May 17, 2013

Shopping Tips & Haul from Greece & Souvenir Pack Giveaway


OMG! I’m so freaking tired after a long haul flight and decided to blog a haul. Before that, I’ll give you all some shopping tips, just in case you’re traveling to Greece soon. Basically, the souvenir stuff is pretty generic and standardized throughout Greece. For example, whatever you want to buy from Santorini are available in Athens too, and vice versa. But there are certain things which are cheaper in certain places.

I will start with Santorini because that’s my first stop. There are two main tourist places in the island which is Fira and Oia. Fira is the “town” area and Oia is a pretty relax coastal village.

Rule number one, remember to bargain. If you’re going with friends/family, remember to buy all your souvenir in one place. That way, you can get better price when you’re buying in a huge quantity. We did that in a shop in Fira, Santorini and was able to get 10% off.

If you have the time, scout around to compare prices. I think I bought some stuff which is much more expensive in Fira and then found out it is much cheaper to buy in Oia. It is also cheaper to buy those “Greek goddess” dress in Santorini than in Athens, although Athens have much more choices.

Then in Athens, you should shop in the Roman Market, which located at the foot of Acropolis. You might get confused what to get for souvenir as there are plenty of choices from different shops there.

And here is my haul. Let’s start with the very typical souvenir…

I bought a handpainted curio box for Christine. I actually choose a very nice one for her, but they exchanged it with another one that looks quite crappy. Although both the box are the same painting, but the one I got has some handywork flaws. Lesson learnt, when shop for souvenir, hold on to your stuff before paying and check to see if it is what you wanted to get. The church model is for Alie and the fridge magnet is for my housemate who collects fridge magnet from different countries.

At Athens, I bought these…

The magnet totally broke in half. I was so devastated because it is for my housemate. If you’re going to buy those clay souvenir, remember don’t put it in your check in luggage. Or better still, don’t buy the clay souvenir. They’re so fragile. Just a little knock it will shatter. Luckily I bought another magnet of Athena figure for her. For myself, I got the Panthenon model for memories. It is one of those place you must visit before you die. Although ruined, it is still beautiful.

I bought a Lady Justitae figure to put on my office table. Sadly, the Lady’s got completely beheaded. I actually hand carried this figure, I think I must have knocked my backpack while carrying it inside. Now I have to find a way to fix it back and paint it. I’m thinking of painting it in pink.

I got these pretty expensive souvenir for mom. A handpainted tea cup from Santorini and an antique-like jewelry box from Athens. I really love the jewelry box and thinking of keeping it for myself.

Keychains, obligated to buy when travel.

Some local produce from Greece… the olive oil and honey. Greek’s olive oil is much sweeter than the Italian’s. It is perfect to eat with bread. And I’m not too sure about the honey though. I bought it for my aunt because I don’t know what else to get for her.

Santorini is famous of their white wine Nykteri. If you love sweet wine like Moscato, you’ll love this even more.

Also brought back some x-rated stuff. Hahahahahaha….. Must use Playboy centrefold as inspiration to work harder for nicer body!!!!

Lastly, some beauty related stuff. I think I’ve mention to you guys about the brand Korres before? My friend introduced this brand to me and I fell in love with it immediately. This brand is originated from Greece and it cost so much cheaper there. Initially I wanted to grab the whole store because it is really cheap. But I came to my senses and bought only the Guava Body Butter and the Milk Cleansing Wipe. The body butter is super good!!! I’ve been asking everyone to try this, so you should too. Don’t worry about flying to Greece. You can buy it from Luxola and they will send it directly to your doorstep.

Greece is really proud of their olives. Since I love olive in my skincare, I got all these…

The Peeling Soap Sponge is really cool. Basically it has few layers of sponges and the last layer is made of soap. You need to rub the soap part on your body to create foam and then use the sponge to exfoliate. This is the first time I see such thing. Bath bombs that made from olives. These are amazing!!! I tried the Olive with Olive Leaves already to distress myself from the long flight. It is superb! It leaves the skin thoroughly moisturized and all the rough skin on my feet are all gone after soaking myself in it for 20 minutes. And soap bar made our of 100% pure olive.

As part of the norm after my trip for you all. Ok… Not all, but only 1 person. 1 reader of this blog will receive a special souvenir pack from me. The souvenir pack contains:

1. One natural olive soap bar from Greece – they’re so good, I decided to give one away.
2. A L’Occitane travel pack that contains shower gel, shampoo/conditioner, and body lotion – this travel pack saves me a lot of space and really useful during my trip. I’m giving one set away so you can bring it for your next trip.

How to get this souvenir pack?
1. As usual, you have to be a subscriber of this blog. If you haven’t, click on the “Join this site” tab on the right hand side.
2. Comment below by leaving your email address. If you don’t leave your email then I will assume that you’re just commenting and don’t want the souvenir pack.
3. I will pick a random reader and send email to her on 23rd May (Thursday).

I want to go back to Santorini so badly! It’s so nice there and the view is nothing like what I’ve seen. OK… Now I’m getting my ass back to work, earn some money and plan for another trip again. 


cindy said...

OMG u went to many days u go?how much u spend ya?

Sabrina Tajudin said...

the honey looks nice! nice magazine you have there! :P Hehe....

Anonymous said...
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Jerine said...

Cindy Tong: I went Santorini for 3 days. I think total I spent was RM3,000. I don't have to worry about my air ticket and hotel because my bf paid for it.

Sabrina: It's inspiration ok....

Nisah said...

Okaeri~~~ :DD

Seems like a nice trip! Santorini seems like an awesome place to visit!


I LOVE soap gdi, so I'm gonna join the giveaway lol
GFC: Nisah

Trislynnchan said...

HI, the packaging of the olive soap look so nice! I love green colour which always represent t natural!Wish to get the souvenir pack from you.Hehehe...

By the way, would like to ask, is the food at greece nice?? i love special food. can we find any special food over there?


Trislynnchan said...

HI, the packaging of the olive soap look so nice! I love green colour which always represent t natural!Wish to get the souvenir pack from you.Hehehe...

By the way, would like to ask, is the food at greece nice?? i love special food. can we find any special food over there?


Caroline said...

omg! one of the place that I wish to visit! Are u going to blog more on your trip later on? *please* >.<

And i would love to join on the souvenir giveaway!Here's my email :

cindy said...

so lucky...i wish my bf will bring me there too...

Constance Ant said...

oh welcome back!

Greece is beautiful! like every angle also picturesque one!


soapdesire said...

wah!there is my dream place :)

Pink and Undecided said...

is it open internationally? if it is then i'd love to join, please :D. My e-mail's : :D

Waileng Tan said...

When I saw your update on my blogger dashboard I thought you are giving away those necklaces. Oh, how silly of me! Anyway, I still do hope to win the giveaway!


NydiaAnies said...

Oh myyy.. U went to Greece! Mya fav place in the world! Btw, I saw a friend of mine were on the same flight with Kardashian/Jenner to Greece. She was seating next to Kendall n Kylie.. Lucky her..

Hope one day I'll be there too.. Cant wait to see ur post on the scenery and activities.

Anyway here's my try :

Joyce said...

I wish to win the special souvenir pack~~look nice =)


Jerine said...

@Nisah: Yep. It is. I love soap too! That's why I get it. I tried the olive soap in the hotel, it was so nice!!!

@Trislynn: The food there is awesome. I super love souvlaki and tzatziki.

@Caroline Ng: I am going to blog about the entire trip with tips on my travel blog. Make sure you check out ok?

@Cindy Tong: He didn't bring me there. I went there myself :( But at least he paid for it :)

Jerine said...

@Constance Ant: Yup! I don't have to photoshop any photo!!!

@soapdesire: I still want to go back there again!

@Mindy Pauline: Yes, it is international.

@Waileng: Hahahaha... I didn't buy any necklace because it cost more than 10 euros :(

@NydiaAnies: I met Kim K in Dubai!!!! Only her paper cardboard. She stayed in the same hotel as mine. But I didn't see her :(

@Joyce: The soap is really nice.

Princess Neverland said...

OMG the place is soooo pretty! I must save $$ from now!

мs. вавз чuмıкo said...

OMG,you went to Greece??Lucky you and nice stuffs you bought :D

Email Address: miley71(at)hotmail(dot)com

Eriol Loh said...

love this sharing look very nice <3
hope i will win because i am travel lover i can bring along them with my journey.:)

LauraLeia said...

The souvenirs look lovely! Especially the mini buildings (lol i dunno how else to describe them).

My email is Laura1990my [at] :D

Arisa Chow said...

Wow! Can't wait to see more pictures of your trip :-) Was stalking you and cheesie since you guys went to Santorini <3 The place look so dreamy! ^w^

email :

Xiao wei said...
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Xiao wei said...
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Unknown said...

Ooh Santorini looks so gorgeous! :)

倩倩 EQiAN said...

i wish to c more photo can??
it make me think of a movie..mamma mia...

Yuh Jiun said...

Omg you went to Santorini!!!! The place is so damn pretty T_T blog about it okay!!

Unknown said...

I love your Lady Justitie figure, but of course with d head on. Repaint to Pink?? Sound cool.

My email add:

nn said...

I saw some Korres stuff when I was browsing Read good reviews about it too but yet to see/try it for myself.

By the way, I love olive products too. They smell so nice. Really excited about this giveaway :D

Nicole Yie said...

Hi Jerine!
Awww another lovely giveaway~ Love it!! Hope I'm the lucky one :D
My E-mail: ;)
NicoleYie, xoxo.

Jojo Seah said...

Omg! Saw your photos on Facebook! SO lucky!!! I want to go now!!!

GFC: Joubajoubawa

J-Mei said...

Hi Jerine, thanks for sharing the shopping tips and wish that in future i can travel to Santorini.

Missy B said...

envious and inspiring!! i want my future wedding to be held there too!!

Unknown said...

Your souvenir is really awesome!!! By the way, i love reading your blog post =]
Here's my email:

snowmint said...

Wow, looks like you had a very fruitful and enjoyable trip to a nice place :D

Love your Lady Justitae figure...pity the head got broken.

Hope one day I'll be able to visit Greece :) And then your travel tips will come in useful for me...hehe.

Thanks for the tips and for having such a lovely give-away where you are sharing a tiny portion of your trip with us, your readers ^-^

email add -

Aby Teo said...

such a nice trip neh!
interesting and beautiful photos you have there =]
more more more ~~ ^^

btw, thank you for the giveaway <3
my email :

Charlotte Goh said...

Have been a silent reader on your blog for quite sometime. Finally decided to subscribe coz the prizes are too attractive to give up on (honest much? hehehe)

Anyway, Santorini seems like a nice place to visit! Gotta add that to the list :) Thanks for the giveaway!



multiflora said...

Post of pics and tips on Santorini. Love reading them.

Teng Xwei said...

I wish to go there!!!!

LW said...

Greece, hopefully my next destination!


winnie said...

Can I have the X rated mag too? Hahaha


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