Jul 27, 2013

[Review] L'Oreal Professionel Mythic Oil Couture Edition by Dilek Hanif

After two years in the market being the most sought-after hair oil, L'Oreal Professionel partnered with Turkish-born fashion designer Dilek Hanif limited edition packaging. This couture edition packaging is inspired by Dilek's Spring/Summer 2012 couture collection presented at Paris Fashion Week.

What is it?
Nourishing oil for all hair types with a blend of avocado oil and grape seed oil. It leaves hair instantly more supple, tamed and glossy. Immediately absorbed for a lightweight feel and finish. Depending on hair type, dispense 1 to 2 pumps into your hand and apply to dry or damp hair.


1. Very effective product to control unruly hair. Taming frizzy dull hair in single application.
2. Although it is oil base, it doesn't have icky oily feeling. The oil absorbed into the hair immediately.
3. Easy application. You can use it on dry or wet hair. Don't require any blow drying. It's leave on.
4. Affordable for its standard. It's only RM75 per bottle.


1. The limited edition packaging bottle sold out super fast. I'm not too sure if there's any outlet that still keep the couture edition packaging. However, you can still get the ordinary ones.

Lately my hair is always manageable, so I can't demonstrate the before and after to you guys. However, please accept Eva as my model for now. Eva has really annoying unruly hair that gets tangled all the time.

And I applied a few drops of the Mythic Oil onto Eva's hair...

I really appreciate the non-oily effect after application. Not only it doesn't leave oily feeling on my hair, it doesn't leave any sticky feeling on my hand as well. It is amazing how fast the product gets absorbed onto the hair.

I really love the gold bracelet that comes with the bottle. According to Dilek, bracelet is the perfect complement to every woman's clothes. The bracelet is a symbol of elegance, femininity and modernity which is also a key identity sign of the Mythic Oil.

The Mythic Oil is a full range that comes in shampoo, conditioner and hair treatment. The products work amazing and its effect can be seen right after each use. For L'Oreal Professionel standard, the price is pretty affordable.

L'Oreal Professionel products are available at all L'Oreal Professionel salons only. Go to www.lorealprofessionel.com to find out the salon list.

Jul 26, 2013

Huge Makeup & Perfume Warehouse Sale 2013 by Luxasia

Guerlain eyeshadow palette for RM30, Anna Sui creme eyeshadow for RM10 each

Happy weekend everyone!!!! What are you planning to do this weekend? If you're heading to the city, remember to drop by Park Royal Kuala Lumpur to check out the Luxasia Warehouse Sale. Since it is public holiday in Selangor, I dated Fiona from Street Love to go there early in the morning today. It's all worth it to wake up so early in the morning! Though I wish I have more cash to spend (end of the month syndrome).

Luxasia is the distributor of a lot of a lot beauty brands and arguably the largest distributor in Malaysia (some says in Asia). They distribute mostly branded perfumes and some full range makeup lines.

Although it says 70% off, actually there are some item which price got cut off to 90% off. And if you already saw the information posted up somewhere else, take note that THERE IS NO Eve Lom, Aveda, La Prairie, RMK and Strivectin. The brands that available are:

1) Guerlain (cosmetic & perfume)
2) Talika
3) Anna Sui (cosmetic & perfume)
4) Ferrari fragrance
6) Issey Miyaki
7) Britney Spears
8) Paco Rabanne
9) Lanvin
10) CK
11) Davidoff
12) JPG
13) Carolina Herrera
14) Salvatore Ferragamo
15) Taylor Swift
16) Nina Ricci

Jul 25, 2013

NARS is opening the first store in Malaysia at Pavilion this November!!!!

Gone are the days that I collect orders from you guys to buy NARS makeups. That is because NARS is finally coming to Malaysia this 16th November 2013 in Pavilion!!!

It was quite unbelievable in the beginning until the PR passed me her name card and I know things are really getting serious here. In November, NARS will be having their very first stand-alone store at Pavilion. I'll go peep around and check out the exact spot soon.

I really can't wait til November because I already have a long list of stuff with the Satin Lip pencil and Radiant Creamy Concealer at the top of my shopping list.

Will update you girls soon when I have more info.

Jul 23, 2013

[Review] Lipgloss and Lipliner from Bloop + HiShop Bloop Candy Makeover Party

Hello beautiful!!!!

Thousand apologies for not updating this blog as often as I used to. Something caught up in my life recently and I promise I'm back with full swing. Today I have, not just one, but two product reviews for you. They are the Bloop LV Lip Gloss in the color 217 and Bloop Lip Liner Pencil (not sure what color).

Bloop LV Lip Gloss (217)


1. The thing that I love the most about this lip gloss is that it doesn't stick. Yeah!!! You heard me right. It is non-sticky. The texture feels like creme lipstick but a little bit runny-er.
2. It stays moisturized throughout the day and doesn't dry up the lips. If you have really dry lips, this is the right lip product for you. 
3. I love the color 217. It is a bright orange that instantly brighten up my look once I apply it.
4. It has doe foot applicator that is easy to use. 
5. The price is really pocket friendly. It's only RM28. You can buy it from HiShop <<here>> or from Bloop counter at Sunway Pyramid. 


1. Like every other lip gloss, you need to reapply it after a few hours. It gets cleaned off after meal.
2. I hope Bloop comes up with funky names for the shade, instead of calling it 217. I'll name this shade "Fresh Tangerine" or something like that to give an identity to the colors. 

Here's how I look with the Bloop lip gloss...

Bloop Lip Liner Pencil


1. It is easy to control the intensity of how dark or how light you want the color to be. 
2. Contains aloe vera as one of its key ingredients. Rich in Vitamin E. Doesn't dry up the lips like other lip liner.
3. Long lasting. Stays on for about 6 hours.


1. This might not be a problem for a lot of people, but there's no color code/name for this shade. Other than that, there's really no negative stuff about it. 

Here's how the Bloop lip liner pencil look on me without any lipstick or lip gloss on top...

Insider news..... WonderBox is giving out the Bloop lip liner pencil this month. Did you subscribe to this month's WonderBox? If you do, you'll receive this awesome product. And if you haven't, maybe you should start subscribing to WonderBox.

Last month HiShop and Bloop had a small gathering with the beauty bloggers at their Sunway Pyramid counter for a Candy Makeover Party. It was quite an educational event. Bloop's director herself, Ms. Chan, conducted a makeover demonstration, sharing her skills on how to create flawless makeup. 

You know, I'm quite comfortable with my makeup skills, and I thought the demonstration won't impress me much. But I was wrong! One of the special technique I acquired from Ms. Chan's demonstration was to pat the foundation instead of stroking it. The stroking motion will create streakiness, while the patting technique will even out the foundation. 

Look at Charmaine, she's so dedicated in learning...

Bloop's best seller is their nail polish. I can't agree more because they have close to 200 colors and 5 different types of nail polish. Check out the magnetic nail polish with is so awesome!!!

And I actually didn't know that Bloop has their own skincare line as well. I thought Bloop is purely a makeup brand. Bloop skincare products are based on marine ingredients which is delicate to the skin. 

The one product which I'm so eager to try is the Bloop blusher stick. Will drop by their counter to get it when I'm free and do a full review on it.

By the way, have you LIKE Bloop Facebook page? If you haven't go you might want to do it because they always have contest running. The previous one was a prize of RM150 worth of makeup products.

Thank you HiShop for inviting me to the fruitful event and gave me the opportunity to rediscover Bloop. I'm new to Bloop brand and I already have a long list of products that I want to try from Bloop. Have you tried Bloop? What are your favorite products from Bloop? Do let me know in the comment so I can check it out soon.

Jul 19, 2013

Peony & Blush Suede from Jo Malone

What a lovely name for a fragrance.... Peony & Blush Suede. The name itself gives a subtle characteristic to the perfume, which I interpreted as soft, floral, flirtatious and luxurious.

Jo Malone partnered with Master Perfumer Christine Nagel and came up with Peony & Blush Suede which will be available in Malaysia this September 2013. The first time I heard of the name of the perfume, I couldn't imagine how suede smells like. Do suede even have a smell?

Top notes: Juicy bite of red apple
Heart: Voluptuous bloom, exquisitely fragile peonies
Base: Soft, blush suede

The first impression of the scent was the first hint of red apple being sliced. A few seconds later you will get a hint of fresh peony lingering around. The suede as a base note keeps the scent light and fresh. All of the ingredients complements each other to portray a romantic and flirtatious scent.

Like other Jo Malone's fragrance, the Peony & Blush Suede is made for layering with other Jo Malone's fragrances. The Peony & Blush Suede is made to be layered with the English Pear & Freesia for exquisite juiciness and a sensuous, mellow touch. For a full floral and flirtatious scent, layer it with the Orange Blossom. The fragrance combining is endless as you can create so many different scent from the Jo Malone's collection.

I still love my Blackberry & Bay, so I did a test by combining it underneath the Peony & Blush Suede. The experiment successfully created a scent which is more gender friendly. The blackberry overpowers the floral hint from the peony. From the experiment, I also discover that when I layer the same combination, but the other way round (e.g. the Peony & Blush Suede below, and Blackberry & Bay on top), it will create another different scent. If you haven't try fragrance combining yet, I suggest you to go to Jo Malone's boutique and try it out. It is really fun and you'll learn so much more about perfume.

The Peony & Blush Suede is available in full collection of cologne, body & hand wash, body creme and home candle.

Cologne 30ml RM225
Cologne 100ml RM450
Body & Hand wash 250ml RM200
Home Candle RM270

In my opinion, the Peony & Blush Suede is suitable for wedding, first date and a carefree weekend day out. The longevity for the fragrance is about 6 hours which is quite surprising for cologne. And the sillage is from moderate to heavy depending on your skin chemistry. This scent would be appreciated by female better than male. It is very unlike other Jo Malone's fragrance which can be acceptable by both sexes.

Do remember to check out this special scent that made out of suede in September. I'll make sure to remind you girls again when the time is near. I know all of you will fall for this fragrance head over heels. At the mean time, I'll leave you all with the interview with Christine Nagel, the master perfumer for Peony & Blush Suede.

How did you feel when Jo Malone London asked you to create a scent working with the peony flower and the idea of leather?
The peony is such a delicate, beautiful flower, so widely adored for its romantic and blousy appeal. Reminiscent of grand English gardens bursting with these elegant pink blooms. I was immediately interested in thinking about how its subtle fragrance might blend with the textures of fabric and leather.

What was the inspiration behind Peony & Blush Suede and how did it develop?
For me this fragrance captures the connection between the craft of fragrance and couture fashion. I wanted to capture the charm of the English ballroom in the mid-20th century. The heady glamour of the Cecil beaton era. Women elegant in couture, with peonies brought in from the great country estates, the gossips and moodiness as the night unfolds. We wanted a fragrance that embraced both the floral notes and atmospheric texture of this scene. I choose to work with texture, to bring something unexpected - suede is not only surprising but has a muscularity that acts as the perfect complement to the peony flower.

What was you starting point as you embarked on creating the blend?
There are so many varieties of peony, and so many stages the flower takes; the tight bud which gently unfolds as the petals fall softly from the stem. I had to choose which facets of this extraordinary flower I wanted to transcribe in the fragrance. Additional layers are created with the sensuality of rose honey, the sophisticated of jasmine and the spice of gillyflower.

How would you describe Peony & Blush Suede as the fragrance unfolds?
The fragrance starts with the crisp bite of the juicy apple, in combination with the fresh almond giving a softness. After that comes the floral heart, where the peony takes centre stage. The intriguing aspects of this fragrance is the duality of the enveloping feminine floral and the muscle of the textured suede. The fragrance is a matter of sensation; you have to feel it, just as you feel a piece of fabric in your hands.

Suede is an unexpected idea. What does this facet bring to the fragrance?
The suede note brings sensuality, warmth and texture, and adds a certain suppleness. It's very unusual.

Which other Jo Malone Colognes can be layered with Peony & Blush Suede to create a bespoke scent and to what effect?
I love to combine this with Saffron, from the Cologne Intense collection. An unusual choice but it works very well, giving an opulent and striking combination - the mix of a luxurious floral with a vivid spice. Or for a different effect you may choose to layer with English Pear & Freesia creating an exquisitely juicy floral with a sensuous mellow touch.

Jul 17, 2013

Winner of WonderBox Contest

Anxious who win my first year anniversary giveaway????

Here is the list of the participants:

And the winners are:

Congratulations LauraLeia, Mizu chan and Im Xwei!!!!!!! Make sure you already sign up for an account on WonderBox ya? Or else you won't be able to redeem the free subscription. 

If you didn't win it, don't worry, Wanista is having WonderBox giveaway too! You can check it out <<here>>. At the mean time, do accept this photo of cute kitty............