Sep 3, 2017

August 2017 Favourites

I thought I missed a month of my usual monthly favourites post. When I was searching on my blog for the previous post... God, I missed 2 months (June & July)!!! The last I blogged about my monthly favourites was in May! How the heck did time passed so fast, I have no idea!

Lately I have been breaking away from beauty related stuff. I try to avoid shopping for beauty products and focus more on art and journals. I used to love journaling because it gives me a sense of tranquility and peace. In these two months, I have done some painting, doodles and journaling, it does brings some therapeutic senses.

And here are my recent favourites:

#1 - Tiles

I do a lot of tile studies. Particularly on Malaccan nyonya tiles which is Chinese style but heavily influenced by Islamic motives and some Spanish/French accents. I want to be able to paint some of these tiles and I think it would be a great decor for my house. Still sourcing for canvas in Melaka (where I live) unfortunately, I can't find any art shop here.

#2 - Washi Tapes

I have been restocking a lot of washi tapes for my journal and I even purchase some to sell in my shop at Wanderlust Things. I love the flexibility of wash tapes, you can DIY almost anything with it. To keep up with my growing collection, I made a washi swatch in a fan so that I can take a glance at all my washi tapes.

#3 - Home

I'm not sure if this is legit to be a monthly favourite, but I do love my home a lot. I love it that my hometown, Penang, has everything. It is a bustling city with everything you need in an urban culture. But when you're tired of the city life, just take a 15 minutes drive to the beach and you'll have the classic island life. When you had enough of the sea view, just drive up to Balik Pulau for full blown nature. The small island has literally everything! Living in Melaka, makes me miss Penang even more because it is so far. My demanding day job makes it impossible for me to spend more time at home. Each time I go back to my hometown, I have the urge to resign, move back home and.... (this brings me to the #4 point).

#4 - The new rich

I am currently studying the concept of "The New Rich" where the new generation working class literally work 4 hours from anywhere they want, yet still earn sustainable income to support their lifestyle, in this case, traveling. Traveling is probably the icing on the cupcake for me. My main motive to follow this cult is to quit my job, return home, do whatever I want and still can spend time with my grandma. I don't know how these new generation make it happen, I have a lot to learn from them. (It's funny how I am learning from the young). Currently I do a lot of YouTube on the subject matter and still looking for a good book to snuggle my nose into.

#5 - Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel

I met up an old friend and I notice that her face is glowing. So I asked her what are the beauty products she has been using, and she said Mario Badescu. I happen to have a small travel size Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel that I got from Sephora gift. I used it and I loved it. The facial wash is non-foamy and clears off makeup while you are washing your face. It hits two birds with one stone (makeup removing and cleansing) which lazy person like me really appreciate. I immediately purchase a full size at Sephora when I passed by before lunch. So far this facial wash is doing well for me, except it stings the eye area sometimes.

I am making more time to blog these days because it is something I enjoy doing and I think I should do it more. I have been putting blogging aside because I keep thinking that - I don't earn money from this blog, why not put my time on somewhere I can earn more money. It turns out, I got so tired, my brain barely working anymore. So, I take the oath to spend minimum 15 minutes per day to keep this blog growing. Who knows, this could be my platform to be the new rich. Who knows what's the potential of this small little space on the internet.

I'm off to doodle on my journal now, will share the results end of this September.



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