Aug 24, 2015

Hide dark eye circles with lipstick?

First, let me apologize for the bad quality photos. I have some mishap with my camera and I've been relying on my phone camera to do the job. Obviously the lighting is inconsistent and it is not as sharp as how my camera usually captured. But I promise that this post will deliver the message across to you in a well-informed manner.

If you haven't heard of the recent makeup trend, beauty gurus are giving out this crazy tips on hiding your dark eye circles with lipstick. So I'm going to try it out and let you know if it works.

You will need a red lipstick for this trick. Choose a non-shimmery lipstick, preferably in matte texture because you don't want to draw attention to your dark eye circles with the shimmery effect. I am using the MAC Marilyn Monroe's Collection in Matte Charmed I'm Sure. 

Use a concealer brush or a lip brush to apply the lipstick on your dark eye circles. Don't put too much. And if you think you've overdone with the lipstick, spread it out evenly with your fingertips. 

Lastly, cover it with a layer of concealer. I really love the Benefit's boi-ing concealer. 

In conclusion, the trick does the job in hiding dark eye circles better than just using concealer. However, the result is very minimal. To others, they may not notice the difference. And under the sunlight, you can hardly see the difference at all. IMHO, I really don't see why I should add another step to my makeup routine for the little difference it made. Take into the factor that my dark eye circles aren't that serious, I am happy with just applying concealer itself. However, if you have really bad case of dark eye circles, I do advise you to give this a try. I hope you can see the difference from my super bad quality photo below:

I think the concept is the same as applying pink concealer to hide dark spots. Perhaps it works better if you blend the lipstick and concealer first before applying onto your skin. I will find some time to try that out later and let you know if it works better. 

If you are going to try this trick, do let me know what your comments are. I would like to find out if this really works on others. 

Aug 22, 2015

5 things: Body Lotion Hacks

Body lotion/moisturizers are the unsung heroes of all beauty products. I'm pretty sure every household has one bottle of body lotion lying somewhere. Traditionally, we use them to keep our skin hydrated. However, body lotions are far more potential than other beauty products.

Here are some uses of body lotion that you may or may not know about, considering these as hacks for emergency times:

Shaving cream

Forget about shaving foam. Your body lotion can perform as shaving agent as good as a RM20 shaving foam and twice more economical. All you need to do is to find a body lotion that has thicker texture or filthy moist. The Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion is the perfect for this job. While in shower, just spread it on your leg, grab a shaving razor and start shaving. Wash off with water and voila! You have a clean and moisturized shaved legs in just 1 minute! This trick kills two birds with one stone - save your money, and save your time.

Bronzer/Tanning Lotion

Each time you go on a holiday and purchase a bronzer, it will cost you about RM50. You will use it a couple of times and then it gets tossed into the bin before it's even half empty. If you need to fake a tan, just use your body lotion! But you will need a little bit of brown eyeshadow to get the tanned shade. Cocoa powder works as well, but I don't think it will feel weird on the skin. Choose a shimmery brown eyeshadow for extra glowing effect. A little goes a long way. The ratio for body lotion : eyeshadow is about 10 : 1. I use the Nivea Body UV Whitening Serum because it has a broad spectrum UV protection for day wear.

Insect repellents

I swear I am one of those mosquitoes magnet. Bugs just love to come near me. Moisquito coil or trap won't work for me. So my only solution is to apply mosquito repellent on myself. All you need is unscented body lotion and essential oils. Choose lemongrass or rosemary essential oil for this purpose as they are natural insect repellent. Add 1 drop of essential oil onto your palm, add about 50 cents coin size (the old coin) of the Nivea Whitening Night Serum and apply it on your decolletage, arms and legs. This recipe will treat your skin while you sleep and chase away unwelcome insect bites at night.

Eye makeup remover

Forgot your eye makeup remover while traveling? Not a problem. Use the small bottle of body lotion in your hotel bathroom for this trick. Squeeze a little bit of body lotion onto the cotton bud (also available in the hotel bathroom), then slowly remove your eyeliner with it. This trick will not remove your makeup completely. However it helps to prevent your eyes looking like a panda after you wash your face. I'm demonstrating with the Nivea Body Intensive Moisture Serum and it wipes out my eyeliner entirely.

Body scrub

Why bother to spend RM30 on a bottle of scrub and rinse it off after one use when you can make this from the stuff you already have at home?! Use a ratio of 1:1 of sugar : body lotion for this hack. Mix well and scrub your skin in a circular motion. When the sugar dissolves completely, wash off the body lotion. This will leave your skin exfoliated, soft and smooth. Thank me later after you try this out. This works better if you have a thicker base for your scrub. Here I use the Nivea Creme which is one of the oldest beauty product that haven't change its formula since a long time. I'm pretty sure you've seen your mom using this when you're still young. It is one of the most trusted body lotion ever.

*Disclaimer: The suggestions above are not for daily solution. Products are sponsored by Nivea. The concepts are my own. 

Aug 16, 2015

#SkinArt Metallic Tattoo from Wanderlust Things

The moment I saw the Instagram trend on Flash Tattoos, I was totally into the game! So I got a set from Luxola which is probably the only place where I can get the Flash Tattoo at that time. It cost me about RM81 for 4 designs. And later, I managed to source for the same supplier and got myself a tonne of it.

Everyone been asking me where did I get it and slowly, I begin to stock up to resell it and now, I have my own store selling the metallic tattoo that I named #SkinArt that only cost RM12.90 (notice the price difference!). Besides that, my store that I fondly named Wanderlust Things will be featuring travel-inspired products.

If you hate the hassle of wearing chunky jewelries but still want to look fab with zero efforts, #SkinArt is the solution. It involves 5 steps which take 1 minute to put on.

I think this is probably the easiest jewelry to pull off when you are traveling because it involves zero weight (if your baggage weight is a concern), long lasting (it is waterproof and sweatproof), easy to apply (you can do it on airplane), easy to removed (in case you want to wear a different design), versatile to match any kind of outfit and it is currently one of the trendiest statement piece.

You can mix and match the designs however you like and it takes a little bit of creativity. This is really fun especially if you get the bracelet kind of #SkinArt.

Other than a good idea to bring this along with you on a holiday trip, it is also a perfect match for cultural wedding or events depending on the designs you choose. Some of the designs mimic traditional henna which can complement a pretty saree or kebaya. This is also Muslimah-friendly as it can be removed easily (just not cost friendly, same concept as putting on nail polish).

The tattoo is made of very thin layer of metallic foil. It does not have to be worn on your skin only It's good for DIY projects as well. And if you're not good in painting, this is an alternative for you to create something beautiful out of your own hands.

If you want to try out these #SkinArt, I have two coupons for you. One for Free Shipping and another one is 10% discount, depending on which suit you better. Just key in the code when you check out to take off the discount.

Please support my new project by visiting by subscribing to the newsletter. If the #SkinArt does not appeal to you, there will be more travel-inspired products coming soon. 


Silkygirl's Matte Fever Lipcolor Balm

Here's something I love, but kinda bummer because of the wrong shade. The Silkygirl Matte Fever Lipcolor Balm is the only makeup product I received from the recent beauty box. I'm not sure if 'beauty box' is the right word to describe Muffin, however I would love to think so because it is a box that contains beauty products.

Let's stop all the whinning and get into the product details:

Product description:
This retractable Lipcolor is enriched with Calendula Flower Oil, White Mulberry Extract and Vitamin E to soften and soothe your lips. Perfect for first time matte lipcolor users as it provides a sophisticated matte finish. Available in six hot, Matte Fever Lipcolor Balm sizzling shades. 

Instruction to use:
Apply directly on to the lips. When the product gets to the bottom of the stick, just twist the red cap to reveal more products. If your lips are dry, apply a thin layer of lipbalm before application. 

It glides easily and feels more hydrating compared to other matte textured lipstick. It does not have the thick lipstick, it feels more of a lipbalm. Having said that, it swatches to the sheer side. However, for a bold finish, you can layer the color after each swatch to get the intensity of the shade.

I've tried so many matte lipstick and most of them are dry and really irritating on the lips. But this one is revolutionary. It feels like a lipbalm but has a matte texture. The colour is vibrant and vivid on the lips. It is lightweight and long-lasting. However, like other lipstick, it still leaves stain on your coffee cup. And nope, it is not kiss-proof as well. The colour that I got is Flame which is a vibrant neon red - in between fire engine red and fresh chilli red. Unfortunately the shade does not suit me or this can easily pass as my everyday lipstick. The packaging is very convenient as well. The retractable feature is user-friendly and the crayon-like tube makes it really easy to slip into your handbag. It does not take a lot of space. The price is really affordable.

Recommended for:
If you are looking for a matte lipstick which falls within the drugstore price, this is the lipstick you definitely need to try. And if you've been disappointed with most matte lipstick due to the overdrying effect, try this! 

RM22.90 np

Available at:
Most major pharmacies that carries Silkygirl brand - Watson, Guardian, Caring, AEON Wellness, etc. 

Aug 13, 2015

5 Things: Beauty Stuff That I Love Lately

1. Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation (RM148)

It is described as weightless ultra definition liquid makeup. What I love the most about this foundation is its texture. It comes in runny liquid form. The coverage is light but can be build up to medium coverage. It is long lasting and feels very light on the skin. For application, it works better with sponge or finger. Due to the liquid texture, it gets streaky when applied with brush. It is also easy to wash off, ordinary facial wash is apt to clean it off. They have a wide range of shades which suit Asian skin tone.

2. The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Shower Gel (RM35) 

To me, all shower gels are the same. I choose my shower gel according to its scent and this happen to be very refreshing, just how I like my shower gel to smell like. One thing I have to stress on... It doesn't have that typical green tea smell. It smells zesty and citrusy. I totally recommend the entire Fuji Green Tea bathing range from The Body Shop. The price is reasonable for a luxurious feel during your bath.

3. Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Perfect Liquid Liner (RM40+)

This is a revisit of my old love. I used to love this eyeliner so much. When I saw the offer price at Watson, I immediately grabbed it without a single second of hesitant. This is by far the easiest eyeliner to use if you are a beginner. And even if you're a pro, this eyeliner saves up a lot of time to achieve that perfect wing. Full review here.

4. SK-II Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser (RM232)

Gentle to the skin, but strong enough to remove makeup. If you are looking for one face cleanser that can do everything (cleanse, protect and moisturize the skin) this is the cleanser you should get. The price is a bit steep for a cleanser, but definitely trade off with its efficacy. It is infused with Pitera, the same ingredient in the Facial Treatment Essence, and willow tree extract. The texture is foamy and has a slight hint of rose scent.

5. Tarte Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara (RM30+)

I've never tried any Tarte product before in my life. Not sure why, but I just never had the urge to get it until when I was lining up at Sephora to pay for my products, I saw this trial size displayed along the queue. I love the effect of this mascara. It enhances your original lashes and making it look voluminous yet natural. It doesn't clump the lashes at all. However, it just thickens your lashes, it doesn't lengthen the lash. If you are looking for those long spidery leg look, this might not be the one. They have it in trial size at Sephora. You can grab one before purchasing the full size product. 

Aug 10, 2015

Christian Louboutin Launches Lipsticks

High fashion shoe brand Christian Louboutin announced recently that the brand will be launching their very own lipstick premier in this September. After a successful launch of their nail polish, looks like the brand will be expanding in their beauty line with these 36 shades of lipstick collection. The collection features 3 different lipstick texture - silky satin, velvet matte and sheer voile.

The packaging looks luxurious and resembles antique vase with shiny finishing. The cap mimic a crown jewel with a ring on the top for you to thread a chain or ribbon and turn it into a necklace. This rich appearance definitely sets a different standard for its owner. Each collection features the classic Louboutin red called Rouge Louboutin. The iconic red will be packaged in black lacquer case.

If you are interested to get your hands on one of these, they are available at Saks Fifth Avenue for USD90 each. That's a lot of money to spend, same goes to their shoes, right? I smell a complete beauty line coming soon by Louboutin. Let's guess what's next..... Eyeshadows? Or possibly an eyeliner?


Sephora Launches Beauty Subscription Box Play!

Sephora announced that the company will be launching their very own beauty subscription box soon. the box is called Play! by Sephora.

The box features 5 deluxe sized beauty products (presumptly) from brands available at Sephora. The box cost USD10.00 and will be available in this September to a limited locality - Boston, Columbus, and Cincinnati. I don't comprehend why they start the operation in these cities instead of other major cities. However, I'm sure they have solid reasons for that. Sephora will be expanding to other states in the US before hitting other countries. So my dear girlfriends, let's pray hard they will launch it here soon.

And some spoiler, the debut box will feature brands like Marc Jacobs, Ole Henriksen, Bumble and bumble, Glamglow and Sephora home brands. There will also be some additional add-ons such as exclusive passes to Sephora events, Spotify credit voucher and other stuff.

I was thinking, finally this is the right company to start a beauty box! They have tonnes of beauty products that could have use for promotional purposes, brand connections and possibly a huge database on beauty users.Which company can be more appropriate than Sephora to start a beauty box?

After seeing so many beauty boxes failed in Malaysia, let me know are you game for this? I'm in, though! 

Aug 8, 2015

NEESYA's Brightening Night Rejuvenator Brightens Your Skin While You Sleep

Neesya is one of the brand that I haven't heard for a long time. They've been keeping low profile lately and it didn't cross my mind to try the brand until sent me this in their introductory package. This Brightening Night Rejuvenator caught my eyes immediately.

Product description:
Deeply hydrates, rejuvenates, and illuminates skin through the night. Fortified with Silver Vine extract, Alpha-Melight and natural fruits zcomplex, to help regain radiance and clarity. Replenished with a vital dose of brightening and hydration active ingredients, skin regains smoothness and suppleness. Results in an energized, illuminated, refined and supple skin texture.

Instruction to use:
When first opened, squeeze the nozzle several times until the product is dispensed. Apply to cleansed and toned skin.

This product gives instant brightening effect. Neesya's strength is on brightening and I certainly recommend this Brightening Night Rejuvenator if you are looking for high performance brightening product. Besides the efficacy, I also like that it provides hydration as well. All you need is apply one product for your night routine. The sleek product also makes application neat and easy. The price is reasonable as well.

However, I don't think this product works in a long run. It might be good to tackle your skin dullness for a short period of time. The instant effect comes from its primary ingredients Saccharomuces/ Opal/Mother of Pearl/ Turquoise/ Diamond Ferment Lysate Filtrate. These are mineral ferments that promote skin radiance and give that brightening visual effect. Once you complete the entire bottle, it's best to use other products before you continue to the second one.

Recommended for:
If you have dull skin and lack of glow. However, not recommended to those who have skin congestion problems due to the minerals presence that may block pores.

RM115 for 50ml
Available at:
Neesya counters are located at Subang Parade, SACC Mall, The Mines, Plaza Metro Kajang, & Sunway Putra Mall.

Water, Cetyl Alcohol, Isopropyl Myristate, Glyceryl Strearate, PEG-100 Strearate, Strearic Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Dimenthicone, Bosabolol, Actinidia Polygama Fruit Extract & Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Ciyrullus Vulgaris (Watermelon) Fruit Extract, Pyrus Malus (Apple) Fruit Extract, Sodium PCA, Sodium Lactate, Carbomer, Fragrance. Ethoxydigylcol, Propylene Glycol. Glucose, Lactic Acid, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Extract, Sodium Hydroxide, Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice, Maltodextrin, Saccharomuces/Opal/Mother of Pearl/ Turquoise/ Diamond Ferment Lysate Filtrate. 


Aug 2, 2015

Introducing Malaysia's Beauty Community

Hi all,

How's it going? Today I want to share with you a new online beauty community called This beauty community is good for those who:
  • Looking for honest, user-contributed and bias-free review on beauty products,
  • Love to share their experiences on beauty products,
  • Want to redeem beauty products.

The concept is easy:

Currently the site has 25,372 beauty products and 2,456 reviews and it's growing fast. What I love the most about the site is the product redemption feature. You will be rewarded with points on your activities on the site. With the points you are able to redeem the products for free. You can redeem the products that you are already using to save some money, or redeem new products to try out before purchasing the full size.

Some ways you can earn your points:

  • Join the site - you will be given 500 points upon registration as a member
  • Write product reviews
  • Friend referrals
If this interest you, do use my affiliate link so I can earn some points :) Just click <<here>> and you will be directed to the sign up page. Currently I have only 500 points from the registration. I do hope I can earn more to redeem the 3ce lip & cheek tint. Your help is very much appreciated. 

As an introduction, the Muffin Beauty team send me some trial products as a welcome gift. I really love everything curated for me in the box. 

To check out my reviews on the products, do follow me on my Muffin Beauty profile