Feb 27, 2013

Manicure Spa + Body Massage at Amante + High Tea = Perfect Girls Day Out

What is your favourite kind of girls’ day out? I used love going for fine dining and then hit the club and party like there’s no tomorrow. But late nights, alcohol and boisterous music are not my kind of tea now. It must be the aging factor, I much prefer a quiet and relaxing girls’ day out now.

Last week, I dated Christine for a supposedly quick manicure session, and booked for a two pax manicure service at Amante, Times Square. I just wanted to catch up with her and check out how she is doing.

Once we’re there, we got attracted by the spa menu that they offer. Check out the discounted services they have...

Our plan for a manicure quickie turns out to be a half day pampering session. We just couldn’t resist the good deals that flashing at us on the board. RM49 slimming massage from professional masseurs, seriously where to find???

We started with a thorough manicure spa. This is my first time doing manicure spa after so many years! I’ve been painting my own nails because I hardly have the time. Check out my cacat  manicure, which I painted over and over again after they chipped off.

The manicure/pedicure area.

It is a bit hard to capture the whole place because they put up curtains at the manicure/pedicure area to ensure patron’s privacy.

Mimi (my manicurist) spent so much time trying to remove my nail polish. Poor Mimi, she didn’t complain. I think I painted five coats, with glittered nail polish underneath. I wouldn’t have the patience to remove those damn glittered nail polish and will just paint another coat of nail polish on top.

I love Mimi’s nails. She did it herself.

While the manicurist pampering our hands, we had our usual gossip discussion session. The staff overheard our conversation (they can’t help it, I guess. We’re quite loud) and laughed along. In the end, we had our little girl club in Amante.

Hand scrub and massage like a tai tai...

After scrubbing, cleansing and massage, Mimi put some hand serum on my hand and wrapped them in cling wrap. I manage to take photo of Christine with her robot arms...

Then they put a warm hand mitten over hands for steaming...

I can’t stop doing my robot dance with the warm mitten. It’s so funny. Next is the hand mask time...

This thing is amazing! The texture is quite thick and the color is just weird. It looks like a mermaid scale when it is even out on my hand. I took a look at the packaging, it’s the NailTek hand mask and it’s not for retail sale and can only be used in professional saloon L Means, I have to go back there more often if I want a wrinkle free hand.

The fine lines on my hand got totally erased off by that metallic green thingy. Check out the obvious result after the hand mask!!!

Before our manicure, we were ushered to the massage room. We had the double room, which means we can still chat while having our massage. Christine was having hot stone massage, while I opt for a conventional aroma therapy massage. I chickened out after hearing how hot the stone would be.

Christine asking about her hot stone massage procedure. 

And here are the stones...

I manage to snap a photo of Christine before I strip naked.

At this point, I don’t have any photos to show you guys. But I can tell you the massage is awesome! My masseur knows which part that needed extra attention when I didn’t even tell her anything. She also praised me, “Urat kamu ni bagus”. So I asked her what she meant, and she said I have good blood circulation. That’s quite true. When she reached my thighs, it was so painful for her to rub the inner thigh. I had to scream my pain off. Then she said, “Ini urat utama. Macam tiang rumah. Sebab kita kena jalan banyak, kaki kita nak tampung berat badan kita. Urat ini sangat penting.” I trusted her, so I just let her induce pain on me. The pain didn’t last long, it just felt unbearable when she pressed that specific part on my thighs.

It was a fun session, we had so much laughter and I didn’t know a massage session can be so entertaining.

After getting dressed up, we proceed back to our manicure section and started painting our nails. To me, this is the most exciting part!

Amante is using OPI products for their manicures. By now, you guys already know that I’m a big fan of OPI right? So, I’m not complaining...

I choose a multicolour manicure because I can’t decide which color to go for. Hahahaha!!!! When you face with hundreds of color, it is really a tough choice. Here are the colors that I picked...

L-R: Elephantastic Pink; Greenwich Village; In My Back Pocket; Sunglasses; Do You Lilac It?

Ok... I actually can’t remember all the color names. If there’s any mistake, please let me know. It’s very hard to remember all the names when I been flipping through so many colors at once.

Meanwhile, Christine did a custom French manicure, which means they use the French style but with different color and not the classic French color. Multi-color manicure and custom french are the same price as normal manicure. How generous of Amante. Some salon charge multi-color and french for nail art price. 

Here’s our result...

Our pampering session lasted for 4 hours!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s mainly because we were chatting and laughing with the staff at Amante a lot. I think they like us *shy*. We ended our girls’ day out with a simple tea at TWG. Girls love sweet stuff..

If you’re looking for friendly and affordable nail spa, I totally recommend you to go to Amante. They have a lot of branches around Klang Valley, do check out their Facebook page for the nearest location to you.

My nails are so colourful, they cheers me up everytime I look at it...


Feb 25, 2013

Kate Spade & Victoria's Secret Haul; Shopping from Angpao Money

Did you get a lot of angpao this CNY? My angpao business is really bad, mainly because my parents don’t go relative’s house for visiting and my relatives don’t come to my house too L. And most them that give out angpao thinks I’m too old to receive angpao, so I get the downgraded version.

I had a little splurge with my angpao money. I’m sure you do too.

Kate Spade has really interesting accessories. I find myself taking a peep at their accessories display all the time. This time, I can resist to get this “Things We Love” charm bracelet.

And my perfume collection is expanding again with some Victoria’s Secret. Last two months, I walked into VS Pavilion to look for their limited edition Bombshell perfume. Bombshell is my daily perfume and it would be really great if I can get the limited edition bottle. So I asked the SA if they are bringing it in. And the SA looked at me puzzled and said,

VS SA: My dear, Bombshell is not a limited edition perfume. It has been here all these while and it is a permanent collection.
Me: Yeah I know. But I want the limited edition bottle that has pink glitters all over it.
VS SA: I don’t know what you mean. But Bombshell is never a limited edition.

Then she laughed at me and just left me there. I was like... watafak! I got so pissed off so I asked Yvonne to get it for me from London.

Here it is now....

I feel like bringing this to VS and fling it on the SA’s face. If she doesn’t know there’s a Bombshell limited edition bottle then it’s OK. She really don’t have to laugh at me. I felt like I’ve been mocked and it is really intimidating. I don’t think I will want to patronize VS here again. I rather ask my friends to buy for me from overseas.

Although this is supposed to be only a limited edition bottle, for some reason, I think the smell between the original Bombshell and the Bombshell Sparkle is different. They smell really close, but there’s something different about it.

And Yvonne got for me the Victoria’s Secret London perfume. This is the perfume that she is currently using. It smells fruity sweet, which I really love. And the best thing about it is.... this is only available in London and nowhere else!

Although the bottle is not the most flattering perfume bottle I have in my stash, I really do love the light scent. It can pass as a daily fragrance.

By the way, what did you buy with your angpao money?

Feb 23, 2013

Tebe Lavish Soap Bar; Nature Goodness

Last year I watched a documentary regarding beauty products and how it affects our health. Apparently, 60% of the ingredients in our beauty products don’t contribute to enhancing our skin, but it is added to hasten skin improvement process. These ingredients are tested and proven to be toxic positive. What scares me the most is that, these toxic elements can cause cancer!

I became more alert on beauty product ingredients. Before purchasing my skincare, I will take my time to read the ingredients and google each ingredient that I doubt. I also start looking for organic skin products that made from 100% natural ingredients. Sadly, there are very few natural beauty brands available in Malaysia. Out of the very few that we have, I particularly love Tebe. So far, I’ve only tried their Lavish Soap bar and some mini samples that the SA gave me.

I walked into theSkintopic at Pavilion and found out they bring in New Zealand skincare brands like Olive, Tebe, Linden Leaves, Wild Ferns, etc. that only use organic and/or natural ingredients in their products. This is a good news for me as I’m trying go al natural in my beauty habits.

The main purpose of the Lavish Soap bar is to provide moisture to the skin. It is suitable for face and body.


1. Made from 100% natural ingredients – extra virgin olive oil, chamomile flower extract, natural waxes and olive leaf extract. Free from mineral oils, parabens, artificial colourants, silicones and animal products.
2. pH balanced. Don’t cause irritation to skin.
3. Able to control eczema problem on skin.
4. Cleansing power is quite good. I can use this to remove my thick face foundation.
5. The soap bar last quite long. One bar can last up to 6 months if you use it on the face only. And if you use it on the body, it last about 3 months.
6. Skin feels instantly feel hydrated and moisturized after first application.
7. Smells really good and light. I love the refreshing smell after bath. It’s so soothing.
8. Unlike other soap that melts away after little usage, this one still feels solid after awhile.


1. Expensive. One bar cost RM68. It depends on your usage. If you can use it up to 6 months, then it will only cost RM10 for a month. 
2. Contains perfume. Those who have allergy to perfumes, do beware!

Although the Lavish Soap bar is totally good to use on the face, I still haven’t develop the habit to use soap bar as part of my facial routine. I only use it on my face occasionally when I don’t put on makeup. Instead, I use this for my body daily. I have mild eczema problem, especially when I do sports my entire leg will feel itchy and red. After using this Lavish Soap bar, I don’t get this problem now.

After ten usage, the soap bar is still in perfect shape. 

Tebe also has a whole range of facial products like facial wash, day cream and night cream. All their products are made from natural ingredients. I manage to get some samples to try out, I totally recommend you getting the face cleansing milk. It’s so mild, but really effective in cleaning off face foundation.

They also have another range of products which is under the Olive line. Basically Olive and Tebe are about the same, except that Olive products are using 100% virgin olive oil, meanwhile Tebe products have added olive leave extract. If you think Tebe Lavish Soap Bar is expensive, alternatively you can try the Olive Natural Soap Bar which is only RM29.

If you go to theSkintopic, they have all the soap bars for you to test out. When I tried out the Tebe Lavish Soap bar on my left hand and I can see a clear difference. My right hand is more dry and dull, meanwhile my left hand feels smoother... It feels nice, lah. I don’t know how to explain the difference. Go and try it out yourself if you happen to pass by. Then you can see it for yourself what I mean.

Regarding the documentary that I’ve mentioned below is the video. After watching it, you will be more cautious on your skincare products. I totally recommend you to switch to organic and natural ingredients skincare for safer option.

Tebe is available at:


Level 5, P5.12.00, Pavilion
(03) 21429988

Lower Ground Floor, Lot LGC01, Subang Parade Mall
(03) 56382988

Olive & Tebe counters
Metrojaya Mid Valley, Metrojaya Bukit Bintang, Metrojaya The Curve & Parkson Sunway Pyramid. 


Feb 17, 2013

Vanity Trove Malaysia edition debut February 2013

How’s everyone doing? Today I’m going to share with you all one of the most anticipated beauty box.... Vanity Trove Malaysia edition. I’ve been waiting for this quite awhile because I used to subscribe to VT Singapore. It’s nice to see that VT is now more localized.

Before I get into the content of this month’s VT Malaysia, I’m going to highlight some differences between VT Singapore and VT Malaysia.

1. If you have subscribed to VT Singapore, your account will be switched to VT Malaysia edition automatically. You will not receive VT Singapore edition in the future.

2. The content of VT Singapore and VT Malaysia is totally different. VT Malaysia focuses on products that applicable to Malaysian market and now you will receive vouchers that can be used in Malaysia. I think this is a good improvement.

3. If you would like to receive VT Singapore, please write to VT personally.

So, here’s what we have in this month’s Vanity Trove Malaysia edition:

The packaging is totally the same as the one from Singapore. I really love the sturdy drawer-type box. It’s really useful for storage compared to other beauty boxes packaging. I’m reusing the boxes to store my stationeries and some makeup stuff. I'm going to bring two of the VT empty boxes to my office to store all my stationeries. 

They also include a small hand written note. I love personalized touch like this...

There are 7 items in this month’s VT:

1.  System Professional Hair Care

The Smoothen Shampoo cleanses and treats the hair structure to boost suppleness. Follow your cleansing routine with the Smoothen Mask to detangle the hair.

I received the exact same thing from Nov 2012CosmoBox. So if you subscribed to Nov 2012 CosmoBox, these are repeated products. I haven’t use the previous one that I have. I hope it is good.

2. Oriks Wild Ginseng Stemcell Twister Essence

Soft and velvety. Reduces visible pores while hydrating and nourishing skin. 

Oriks is a new brand to me. I’ve never heard about it until MIVVA featured. The Oriks Collagen serum I got from the MIVVA box is quite good. So I think this Wild Ginseng Essence would be good too. Because my skincare routine is already packed with the stuff I’m currently using, I will use this under my mask. Just spread it on to the face for a few second, then I’ll put on my sheet mask as usual.

3. Oriks Wild Ginseng Stemcell Essence Twister BB Cream

Formulated with plant stem cells to repair and keep your skin healthy while covering imperfections. Its unique three-tier cream design includes the milk lotion with wild ginseng, the concealer and the serum with repair complex CLR. 

I think the sample size is really small for us to know if this BB cream works. The samples are only two application, that’s why I can’t afford to swatch this for you all L

4. b.liv Off With Those Heads - Blackheads Sebum Gel

Remove white heads and blackheads gently and effectively with this sebum gel. This wonder gel also keeps oil secretions under control and banishes all kinds of skin irritations.

This is actually Cellnique’s Skin Action Sebum Gel. I compared the both products and there’s no difference at all. I don’t know why they repackage it into a different brand b.liv. If it is totally the same thing as the Cellnique Skin Action Sebum Gel, then you should really get it. It is really good and effective in reducing black & white heads.

5. Benefit  POREfessional

Minimise the appearance of pores and fine lines with this smooth operator. Silky and lightweight, wear the POREfessional balm on its own or under or on top of makeup. Its translucent, oil-free formula complements different skin tones and helps makeup stay put. It contains a Vitamin E derivative, known to protect the skin from free radicals. 

I have this as one of my makeup primer and I’m using it everyday. This is the best product featured this month, for me. The balm is actually made of silicon. It does a great job filling up pores and reducing fine lines temporary. I recommend this to everyone who wears coverage makeup.

6. Di Palomo Tuscan Rose Moisturising Body Wash

This is a rich, luxuriant body wash formulated using the finest ingredients. Added moisturisers like Pro-Vitamin B5 keeps skin sooth and supple. 

The smell is heavenly! Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh rose on their skin? I use this shower gel at night before bed and treat it like an aroma therapy stuff. The smell lingers until I fall asleep. I love it!!! But for a full size, RM69 is quite pricey. So I’m saving this sample to use only when I feel really stressed. If you love light rose scent and willing to pay RM69 for a body wash, get this!

One huge improvement from this localized VT is that, the vouchers are valid in Malaysia! I used to receive very exciting VT Singapore vouchers, but they’re only valid in Singapore. I had to pass them to my Singaporean friends or throw them away. 

There’s also a little treat from VT’s team...

My verdict on Vanity Trove Malaysia:

1. The content for this month’s VT is quite satisfying. I really love the POREfessional because it is something I’m using daily and the size is almost half of the full size. The Di Palomo body wash is also amazing. The only thing that is not so satisfying is the sample size of the Oriks BB Cream. I think it is too small.

2. I love the idea of localized beauty box. At least, as a subscriber, we can receive products that are available in our market. And the vouchers are useable in our country. Compared to previous VT Singapore, the products and vouchers are totally irrelevant to our market.

3. As a premier beauty box, I think Vanity Trove has a lot to improve in terms of the brands that they are going to feature in their beauty box. Or at least, they could feature more products in a month. The subscription is RM60 a month, which is almost double the price of other beauty boxes in town. That’s really expensive, consider that the content is almost similar. I would love to see VT feature high end brands or put in more products for us to try.

I’m looking forward for the next month’s Malaysia VT because I saw some products that I really want on their website (pssstt... Urban Decay primer potion). I hope they include it in next month’s box. Plus, I really want to see more of VT. 

If you would like to receive Vanity Trove Malaysia edition, do subscribe <<HERE>>. 

Let’s wait for next month’s box. 

Feb 9, 2013

Are you confident in your body? If no, read this!

After reading those words of encouragement, you can sum them up in one vibe. That is...... CONFIDENCE. And I want to ask you, are you confident in your own skin and flesh? Do you wish you can do better? I know I do.

That is why I attended the “The Woman Behind Women’s Weight Loss Journey – Slimming and Its Effectiveness”event at Marie France Bodyline to understand more about slimming centres in general and its effectiveness.

Although I may look like I don’t need any weight loss program, deep down inside, I feel that I need it badly. I have a bad body shape problem that cannot be solved – unwanted fats are making their way to my tummy area and it’s so hard to get rid of it and my cellulite problem is getting worse. No exercise or diet can effectively help me reduce my tummy size. Getting rid of cellulite is almost an impossible thing to do. So I think I need to seek for professional help.  

The event was led by Marie France Bodyline CEO herself, Miss Amy Quek Swee Li. I personally find Amy a wonderful inspirational figure. She started her career in Marie France as a consultant and slowly climbing her way up the corporate ladder. She is the first female to hold the CEO position in Marie France. Holding such high pose, Amy has a lot to juggle. She oversees almost every aspect of Marie France, from financial and department management, HR management and team building as well as determining the brand’s strategic direction. 

From the short session with Amy, I get a better understanding on how slimming program works and how things work in Marie France.

In the beginning, I was a bit sceptical about going to slimming centres, after the session I can finally open up my mind about it. Here are some of my doubts before the session with Amy:

1.      Can I afford to pay for the treatment?
I think this is everyone’s concern when they step into beauty centres. And some even get turned off by the thoughts of high pricing. I’m happy to hear that at Marie France, clients are in total control of our spending. The staffs are only concern about the client’s satisfaction and they don’t push for sale. If we are happy to choose Package A, then the staff will give us Package A. There are variety packages to choose from. So if you’re on a tight budget, you can choose the package that’s friendly to your pocket.

2.      How do I know what I’m paying for?
Marie France is practising a price transparency policy, where you will know every detail of what you’re paying for. The price at every Marie France outlet is standardized.

3.      I’m perfectly skinny, do I need slimming program?
Marie France don’t just provide slimming program. It is a “health centre”. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, they will be coaching you the proper way to do it. And if you have main concern on targeted area (e.g. tummy, hips, arms) to lose weight just on that part, they have all the certified technology to help you.

4.      How do I start the program?
Talk to Marie France consultant about your concern, whether you want to lose weight, or do you have cellulite problem, etc. Then the consultant will do an analysis check on your body. After that, you can try out their services first without any commitment. Once you’re satisfied, you can go for more intensive treatment.

5.      How effective is the treatment?
Marie France has technology that can measure your body performance. Being a market leader in this field, they have the experience to know if your body is reacting positively to the treatment or not. Besides that, Marie France program is not just providing machine treatments. It is a life coaching program. Once you embark on the journey to lose weight with Marie France, you will take home a set of knowledge on how to maintain your weight. If you follow the program, there should be no problem with the effectiveness.

6.      Is the treatment safe?
What the program does to your body is that it stimulates what the body suppose to do, for example, it will increase our metabolism rate so that our body can lose weight naturally. All the machines used by Marie France are certified by the World Health Organization. It has gone through filters before it is ready to be used at Marie France. And the technology that Marie France engage in, is the same as the machines used in hospitals to check obesity rate.

7.      What happen after the program ends?
I heard a lot about people gaining back double their weight once they stop going to Marie France. This is true, if you don’t follow the details that you suppose to. Like I mention earlier, Marie France don’t just sell you a weight loss program, they are coaching you to live a healthier lifestyle. Once your treatment ends, the consultant will advise you on certain things, such as what to look out for in your diet and some simple exercise to maintain your weight. It’s all about the initiative whether you want maintain your weight.

Currently, Marie France is having a special launch offer for its Acoustic Radial Therapy (ART) for only RM199. The ART is a non-invasive treatment which combines high energy radial waves with vacuum technology. This treatment focuses on combating cellulite. I’ve made an appointment to try it out after Chinese New Year. Since it is such a good offer, I really don’t want to miss it out.

Here’s a little de tour of how the treatment rooms look like....

They have separate female treatment room and male treatment room.

The lounge in the female treatment room.

Personal treatment room.

Ready for pampering session.

The amenities and facilities at Marie France are quite good. There’s a huge locker to put all your belongings and there’s a shower room and powder room.

This is the wrapping area, where you can watch TV and read magazines during your wrapping treatment.

This is May, the Marie France consultant at their KLCC outlet. She’s so poise!

I really can’t wait for my ART treatment. Will blog about it once I attend the treatment and show you guys how it is done. So stay tuned, ya! I hope I will be more confident of my body after the treatment.