Jan 28, 2014

Hada Labo Mild Peeling Lotion

I am guilty of neglecting this blog for longer than I suppose to. Lately there are so many things going on in my life. My time is taken up by a new project startup, which I will reveal to all of you in February. And another thing is that I will be having my own column in a daily newspaper writing about beauty. Yay!

Because most of my time has been taken up by the two projects, I don't have much time to pay attention on my own beauty regime. This Hada Labo Mild Peeling Lotion is sent to me just in time when I need a "skin change". As a result of my hectic lifestyle, my skin gets really dry, the T-zone area is congested with blackheads and dark spots start to make their appearance. This product is a perfect one for me to try out right now because of the issues I am facing with my skin.

What it is?
Hada Labo, well known for its Lotion is now introducing a new product targeted for oily and combination skin type. See your skin brighten up luminosity with Hada Labo's Mild Peeling Lotion! This is a must-have product especially if you have dull and oily skin that is prone to acne. it is effective yet gentle on the skin.

The Hada Labo Mild Peeling Lotion has a unique formulation that does not only sloughs away dull skin and impurities but it also stimulates cell renewal. It delicately tighten up pores to prevent clogged pores and breakouts, minimizes the appearance of fine lines and improves skin elasticity and firmness. Besides that, it also has moisturising properties that deeply hydrates the skin, providing a natural radiant and beautiful matte skin.

Gluconic Acid is an ingredient used in the formulation of this lotion. It is naturally found in fruits and honey. It works as a mild exfoliant to soften and remove the accumulated dead skin cells on the skin's surface so that nutrients can be easily absorbed into the skin. This will also help improve the skin's hydration resulting in smooth and supple skin.

Non-greasy. pH balanced and free from alcohol, colorant, fragrance, preservative, animal derivatives and mineral oil. The texture is like toner, very runny and liquid. 

How to apply
Recommended to be used daily with a cotton pad after your face wash. For better results, use the lotion with other Hada Labo skincare products.

1. Although recommended to be used daily, I think this product is good to be used at most three times in a week. As we understood, peeling lotion removes the top part layer of your skin, revealing the fresh skin underneath. Use twice or three times a week would be sufficient. For best result, use it in alternate days, that way your skin gets a day off for the new skin layer to reveal itself.
2. Effectively removes dead skin cells at the same time won't dry the skin. Result is immediate. (I use it with the Hada Labo AHA + BHA facial wash)
3. Easily accessible as Hada Labo is available at most pharmacies and the price definitely won't hurt your pocket.
4. I think this product will also suit normal skin type, although they mention that this is for oily and combination skin. 

Water, Gluconic Acid, Pentylene Glycol, Butylene Glycol, Tranexamic Acid, Polyquartenium-51, Sodium Metabisulfite

Price/Where to buy
RM49.90 for 170ml. Available in all leading pharmacies.

Jan 18, 2014

My Nails Inc. Nail Polish Changes Color Overtime

Hi all! I'm having a small problem here with my Nails Inc. nail polish and I hope some of you can explain to me how this happen. Well... My Nails Inc. nail polish changes color overtime. I have with me the Royal Botanical Gardens. It suppose to be a bright teal color. And now, mine turns into powder light blue!!!

No, I did not leave it under the sun. Nor did I leave it in high temperature place. It's just weird. Do you happen to know the answer why?

Do you have the same problem with your Nails Inc. nail polishes? Or any other nail polish brand? I've never had this problem except with this bottle.

Let me show you how the original color suppose to be...

Image from AnnaBean

Can you see the difference? It has lost some of the green pigment and turned into blue completely. I'm quite sad, for this is one of my favorite polish. Do let me know what can I do or is there any other way to prevent this from happening...

Jan 13, 2014

Urban Decay Naked 3 Commentary

Hello beautiful,

This is my proper blog post after such a long break. And it is my first post of the year too! There are so many things I want to share with you girls. And I can't wait to share my thoughts and opinion on the latest Urban Decay Naked 3. I know some of you girls been eyeing on the eye shadow for a long time and thinking whether to get it or not. Let me give you my honest opinion.

Get ready to experiment with 12 TOTALLY NEW (and insanely beautiful) rose-hued neutrals. ALL EXCLUSIVE to this set. Choose from every finish imaginable: ultra-smooth mattes, gorgeous pearls and glimmering metallics. From the palest, shimmery pink to the deepest black matte with red micro-glitter (aptly named Blackheart), these neutrals will make you want to get Naked all over again.

On top of the 12 eye shadows in various finishing, you will also receive a pack of Urban Decay primer potion in sample size.

Like the other two previous Naked palette, it also comes with the Good Karma Shadow brush.

Here are the swatches of all the eye shadow on my NC30 skin...

Strange has very poor pigmentation and the color payoff is quite disappointing. It is way too sheer for it to appear on the swatch. Needless to say, it will perform poorly when you apply on the lid as well. I will keep this for subtle highlighting below my brow. Other than that, I don't think it works well on the lid.

Dust has a lot of fall out.

Limit is too patchy. It doesn't blend as well as other Urban Decay eye shadow. I didn't apply the primer when swatching. The texture might be better if you apply primer underneath.

Buzz has some fall out but not as much as Dust.

Nooner is quite patchy as well.

This is how it looks like in the shade..

And this is how it looks like under sunlight..

Honestly, I think the Naked 3 is not as great as all the rave it received from all the noise. The eye shadow are no doubt very beautiful. However, if you think of the practicality aspect, this palette cannot be used by its own if you want to achieve normal daily neutral look. This is more of an add-on palette to what you already own

On the other hand, most of the color in this palette suits wedding makeup. If you are a makeup artist that take a lot of wedding job, this palette might be a good investment. Or if you are planning to do your own makeup for your wedding, I suggest you to get this palette for practice.

As for the primer potion that comes with the palette, I think I can do without it. The sample size is so pathetic. I much prefer they provide us with the mini tube of primer potion like how they used to do.

I don't really like the double ended brush provided as well. It makes it impossible for me to keep the brush with my other brush collection in the brush holder. Also, it is not possible to take it out of the palette case when you want to travel without the palette because somehow it will destroy the bristles.

Don't be disappointed by my comments on the palette. In terms of product quality, I think this palette is worth how much you're paying. And it is definitely a recommended palette if you are planning to collect it. However, if you want to spend your money on ONE good and practical eye shadow palette, this might not be a recommended one.

I will compare the three Naked palette after I use this Naked 3 for a longer time. You can judge which palette suit you most from the post.

Naked 3 is available for RM189. I will announce on this blog soon when it arrives Sephora Malaysia. 

Jan 9, 2014

Za True White Ex For a Truly Brighter Skin

[Press release]

If you're getting tired of using numerous whitening products from the market, the new Za True White Ex is here to change your mind! This amazing new Za True White Ex series is coming your way to bring you a high whitening effect with minimum items all made to work just right for all the busy ladies! Not only is it fast-acting, the Za True White Ex is gentle on your skin too.

The Za True White Ex consists of six products - True White Ex Cleansing Foam, True White Ex Toner, True White Ex Essence Lotion, True White Ex Day Cream, True White Ex Night Cream and True White Ex Exfoliating Clay. The all-new Za True White Ex series is so easy to use - such simple steps that are more than enough to create a bright shine emerging from the center of your face! Feel the 'True White Sheen' on your face as this series is packed with a full range of moisture protection to bring you clear, fair, soft and smooth skin.

Triple Whitening Ingredients

Za True White series include both whitening-target ingredients and moisturizing-target ingredients. True White Ex targets to clear dark spots, blemishes and acne marks through its blend of active whitening ingredients - Whitening 4MSK and highly moisturizing spa ingredients to give you soft, smooth and transparent white skin.

The whitening-target ingredients are formulated with Whitening 4MSK and two derivatives of Vitamin C (APM, VC-IP). Whitening 4MSK is an effective whitening ingredient exclusively developed by Shiseido over 13 years. It can inhibit the generation of melanin, accelerate the elimination of melanin out from the skin, even out skin tone and remove marks of dark spots. Together with the 4MSK, the derivatives from the Vitamin C, APM and VC-IP deoxidize melanin and accelerate its elimination, restoring clear and bright skin.

The moisturizing-target ingredients contain spa ingredients such as Natural Spring Water from the Cazzaro Mountain (Tuscany, Italy), Aquainpool, Glycerol, TMG, Trehalose, and White Lily. These ingredients are known to bring you an extraordinary whitening experience which puts no stress on the skin, just like having a whitening facial spa every day! Besides its floral green fragrance of Tea Rose, blended with the lovely fragrance of Jasmine and the fresh smell of Lilac will surely make your stressful day a better one!

Za True White Ex Cleansing Foam 100g - RM19.90

The Za True White Ex Cleansing Foam is a type of cleansing foam that acts gently and removes the dead corneal cells that contain melanin from your skin surface with its rich lather. It gives a cushioning effect to your skin and leads to a brighter, clearer skin, and this cleansing foam is the first step in using the Za True White Ex Range.

Za True White Ex Toner 150ml - RM39.90

Coming in a 150ml bottle, the Za True White Ex Toner is the next step  in using the Za True White Ex range. This whitening toner is a moist type lotion that keeps your skin looking translucent and hydrated. The Za True White Ex Toner gives clarity to the skin, leaving a refreshing sensation after each use.

Za True White Ex Day Cream SPF20 PA++ 40g - RM49.90 

Keep your skin moist while protecting yourself against the harmful UV rays during the day. With a smooth after-feel, you'll no longer feel the 'heaviness' on your skin - feel fresh and comfortable all-day long!

Za True White Ex Night Cream 40g - RM49.90

Allow Za True White Ex to work for you while you indulge in your beauty sleep! Use this whitening cream before you hit the sack and wake up to a more moisturized and translucent skin the day after. Its lightweight finishing works effectively and provides comfort.

Za True White Ex Exfoliating Clay 100g - RM24.90

The Za True White Ex Exfoliating Clay clogs dullness-causing dirt that clogs pores and also effectively removes dead keratin cells that contains melanin. Use the Za True White Ex Exfoliating Clay once or twice a week to unveil a brand-new translucent and bright skin.

Za True White Ex Essence Lotion 150ml - RM54.90

The star of the Za True White Ex series is the Za True White Ex Essence Lotion. Formulated with the Triple Whitening Ingredients which contains 4MSK, APM and Vitamin C essence (VC-IP), the thick liquid hydrates the skin to give you more translucent skin!

This single lotion promises pronounced whitening and moisturizing effects without the needs of additional essence or emulsion. This lotion is a new type of gel-like lotion that is luxuriously formulated with whitening essence encapsulated within fine granular particles.

Besides the whitening and moisturizing ingredients, the Za True White Ex Essence Lotion contains Hydrolytic Pearl Protein extract derived from conchiolin, a substance that exists in the layer of Pinctada Fucata (Akoya Pearl Oysters). It is known to demonstrate high effect on anti-aging, skin texture refining and whitening and has been widely used in traditional Chinese medicine. It has also been served as a delicacy or as precious medicine, amulet, antidote, and cosmetics.

March 2014 at leading pharmacy chains, supermarkets and hypermarkets nationwide.

About Za
Za is targeted to meet the beauty needs to women who enjoy a forward-looking lifestyle. They are discerning cosmetic users who continuously search for products with a unique image and an original concept. Za carries a complete range of skincare and makeup to help women achieve and maintain a healthy and radiant complexion.