Jun 27, 2013

KL Fashion Week Photo Diary

Not sure if you are aware of it... Last week, Malaysia launched The New KL Fashion Week. It is such an honour for yours truly to be invited to some of the events by L'Oreal Professional Mythic Oil and designer Fairuz Ramdan. It was not an easy task to put together all the designer's work on the runway. So, I really appreciate the show that the put up on KLFW.

Here are some snap shots of my experiences during KLFW. It wasn't just a fashion show, it is a fiesta where everyone in town celebrates fashion in every aspect of our lives.

Friday 21st June 2013

Getting my hair done at Miko, Level 6 Pavilion

My hair was done with full range of L'Oreal Mythic Oil range - shampoo, conditioner and the Mytic Oil itself

Say hello to Jessying. Had to camwhore with our fabulous hair

 Done our hair, and Kelly camwhoring with her beautiful hair

Some goodies courtesy of L'Oreal

L-R: Yours truly, Cecilia, Jessying & Jin Sou. Such lovely girls

Dinner at Ben's. I spotted this Diptyque doll house. Remember this???

Dinner is served! I had the Salmon Teriyaki, which is quite awesome

Mingling with the girls after food

Table topic! My current one is to have snuggles and cuddles during cold nights

Headed down to Pavilion concourse and found the L'Oreal Mythic Oil booth there!

Jovian Mandagie's show... One of the highlight
The overview of the runway. So grand!!!!

Female wear by Lotus

And Jovian's show starts with his contemporary collection!

Traditional couture

This piece is something I love a lot. Look at that bling around the waist line. So sophisticated!

Love this as well!!!

Spotted Mr. Andrew from Andrew's Model sitting across

Jovian Mandagie with Lisa Surihani at the end of the show

Lotus that parked outside Pavilion. Can see, cannot take home :(

The uber awesome silver Lotus, main subject of all the Lotuses parked outside Pavilion

Saturday 22nd June 2013

Hearty breakfast before the show

 KLFW Mens wear showcase featuring 4 distinguished designers: Bon Zainal, Fairuz Ramdan, Joe Chia and Roslan Wilkinson

Fairuz Ramdan's show was quite extraordinary. I can feel some Scottish here

The iconic Teddy from FR's collection

Oh, nose bleed!!!!

Mr. Fairuz Ramdan himself

 End of the show

With the designer Fairuz Ramdan. I feel so outfashioned beside him

With Muzammin from InTrend magazine & Adwina, the legally fashionable chick

My stylo milo colleague, Rushdy

Did you manage to catch a show at KLFW? 

Personally, I had a memorable experience there. It puts me in a life that I see on Devil Wears Prada and Vogue. I never thought I could be in such swanky event. The people I met are so awesome and the ambience is filled with the energy that you won't experience anywhere else. Million thanks to L'Oreal Professional and Fairuz Ramdan for the invitation.


Swee San said...

love ur dress on 22nd!!

Anonymous said...

Suka dua2 baju jerine.. ;-)

-irma nasir-

illy ariffin said...

love mythic oil so much!! and nice lacy white dress babe :)