Jan 19, 2013

Bangkok Haul & Shopping Tips

Hello everyone!!! I'm waiting for my flight to Hong Kong now. Traveling alone kinda sucks, so I'm going to kill sometime by blogging.

Here are some stuff I bought from Bangkok and some shopping tips for you, if you're going there anytime soon. I think Bangkok is really a great place to shop (even better than Singapore). The people there are friendly, despite the language barrier. The VAT refund is quite good. And there are plenty of choices!!!

The main place to shop is of course at Siam, it's like our Bukit Bintang. You have Paragon, Siam Square, Siam Central, Platinum Mall, Siam Discovery, Gaysorn Mall all within walking distance and they're all connected by the sky bridge.

The first thing that I bought was from NARS counter at Paragon. I wanted to get the Beach Lover makeup set, unfortunately they don't have it. In the end, I only got the matte foundation and orgams blush. Can wait to try out the matte foundation. It is much cheaper to buy NARS in Taiwan than in Thailand.

To those of you who asked me to get the NARS stuff, I'm sending it on Monday. So you should be getting it on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Still in Paragon, my favorite place to shop is the Gourmet Market. You can find international food here (the price also quite international). The fruits are freaking expensive.... 10 Korean strawberries for RM170. Yeah... I'm not kidding. But they're humongous and really sweet! Of course I didn't buy any of the fruits. But I bought a lot of dry food.

PaMa prawn tom yum instant noodles. These are my favorite!!!!! I got it for about RM5 a pack which has 10 packets of noodles inside.

Blueberry Pocky!!!! Shikin told me she bought this in Japan and they're really good. Since I can find it here, I can't resist to wallop all of them from the shelve.

You can tell, I really love Pocky. These are not your normal strawberry Pocky. It has chunky strawberry on the stick!!!

Ham & Cheese Pretz!!! I've never eaten this before. And OMG! They really taste like ham and cheese! If you can get this anywhere, do try it!!! Although a bit salty but it's really very good.

At the Gourmet Market, they have a small section that sells aroma therapy stuff like essential oils, bath products and spa products. I bought this pillow for Michelle.... It smells like lemongrass. If you smell it, it is damn good, but after you place it in the bag, it can be really overpowering. Heat this up and place it on your shoulder, head, stomach, or anywhere for quick spa treatment.

I also bought a lot of toothbrush from the Gourmet Market. I know it's so random. But it's so cheap!!!! In Malaysia, the toothbrush I'm using cost RM13+ each. But they're selling about RM9 for two!!! Which means I save RM30 for these....

I can even buy Air Asia Promo ticket to Bangkok with that money I saved!!!

Outside the Gourmet Market, there's a Mandarin Oriental cafe. The food are 100% from Mandarin Oriental. When passed by, I couldn't resist the macarons... If you happen to pass by, remember to get the coffee crunch and salty chocolate and vanilla. These are the bestest macarons I've ever tasted! And they're cheap too! 6 pieces for 270baht (RM27).

From Paragon, I walk to Platinum Mall and passed by Naraya. It's a MUST stop. I didn't find anything interesting but manage to get a cosmetic pouch for my housemate and a standing pocket mirror. Will show you all the mirror next time. I forgot to take photo.

At Platinum Mall, I was spoiled with choices. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything except 3 belts. The clothes there are cheap. But the shoes and bags are so freaking expensive. You probably can get the same thing and same price from Sungei Wang Hong Kong Station. Some of the clothes are self-designed and some are obviously imported from China. The sales girls are very reluctant to give offer price. And bargaining is not really good enough, they will just let you walk away. The only main trick to get cheap price is by buying in bulk. So, go to Platinum Mall with your friends and pay together. Anyway, I got these belt at 120baht each (RM12).

The most priced possession I've bought is the France 2004 limited edition Valentine's Day stamp from Chanel. It's a collectible item and cannot be found easily. It's so freaking expensive, but I know it's worth it.

There's also Boots drugstore everywhere in Bangkok! If you have Boots member card, do bring along for your trip. If you don't have one, sign up for one at the counter and you will receive your card immediately. The card comes with 5% privilege storewide and a booklet of vouchers. The card also serve as point collection. Once you spend a certain amount, you can get rebate for your next purchase. So what I got from Boots?

Soap & Glory!!!

I got The Scrub of Your Life. This is really the best scrub from Soap & Glory. Try it if you haven't. And Sexy Mother Pucker lipgloss. Soap & Glory at Boots are so cheap! Some store even have Buy 3 Free 1 promotion. Generally, the stuff are about RM5 cheaper than what we have in Sephora.

I also got some stuff from Botanics. My friend Cailin told me that Botanics stuff are really good. Since it's plant base skincare, I really can't resist to try. I love natural ingredients skincare.

The Botanics stuff are on Buy 2 Free 1 promotion. So I bought the face scrub and day moisturizer and it comes with free face wipes. You can choose any 3 products and pay the two most expensive once.

Those are my short haul from Bangkok. A lot of things I wanted to get but couldn't. I wanted to get a Vivienne Westwood bag but I was misunderstood. I thought the Zen Mall has Vivienne Westwood boutique, unfortunately they only sell a few Vivienne Westwood shoes. I also thought I can get a Vivienne Westwood jacket for the mister for Valentine's Day. All my plan went haywired.

Hopefully I can get the Vivienne Westwood stuff from Hong Kong.


Angela said...

wow you got some great stuff. I love soap and glory and got a big gift set for Christmas off my husband. I would love to go to Bangkok, maybe one day.

I have followed you on GFC and would really appreciate a follow back please as I am a new blogger (only two weeks) and I am trying to get to 100 followers so I can host a giveaway, thank you so much xx


Mizu said...

Nice stuff you got!!
Next is Hong Kong??omg..I envy you..Hong Kong is like shopping heaven(although I never went there)but I think the products that are sold there which came from Korea&Japan is duty-free..I'm not sure whether it's true or not but I want to see your Hong Kong post!


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