long.. The smell wears off as soon as it dries off.


1. It delivers quick result. You can see improvement within a week.
2. Works on every skintypes including sensitive skin. And suitable for every age group.
3. Has duo-function, which is to prevent and to repair.


1. The price can be quite steep. But a bottle can last quite long, about 6 months. I guess if you break it down to how much you pay per day, you can still justify the price.


Anyone and everyone who wants beautiful skin.


I really love the serum!!! And if I can afford it, I will not use any other serum. Thankfully, my grandma got this for me, so I don't have to worry about the price. I totally recommend this to everyone. So far, I only heard positive feedbacks on this serum (on beauty blog reviews, as well as oral testimony). You really have to try it yourself to understand the miracle of this serum.