Jul 4, 2014

Unboxing June 2014 Fashion Culture Box

I missed a month of unboxing blogpost for Fashion Culture Box. Things are getting really tied up on my side and I'm glad I have a little free time right now to share with you all what's in this month's Fashion Culture Box.

Fashion Culture is a monthly fashion subscription box in Malaysia. We understand that every girl have their distinct fashion personalities, hence there will be THREE (3) exciting styles for you to choose from every month.

With just RM50 per box, you will receive fashion items and beauty products that fit the style of your choice.

I have all the three styling themes for June to show you all. This month the main theme is called Colours of the World. And you can choose you favourite style - (1) Viva la Brasil (in conjunction with World Cup Brazil 2014), (2) Harajuku Girls and (3) K-Pop Mania. The fashion boxes this month concentrating on streetwear. All the items fit for everyday wear.

Let's begin the unboxing for Viva la Brasil since it is the special box of the month. In a glance, here's what you will get:

The main item for all the boxes are the bauble earrings. In the Viva la Brasil box, the Carnival Earrings (RM49) represent the wings of the queen of samba. It does remind me a lot of the Rio Carnival parade. You can also find a flip flop in this box from Papilo (RM20). Flip flop is the national foot wear of Brazil. There's a Corsage Orchid hairpin (RM15), which is my most favorite item in this box. Did you know, Corsage Orchid is the national flower of Brazil? And there's a rose gold Borboleta ring (RM25) that's in the shape of a butterfly.

Here is a close up of the ring...

The next box is the Harajuku Girls, which has a kawaii Lolita aura in it.

The bauble earrings is called Decora (RM35) which means "decoration" in Japanese. The biggest item in the box is the modern Kinchaku bag (RM25). Traditionally, Kinchaku bag draw-string bag that the Japanese use with their kimono outfit. And my most favourite item in this box is the Lolita hairclip (RM15). It is an oversized bow ribbon. I think I can be mistaken as Minnie Mouse if I wear this on my head. It is so cute, but I just don't dare to wear it out. Lastly, it is the item which caught the attention of so many people.... the Hikaru Ring (RM30). It is a midi ring chained with a main ring. You can wear it on the same finger or separate the two rings on different fingers.

Lastly, it is the K-Pop Mania box. Surprisingly this box is the best seller for this month. I think the K-Pop wave is getting really hot at the moment.

The statement earrings for this box is called My Oh My Earrings (RM39). And my, oh my... the combination of neon and pastel melts my heart. I love the earrings the most in this box. The Statement Cap (RM35) trend is also quite hot in K-Pop MTV lately. I love the mustache on the cap! Next is an item from a Swedish streetwear brand, Cheap Monday, that is the Shaped Up Rings (£3). I think many people would love this three-piece ring that made of different shapes. Lastly, it is the Bubble Pop hairpin (RM9), which also has a combination of neon and pastel. I really love the colour trend of mixing neon and pastel right now.

All the boxes also comes with a nail art kit that consist of a nail polish from Bloop, nail sticker from Bloop, a dotting tool (not in photo), sponge and stripping tape. Fashion Culture Box and Bloop are partnering to run a nail art contest on Facebook. You don't necessarily need to subscribe to the box to participate (it is a bonus that you subscribe the box to receive all the nail art tools). The contest is really simple. All you need to do is to create a nail art design and take a photo of it by holding Bloop nail polish in the photo. Post it up on Facebook by tagging @fashionculturebox and @bloopinc. You can read all the contest rules here: http://fashionculturebox.com/fcb-x-bloop-get-creative-nail-art-contest/

There are a lot of restructuring happening at Fashion Culture Box lately. There is no more printed magazine that comes with the box. This is to save some cost, so that we can lower the price of the subscription. From July onwards, the box is only RM50 and special theme box will be priced accordingly. 

You can still get all the fashion editorial of the month from FCZine Online. You can check out the item description, fashion editorial and exclusive interview with our national swimmer, Cai Lin.

Let me know what you think about this month Fashion Culture Box. Which theme do you like? What item that caught your eyes? 

The July fashion box is already open for subscription. The main theme for this month is Inspired by Music. You can choose your style, whether you are a Rocker Queen, or a romantic soul inspired by Love Story. In conjunction with Hari Raya Aidilfitri, there is a special theme box - The Hijab Box. Do head to www.fashionculturebox.com to subscribe. Remember to use my code FCB-MDB-1188 at the checkout to receive a 10% discount!


Jul 1, 2014

Everything you need to know about SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

When I did my last "What's in my trash" post, you all probably notice the two bottles of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence (FTE) that I finished up. This time I've gotten myself a bigger bottle because I just can't live without it. The FTE normally comes in the size of 75ml and 150ml. And this is the 215ml one...

I notice a lot of people are interested to try the FTE but require more information on the product. Here's a compilation of all the information you need to know about the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence.

The Discovery

Over 30 years ago, researchers chanced upon the sight of aged sake brewers working on koji yeast with soft, youthful hands. That chance observation would inspire the discovery of SK-II's Pitera, a metabolic fluid derived naturally from the fermentation process of a unique strain of yeast. Through a perfectly controlled process that has remained essentially unchanged over the years, that delicate balance of nutrients in every drop of Pitera is derived.

The Making of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

There are the six artisanal steps in crafting that precious ingredient, from the starting culture to every bottle of Facial Treatment Essence.

1. Cultivating the Power of Pitera
The yeast strain discovered out of 350 different types is cultivated in its precious form in a strictly-controlled environment. The environment prevents any favorable bacteria growth from occurring to enhance the power of this rare ingredient.

2. Enhancing the Culture
The yeast is added to a precisely calculated culture solution, providing "food" and nutrients and enhancing growth. As the yeast cells multiply, the yeast is eventually moved to the production chamber.

3. Perfecting the Balance of Pitera
In the chamber, the yeast is cultivated in a tank filled with a generous amount of culture solution. As the yeast absorbs the nutrients and multiplies, it diffuses precious elements that have beneficial impact of skin's beauty - a metabolic fluid which comprises a delicate balance of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids.

4. Refining the Solution
Upon completion of the fermentation process, the metabolic fluid is then intricately filtered to form the solution of Pitera.

5. Revealing the Miracle
Water is removed from the stock solution, giving birth to the powerful Pitera.

6. Encapsulating the Essence
Pitera is bottled after formulation, giving birth to SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. Facial Treatment Essence is the only beauty essence with over 90% Pitera.

The Treatments

You may ask, what does the FTE do to our skin... It enhances our skin in 5 dimensions (they call it 5D). The dimensions are texture refinement, firmness power, wrinkle resilience, spot control and radiance enhancement. 

Product Efficacy

The proof of the product efficacy is through its sales. The FTE has always been a best-seller since it was developed 30 years ago. However, to proof it right in front of your eyes, here are two simple experiments. The SK-II FTE is tested against Essence X and water to assess its level of oxidization and penetration power.

Experiment 1 - Banana demo

L-R: FTE, Essence X and water

Thin slices of banana are soaked in the SK-II FTE, Essence X and water. It is very obvious that the banana soaked in water is highly oxidized. The Essence X banana looks darker in the center and the banana soaked in FTE is slightly oxidized but still looks fresh. Here's a video of the experiment:

Experiment 2- Penetration demo

Three layers of chamois leather are put together to test the power of FTE's penetration into the skin. Again, the experiment is tested with Essence X and water for comparison. As you can see from the photo, the FTE is able to penetrate into the third layer of the chamois leather. This shows that the molecule for FTE is really fine that it is able to seep into the skin.

Here's another video for the experiment:

Do you use the SK-II FTE? Or would you like to try it? Go to SK-II counter and get your skin analyzed by the Magic Ring machine to check out the real age of your skin. The machine is also able to predict the condition of your skin in another few years time. The analysis is totally free and you don't have to purchase anything at all.

If you have any questions about the SK-II FTE, do leave me a comment. I've been using it for a long time, and I think you should try it yourself too.